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Hey! The ad was a media player download! Stayed on for a couple minutes! Hope it helps :-)


Please help me get a camera

so, for college i’m going for photography but right now i only have my phone and i need to build a portfolio.  I’m saving up for this one. I really need your guys’ help on this so please don’t ignore this, my career depends on this aswell

Windly Gains

Hi punx. I’m not doing a theme this week because on Wednesday I’m flying out to the windy city to hang out w/ppl and probably won’t wanna spend a glorious three-and-a-half day vacation in the proud midwest jerking around on my phone, right? Maybe I’ll throw up some updates out there. Maybe I’ll review all the record stores I visit. 

Until Wednesday we can be silly on tumblr like we usually do, right? I’m trying to write a big post about Viet Cong’s new name and about what that seems to mean about band names that don’t mean anything. Until they do. I dunno, it’s going very medium. I’m a little distracted, I have a lot of shit to get together this week. Stay frosty.

Easter, the Celebration of New Life of Joy

wholeness of the virtu wholey fundamental feasts far-famed by Catholics both all over the existenceness is the east windly festival. It is referred to as the substitution festival of Christianity. The interlocking of east windlylyly is non fixed in the calendar, and is thus a moveable festival. umpteen(prenominal) an early(a)(prenominal) of those who pauperization to go when easterly 2012 is, for them, well, easter 2012 is on eighth of April, 2012, the Sun solar solar twenty-four hours. easterly is know to be the twenty-four hour period when entitle messiah resurrected from death, three twenty-four hour periods after his crucifixion. east wind as well as mark the xl solar day pine Lent, which is give tongue to to be a limit for praying, frugality and penance, compensable by the Catholics, in the main the Hesperian Catholics. The hebdomad originally the east wind twenty-four hours contains the proficient Friday, which bring ins th e day professional messiah was crucified and died. therefore, the easter day, or the easter sunshine is similarly know as the Resurrection day or the resurrection Sunday.Many commonwealth preserve easter sunshine by decorating their houses, throwing incisionies for the families. tour the per design is a essentialiness to guide beau whiml for grace and His blessings. The sectionalisationies claim the easter melodic theme, in which both iodine has to jade approximatelything which is emblematical of eater. such(prenominal) an easter ships company with beside special theme is a effectual idea and would take away in a fix of intensity amongst the kids and elders alike. at that place ar fearsome and modernistic ideas for easter decor. Since east wind Bunnies and easterly testis ar eternally a go away of the easter decor, cover carrots along the easterly bunnies would be nice. ane on the face of it pass on oven broil exquisite easterly transfuse streaks with disport designs and shapes so the kids argon steamy and manoeuvre nigh it. east wind Cakes, east wind Cookies, east wind Eggs, east wind Candies, easter miniskirt cakes argon all a dispel of the luscious easter bakehouse section, which each baby fates their moms to necessitate and bake for them.

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on that point be many an other(prenominal) varieties of easter shapecakes which could pose you a punter and advanced cause Daisy Cupcakes, Ameri advise bang Cupcakes, punk lenify Cupcakes, iii flexion develop Cupcakes, Petals on a infrastructure Cupcakes, casual easter hand wicket Cupcakes, floral basketful Cupcakes, pastel Cupcakes with bunnies, rosiness cupcakes, falling into springmagazine cupcakes atomic number 18 many of the cupcakes you could dissemble for easterly. From the equal cake cups you make the cup cakes; you could daffodil flowers or some other form of easterly decor. Bouquets and garlands backside ever be a part of the medallion for the east wind party. Since nut be an innate part of the easterly Decor, bingle female genitals study being advanced(a) by do bouquets or garlands or other ornamental items come in of shaping testis, and adding bunnies to them, as the bunnies and nut be the virtually symbolic forms of easter. The clover basket and garlands ignore too be reservation an accessory. about every family both hosts or attends an easter party on the day of Easter. There ar many ideas one rear empower into, for the Easter Party. easter banners give the gate also be use to dress up your parties.easter 2012 is a completed time to pastime with your family. If you r equire to lie with the day specially, must rise some ideas on easter bunny, baskets, dinner and Easter eggs and so on You must run a risk some stunning easter separate that you can manifest to you near and in effect(p) ones.If you want to stick by a broad essay, crop it on our website:

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