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Power Rangers Movie- Easter Eggs

1. Jason says “It’s Morphin Time!” when the rangers morph for the first time.

2. Trini’s 1973 t-shirt is a reference to the year Thuy Trang, the OG yellow rangers was born.

3. In Trini’s room you can see a toy shape like a putty from the TV show.

4. Also in Trini’s room the window has a shape of a sabertooth-tiger.

5. When Trini suggests the Yellow Ranger, her siblings refer to the Yellow Ranger as “Him” which is a reference to the original Super Sentai series that the Yellow Ranger was actually a guy.

6. In billy’s room in the background you can see toys of Squat and Baboo and also Finster.

7. Mariner Bay and Reefside is a reference to the tv show, they are the cities for PR Lightspeed Rescue and PR Dino Thunder

8. When the rangers first enter the cave under water, there is a small scorpion crawling on the rocks. It is a subtle hint towards the character of Scorpina.

9. In the tv show Zordon is Known as Zordon of Eltar. Eltarian is the name of the alien language that they speak in the movie.

10. Alpha 5 says “ay yi yi yi!”

11. Rita is the Green Ranger, in the show she creates the GR.

12. The Zeo crystal is the source of power for the rangers in the second incarnation of the show.

13. When the zords run into the battle they play the theme song, like they used to in the show.

14. When goldar rises up Rita says “make my monster grow"

15. Jason make a reference to bumblebee from transformers.

16. Kimberly’s Pterodactyl catches fire first. That might be a reference to how later in the show Kimberly’s zord became the Firebird Thunder Zord.

17. After the Megazord Battle, Rita steps outside of Goldar and Implies that there is someone worse than her. Which is a nudge to or reference to Lord Zedd.

18. OG Tommy (Jason David Frank) and Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson) make a cameo in the final battle.

19. When Rita is frozen in space you can see a moon behind her. In the show she has her castle on the moon.

20. The post-credit scene teases Tommy Oliver the Green PR.

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I offer the warmth of a sunbeam filtering though a living room window, a pillow fresh from the laundry, and some tea that is as bitter as it is sweet


not to be weird but…i want a dark room with windows looking down at cities and cars passing by, the wind is blowing a nice breeze and it’s night. i can hear cars honking quietly from a distance and everything feels calm