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How is Second Life ?

I like it. it’s fun and has a diff dynamic from ts3 where I can appreciate both games individually. if it was too similar I probably wouldn’t be that into it because I’m perfectly fine with sims by itself.

I think my fav things about sl if I had to choose I guess would be the clothing/hair options of course and windlight.. OMG.. that feature is amazing. also it’s pretty cool that you’re able to interact/socialize with anyone at any given moment.

my least favorite would have to be the lack of actual gameplay and how stiff avatars tend to be.. but like I said I have ts3 for that so I’m not tripping at all. they could also use a rotate option with their camera viewer but eh.. not that much of a big deal if you know how to maneuver your pictures and editing.. which I’ve noticed a lot of sl users are highly skilled at.