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oh oh an arms dealer for talon that widowmaker has worked with before on several occasions and eventually makes friends with? or a cute french canadian barista that always gives her free coffee. a window washer for a highrise in numbani and widowmaker takes a break on their hanging platform. a talon coworker that she's become friends with despite trying to keep her distance


Window washer Alcides Moreno survived a 47-story fall after his scaffolding collapsed atop the Solow Tower in NY. He clung to the platform, becoming like a surfboard in the sky due to wind resistance that slowed his descent. Despite falling 500 feet, crashing into the concrete, undergoing 16 surgeries, and suffering damaged kidneys, collapsed lungs, and 10 broken bones, he baffled doctors by making a full recovery. Source

I need an AU where Levi works at the 20th floor of an high-rise, and every monday people in his office will get giddy and excited because monday ist he day where this hot green-eyed window-washer will come and hang outside the windows to clean them thoroughly. Sometimes the boy will even take off his shirt to whipe it across his sweaty forehead, and then he will reveal a tanned six-pack on his stomach, and it‘s causing everybody to stop working and enjoy the view instead.

And while Levi appreciates clean windows and the decent cleaning-techniques of this stupidly hot boy, he’s so annoyed by all the people, men and women, getting distracted and fawning over him just because he might be extremely a little attractive. This ist the case until that one stormy, cold monday, when bright-eyes is working outside again in a way too revealing tank top, and when suddenly a downpour starts and soakes the poor boy to the skin. And Levi, being grumpy but not an asshole, opens the window to let him in, even provides him with a towel, a cup of tea and his own jacket (which is way too small, but it’s the thought that counts) to warm him up.

And from that day on everybody is jealous of Levi, because everytime Eren (they learned that that’s the name of hot window-washer-boy) will spot Levi from the other side of the pane of glass, his face will light up and he will send him, and only him, a dazzling smile, waving his hands in an enthusiastic greet. And Levi will snap at all of his coworkers who dare to drool over his window-washer, before he will wave back at Eren, because he just loves to see how those green eyes will begin to sparkle at that.

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