Tag game yay

I was tagged by Norrieaga!

Rule 1: Rules are dumb. -CR

Rule 2: Answer all the questions asked. (If you want. -CR)

Rule 3: Tag 11 people and ask 11 questions. (Or, y'know, whatever. -CR)

Rule 4: Let the people you’ve tagged know you’ve tagged them.

1. What’s your favourite thing about yourself?
I like me these days. I’m pretty confident.
2. Have a crush on anyone?
Loads of people, but most notably my boyfriend.
3. Favourite animal?
Axolotl, no contest. So cute!
4. Favourite Pokemon?
Togepi, although Mudkipz look like axolotls so i liek them quiet a lot.
5. What’s the best food you cook?
Either gluten-free cake or potato gratin.
6. What are your dream superpowers?
85% levitation, super-fast ageing once, ability to seduce hats, intermittent Gecko-style-sticking-to-walls ability.
7. Least favourite colour?
8. What is your best friend like?
The position is vacant. Applications are being taken at my ask-box.
9. Hogwarts House?
10. Robin Williams or Morgan Freeman?
Robin Williams is a very funny man.
11. I’ve run out… Least favourite colour?
You asked that already.


So 11 questions now? Good.

1. You are Loki. Having stolen the TARDIS, you decide to use it to humiliate a historical figure. What would you do, and to whom?
2. Would you rather have an endless supply of cute animals, on the proviso that one dies every day OR the ability to write amazing character fiction but get one pimple for every reader you gain in popularity.
3. Who is the most eccentric person you know, and what do they do that deserves them this distinction?
4. When you were growing up, how much costed a) a creme egg; b) a can of fizzy drink; c) a Freddo bar; d) a Fifth of Bourbon and a pack of Marlboro Lights?
5. Set a timer for 3'49". Post the least photogenic picture of yourself that you can find before the buzzer goes.
6. If you could name the first-born child of a celebrity couple, whose child would it be (can be two celebrities who aren’t actually together) and what would you name it?
7. You wake up at home, well-rested, on a day with no work or school – in fact, the day holds only a new boxset and a tub of icecream in the fridge with your name on. Describe what you are wearing (pyjamas not permitted).
8. What would be your ideal fancy dress party theme?
9. Would you rather find half a worm in your apple or razor blades in your banana?
10. Choose a fictional location to destroy from space with your Death Ray.
11. Who will be first against the wall when the revolution comes?

I tag:
- Awibee
- Zeldaphan
- ScribblyWibblyStuff
- EveryoneHatesStrudel
- Reading-Thoughts
- Anglosurfmops
- Dandyliondavid
- Malarkey-Comes-in-Bunches
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- Windowlesscity
And LiamDryden as a bonus, if he’d like.