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A fellow Grace Kelly fan, theawesomeprincess, has recently called my attention to a fact no Disney/classic Hollywood aficionado can fail to see: Cinderella looks strikingly similar to the Princess of Monaco.

I used to wonder whether Cinderella was actually modelled after Grace. But the dates don’t add up: Grace Kelly would only get a big break in Hollywood in late 1952, and Cinderella was produced in 1949. The truth is, Cinderella was actually modelled after a professional live action model Helene Stanley. And yet…

In this manip, Cinderella is wearing a famous black and white dress designed by Edith Head for ‘Rear Window’ - just like Grace.

 By the by, the fact that Edith was not nominated by the Academy for this film’s costume design is beyond me.


Inktober Day 9: Broken

Rose-breasted Grosbeak (Pheucticus ludovicianus) and Common Yellowthroat (Geothlypis trichas)

Many birds die of window strikes, especially during migration season. The lower image was a collaboration with my sister @dismahtumblah!


pairing: tom holland x reader

request: could you do a lil thing about cuddling w tom when there’s a big old thunderstorm outside, like ‘i love the sound of rain and thunder also i love you’ cuddles (maybe a pillow fort????)

a/n: totally went off request oop


You shuddered as claps of thunder exploded loudly outside your window, accompanied by strikes of lightening bright enough to light up your entire apartment.

“It’s coming down hard out there,” Tom said from the window, watching the dark grey clouds and rapid rainfall carefully while sipping tea from his mug. 

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anonymous asked:

Could one of you please write a Jamie POV about Claire's hair? Time period, situation, and level of sexiness completely up to you :D

This is set when Claire is mostly recovered from her illness in A Breath of Snow and Ashes. 

- Mod Lenny

The dawning light coming in through the window would strike Claire’s hair each morning and for a few minutes Jamie would simply lie there and look at it, watch that light play with it. She had wondered jokingly once or twice if it would grow back straighter than before and she’d laughed at his disappointed faces such a thought inspired. It hadn’t been a full two inches long before the curls started making their presence known so that Claire had cursed the way that two inches seemed like only one and then that four seemed like two and a half.

“It feels like it’s taking twice as long,” she complained, pulling a curl straight and seeing the way it almost reached her shoulder before letting it go and watching it spring back tight to her head.

He reached out now to touch one of the curling tendrils that he felt he could see growing and crawling its way across Claire’s pillow. He was convinced her hair was softer than before as he wrapped the silky strands twice around his finger and stroked it with his thumb. It seemed to be lighter too, the highlights brighter, the white strands no longer standing alone but gathering new friends around them and broadening their streaks.

Claire shifted but his finger was caught in the tight curl of her hair, pulling enough for her to reach up and find his hand. She turned back toward him, her hand still on his and one eye open a crack while the other remained squeezed shut.

He smiled at her as he disentangled himself and brushed more curls back from her forehead before leaning down to kiss the crease between her eyes.

“Good morning,” he whispered.

“Is it?” she asked doubtfully, easing the second eye open and blinking the sleep from her eyes.

Jamie bent to press a second kiss to her lips.

“Mmm,” Claire hummed. “I suppose I’ll take your word for it then.”

She pushed herself up so that she was sitting and yawned as she reached both hands up into her hair and brushed it quickly with her fingers. Jamie propped himself up a bit better and reached over to help massaging her scalp in the process.

“If ye can reach yer things on the table I’ll brush it for ye,” he offered.

“It’s not long enough for that,” Claire said with a light laugh but reached over and secured the brush for him anyway.

“Ye might want to fetch yer mirror as well then because ye’re wrong. It’s long enough now to tuck behind yer ear,” he pointed out, pulling a curl and tucking it into place in demonstration. “Did ye no say that was how long it must be to be called… what was it? A Robert?”

She laughed, leaning back and resting her head on his shoulder so she could look up at him. “A bob. And no, I think it needs to be a little longer before it can be a proper bob. Right now I think it’s closest to resembling a sheep’s fleece, though it traps rather than repels water. And still a long way from the flowing burn you used to think it.” There was a note of sadness underpinning the self-deprecation.

“No a burn just now, no,” he agreed, setting the brush aside and twining his fingers in her hair to see where it sprouted from between his fingers. “It’s… the bark of a tree after a storm. Dark where the water soaked deep; lighter where it’s had time to dry; wi’ little white threads fine and silvery as a spider’s web woven between the branches.”

Claire shook with quiet laughter. “It sounds like you’re saying I have cobwebs in my hair.”

“Aye,” Jamie chuckled. “Cobwebs… but no spiders.”

“Oh, well. So long as there are no spiders.”

He pulled her against him and lay back on the pillows, bringing her down with him. Her hair cushioned her head against his chest.

“Come. It’s early yet. We can rest a bit longer,” he told her.

She turned to curl around him, pressing her body along the length of his as his hand trailed up her back so he could play with her hair some more.

“Hmm… I’m all for staying in bed a bit longer… but since we’re already awake…” she teased, her fingers playing with the hair of his chest before drifting to explore a new trail leading lower, down under the sheets and causing his grip on her hair to tighten reflexively.

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what would penny do if his s/o had a month filled with uni exams and ignored him to study and attend such exams? i can't help picturing him at the classroom window like a lost kid haha

Exam month was here for you and you were doing everything you could do to pass.You were studying your ass off; study groups,cram sessions and mock quizzes with your classmates were going to be all you were about until it was all over.Unfortunately for your clown boy,this meant less time with you and he hated it.As proud as he was of you for being a hard working student,the neediness in him made it difficult for you to focus on your school work.Penny was constantly over at your place,getting handsy when you ignored him. “Don’t you miss me? I feel like I’m–“

“Dying,yes yes.Penny,please.I don’t feel confident about this one exam so I need to–“

“Focus,yes yes.” He mocks and pouts,throwing himself on your bed,looking over at you as you sat at your desk. “You haven’t had a break in two hours,come here and let me hold you before I get dramatic.”

You snorted and peeked over at him,trying to fight an amused smile. “Are you saying this isn’t even close?”

He huffed and paused for a second before giving you a taunting grin. “Okay,okay.I’ll leave my love to study.And I’ll see you tomorrow.”

You watched him walk out the door and squinted your eyes,knowing you were going to be taking exams until late; “What time?”

“You’ll see!”
You sat in your classroom,your pencil dancing across the page as you worked your best on this exam.Everything was going well so far.You were well rested,your stomach was full so you weren’t hungry,and everything was peacefully silent until a girl behind you shrieks. “Who the hell is that?!”

You peek over at the window and feel your heart skip a beat,and not it the romantic way.Penny was standing there,staring into the room.Panicking,you looked over at your equally panicked professor and classmates as they all scrambled around to get away from the window.In a split second,he was gone and you let out a sigh of relief.Your professor patted his chest and shook his head. “Damn pranksters.”

Growling quietly,you went back to your exam.

“Pennywise,you are so dead.”

Lightning: a Young Remus Lupin x Reader Imagine

Requested: no

In this imagine, the reader has just suffered the final blow in an almost three year stint of unrequited love following a damaging relationship. When the boy she’s been chasing chooses someone else, she is left heartbroken in the library where and old friend finds her. Remus knows a thing or two about pain, as well as the best way to heal wounds both visible and hidden. The weather is electric, and just like lightning both are caught off guard when sparks fly.

Warnings: tons of fluff, serious topic (hints at previous abusive relationship)

Y/N - your name
Y/L/N - your last name
~~~ - used to show passage of time

Word count: 2,821


Wax slowly drips down the side of my candle as the night deepens. It’s blurry, like everything else, from the water pooling in my eyes. He was with her again. The same girl who broke his heart twice, and just like that I go from sweet whispers to banishment. For three years I’ve let him do this, and sadly I don’t see it stopping. Love does crazy things like that.

Outside the darkened glass of the library wind is beginning to howl. Of all the nights to lose him again it had to be this one. I close the book on the table in front of me, pushing it away so that I can rest my elbow on the ink-stained wood. The tip of my finger begins to burn as I dip it into the liquid wax. It quickly cools, hardening into a shell that I crack off to reveal pink skin. What I wouldn’t give to start over.

My shirt-sleeves wipe at my cheeks even though it is futile. This is my fault, all my fault, somehow.

At the other end of the library the ancient door creaks open. I blow out my candle, and slide onto the floor. Soft humming accompanies the honey glow of a lamp bobbing through the stacks. No professor would do that.

“Y/N?” A familiar figure steps around the corner. “What are you doing here this late?”

Brushing dirt from my pants I reply. “I- I could ask you the same.”

Remus walks over and relights my lamp, together they banish all traces of dark around the table. One glance at my face and he engulfs me in a hug. “Hey, come here.” I allow myself to be buried in his chest and a sense of safety seeps into my bones. When I finally stop crying he releases me. With one arm around me, he uses the other to grab my book and begins guiding me towards the exit.

“Let’s go back to my common room, eh? Much warmer there, no need for you to catch a cold.”

After stepping through the portrait, a room full of deep reds greets me by the dying embers of a now sleeping fire. Remus places my book down on a coffee table and begins stoking the flames back to life. Soon crackling warmth fills the room. A soft woven blanket is draped over my shoulders as I sink into a cushion.

“Dreary night out.” He states the obvious as he produces two cups of tea from the set that is always on a table in the corner. He sits cross-legged across from me on the couch, propping against the other hand-rest as I do the same.

“Yeah.” Thunder rolls, rattling the windows as lightning strikes again to accent the boom. “I never liked storms much.”

“It always helps to have someone there when they get particularly nasty.”

I nod in agreement, sipping at my cup of tea, savoring the flavor and tracing the warmth as it journeys to my belly.

A glance upwards reveals Remus watching me carefully, waiting. It’s one of the many things I love about him. He is curious, but he will never push or pry.

“It’s stupid really.” My eyes fixate on the dark liquid in my cup.

“I promise it isn’t stupid whatever it is. You’re a very smart girl Y/N, and sensible too.” His voice is rich and smooth.

“Just a boy, or lack thereof.” He gestures for me to go on. “I’ve spent three years waiting on him to finally make it official. We get so close and then he just chooses someone else and leaves me again and I can’t even say he left because he was never really with me but he was and then he’s gone and it’s not right for me to miss something that wasn’t ever mine in the first place.” The words tumble out, sentences stringing together into one. Frustration causes them to race out in a jumble and suddenly everything I felt but couldn’t say is in the air between us.

“Unrequited love, that is far from nothing.”

“That isn’t the worst part.” Another clap of thunder peals through the air. I clench my eyes shut. “I loved him even when I was with my ex and he’s the only reason I had the strength to leave.”

“What do you mean?” Concern is rippling through his green eyes.

“Remember how I made sure to stick around Sirius for a few weeks after I left Jeremy?”

“I believe so.” Remus squints in concentration.

“It was because I needed protection. It was a really bad situation.”

“Did he-” Remus sets his tea on the table and scoots closer to me, reaching his hand out tenderly before thinking better of it.

“He never laid a finger on me but he threatened to. And when he was angry.” I shiver at the memory. “He kept me from everything I loved and I was only with him to try and move past-”

“You don’t have to say anything else.”

“I know, I just- What am I going to do?”

“You are going to show them both what an amazing girl you are. It’s okay to want someone, but you don’t need either of them and from the sound of it they don’t deserve you.”

I debate my next question. “Can I tell you something else?”


“I regret being anywhere near Jeremy. Just the thought of his hands around my waist makes me cringe. When he kissed me it was always like he was hungry, like he wanted to consume me, and his hands were always wandering uninvited. It makes me feel dirty.”

The silence between us is tangible until Remus breaks it. “It’s not your fault that he was reaching for something else and found you instead. You deserve so much more than that. You deserve more than someone who uses you to replace boredom or as a place for their hands to roam without permission.” He stops himself, but the way he is running his hand through his hair tells me that there is so much more he wants to say.

Outside the storm intensifies, and feeling ever smaller in it’s presence I can’t help but shake after each lightning strike.

“I just don’t understand why it hurts so much. I don’t understand why he always chooses people I can’t compete with.

"There is no competition, Y/N.” Remus whispers. Tears fill my eyes when I realize that my fears are reality.

“Why does love feel like pain?” His figure is blurry.

“Love only hurts when it is real.” He brushes my hair out of my eyes and I notice his expression. There’s a somberness there, an honesty that can only come from experience. The gesture is so tender, so raw that something stirs in my chest. Remus, my oldest friend here at school, the kindest, strongest person I know. He’s here, inches away and nothing else really seems to matter.

Suddenly seeming to remember something, he stands and bounds quietly up the stairs to his dorm. “One moment.”

I can’t help but smile to myself at the way his light brown hair is slightly disgruntled from a long night of wracking his brain. Still open on the coffee table are various textbooks from class, each with more notes scrawled in the margins than the next. He’s always so attentive, so careful with his words. Every mark on the pages is intentional, making the most of the space. Puns litter the notes, his humor momentarily lightening the dullest of subjects. He is the same way in conversation, words selected for impact, a game of chess that you never realize you are playing, a game that you are almost happy to lose because he will never point it out.

“Admiring my notes?” He asks, sliding back onto the couch as rain pelts the windows. “I do apologize for the disorganization. I truly do try but things always end up jumbled. It drives Evans up the wall.”

“Oh no- no. They are perfect really. I was just looking to see what you had been working on. That transfiguration paper is a doozy.”

“Challenging, but nothing that can’t be put off until last minute. Take this, it makes everything better.” I hear the snap of a chocolate bar in the middle of his words.

“Thanks.” I take it from him carefully, trying to ignore the momentary brushing of our fingers or how they linger a bit longer than necessary.

“You know if you want some help with it I’d be more than happy to assist you.” He offers.

Glancing over at him, I can’t ignore the feeling tugging at my chest. “I think I’d like that.”

We nibble away in silence as the clock on the mantle ticks steadily. It’s nearly 2:30.

“Looks like the storm is finally calming do-” A bright flash of light illuminates the tower before the castle is shaken by the roaring sky. “I stand corrected.” Remus says matter of factly, looking at his still rattling cup of tea bemused.

He pours us both another steaming cupfull as I pull my blanket closer. “Hey Rem?”

“Right- there you are.” He passes me my cup and saucer before giving me his undivided attention.

“Thank you for everything tonight.”

“Oh it’s nothing.” He sips his tea and begins to shuffle through his papers, far too modest for his own good.

“No,” I reach out to stop his hands from rifling through another stack and his eyes meet mine. “I mean it.”

In the firelight his scars cast tiny shadows over his exposed skin. Rumors have flown about them for years, some believing he gets in knife fights, others speculating that he tries to tame dragons. I’m one of the few who knows where they really come from, but no matter their source, they show he has survived terrible things and there is a beauty in that much deeper than the superficial so many people chase.

He catches me staring and shakes his head, light glinting in his eyes as a smile ghosts his lips. “It’s getting late. You should get some rest.”

“So should you.” I reply.

“Let’s see what you were reading earlier, shall we?” He leans back, propping his feet on top of his papers, my book in hand.

Outside the wind howls, a tortured sound in the night causing me to shiver. Remus notices. “Lay down.” He pats the open space between us. “It’s loud but it can’t hurt you and I swear I won’t either. You’re safe here.”

He opens the book to the page I had marked and begins reading aloud. Following his suggestion I rest my head on the cushion beside him and adjust my blanket. His voice is soothing, pushing the sounds of the storm far into the background as the fireplace pops and crackles with the rise and fall of his words.

The edges of the room begin to blur, my eyelids soon sliding downward like shades as the clock strikes 3. I hear the book close softly, and in the moments before I lose conciousness fingers gently brush through my hair. “Goodnight.”

There is a warm thumping and I’m not sure why my heartbeat is so loud in my ear or why my pillow has suddenly begun to rise and fall on its own. My eyes open slowly, wishing for five more minutes of sleep. Someone must have left the window open because light- I bolt upright.

“Morning.” Remus yawns. Right, Remus. Last night comes flooding back to me and I realize that sometime in the night I must have curled up on his chest.

“Morning.” I wipe the sleep from my eyes and reach my arms towards the ceiling.

“You woke with a start, are you okay?”

“Hmm? Oh, I’m okay. It just took me a moment to remember where I was.” He nods, hair taking on a life of its own. “Thanks again for-” I’m interrupted by a slow clap.

“Well done, Rem. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

“I agree with Sirius. This is a miracle, he finally fell asleep with something other than a textbook.”

“Knock it off guys.” Remus rubs the back of his neck nervously as he stands up.

The two boys begin laughing. “Not a chance.”

“Where is Peter?”

“He’s back down at breakfast.” James replies.

“We were about to go back down there, but we had to get some glue for … we will tell you later.” Sirius says after a firm kick on the ankle from Potter.

Remus looks at them both blankly and they fail to get his message. “Well Y/N and I will be down shortly. You can fill me in then. We have to pack up our things for class.”

“Later Lupin, just make sure you button your shirt up the right way after. People would realize you were-

"JAMES!” I shout.

“Never heard of a joke Y/L/N? Merlin! Calm down.” He hits Sirius on the shoulder and heads toward the exit. Sirius offers Remus a knowing wink before smirking at me flirtatiously and following James out.

“I apologize for them. They are nightmares, really, but they mean well at heart.”

“Friends exist for the sole purpose of embarrassment. Just when you think they’ve said it all they say something more shocking.” We finish stacking his papers and he asks me to follow him.

The stairs to his dorm are solid slabs of stone that contrast the wooden floorboards when the door swings open. The beds are all identical except for an extra blanket here or there. What makes them different are the trunks at the end of each one. Remus stops at one hewn from oak and stained the color of soil after a rainstorm. Sitting on his bed I can only see his shoulders and back moving as he digs through it.

“Here we are.” He stands up with a tan sweater in hand. “There isn’t time for you to change, so you can borrow this until you get the chance.”

“Thanks Rem.” I shimmy it over my head gratefully. “What about you?”

“I’ll change and meet you downstairs in a minute.” He says as I struggle to pull off yesterday’s shirt under the sweater. It takes a moment before I realize he is still watching, amused.


“Oh nothing, nothing.” He laughs, eyes alight. “Just watching you struggle. If you need me to I can step out and you can change since that doesn’t seem to be working too well for you.”

“Oh shut up!” I scoff, pulling the now unbuttoned blazer out through the top of the sweater victorious. “Did you actually doubt me Lupin?” The smirk forms on my lips without warning.

“Not for one moment.” The softness in his voice implies a larger meaning.

“So are you kicking me out now?” I ask, a small part of me secretly hoping he will say no.

“Yeah, I’ll meet you downstairs after I change.”

“Okay.” As I pull the door closed behind me I realize that I have not thought of anyone but Remus since waking.

A few minutes later he walks down the stairs, pausing at the bottom. The corner of his mouth turns up almost imperceptably and he studies the carpet as he makes his way over.


“It’s nothing.”

“No. What is it?” I tug at his sleeve.

His eyes briefly make contact with mine before scanning the empty room to avoid my gaze. “You’re wearing my sweater.”

“Well yeah.” I state the obvious. “It smells really nice by the way, like ground coffee and sprigs of mint.” I can’t believe I actually just said that.

“It suits you.” He declares before hurriedly changing the subject. “Ready to go?”

“I think so.”

“We don’t have time for breakfast so whatever you have first is where you need to go.” He pauses when we exit the common-room. “You don’t have any textbooks.”

“They are in my dorm. It’s okay, I’ll just be late.”

“What is first? History of Magic, right? I think I pass you leaving there.” Something about his tone tells me that he knows this is fact.

“It is.”

“Here.” He hands me his textbook and some parchment. “Just give it back when you pass me.”

“Thank you so much.” I wrap my arms around him in an attempt to express my gratitude before leaving.

“It’s nothing.” He smiles, a slight blush tinging the tips of his ears the color of sunrise.

When we part at the bottom of the stairs, I walk a few yards before looking back over my shoulder. A burning flush floods my cheeks when Remus does the same. Grinning, he looks down and continues on his way, hand brushing through the back of his hair with a new confidence in his walk.

Thank you so much for reading. Remember that you are beautiful and wonderful and valid. Keep your head up and just keep swimming. :)

Much love,
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first kiss

The sun cast a caramel glow over the sleek curve of the Mustang in the driveway. Clay ran light fingers over the paint, and the sun-warmed metal bit at the new callouses just beneath his nails. His therapist had said the guitar lessons might help him process some of his emotions, some of his pain. Most days, she was wrong. But Clay kept showing up and strumming out new, awkward chords for those days when she was right.

With a squeal, the screen door opened and Tony stepped into the receding light. His boots were scuffed and loosely laced, coming up over his jeans. A leather jacket weighed on his shoulders. He’d gotten his hair cut a little shorter after his breakup with Brad, citing new beginnings.

New beginnings, Clay thought. We could use some of those around here.

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Stormy Nights

Simon X Reader

A piercing roar and a blinding flash of lightning jerked me out of what was once a peaceful, deep sleep. Startled awake, I sat up in bed, resting my head up against the headboard. I could hear Simons faint snoring sounds every now and then, he was sound asleep, and he wasn’t waking up any time soon. He was a heavy sleeper and some thunder and lightning wouldn’t even bother him slightly, let alone the heavy rain. I creeped out of bed and went over to shut the window, confused to why it was left open as it had been raining for hours throughout the day. As I walked over to the window the lightning strike made me jump out of my own skin, sending shivers up my spine. Why was the weather bothering me so much? I slid back in to bed, cautious of waking Si as I didn’t want to wake him. His sleeping schedule was in tatters however he managed to fall asleep at a respectable time tonight. I sat listening while the rain fell aggressively outside and the thunder shook the windows, rattling them. I didn’t have a fear of thunderstorms, yet I felt unusually uneasy. I pulled the duvet over me, warming my feet as they were near freezing before Simon rolled over to face me not yet opening his eyes.

After the loud booming of thunder continued for a few minutes Simon seemed to become more mobile, moving his hands over to where I was supposed to be laying, rather than sitting. I bent up my legs and held them in with my arms to keep warm when I heard Simon say ‘What are you doing babe?’ I looked over to him as he now lay on his back, rubbing his eyes.

‘I can’t sleep’

‘What’s the time?’

‘I don’t know, late.’ I expected him to roll over and go back to sleep but to my surprise he didn’t.  He sat up and stared at me while I watched the chaos through the windows outside. The storm continued to startle me before he realised the affect it was having on me.

‘I didn’t know that you were scared of storms’

‘Neither did I’

I looked over to him as he opened his arms and I shuffled over to him. How could I say no to this cutie? He held me tightly against his bare chest, only letting go to fix the blankets around us, then resuming our snuggling. “Why didn’t you wake me?” He questions you quietly.

“You looked so peaceful and you actually fell asleep before 4 in the morning, I didn’t want to wake you up.”

He lightly smiled at me lightly and held his hand out for me to hold and I obviously obliged. My grip on him tightened as another loud crash startled me. he looked down at me, concerned at my uneasiness and hugged me tighter, engulfing me in his arms. “You’re fine, babe. It’s just a storm, I got you.” He comforts me. “I got you.” He repeats. A few minutes pass and Simon traces shapes on my arm, trying to relax me but it’s no help. I start to think that it’s relaxing him more than me as he seems to be fighting to keep his eyes open.

“Why don’t you go back to bed Si?” You suggest “I’ll fall asleep soon”

“I’m staying awake with you Y/N, I don’t want you to be alone”

“Well I’ll go to sleep now as well” You lie, hoping to convince him

“You’re clearly not going to sleep until this storm is over.” He responds knowledgeably, and I can’t disagree.

“Just go to sleep, I’m fine babe.” I insist, smiling at his cute, sleepy face.

“Oh shut up,” He kisses my forehead. “Just relax, I’ve got you, and the storm will pass soon, I’m sure of it.”

“Ugh, you are so annoying” I eventually accept the fact that he isn’t going to sleep but secretly am happy, I didn’t really want to be alone with the storm making me jump every two minutes.

After about ten minutes the rain seems to lessen to a drizzle and the thunder seems to have ended. “I told you it would stop”

“Think so” I said in a cheery voice. “Thank you for staying awake for me, I appreciate it” We both lie down ready for bed, facing each other and I stare into his gorgeous blue eyes.

“I love you” He whispers.

“I love you too” He indicates me to roll over so he can hug me from behind and I do so happily. “Night babe” He soothingly says as he kisses my head. Are bodies are close and legs intertwined as I fall into a sweet slumber.

56. haze

Originally posted by herewegobebe

Title: haze

Pairing: Choi Minho/Reader

Summary: The best way to make your morning beautiful is food, sunlight and the love of your life.

Request: Minho takes care of his clumsy girlfriend.

The best way to learn you love somebody; it’s when you see the beauty in them even in the simplest of times. The morning had been as usual; the birds singing their melodies outside her window as the little strikes of sunshine made their appearance through the curtains; however, her hands reach for the other side of the bed, and a part of her expected to see her boyfriend by her side, his feet a little bit out of the bed as he has an arm sprawled over his face. Instead, she just feels the coldness of the other side of the bed, and surely, it was pleasing to feel her tired limbs getting that refreshment from the bed, but she was worried. Had Minho come home last night?

A yawn leaves her lips as she sits up on the bed, running her hands through her hair as she makes her way out of the bedroom. Last night, she had gone to sleep wearing one of Minho’s shirts, instantly missing him when he sent her a text indicating that he was going to arrive late, if not at midnight because of practice. The material was a lot softer and it seemed to linger with his usual cologne, hence why she adored to steal some of his clothing from time to time.

However, she stops walking towards the kitchen when she hears a soft snore.

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@lilaudrey23 : Hi Love! My name is Audrey and I would love an imagine if you could 😀. Something to do with dancing in the rain but me being afraid of the storms and him being cute and building a for at home. You can make up whatever you want
*Mwah* Thanks Love

Originally posted by optimus-grimes

The rain felt nice against your skin. Clearly it was stupid to wander into the rain in just your pyjamas, but the rain was your favourite weather and you couldn’t help it.

And as always, your boyfriend Tom staggered behind you, wiping the sleep from his eyes. It was 3 am, and yet you couldn’t have a care in the world. The British skyline was filled with clouds as a thin mist fell from the heavens above. Staring up, you twirl.

“isn’t it cold?” Tom asks.

“not when you dance, so get over here and dance with me.” You say, smiling like the Cheshire cat.

You grab his hands as he walks towards you. He kisses your forehead and you lean your head against his chest. You begin to sway back and forth as Tom hums Can’t Help Falling In Love. It’s a scene right out of a romance novel. It’s cheesy but these are the moments you live for, between Tom filming and crazy fans, it’s almost as if you never get any alone time.

Picture perfect until the crash of thunder breaks the silence of the night. A flash lights up the sky. You jump away from Tom terrified. You don’t do thunder. 

As you make a run for the house, Tom stops too enjoy one last look at the neighbourhood in the early lighting, before following you in.

“Babe? You okay?” He asks when he finally locates you under a blanket in the living room. 

“No, I can’t stand storms. Rain I like but thunder and lighting…” You trail off looking out the window as Lighting strikes in the distances, you flinch.

“Why don’t you sit here and I’ll be right back.” He smiles and disappears.

He comes back arms full off blankets and pillows. He smiles. 

“Why don’t we build a fort?” You both smile and get to work.

As you lay in the newly built fort that occupies your living room, you turn to Tom.  He’s already looking at you.

“I love you.” You whisper as you settle your head on his chest.

“I love you too.” He whispers back. He presses a kiss on the crown of your head and closes his eyes.

Sunday Morning
  • optional male bias
  • word count: 1.6k+
  • genre: fluff, angst(?)

author’s note: This was my second attempt at writing a scenario. It may not be the best but I’m still a beginner please don’t judge. I hope you do enjoy my little work and feedback and constructive criticism are always welcome (:

story note: italicized text is a flashback 

You opened the trunk to your car to grab the guitar case and speakers. The evening traffic was starting to hit as you heard the loud honks and screeches along the street. Walking down the parking lot, you walked towards the intersection of Blaine Street and 7th Avenue to set up your equipment. It was a busy Saturday night as many workers were starting to leave work and outgoing traffic prevented incoming partygoers from entering downtown. Connecting the wires from the guitar to the speaker, you tuned your guitar and stood there.

Among the ever-growing pace of the city, you seemed to find the peace and balance among the busy streets and started playing a melody. With a few strums and subtle hums, the melody of the song started flowing out but you couldn’t help but think why you weren’t satisfied with this. All of the other times when you were able to create a song on the spot, those results were always satisfying but this time, it was different. As you kept playing around with your guitar, an audience formed around you and you decided to take requests due to your lack of creativity at the moment.

An arm shot up from amongst the crowd and you called out, “Yes? You raising your hand?” As the figure started walking towards the front, you couldn’t help but notice the silhouette that formed when he walked towards the light. A tall, well built figure was making its way towards the center and you couldn’t believe who you saw in front of you.

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anonymous asked:

Could we see some pygmy owls please?

You sure can! But probably not until tomorrow, so in the meantime, look at his lil fella.

He was the victim of a window strike and suffered head trauma. He was looked after by O.W.L. Orphaned Wildlife Rehabilitation Society for a couple of months and made a full recovery and was released back into the wild. An interesting note: while Pygmy Owls do not have true ear-tufts like some other species, they are able to extend their brow feathers to the side when threatened or alarmed. (x)

  • Solomon Wreath: How else was I going to see my favourite student on her special day without popping up uninvited outside her window? Such behaviour strikes me as being vaguely unhealthy, wouldn't you agree?
  • Skulduggery Pleasant: A visit from you strikes me as very unhealthy.
  • Valkyrie Cain: I'm going to cut this short before you start hitting each other. Solomon thank you for your help and thank you so much for the present - it was really nice of you.
  • Solomon Wreath: My pleasure.
  • *Solomon kisses Valkyrie's cheek*
  • Solomon Wreath: Happy Birthday again.
  • *Skulduggery stalks out and Valkyrie follows him*
  • Valkyrie Cain: What do you think it all means?
  • Skulduggery Pleasant: ...
  • Valkyrie Cain: Are you sulking?
  • Skulduggery Pleasant: Me? No. I don't sulk.
  • Valkyrie Cain: You sound like you're sulking.
  • Skulduggery Pleasant: I'm just waiting for the violent urges to subside.
Perfect: Fred Weasley x Ravenclaw!Reader

Originally posted by behindpotterscenes

First Request! ♥

Request: Fred weasley x Ravenclaw!reader? She is shy and loves to read, she is also one of ravenclaw’s best chasers. She gets invited to Bill and Fleur’s wedding because she is friends with Ginny & Hermione, during the attack at the wedding she saves Fred’s life. She gets captured and tortured during the war and gets found bleeding and dying by Fred, he is in tears, a lot of angst but she lives. And throw in some kisses.

A/N: This is longer than I expected it to be, but I did my best. I’m not sure if it’s exactly what you wanted considering there was so much information to be put into this, so I may had to leave a few minor details out, but I still think it turned out well. Let me know what you think! 

Also, this is my take on the war, I didn’t glance at the book at all while writing this so, it’s not accurate, and uh… *cough* Fred’s alive in this so… 

Now excuse me while I cry in the corner.

Word Count: 2751

Warnings: Angst, Fluff, Hogwarts War, Torture, Feels. 

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Love Bugs: A Breath of the Wild Fanfic

Prima sighed as the sun sank low enough for its rays to pass through the western window, striking her face. It was only ever maybe thirty minutes to an hour out of the day, but she always ended up with a headache when the beams hit her eyes. She’d been asking for Leop to invest in curtains for some time now, but Inns didn’t see a lot of business these days.

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Through the Looking Glass - Chapter 2

SPN FanFic

~Sam and Dean burst through your apartment door to save you from a nasty ghost attack. The amazing part is… Sam and Dean are characters on a TV show, so what the hell is going on?~

Reader, Dean, Sam (no pairings..yet?)

4,360 Words (oops!)

Warnings: Reader has a potty mouth. Death of a friend. Bit more Angst.

A/N: I’m totally digging this, I hope you are too! Reviews always loved and welcomed! Thanks for reading!

Go To: Chapter One - Chapter Two - Chapter Three - Chapter Four - Chapter Five - Chapter Six - Chapter Seven - Chapter Eight - Chapter Nine - Chapter Ten -

Chapter Two- When You Go To The Bunker

So you ended up at a bar after all, and not with one guy but two. Two absolutely gorgeous guys that up until a few hours ago were merely figments of your imagination; fantasy men that you watched on TV almost every day. Characters portrayed by actors, spouting dialogue and backstory written by writers in some office building across the country. But here you were, sitting in a dark, dirty bar with Sam and Dean Winchester, having a beer and enjoying the hell out of it.

Every so often you had to take a moment and remind yourself that you were quite possibly dead and should enjoy this before it ended. You sat at a round table equidistant from both brothers, and you spent most of your time bouncing between them, staring intensely at each in turn.

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