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“Make that bird stop chirping, I’m trying to sleep.” Natan.

Like all her fellow homo sapiens, Natalie quite likes getting her full eight hours of recommended sleep (on weekdays, anyway, weekends are solely reserved for waking up at 3 PM and watching cat videos until night arrives again) and waking up fully rested so she can tackle her demon-filled day with a smile on her face.

(It pisses them off and Natalie lives for being low-key petty.)

Today, on March fifth, in the year of her roommate’s brother/cousin (add to her to-do list: figure out how Satan is related to Jesus on the family tree) 2017, however, Natalie does not wake up fully rested and smiling, oh no, she wakes up with death written out in the depths of her bottle-green eyes.  Whose death, one may ask? For once, it’s not Satan.  No, this time it’s the infernal little chirping shits perched outside her window.  At five in the mcfucking morning, if she’s reading her alarm clock right.

“Make that bird stop chirping, I’m trying to sleep,” she mumbles, and buries her head deeper into her fluffy, hypoallergenic pillows.  Beside her, Satan shifts and yanks her blanket closer to him.  “You go make ‘em shut up, kid, I’m not your servant.”

“It’s Sunday, Luce.  If those birds don’t shut up in the next five minutes, we’ll be at Church in five hours for Mass.” Natalie smiles victoriously when the Devil practically leaps over her prone body to get to the window.  Human - 75, Devil - 125.  She’ll catch up soon.

She hears a bird squawk and says, “If you kill any of those birds, we’ll be going for evening Mass as well.”

Satan mutters out curses and grumbles about annoying little girls with too much power in their hands, but appears to comply as she hears the flapping of wings and then sweet, blissful silence.   

“Thank you, Lucifer,” Natalie coos as he flops next to her.  He tries to steal her blanket again but she merely rolls closer to his body warmth and sighs deeply.  

Human - 76, Devil - 125.

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145, 141, 140, 125, 122, 119, 100, 73, 52, 45, 41, 14, 13. SORRY for so many I'm just curious :D :))

hahaha don’t be sorry my love, thank you for asking you’re adorable <3 

145. Tea or Coffee?

i drink both but definitely tea. I love my tea, I have a million different types and i make it with my million different types of honey and ahhhh it’s honestly the most calming thing in the world to make tea and then drink it 

141. Night or Day?

night. that’s when everyone is asleep and everything is quiet and it’s just me and my mind ready to be at peace away from the noise. 

140. Summer or Winter?

Winter <3 I love curling up in blankets with my cat and hot chocolate while you can smell the rain outside and see it through the window. ahhh my fave 

125. Do you believe in true love?

absolutely. I don’t think we are limited to one love but i do believe you can love someone so much that there is no other way to describe it other than it to be true <3 

122. Is cheating ever okay?

hurting another and disregarding their feelings is never okay. So no, but I do believe you can understand why people do things and just because you do a bad thing doesn’t mean your a bad person…if that makes sense? so cheating is not okay but judging someone for their mistake? isn’t okay either 

119. Favourite book?

THIS IS HARD okay um Wuthering Heights, the sky is everywhere, to the lighthouse. are some of my faves

100. How are you feeling?

I’m pretty good. I kind of fainted yesterday (yikes) so i have spent most of today in bed resting but i feel a little better…i’m actually getting hungry so i might go eat something in a minute. How are you angel? 

73. Do you sleep with stuffed animals?

I have stuffed animals but i don’t sleep with them. I have them sitting on my shelf like royalty haha. I have a little pillow with my cats face i sleep with when i can’t sleep with the real thing. and I have a unicorn shaped wheat bag i sleep with so…kinda? 

52. One thing you wish you could change about yourself?

my awkwardness and anxiety. I wish I was chiller 

45. What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

my dreams of wanting to make the world a safer place to be apart of and my love for my sister my cat and you guys. <3 

41. Do you believe everyone deserves a second chance?

100% we all deserve a second chance and a third and a fourth. because we all make mistakes and that is how we learn to grow and develop into the beautiful people we are <3 but sometimes when you get up to 50 chances with someone you need to stop…because you have to give yourself a chance too my love. 

14. Do you believe in luck and miracles?

I sure do. I believe there are just things that seem to work out too perfectly and i don’t believe in coincidences. 

13. Do you like it when people play with your hair?

it depends on the person. If you’re someone i love and trust then yessss I love it when you play with my hair. but if your someone i don’t know or aren’t very close with then i will probably tense up haha 

Ask me one of these <3 


People Looking At Art–a selection of live drawings from a larger series by inklines (Michael Arthur) drawn on location at moma, The Whitney Biennial, The Armory Show and The Guggenheim Museum during the month of March. The complete set of drawings have been on rotating display in The Window at 125 at The Roger Smith Hotel this month.


From making the work during my three week live painting residency at the Roger Smith Hotel’s Window at 125 in Midtown to showing the work at Ivy Brown Gallery in the Meatpacking District, my “Inside the Artist Studio / Point of Departure” exhibition my was an extremely rewarding experience.

Thanks again to everyone who helped make it such a success!


Yesterday I weighed in at 164.2 lbs. 

619 days ago I weighed in at 300 lbs. 

In 1 year, 8 months and 11 days I have shed 135.8 lbs from my body. 

At my meeting I didn’t realize I had reached goal until my leader walked in, looking at me. The room got quiet and as she continued to stare, and asked, “Do you realize what you’ve done today? You’ve done it.” After our meeting she handed me a “Welcome to Maintenance” booklet, which I’ve finished reading through this morning. It’s taken me a few days to decide how/when to post this, so I’m doing it now before I lose the hype to do it. 

Back in July my doctor and I agreed at 165 lbs as a healthy weight for my age/body type. Weight Watchers recommends a window of 125 - 155. My doctors note allowed me to chose a higher number to maintain. My leader told me that it was my decision to stay here/lose/gain. Whichever I was comfortable with. She told me with a little smile, “Today start’s the very first day of the hard part.” 


165 is only a number. 

Now I feel is my time to switch my focus. Reaching a “ultimate goal weight” somehow felt lifting. My shoulders feel lighter, because of this strange title. Like I’m more capable of accomplishing everything else because I’ve reached this point. These two years have taught me so much more than I ever imagined. About how I think, about how change effects me. That my peace of mind really does come from within, and not a number on the scale. I knew this journey was going to be difficult but I didn’t understand just how staggering this difficulty was.

I’ve been ingrained to believe a number on a scale means so much more than it does. Now begins to journey to unlearn that. Practice and preach appreciation for who I am, for what I’ve accomplished and never, ever correlate my worth with the scale. 

Now begins the hard part.

And goddamn I’m going to do it.


This is a video about me, made by the folks at The Roger Smith Hotel in Manhattan during my recent show of drawings of People Looking At Art. It includes footage of me at work at joespub (where I’m the Archival Artist), drawing a Benji Hughes show (and some incidental music by Benji as well).

It’s strange to see a day or two of footage edited down to three minutes– and some of the things I say here are a little out of context, but It looks great and I’m grateful to everyone involved …