Back when my dad owned a restaurant, I used to come with my mom to pick him up while he’s closing (I was pretty young and it was usually during summer anyway) and it’s usually 11 PM and most, if not all the employees left by then
One time, this dude came knocking… On the door of a barely lit restaurant (glass doors and window wall thing)… At 11 motherfucking PM… And when my dad shook his head no, he started screaming “ARE YOU OPEN?” Like we couldn’t hear what he was saying jfc it’s been fucking years and I still remember that


Just another day in Sactuary Hills.

Don’t ask me why the Brahmin’s up on the roof or how he got there. I have no idea. Maybe he likes the view.

Anyway, I’ve embarked on an extensive project journey; the perfect home!

It sucks that there are no options for windows or wall paint, and I’d love to have a king-sized bed in my bedroom rather than a measly one-person bed.. Also blankets! I want blankets! And staircase railings! However, it seems that things are slowly being added to my list of available objects (like carts and totents, didn’t have those before), so I’m hoping stuff will come along. I’d love to be to plant some hub flowers and put in a pot on a table or something.. Ah well, I’ll just have to find a vase dried flowers in it for the time being.

Ground level; kitchen/food storage, dining area, bathroom, living room and a balcony.
Second floor; entertaining area, balcony and study.
Top floor; Bedrooms, balconies.

Anyway, most of it is still empty, but I’ve got the ground floor living room space down, just need to collect and add some nicknacks to cosy it up. My bedroom is coming along nicely.

The White Window #1

Patrícia Pereira © April 2 016

PS - I have been happily influenced by some artists here on Tumblr platform (as well as in some happy places like books), that usually are my main reference when photographing (even though I do it almost unconsciously). In the particular case of this photo: the influence of Basile Pesso (as already noted by him). Not only photography, as well as other art-forms like sketching, which I practice as well, are of major importance in my life. It’s hard not to be absorbed and otherwise enchanted by the incredibly fascinating world of art. Let’s do it and discover ourselves in the process of creating. Allow yourself the appropriate idleness, though, very important as well. Poetry, much poetry in the way!