Laundry Day

My washing machine broke around the same time I moved and  I don’t have the money to get it fixed or buy a new one. So, I’m having to make weekly trips to the laundromat to wash clothes and then bring the wet clothes home and spend the rest of the day drying them.

There was only one other person there the last time I went. I wasn’t wearing my hearing (cochlear implant) so I was totally deaf. The man that was there was putting his clothes in the dryer as I was putting mine in the washers. I smiled and nodded in acknowledgement of his presence but I never attempted to speak to him. 

Our clothes finished about the same time and instead of putting mine in the dryer, I loaded the wet clothes in my truck. I see the man standing and looking at me and when I looked back he very clearly said, “You have a dryer?” I am pretty good at lip reading, but most of the time I have to let people know I am deaf and just reading their lips before they speak clearly enough for me to understand. Some people are just impossible to understand at all. Anyway, I replied that I did and that my washer was broken. He goes to the door and holds it open for me and when I look at him again, he asks if I need any help. I tell him I’ve got it and thank him for offering. Then when he starts to get in his car, I can see him looking at me again and when I look up, he says, “Have a good day.”

I’m thinking this guy must have been trying to talk to me and I hadn’t responded in any way and he must have realized that I’m deaf. But what’s so…nice, I guess, is that he didn’t ask if I was deaf or if I could lipread. That’s never happened. It was nice to be treated like a regular person. I just wonder what all he tried before he came to the realization that I couldn’t hear a damn thing.