window on infinity

  • andrew is totally a bath person do not even try to fight me on this 
  • okay so he likes to take long baths in the middle of the night while smoking and thinking about space 
  • he puts that stuff in the water that makes it all milky and smell like honey (until he discovers black bath bombs bc oh boy does he then order dozens of them online and neil is like that better not be some kind of new demonic cracker dust
  • the lights are always off and the window is open, everything is dark except the moonlight illuminating the water, the smoke, his scars 
  • the bathroom was usually the only place with a lock on the door in all the homes he went through, he would sit under hot scolding streams of water and try to clear his head, or in rare cases where there was a bath tub he’d lie under the water until the banging on the door became too loud 
  • but he doesnt think about any of that anymore, he just lets the world become nothing but nicotine in his veins, goosebumps on his skin and the impossible reality of eternities of darkness beyond his window, infinities of unliving things that make everything else seem so so small

cortnan  asked:

the body language in that scene is so 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 i didn't notice until i was gif'ing it that his shoulders drop in the second gif, just fractionally!! but i can never figure out what the tone is of that particular bit, like is he faux-exasperated, tired, humored, WHO KNOWS HOW DID YOU SEE IT

I love it because it’s one of those moments where he doesn’t really have anything to do, so he has a chance to process what’s going on with Cortana and in his own head but is choosing not to. While Cortana is soliloquising about Requiem’s star and the nature of her existence, John is listening to her, but the second the camera cuts to him we see that he’s fiddling with his assault rifle.

To me, it’s the same sort of go-to reaction as taking your phone out when you’re not sure what to say to someone - nobody has texted you, you already know what time it is, but you’re looking anyway. Likewise, John knows his assault rifle is loaded, he knows it’s in prime condition, he doesn’t need to check it again, but he does because it’s the one and only way he knows how to fill that silence. And as soon as she makes a request of him, he reciprocates, and I think he regrets not being able to say anything because this moment is what he reflects on at the end of the game where he is staring out of the window on Infinity contemplating his future and the nature of his existence just as she was.

And I love how there’s no sense of doubt from Cortana here, it shows how implicit the trust between them is. When she says “take a girl for a ride”, there’s no sense of her inwardly doubting whether John is going to bring her along, whether he might leave her behind on Infinity and take the Didact on himself because she might be a liability. The way this scene plays out, it’s as if that thought would never even once cross John’s mind - he accepts the risks because he’s not treating Cortana like equipment, he’s treating her like a person. He’s there for her in his own way, and I think Cortana knows that.

This is really one of Chief’s most expressive scenes in the entire series. He shows surprise when Lasky turns up and says that he’s got a pelican for him, the way he turns around to look at it is like “shit bro, you got that for me?! ugh I wish I knew how to thank you for this”, and then he glances over to Cortana like he’s looking for help for how to thank him, but snaps back to Lasky when he turns around to wish them both good luck.

Lasky wishing Cortana luck is beautifully indicative of his character as well. He’s wishing Chief good luck with the Didact, but the way he turns to Cortana afterwards makes it seem like he’s having a whole other conversation with Cortana - “good luck with the shit you’re going through, Cortana, I genuinely do hope you find a way out of this" is what he’s saying when he pointedly looks at her and says “both of you”. Cortana looks at Lasky with a degree of confusion because so far Chief is the only one who has expressed any empathy for her condition, she processes it which is beautifully visualised by how she blinks twice, like she’s stunned, and then falls back on humour as her coping mechanism - just like Chief fiddling with his assault rifle.

This scene is just so rich as a character piece, I could honestly go on about it ALL DAY.

11/11/11 Tag

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(this is probably going to be super boring…)

1. I have three tattoos and have have/had 12 different piercings so far, my ears also used to be stretched.  
2. I started the first online literary journal at my community college with my creative writing professor.  It was called Wiffles and Burbles.  I don’t even know if it’s still around because that was a long time ago lol…I hope it is though.  
3. I like doing jiu jitsu and weight lifting.  (fuck cardio though)
4. I used to be married but my divorce was seriously the best thing that could have happened.
5. I actually discovered Shinee the year I got divorced and it helped me through a lot.  They were/are the best distraction and source of inspiration.  
6. I know a lot about wine…well more than the average person and I like to volunteer at local wineries and pour at festivals.  (most pay you in bottles of wine)
7. I work in IT/tech support and it’s made me dead inside.
8. I have quite a few phobias.  Spiders, getting sick, doctors/hospitals to name a few.  
9. I have a yellow hatchback named Doug.  (It was named after my fave singer in a band at the time)
10. I’m super forgetful and disorganized.  Which is the worst combination ever.  I also get distracted easily.  I really don’t know how I’ve managed to survive this long.  But I guess I’m doing something right.  /shrugs/
11. I used to brew my own beer.  The last time I did the container that I left the liquid in to ferment exploded in my kitchen.  I came home from work one day and there was beer foam everywhere.  The floor, ceiling, walls, it took days to clean.  And it smelled awful!  

Questions asked by @striptaese

1.  If you could have any pet in the world, what would you want?

A giraffe.  And I’d have my bedroom window built in just at her height so we could have deep face to face conversations with each other before bedtime and I could feed her treats.  

2.  What is your favorite genre to read?

I’m a sucker for paranormal romance.  I love horror and fantasy too…

3.  What is the first thing you look for in a person (as a friend, or as a partner, anything)?

Sense of humor.  If our senses of humor don’t mesh well it’s probably not going to work out.  I have a very dry sense of humor and people tend to get insulted or offended by it.  

4.  What’s your favorite sport? (Even if you don’t like sports, just pick the one that urks you the least)

To watch…soccer and American football.  To play…disc golf!  But I played soccer in school too.  

5.  If you could follow the schedule of one member during the One Fine Day vacation, whose would you follow? (activities-wise, I don’t mean you get to follow the member literally LOL)

I would def go to Thailand.  Hot springs, scuba diving, massage, the food, feeding the monkeys, it was such a chill trip. 

6.  What is one thing you don’t like reading in fanfiction? (I’m just assuming you read them at this point in time. It can be kinks or certain pairings, etc.)

Chicken jokes…clumsy Onew, diva Key, idon’tknowwhatsexis Taemin, Meanho, and cocky Jonghyun.  

7.  What is the earliest memory you can remember?

Accidentally breaking a girl’s fingers in preschool.

8.  Have you ever traveled out of the country solo, or do you ever intend to?

No.  I’m afraid to travel outside of the country alone but I think I may have to get over that because that looks like it’s going to be the only way I’ll get to go to the places I want to.  

9.  What color is the walls of your room?

I rent.  So boring white, but they’re pretty much covered in posters now.  :D

10.  Are you using a laptop or a desktop?


11.  How do you visualize your dream house to be?

An island villa.  With the ocean facing side all windows and an infinity pool right outside.  Palm trees and decorative lanterns will line the sides of the deck.  The inside will be cozy with soft lighting and warm colors but chic minimalistic decor.  I hate clutter.  

My questions:

Favorite snack food.

Favorite song on 1 of 1.  :)  

What time of year do you enjoy most?

If you could give any piece of advice what would it be?

Do you still watch cartoons?  (If so what’s your fave)

If you had to recommend one fanfic what would it be? (assuming you read them)

Favorite smell.

Is the toilet paper roll supposed to go over or under?

If you had the chance to say one thing to your bias, what would it be?

Iced or hot coffee?

Favorite Shinee era.  

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