And my favorite new thing, window cleaners at children’s hospitals have started dressing as superheroes when they’re washing windows.

The initiative seems to have originated at Evelina Children’s Hospital at St. Thomas’ Hospital, London, where the window washers reportedly have a clause in their contract that requires them dress up to entertain the kids while working. And it’s caught on, with window cleaners in Memphis and Pittsburgh inspired to slip into costume when working. 


Window washers trapped on scaffold outside One World Trade Center

Rescue crews rushed to One World Trade Center early Wednesday afternoon where scaffolding is dangling from the side of the soaring tower. Two window washers were trapped outside the 69th floor of the skyscraper in Downtown Manhattan until they were rescued through the glass. (Yahoo News)

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Superhero window washers ‘magical’  for kids

(Photo: NBC Nightly News)

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s —- a superhero — Spiderman, Captain America, Batman and Superman —  window washers dressed up as superheroes wash windows and rappel down the side of children’s hospitals, spreading joy.  One window washer said “I made kids smile, they made me smile.  A smile changes everything.”

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