How To Dress Like Hannibal

  1. Wear bold, single breasted three piece suits
  2. Suit patterns must be unusual and include, plaids, checks, windowpanes and stripes, always in unusual color combinations with a certain amount of contrast
  3. Colors: Skip the usual navy and grey and opt for browns, greens, and brighter blues for suits and jackets. For shirts, stick with pastel colors and small patterns. Strong dark colors are often difficult to combine elegantly and you really must have a very good sense of style to pull them off without looking ridiculous.
  4. Shirt Details: Go with a spread collar, barrel cuffs and mother of pearl buttons.
  5. Ties: Go with unusual ties in jacquard weaves and bold prints. Although he does not wear them, knit ties and wool or wool blend ties help you to create this unique look that separates you from the crowd. 
  6. Pocket Squares: Hannibal utilizes a wide range of linen silk and wool pocket squares all folded in a nonchalant way. You definitely want a wide range of out-of-the-box colors and textures.
  7. Socks: Over the calf socks are a must. Ideally you try to choose the color and pattern so it goes well with another accessory without matching it 100%.
  8. Shoes: As in most TV shows, shoes are not seen very often. When at home, Hannibal likes to wear velvet slippers. Otherwise he sticks with leather Oxfords.

Tony Goldwyn


Actor, Director, Producer


Los Angeles


Tony Goldwyn is not the leader of the free world, but he plays one all too convincingly on TV. Last year the multi-tasking Hollywood native was invited to meet the president at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Goldwyn donned a Made to Measure Brooks Brothers tuxedo that reflected his personal style with subtle elegance and stature befitting a meeting with the President.

On his shoot for the fall 2015 Brooks Brothers campaign, “What’s your Brooks Brothers story?” photographed by Carlo Miari Fulcis, Tony shared his excitement over meeting the real POTUS wearing a custom Brooks Brothers tuxedo: “I felt appropriately presidential when I got to actually meet the President.”

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“IN RETROSPECT---” Hannibal 3x13 Again

**Warning: rewatch live-blogging, written with knowledge of the full series and wait do I even need this anymore since this is the last one? Scratch that then! Though keep “live-blogging,” that is still the SITUATION.


Season 3, Episode 13: “The Wrath of the Lamb”

I have lit all my candles and have poured a recklessly large glass of Chartreuse.


Aw hell I forgot that I had to deal with this uncomf Dragon nonsense first up.

REAL SKIN-CRAWLING that Dolarhyde checks in with Reba to make sure she knows where she is in the room and in his house, because he has corrupted something that would in other circumstances be considerate, but right now he’s just toying with her.

Actually, I feel like the fact that there are two (2) murder-suicides in this episode goes surprisingly unmentioned.

I am sorry, but if we’re being honest, the shot where the camera pulls back through the hole that is that guy’s head is one of the most Pushing Daisies things this fellow Fuller show ever did.

This is the image that blazes into the credits. INCRED.

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Hip to the Bone

Three rules for adding plaid into your winter wardrobe

We’re calling out one of winter’s most talked about menswear patterns: the plaid print. From lumberjack button-downs to Chuck Bass suits, there are many different ways to wear the checkered pattern. In order to avoid the pitfalls of wearing a complicated print, we have three simple rules you need to follow.  

Ryan Gosling, King of Casual Plaid Dressing

Rule 1 - Avoid Other Prints

The easiest way to ruin your outfit is to mix plaid with another print. Wearing a plaid shirt? Go for jeans or a solid colored pant. 

Government Camp Shirt

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Rule 2 - Add Plaid Accessories

Feeling unsure about a full plaid look? Try adding accessories to a solid color outfit, which helps to bring some life to your outfit. Start with ties, bow-ties, scarves and even sneakers.

Advocate Plaid Necktie

Windowpane Plaid Bow Tie

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Wool Plaid and Shearling Trapper

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Rule 3 - Match Your Shirt to Suit  

When you wear a plaid suit, it will be the center of attention. Our advice is to keep your accessories simple: black or brown shoes and belt are neutral. Your shirt, however, should bring out the strongest color in the plaid print. This is where a solid white shirt can work for a grey and white plaid suit or a banker’s blue shirt looks great under a light brown suit with blue undertones. 

Pro-Tip: If you want to wear plaid on plaid, make sure that the plaid check on your shirt is smaller than the check print on your suit. 

Fitzgerald Fit Black and White Plaid with Blue Deco 1818 Suit

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