My student submitted the most disturbing “Living History” project I’ve ever seen 

By reddit user gretelcat

One of my least favorite parts about being a middle school history teacher is the bullshit “Living History” assignments we give at the end of every school year. Kids are supposed to sit with their grandparents and video tape, voice record, or transcribe their oldest memories for posterity (and for an easy way to bring up their GPA).

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michael in the bathroom but it’s cave story and a cover

i did this by ear in about two days! it was nonstop work though and very tiring

also did a Dear Evan Hansen cover (WTAW) here:
My student submitted the most disturbing "Living History" project I've ever seen.

(warning: long story)

One of my least favorite parts about being a middle school history teacher is the bullshit “Living History” assignments we give at the end of every school year. Kids are supposed to sit with their grandparents and video tape, voice record, or transcribe their oldest memories for posterity (and for an easy way to bring up their GPA).

I have been doing this for seventeen years, and when I collected the projects this time around, I assumed they would be as dull, if not duller than usual. This had not been a particularly bright class.

So I went home, poured myself a glass of wine, and prepared for a long night of “I only owned two pairs of pants when I was your age” and “My brother got beat with a newspaper for hitting a baseball into a neighbor’s yard.” And of course, these projects were peppered with innocent, old-person comments that were so horribly sexist and racist you just had to laugh.

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Moving Forward Chapter 2

Prompt: Reader gets pregnant by the sourwolf but he leaves before she could tell him, time skip the kid is 3 and the pack is the readers main support.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader, Pack x Reader

Word Count: 1,103

Warnings: mentions of panic attacks? kinda.

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Summer and Sleeping Beauty

Jason Todd X Reader

Word Count: 1438

Notes: Soul Mark Universe, where the first words spoken to you by your soul-mate appear in a random spot on your body, on your sixteenth birthday.

Part 1

You have to leave everything behind when you move into Wayne manor. Literally, the only thing you have is the dress on your back. To be honest you’re a bit stunned by the manor, it’s almost enough to make you forget about the awkward car ride with the rest of his family.

You’re given a room separate from Jason’s for the night, and several shirts that are far too big for you and pants with drawstrings are brought to you. It will have to do for now. You’ll order new clothes tomorrow; after all, you have a job. You work for one of Gotham’s upscale art galleries, and people had called you foolish for getting a degree in art.

You call out for the rest of the week the next day, explaining the circumstances to your boss, this little old man who just smiles all the time. His own soul-mate had passed away a few months ago, and he tells you to enjoy your week. Jason too takes off of work, and together you drive into the city. You spend the day shopping, and Jason not so patiently waits as you try on piece after piece.

You do your best to distract him with questions about himself. He’s a little cagey at first, but pretty soon he opens up. He talks about living on the streets, and how Bruce had found him and took him in. He talks about his brothers; well, he talks about Damian and Dick, and complains a bit about Tim.

The final store you lead him into is a lingerie store. You tease him a bit as you ask him his opinion on every piece. About half way through, you can tell he’s trying to hide something. He carries some of your bags, as you finally leave. Then he declares that it’s his turn. He leads you into a motorcycle store. He takes one look at you before shoving something leather in your arms and telling you to try it on.

It’s riding gear, and though not your usual style, it looks good on you. You’ve never been on a motorcycle before, but something tells you that that’s going to change.

The next several weeks pass quickly, and after a month you move into his room You get to know everyone, and end up spending a lot of time with Bruce’s wife. She’s nice, and the two of you will sit and talk about the boys over coffee in the morning.

Both you and Jason tend to work a lot of late nights. There’s usually some sort of show going on at the gallery, and he’s usually testing the security, or playing with some new toy the company has developed.

Either way, you always wake up as he slips into bed. His arm wraps around your waist and pulls you in close, and he’ll kiss your hair. You immediately fall back asleep. In the morning you wake up to him kissing you and playing with your hair, and all he says is, “Good Morning Sleeping Beauty.”

It’s on a night that you get home really late, and Jason’s already in bed and asleep that you find him having a nightmare.

You gently shake him awake, and he pins you to the bed. You’re not afraid, you know that he’d never hurt you. Wriggling one wrist free, you stroke his hair and tell him, “It’s okay Jason, it’s just me. It’s Y/N.” His breathing calms down and he kind of just collapses next to you. He tries to put some distance between you but you don’t allow that. You snuggle right up to him and tell him you love him.

The next day is Saturday and he takes you out on the motorcycle for the first time. He stops at a stand on the side of the road, and the two of you just eat and talk. It’s one of the best days of your life. He gives you a silver locket with a picture of you and him. It’s one of those cheesy ones taken in a photo booth at the mall, the first day you spent together. You kiss him like there’s no tomorrow as a thank you.

Monday is another late night. It’s a high profile show, and you’re playing hostess. Everything is going fine until the party is crashed. It’s Bane. He has the paintings off the wall, and his goons are trying to shake people down for their cash and jewelry. They want your locket.

Your hands shake as you clasp the pendant. You don’t want to give it up. Jason went to a lot of trouble to get it for you, but it’s not worth your life either. You’re just about to give in, when the windows cave in, and in come Gotham’s heroes.

The goon who had been trying to get your necklace is down a second later, and the one in the red metal hood is picking you up and carrying you out of the room. His scent tickles your nose, his aftershave identifying your savior, after all, you bought it for him. The helmet disguises his voice as he tells you to stay there.

Just as he’s about to leave you call his name; your voice is soft barely above a whisper, after all no else can know, but you say it anyways, “Jason, please don’t leave me.” He doesn’t.


renjun fluff; hp au

The sun shone against the classrooms windows, illuminating the cave-like room. You rested your chin on your palm, staring blankly at the board as the professor checked your papers. It was a slow day, the period seemingly pass by longer than yesterday. Your friend wasn’t able to come along for the class since she was in the infirmary after a freak accident during Potions, and so you had to sit by yourself for 3 days until she recovers.

You sighed and rubbed your eyes. You were about to fall asleep, with the silence in the room never faltering for once. The other students were instead exchanging glances and passing notes to communicate. You opened your eyes to see a neatly folded paper crane on your desk. You held it up gently and examined it.

There were small blotches of ink that bled through from inside, as well as lines that the ink revealed. You looked over to your back, only to see the others quiet or looking down on their desk.

You quietly opened the paper crane and smiled when a drawing of a rose on the paper. At first it was a small one, and then they started to multiply until it became a large bouquet. A hand grabbed the bouquet, and it seemed like the owner of the hand was getting closer.

You waited for anything to come up and it did. The hand moved the bouquet towards you, as if offering it. Slowly the hand wasn’t just a hand but there came a robe as well as the wearer. But their face was blocked by scribbled lines, preventing you from knowing who sent it to you.

There was an exception, however. Their lips formed a smile, calming and comforting. You smiled back, as if the drawing was real. You folded the paper back to it’s original form. Unbeknownst to you, the person in the drawing started tearing up as soon as you pulled your eyes off the drawing and folded the paper.

You left the classroom cheerfully, the paper crane held safely in your hand. You trudged to the dungeons, and plopped down on the couch in the common room. You sighed, smiling up at the green banners and stonewall.

“What’s got you so happy?” Jisung asked, emerging from their dorms with thick books in his arms. You held up the paper crane and Jisung hummed. “New letter, huh.” He said. “I’ll be going now, I have to return these books to the library and finally eat.” You hummed in response and the boy left the common room.

You got up to your dorm, placing the paper crane in a box you especially made for the letters. You have been receiving these letters for a very long time now, the oldest one dating back from when you were a first year. You’re in your sixth year now, but nothing has changed and the letters still kept coming in like posts on Mondays.

You’ve also noticed that in time, the drawings improved and became very detailed after each.

You didn’t complain about them, they were comforting to say the least, and has made you happy a lot of times. Even if you didn’t know who sends them, you were grateful for them. It didn’t seem to have a bad intention and sometimes the paper came in wet and delivered by a white and brown owl.

You sat by Jisung in the Great Hall, who was chatting excitedly with Chenle about their next class, Care of Magical Creatures. You chuckled at their loud banter, picking on your food.

From the Ravenclaws table, Renjun was hunched over, munching on his dumplings quietly. Jeno poked him and said,“Is there something wrong?” Renjun snapped up, momentarily facing his friend before shaking his head.

His gaze fell upon you, picking your food with an obvious disinterest. Jeno followed his gaze and saw you. He smirked and nudged the other. “You really should confess, you’ve been crushing on y/n since we’re first years, it’s time for your love life to bloom!” He said.

Renjun noticed eyes on them and clasped his hands over Jeno’s mouth. “Be quiet! It’s hard to confess you know?” He said in a hushed voice. Jeno pulled away his hand and snickered, rolling eyes. “Whatever you say.”

Months have passed and you still received the cute letters, most of the time they were wet and smelled like lake water. Aside from that, you noticed the small changes in them.

They all gave clues to the sender, just like what they like, what year they are, and sometimes small messages at the bottom like “Thank you” or “Take care” which you adored.

When winter came by, the first letter you received had a drawing of two gloved hands holding bags of what you assume are sweets. At the bottom, it said,“Meet me in front of Honeydukes by 5 in the morning tomorrow.“ You felt nervous. Excited, but nervous as well. From behind you, Jisung and Chenle silently high-fived each other, grinning.

They immediately ran up to their dorm so they don’t get caught.

It was actually them who sent the letter, since Renjun asked for their help. You weren’t aware of that however, you were too focused on finding out who your admirer is. Your friend giggled as you tell her every detail she missed. “All I can say right now is good luck!” she laughed.

You rushed down the hallways, pulling your scarf and hoodie closer. You weren’t content with just pants, a hoodie and a scarf on so you threw on your robe before leaving. Snow covered the grounds and looked soft that it was tempting to jump in and make a snow angel. You resisted the urge to and made way into Hogsmeade.

The shops were warmly lit and looked very inviting, since you were standing outside while the chilly wind blew past you. Walking around timidly, you found the familiar Honeydukes with an unfamiliar figure’s back facing you.

You walked closer, dirty blonde hair and the Hufflepuff robe coming in clear. You were impressed at how tall this person was, but you were sure that Jisung was taller. And as if they heard your footsteps, they turned around, cheeks flushed red.

“Renjun?” You asked. You weren’t so familiar with him, only seeing him in a few classes, but you found him really adorable when you catch him carrying his owl around during his free time.

Renjun pursed his lips. He hesitated to say anything, he didn’t really plan out everything and became tongue-tied. His heart pounded like mad and he was shaking underneath his robe. You felt your heart melt seeing him this shy, and decided to take the lead on the “date”.

The two of you went around Hogsmead, buying treats and staying in for a while since it grew increasingly colder outside.

Hot chocolate warmed your gloved hands and you sighed in content as the steam warmed you up. Renjun sat beside you, stealing glances from time to time. You didn’t notice it, but he was smiling to himself the entire time. He was already satisfied with being with you. It was enough for his lovesick heart.

After going around, you headed back to the castle in silence. You were about to enter the dungeons when Renjun’s hand weakly grasped your wrist and you spun around to face him.

You stared at each other for a while, until the Chinese male spoke up in a shaky voice. “I- Thank you for coming by today.. If it’s okay with you.. would you like to meet again tomorrow? Same time and same place? I’d be more composed by then.“ he said, his eyes staring back at you, as if he’s pleading.

“Sure,” you replied, smiling. Renjun smiled back, letting go of your hand.

“I guess I-I’ll see you around then.. Have a nice day Y/n,” he said, waving. You waved back and turned your heel, and to the dungeons you went.

Renjun watched your back slowly disappear before heading to his dorm. But as soon as he turned around, he was tackled by a screaming Chenle. “So how was it?” Jeno asked, munching on an apple. “Judging from your smile and cheeks it was the best time of your life,”

The Chinese boy huffed into his scarf, trying to hide the evident redness of his cheeks. He could still feel the pounding of his chest and the heat resting on his cheeks and the tips of his ears. He smiled into the thick fabric, letting out a light laugh.“Yes, it was.”

3 places I associate to the signs.

Aries: empty ice-skating rinks, the city at dawn, a park with swings during nighttime.

Taurus: empty ballet rooms, strawberry fields, an outdoor restaurant with fairy lights.

Gemini: secret rooftop hideouts, noisy cafés, a treehouse in a forest.

Cancer: the ocean during a sunset, a path in a forest, skateboarding arenas.

Leo: vast sunflower fields, antic boutiques, an art gallery of artists you haven’t discovered yet.

Virgo: empty old libraries with LOTS of books, tennis courts, a wooden bench in a sunny park.

Libra: waterfall caves, windows that look out on busy streets, fields of wildflowers.

Scorpio: a concert at night, a bridge over a river (with water lilies), a forest with tall trees.

Sagittarius: inside a classic car (on a road trip), abandoned house fenced by wildflowers, fields of tall grass.

Capricorn: the top of a mountain you had to climb, classrooms 5 minutes before lessons begin, aquariums.

Aquarius: a bakery that smells delicious, a bus graveyard, a small boat on a lake (with someone you like).

Pisces: an empty meadow (stargazing with someone you like), picturesque and bucolic villages, apple orchards.

The signs as Lemony Snicket books

aries: The Hostile Hospital (medical terminology, ballons, bluffing, playing the guitar instead of being helpful, communicating purely through an intercom, anagrams)
taurus: The Reptile Room (actual good person, snakes, science, unfortunate names, poison, throwing lamps at people, never ever ever ever ever ever)
gemini: The Grim Grotto (submarines, mushroom, newspaper articles that somehow survive being submerged in water, diving, strange laughter, hitting people with spaghetti, he or she who hesitates is lost)
cancer: The Miserable Mill (extremely surreal swordfight, feeding people to a woodchipper, manual labour, hypnotism, tights with eyes all over them, the word “inordinate”, being paid in coupons and fed gum)
leo: The Vile Village (people being burnt at the stake, crows, mob psycology, hot air balloons, huge trees, cases of mistaken identity, battering rams, motorcycles, and harpoon guns)
virgo: The Wide Window (unexpectedly justified paranoia, caves, fear of realtors, leeches, grammar pedantary, a fake peg leg concealing a real leg inside of it, cucumber soup)
libra: The Ersatz Elevator (fashion, impossible physical feats, a rope made out of miscellanious objects, empty elevator shafts, auctions, monacles, unreasonably tall buildings, red herrings, two pages of total darkness)
scorpio: The Austere Academy (weird insults, snobbery, strange eating methods, ridiculous study requirements, badly played violins, bags of candy, unnecessary exhaustion, crabs that pinch toes, kidnapping)
sagittarius: The Carniverous Carnival (fortune telling by trickery, secret paperwork, freakshows, people being thrown to the lions, building the suspense, in the belly of the beast, give everyone what they want) 
capricorn: The End (islands cut off from everything else, passive manipulation when necessary, literal clay feet, hoarding random objects, bad disguises, a raft made of books, if you were expecting closure go somewhere else the world is way to complex for that)
aquarius: The Slippery Slope (giant frozen waterfalls, messages in fridges, camping, scouts, gnats, lengthy declarations, auras of menace, big nets, eagles, cooking under difficult circumstances)
pisces: The Penultimate Peril (hotels, bells, completely hectic, mirrored lettering, surprisingly decent support, surprisingly dark backstory, reappearances, justice is blind, smoke signals, sugar bowl) 

Michigan Gothic

In the forgotten suburbs of Detroit, you feel someone staring at you from the broken windows of a caved-in home. Next time you drive by, the lot is empty, but you still feel the eyes staring at you. From every lot, they’re staring.

No-one on Mackinac Island has a car, but you can swear you hear the sounds of traffic in the distance sometimes, far away. The immaculately paved streets show no tire marks, ever, but you still hear engines growling at night.

Paint collected from the floors of the old auto plants is called Fordite. You’re not sure who decided to call it that or came up the idea of cutting it down, polishing it up, and wearing it as jewelry. No-one even knows who collected it in the first place. But now there’s a piece dangling in every tourist shop.

You know the boats moored on the Great Lakes are hauled out of the water before winter comes, but no matter how long you stare at the harbor, you never see a boat in the process of being removed from its slip. You blink once and its up on the slats and already being moved toward storage. You blink again and another three have joined the first, sailing through the air.

The sand dunes are beautiful, each grain glittering in the sunlight as the dry grasses wave lazily to the wind. But a place from far-off Malaysia is supposedly buried down there, deep below. Sometimes the sands shift, yawning open to reveal the worn pioneer ruins; and that is when they arrive. The sands shift once more, swallowing everything. The stovepipes scream in protest as you watch and you console yourself. This is how it’s meant to be… Right?

Every city has a road named “Michigan Street”. It’s what keeps all the cities here. Connected. Else they might be in Oregon. Kentucky. Maine.

You drive across the state for business. You pass through Lansing. Everyone passes through Lansing; yet no-one remembers Lansing. Finally, after much debate, you all agree it is an idea given form by a name on a map.

In the summer, people vacation on the Great Lakes, the fragile white forms of fiberglass disappearing into the flashes of sunlight on the waves. Some go to places that surely can’t be real: Saugatuck, Sault Ste. Marie, Cheboygan, Naubinway. Some never come back, though the news says nothing.

In the winter, the Lakes come to visit the people inland. The children aren’t let outside as they drift down, taking hours, days. They stay for months, pristine surfaces glittering white in the sunlight; inviting. They’re here, waiting to be sailed on again; sleds instead of boats. But they’re still hungry.

The “Chicago People” come with the locusts and leave with them.

You watch children flash their hands in excitement, one a mitten and the other a flat plane hovering above it. You were taught the same in school. Outsiders think it represents the state, but residents know of it as a ward.

“Kalamazoo” exists and is fueled on the baffled questions of many.

“UP”. You shudder at the movie poster, remembering the UP. Hovering hand. Sheer cliffs. Howling at night. Deep holes. It is a place where forgotten beasts wander and men fear to tread. Some claim it is still 1880 there.

A man from Wisconsin jokes that the UP should become part of Wisconsin. It’s not connected to Michigan anyway, right? You’re glad. Let him have it. “No takebacks,” he exclaims, laughing. You try not to show your relief.

Many cities have nicknames. “Furniture City”. “Celery City”. Hell.

anonymous asked:

listen I love r&j so much they’re so cute. what do you think their dynamic would be if they didn’t have to worry about their parents finding out? who takes all the blankets at night? who makes breakfast in bed? who is the early riser? can either one of them sing or play an instrument? who is clumsier and who puts a bandaid on the other when they fall and scrape their knee? are they super pda? basically I just love them and I want them to be happy okay bye I love ur blog

THANK YOU! They had enough hate in their lives, they deserve that we give them some love!

But since the feud determines their lives to the point that they even commit suicide because of it, it is hard to actually know what Romeo and Juliet’s personalities would be if they lived in a loving, open-minded society. For instance, perhaps Romeo wouldn’t be so in love with love if his life weren’t so marked by hate, and certainly they wouldn’t have the need to kill themselves in order to “shake the yoke of inauspicious stars / From this world-wearied flesh.” Everything they do and say is conditioned by the violence and the hatred of their world, so if we isolate them from the feud, we are really not talking about Romeo and Juliet anymore… but as I love these star-crossed kids so much, I actually have a lot of headcanons about them being completely, perpetually happy. Because they deserve it and because they make me cry.

I tend to think that their dynamics wouldn’t really change. Both of them are so lively, so energetic, so desperate to feel the most extreme passions. That’s why they end up dead; they are too restless to succumb to the kind of life their society expects them to have. This impetuosity comes from their need to feel, to taste life in all its forms, and I think that’s exactly what they would do if they lived in a free world—live, because they are tremendously in love with life itself. They are too ecstatic and euphoric and impatient and tireless to ever fall into monotony. They would live each day in a different way and they would always look for ways to reinvent themselves, to expand themselves through new horizons. (See how they talk about lights forcing their way through windows and caves that they will tear by screaming.) They would always be full of ideas, always planning to do new things, always sharing their emotions. Moreover, I’m sure they would really stand up for each other, as they do in the play. They would always be there to remind each other how bright and valuable they are.

Romeo is a dreamer, a soft, childish boy who cries too much—his ideal world would be one in which he could just be himself, a world in which he wouldn’t be mocked at for showing his emotions. (Think about Mercutio’s reaction when Romeo publicly stated he literally loved Tybalt.) I think Romeo is really done with toxic masculinity, and what he needs is to live in a world where his idealism is not rejected. Juliet, on the other hand, is more of a realist. She’s always thinking and analyzing the situation. So they are quite different, but what’s so great about them is that they know how to accept each other. In the original text, they always inquire about each other’s opinions, aware that they do not always have to see things the same way. I don’t think that would change if they lived in a better world, and I actually think they fit really well: Romeo’s idealism may add some madness to Juliet’s down-to-earth reasoning, and Juliet’s realism may prevent Romeo’s dreams from governing all his life.

Now let me answer all your questions one by one because they are super fun!

  • Who takes all the blankets at night? Romeo takes all the blankets and he doesn’t stop moving and mumbling because he has such vivid dreams and he probably takes up most of the bed and Juliet always has to sleep on the edge.
  • Who makes breakfast in bed? Ever since Romeo bought heart-shaped molds off the Internet he makes cupcakes for Juliet to have in bed when she wakes up. (Because Romeo 100% loves hearts. Juliet’s nickname on his WhatsApp account is ❤❤❤ MY JULIET ❤❤❤ and if you ever ask him to draw something random he’d just draw a heart.) Juliet doesn’t really care much but since she knows Romeo loves making breakfast in bed for her she once did the same for him and he cried because #feels.
  • Who is the early riser? Looking at how Juliet just wanted to stay in bed in Act 3 scene 5 I’ll say Romeo wakes up earlier. (I mean, according to the play Romeo loves to wake up really early just to go write bad poetry under a damn sycamore.) Juliet loves to sleep and she always tries to talk Romeo into staying in bed and cuddle with her all morning.
  • Can either one of them sing or play an instrument? He’s not a good singer but Romeo always sings in the shower. He sings the most ridiculous songs and Juliet sometimes has to urge him to get out of the bathroom because he’s been locked in there singing out loud for decades. Also they sing together in the car and they really get into it. (And it’s always Juliet who drives because Romeo is too dramatic to even try to park his car.)
  • Who is clumsier and who puts a bandaid on the other when they fall and scrape their knee? Romeo is super clumsy and Juliet is his perfect prince coming to rescue him in a shining armor. (I mean, remember when Romeo dreamed that Juliet brought him back to life with a kiss as if he were a Disney princess? Yeah.) Of course Romeo is overdramatic and if he injured his knee he’d be like “that’s it I’m going to die this is the end I LOVE YOU JULIET” and Juliet would just be like “SHUT THE FUCK UP IT’S JUST A DAMN SCRATCH” but then she would pity him because he would keep complaining and she’d just fill him with kisses and give him a lot of affection.
  • Are they super pda? THEY ARE SUPER PDA LIKE, they are always kissing and ignoring everyone else and calling each other by the most ridiculous names and Mercutio doesn’t stop mocking them but they don’t even listen because they are too busy whispering ridiculous things in each other’s ear. They are that kind of couple that makes you uncomfortable BECAUSE THE INTIMACY but they can’t help it because they make each other so happy.
If You Do//Choi YoungJae


➤ Pairing -  Youngjae x Reader

➤ Summary -  “Can we go back to the way we were before?”

➤ Word Count - 3k

➤ Genre - Angst 

➤ Warning(s)/Heads-up - Depression, Mentions of Self-Harm, Mentions of death

  Author’s Note - As I posted before this, the post is here, this FF is very emotional. If you are a person who is more into fluff than angst, I suggest not reading this. Also, if you are going through ANYTHING, and need anyone to talk to, please talk to me. I am more than willing to help anyone that comes to me. Just remember, who ever you are, I love and care about you <3.

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anonymous asked:

Y'know the scene in Jurassic Park where a person looks out of the window/door/cave opening and see a T-Rex looking starring back at that person with it's giant eye? What if that's the first meeting with Dragon!Lance and other paladins? They are scared shitless until Lance transforms back or the one supposed to be with Lance tells them that yes this gigantic lizard is indeed our friend

Dude fuck yeah! I’d write a drabble but Tumblr is being stupid :/