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When I was about 15 (I’m 18 now), I took a trip with my Dad from Texas (where I’m from) to Michigan to visit my aunt, uncle and 2 cousins. The night after we got there, my uncle took my dad to a baseball game. So I was at my families house with just me, my aunt and 2 little cousins. At about 9 o'clock that night , I went out into the garage to grab the rest of my bags from my aunts van…
I grabbed my stuff and right before I were to step on the first step leading into the house from the garage I heard knocking on the garage window. I turned and noticed that it was my dad wearing sunglasses….at night…
“Dad?” I said. “What’re you doin? Where’s Uncle Toni?”
~This next part will forever be burned into my memory.~
He didn’t say anything, all he did was put a large smile on his face and then started to point at something behind me.
I turned and looked behind me to notice that he was pointing at the garage door button.
“Oh. You want me to open the garage door?”
My dad nodded, still pointing.
Right before I pressed the button, my finger lingering inches away from the glowing yellow button,
I got this weird feeling in my stomach..a mix of butterflies and fear. Something was telling me not to open that door. “Don’t press that button, Andi. Dont” . That’s what I heard going through my head..
So I went with my gut feeling and didn’t open the door.
I turned and looked at my still smiling dad

“No, dad. I won’t open the garage door”

As soon as I said that, he slammed his fist against the window, and the facial expression of my dad changed. I can’t even explain how mad he looked. (Even behind the sunglasses, I could feel the anger and hatred.)
My dad stopped smiling and dropped his hand.
Him still staring at me, he picked his hand back up and I remember seeing really long nails, and his hand had a gray tone to it.
Staring at him, frozen in place as I watched him drag his long nails across the window making a loud, nails on a chalk board sound.
I ran straight into the house and into the living room where my aunt and 2 cousins were sitting, watching Finding Nemo.
I sat on the couch, staring down at my feet. And I remember my aunt looking at me with a bit of panic asking me if I were okay, and why I looked so white. And I just remember asking her to pray with me, and so she prayed with me and stayed up with me until my dad got home.
That night when they got back, I calmed down enough to explain to all of them what had happened, and the next day we went outside to look at the garage door and you could still see 3 scratch marks going down the window..

I actually even recently called them to wish my aunt a happy birthday about a week ago, and I happened to ask about the scratch marks and my aunt said that they were still there..
When I got back to Texas, I decided to do a little research, and I read that some Demons aren’t strong enough to completely change some parts of their bodies.. mostly it being their voices and eyes. (Somethin like that) Hence why my ‘Dad’ never spoke and why he wore sunglasses.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod James: 10/10 Even though there are two other people in this room, cash cab is playing in front of me, I’m listening to music to drown out the cash cab, I still found this scary as hell, I’m really happy.  That doppelganger business is ridiculous.  Thanks for sharing the scares!

Kingdom Hearts Head-canons that don't do anything to the plot
  • Sora likes tea, specifically fruit-based tea like herbs and berries
  • Kairi enjoys jewelry and was the one that picked out Sora’s crown necklace and gave it to him as a gift when he was little
  • Riku and Sora taught each other how to fight solely through experience with fighting one-another
  • Riku and Kairi throw rocks at Sora’s window to get him to wake up, one time he opened the window and got nailed in the nose, rock throwing turned to knocking on the door because Kairi turned Sora into a bloody-faced victim on the floor
  • Riku is totally a nature nerd, he gives thanks to plant life way too much
  • Riku is part of “the rich family” on the island but honestly doesn’t give a shit and wears the stupidest clothes possible 
  • Sora procrastinates on everything 
  • Kairi wasn’t sent to school for the first few years on the islands until Sora begged for the chance to get to see her more
  • Sora helps his mum take care of a small garden they have
  • Roxas thought his name was Saxor until someone heard him mutter it to himself and had to be told otherwise
  • Sora has allergies, hence why he constantly wipes his nose, and he can’t adapt because he’s constantly going to other worlds
  • The defense system in Radiant Garden had to be reconfigured to stop targeting Nobodies because Roxas was blown off a cliff too many times
  • Xion’s love for dogs led Sora to buy one when he got home, Xion would go and buy her own dog once she returned
  • Roxas purposely brushed his hair differently so people could see the difference between him and Ventus
  • Axel “accidentally” bought more than enough ice creams and claimed that he’ll take the burden and ate another one in front of Roxas and Xion
  • Roxas keeps reacting to something in one of the world’s so when he’s asked what it is, he says maybe Ventus would know and gets insecure about it
  • Fun Fact: Ventus doesn’t know what they’re reacting to and keeps sneezing alongside him
  • Terra’s hair is still silver and long even after being un-norted
  • Terra grew like 5 inches so now he’s a titan compared to Aqua and Ventus, who’s bodies didn’t age
  • When Ventus tried to get out of the chair shortly after waking up, his legs and arms refused to move the way he wanted to, having been out of use for so long
  • He also couldn’t talk for a few minutes
  • This all resulted in Ventus barely getting up, attempting to lift one leg, but falling face first to the floor
  • Roxas and Lea make fun of Sora when he’s not in the room
  • Namine and Terra get along really well
  • Aqua keeps mixing up Roxas and Ventus so much to a point that Roxas puts a sticky note on Ventus’ chest that reads “Not-Roxas”
  • Roxas or Ventus get some sort of scar or injury that makes them easier to tell apart
  • Eraqus hosting a Mark of Mastery exam for Terra and Sora together, since both initially failed and deserve a chance to redeem themselves
  • Aqua has a bad time in direct sunlight after all those years in the darkness
  • Kairi whacked Sora in the head by accident, she didn’t see him when she was swinging and round-housed him with the flower blade
  • Sora constantly tips his head to the left side, possibly meaning he can see better through his right eye, which is probably astigmatism
  • Ventus is the guy who makes self-depreciation jokes and snaps his fingers after saying them
  • Lea puts a hand on Ventus’ shoulder whenever he makes those jokes and says something like, “don’t say that ‘bout yourself, man, you’re better than that”
  • If someone asks Sora a question about one of his adventures, Ventus sometimes answers because he knows everything, Sora inevitably gets fed up with this
  • Ventus doesn’t know when to shut up in general, he literally talks about everything and it ends up making things worse ‘cause damn it now Xehanort knows about that thing
  • Aqua likes cats, specifically the big, fluffy cats that take up a person’s entire lap when they lay with someone


incorrect quotes 2

cynthia: what are you doing?

larry: just nailing his window shut. for his own good.

connor: what if there’s a fire?

larry: well i guess you can just light your dope with it, dopehead!

Survivor - An NCT Halloween Special - ZombieApocalypse!AU

if you thought i wasn’t gonna write an angsty 9.8K horror nct fic for halloween you clearly thought wrong

Word Count: 9823

Trigger Warnings: Graphic Descriptions and Language, Mentions of Blood, Zombies, Violence

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Angst, ZombieApocalypse!AU

It was pitch black outside his window when Sicheng was woken up by the shrill scream of a woman some two houses down the street from his own. The clock read four thirteen in the morning.

The last faint threads of recollection of the dream he had just been having vanished completely as his body registered the mortifying sound that had woken him up.

He jolted up in his bed, the cold air accompanied with the voice immediately chilling him to the bone as the blanket fell off his frail body clothed in a poor choice of thin cotton pajamas. It took him a good two seconds to scramble up and push himself towards the window facing the street in an attempt at locating the origin of the now-muffled noises, eyes blinking rapidly as he forced himself to focus through the stinging sensation of his burning corneas.

A steady onslaught of rain cascaded outside of his window, fogging up the view and obscuring whatever it was that was happening off the premises of his home.

His parents.

He rushed outside of his room without even thinking of switching the lights on, colliding with his father in the middle of the hallway as the impact sent the both of them down to the ground with a painful thud.

“The power’s completely out, are you okay?” winced his father, instantly pulling himself up and offering his hand to his son.

“What was that scream? Are the neighbors getting robbed?” Sicheng asked, his tone laced with sheer panic.

More screams suddenly erupted from all directions followed by the sounds of crashing glass and multiple gunshots.

“I don’t think this is a robbery,” answered his father as he hurriedly pushed him back into his room. “Pack everything necessary that you think you would need for the next few days while I get your mother, we’re going to camp this out away from here for the rest of the week until the neighborhood is safe.”

“But what’s happening?” Sicheng protested, mind still reeling and attempting to wrap itself around what the hell was going on.

“I don’t fucking know!” his father boomed before he immediately covered his mouth with his palm. “Keep quiet and stay away from the windows, I don’t want any psychopaths from the street knowing somebody’s in here. Move your ass, we leave in five.”

Sicheng had never seen his father like this, and his demeanor had just heightened all of his senses and threw him to the edge. He snapped out of his daze and leapt into his room, grabbing his camping bag with all the gear already inside and stuffing the front zipper with the warmest clothes he could find before changing into the thickest sweater and pair of jeans he owned, making sure to tuck his phone and power bank into the oversized inside pocket.

He threw on his raincoat and waterproof boots, and then he went to check the equipment in his bag to make sure nothing was missing.

Flashlight and batteries. Rope. Tent. Flask. Knife. Thermal blanket. Basic first aid kit. Matches. Flares.

Shit, the water and food. I need water and food!

He grabbed his camping bag and hauled ass down the stairs, taking them three at a time as he burst into the kitchen to find his parents already scavenging for bottled water and any cans they could get their hands on.

He opened the last cupboard and stuffed the main zipper with all the cans of food he could find before laying the remaining bottles of water on top of them, barely being able to zip the camping bag up.

The screams didn’t let up, and the grunting sounds were getting louder and more abundant than they seemed to be less than three minutes ago.

His fingers fumbled as he tried zipping the bag up; the shivers that had arisen due to the panic were making it hard to focus and breathe simultaneously. He was about to lift the bag up when his father stopped him.

“You still have some space in your front zip, take these,” he ordered as he shoved three small cardboard boxes of handgun bullets into his arms before checking that his gun was fully loaded.

“Why do you need that, Dad?” came out Sicheng’s strangled whisper as he tried to avert his eyes from the glinting metallic deathtrap.

“Let’s hope I don’t,” came the somber reply, and they all strapped the camping bags securely onto their bodies.

“Are we all set?” resonated his mother’s quivering voice. They exchanged a glance before she pulled him into a tight embrace, his father following suit.

“I don’t know what’s going on out there, but no matter what happens, stick together, okay? I love you both,” she whispered.

They all stilled as the sound of a crash filled the house, followed by the low resonance of a most foul guttural growling.

“Move!” yelled his father, which seemed to attract the creature’s full attention as it opened its slackened jaw and let out an ungodly screech.

Sicheng’s blood froze over.

The sight before him was something he had only ever seen on a TV screen, the result of a shit ton of makeup and a whole lot of editing. Never had anything in the world looked more terrifying to him than this creature did now, and he could tell exactly what it was supposed to be.

It had lodged itself through the window in order to force its way into the house, its irregularly jointed form tearing through the glass like it was nothing. Its eyes were a beady red in a sea of a rotten mixture between vomit green and turbid white.

Its skin looked like the flayed membrane of a being that once, long ago, used to be human, and every orifice on its terrorizing body was oozing with a blood so maroon it looked almost black.

It clambered again, trying to get itself past all the shards in the window still nailing it in place until they all broke and it smacked ungracefully to the floor, a noticeable crack emanating from one of its bones.

It crawled for two seconds before it limply picked itself up, its creation disgustingly horrifying yet immensely overpowering.

“Run!” screamed Sicheng’s father, and the beast in front of them took an animalistic step forward as it shrieked yet again at frequencies too painful for the average human ear to bear.

“Good Lord,” sobbed his mother, already shaking as the shock made her legs fail to move.

Sicheng was in full panic mode now, grabbing his mother’s arm before tugging her in the opposite direction and towards the front door as his father clicked the bullet in his gun into place and unsteadily aimed it at the monster.

But he couldn’t do it. He was mortified.

He turned around and sprinted towards his family, gun in hand as he heard the unwanted visitor quickly drag itself in pursuit, vocal cords still giving off the most unsettling of noises.

The rain had not let up, and Sicheng’s father could not see anything around him in any direction. He heard menacing moans from everywhere and nowhere, his gun at the ready as he spun around erratically, absolutely panicked.

“Oh thank the heavens you –“

Sicheng’s mother never got to finish her sentence.

She had almost run into her husband, who could not hear her footsteps sloshing in the rain as he focused on all the other beings. She had put her hand on his shoulder to spin him around when his finger pulled the trigger on reflex and emptied a bullet into her chest.

“No! Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! No! Oh, God, no, please,” he shouted, dropping his handgun to the floor as he threw himself down to hold his wife’s shuddering body.

Sicheng had heard the gunshot and rushed immediately in its direction, running as fast as he could and praying he would not encounter any of the creatures instead.

He stopped at the sight of his father holding his mother’s lifeless body in his arms, looking frantically about and crying out hysterically.

You killed Mom!” ripped itself out of Sicheng’s voice box, and he could not even recognize his own voice.

No,” wailed his father, “no, I didn’t want this to – “

“Dad, look out!”

Not enough time was left for his father to react before one of the beings threw itself at him, sinking its teeth into his skin and hungrily tearing at his flesh as if it were the easiest thing to do.

His father screamed out and accidentally kicked the gun away from him as he tried fighting off the monster, and Sicheng watched in horror as his body convulsed and his eyes began to cloud over.

“Kill me!” came out the gurgled shriek. “Kill me!

Sicheng dove for the gun spastically and then got himself as far away from the undead as possible, his eyes never leaving the perturbing scene before him.

“Kill me! Kill me! Kill me!

And by then, Sicheng was far away enough for the rain to completely stifle the cries of what was once his father.

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The Storm (Steve Rogers x Reader)

Pairings: Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,818

Warnings: Angst, Swearing, Death, Fluff, Comfort

Rating: PG-13

Summary: After having a terrible experience during a thunderstorm when you were 17, you find yourself wide awake.  You get up to watch a movie in the living room where Steve finds you and comforts you.  

The wind howled outside your bedroom window as you desperately tried to ignore it.  You just wanted to go to sleep because you had a big math test in the morning.  Ugh, the life of a 17 year old was never any fun you aimlessly thought.  Tree branches scratched at your window; it sounded like nails on a chalkboard.  The rain soon came after and now you lay, wide awake in your bed, knowing sleep won’t come any time soon.  

A loud crash from downstairs made you jolt straight up as your heart started racing at once.  You wanted to see what it was, but you were afraid, paralyzed in your place.  

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Warriors: Chapter One - Mitch Rapp

Author: @susybird

Relationship: Mitch Rapp x OFC/Astrid

Description: Angst, swearing, mentions of injuries and ptsd. Just background stuff. Astrid arrives at the Barn and meets Mitch for the first time. They soon find out Irene has big plans for both of them.

Word Count: 2956

Author’s Note: So this is just laying down some background, Astrid getting settled in etc. Next Chapter will be more exciting I promise. Also I pulled from both the book and movie so the details are a mix of the two.

Thank you to @were-cheetah-stiles for proofreading and for giving me so much help. You are amazing Cat.

As always feedback is welcome (please pretty please) and let me know if you want to be added to the tag list! Enjoy :)

Chapter Two

Chapter One

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Of course Astrid had heard of Mitch Rapp. Everyone in her line of work had heard of him, but mostly by his codename, Iron Man. He was the Poster Boy for the Orion Team; the only one able to stop the elusive Ghost. Even in the sandy hellhole, where Astrid and her team had been sitting for nine months, they’d heard the stories of Iron Man. But Astrid knew his real name; she knew that behind the codename, it was Mitch, and she had hoped that one day, she would get the chance to work with the legendary operative.

What Astrid didn’t expect was to meet him wearing nothing but a towel, standing in the middle of a steamy bathroom.

“Uh, hi.” Mitch had the decency to at least look slightly uncomfortable.

“Hi.” Astrid looked him up and down curiously. He was different than she would have thought, more boy next door than ruthless assassin. His dark brown hair was long, his chin and jaw covered in a couple of days worth of stubble. His physique was wiry, buff but in a lean way, the veins standing out on his forearms and hands. His eyes were dark and intense, his expression completely unreadable.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise there was anyone in here. Or staying in the house at all.” Mitch’s brow furrowed as he apologised, an indication that he didn’t like not knowing things.

“That’s okay. I only just got here,” Astrid responded, rubbing her feet together and clutching the towel closer.

Mitch’s eyes glanced over the healing cuts, bruises and burns that showed on what skin wasn’t being covered by her towel.

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Imagine accidentally scaring young Fili and Kili with the tale of Llorona

You: *Thorin’s significant other and your nephews are demanding a story* how about I tell you about Llorona?

Kili: What is a Llorona?

You: she is a spirit, she once was a beautiful woman, who unwittingly fell in love with a married man and had children with him. But the man did not return her love for he already has a wife, and in her rage she threw her two children in the river. As she watched them sink below the surface of the water she realized what she had done and begged them to come back to her, but they would not listen. And now she wanders the night weeping, and if she finds a child she takes them, and they are never seen of or heard from again.

*a week later during dinner*

Thorin: the boys have thankfully stopped sneaking out, so now I don’t have to nail their window shut. But my sister tells me they refuse to leave the house at night without an adult, babbling something about not wanting the crying lady, that you told them about, to take them away. What did you do?

You: fucked up apparently, I will go fix it after dinner.

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A/N: I felt mean writing this because originally I had the reader intentionally scaring them, so I changed it last minute.