About the Cole Sprouse thing

I don’t feel betrayed more than I feel angered. Sure, he deleted his tumblr. That’s not what makes me mad. It was his choice what to do with his life, and it was his decision to be this way. I don’t know the full details about the story, completely, so I apologize.

It was the fact that we were all lied to. Lying, in some cases, is even worse than betrayal. Because who the hell knows what else he, or someone like him, is lying to us about? I know he isn’t the only celeb on tumblr. I didn’t care that he was a celeb. I just saw him as a childhood favorite who I could try and connect with via the internet, and it was a fun pastime, chatting about it. Good memories, you know?

He was right. We aren’t like him. None of us are like eachother. The fact that he was, in this case, so cocky and arrogant about all of this, and his standing, is what makes me really upset. I don’t even care about the rest. The lying, and the fact he thinks he’s so high and mighty about it. I think that may be what a lot of us are looking down upon, dear Tumblr family. When he referenced himself as being different from us, just because of something like that, it was something that made my blood boil even before this happened.

Sure. He was different. As I stated, before, we are all different. None of us are the same. But if he hadn’t been that celeb we all knew, and thought we could have a fun time with, would his plan have worked?

No. He would just be some student, sitting alone at his computer. Possibly on Tumblr as we were speaking about the next big thing to happen here. Maybe, also, this was coming for all of us. We all knew someone would try and pull a dick move via Tumblr because it’s tumblr.

Usually, Tumblr is a family. Those who follow others talk to them, or sometimes we just follow to follow. When he said, “Don’t blindly follow people” I couldn’t tell if he was speaking of this site, or of life. Maybe both. For Tumblr, fuck, I’ll follow whoever I want to, dammit. For life, I have to agree with him, but the way he pulled all of this off was seemingly insensitive to fans, friends, and those who had spoken to him.

Good move, Cole Sprouse. You could have just said, “Hey, guys, don’t let me get to you. Not a good idea.” And in some ways, yes, he did say exactly that. But then he just started being douchey. Tumblr. Don’t be a Cole Sprouse. Don’t be a douche.

But you know what? I’ll live. We all will. I think for now, it just rattles people how one person could actually think they could lie to a whole community and feel good about it. For now, those who are posting, “STOP WITH THE COLE”, and “MOVE ON!!!!11!” They will. But when you are lied to your face, and the truth becomes clear after you have fallen for it dead on, some will be upset.

Let them be upset. Let us all be upset, if we feel the need be. It will pass, just like everything else in this world. Just, listen to me, Tumblr.

Don’t be a Cole. We like you here. <3