GUYS so my friend is making us watch her play this game called ‘Until Dawn’ and it’s where you have to guess which one of the friends is the killer, AND with a few clues from the game (dark caves, woods, a weird POV from a seemingly non-human eye sight), and the help of SUPERNATURAL my sister and I totally (and jokingly) went off track saying it was a Windigo, completely joking around because we’re spn nerds BUT IT TURNS OUT WE WERE RIGHT THERE WAS LITERALLY A FUCKING WINDIGO IN THE GAME


Your eyes fluttered open, you were lying near the wall that Claire had used to climb out of the mines. Light streamed in from the hole in the roof of the cave–it bathed you in a warm light–it took a moment for you to let your eyes adjust to the sudden light, the rest of the mines were pitch black compared to the area of sunlight where you stood. 

You picked yourself up off the ground, your head started to pound from the sudden movement–from any movement really. You placed a hand to your head, your hair was sticky–matted down by your blood–and it stung when you touched it, and though you couldn’t see the gash you knew you’d need stitches. You were lucky you hadn’t bled out. 

You contemplated your choices, you weren’t sure what to do next; should you risk going through the mines? You couldn’t exactly the way you came in and that would prove to be a problem, besides you vaguely remembered that wendigo’s didn’t like sunlight and you knew they’d be seeking shelter from the sun down in the mines and you didn’t want to risk running into one of them alone. 

You could try and climb out the way Sam did, but you weren’t sure if your body was capable of going through that considering the lack of blood–your stomach growled–and the lack of food. 

“I have to get out of here quick” You thought as you noticed the strangers body not far from you. You knew what the mountain was capable of, you knew of the curse–just look what it had forced Hannah to do. You looked up towards the sky the rock wall looked terrifying from where you stood, but if you wanted to get out quickly that would be your only choice. 

You let out a sigh and raised your hand up trying to reach for a rock that jutted out a few inches above you. It was terrible, your body ached from being tossed around by Hannah, and if you had been weak before the blood loss then you were worse off now. Eventually you were able to pull yourself up, and you were half way to the top when you started to feel dizzy. 

You placed your head against the cool rock trying to steady yourself, and took several deep breaths. You continued your climb and by the time you reached the top you were out of breath and your body ached even more than it did when you started. You laid out on the snow for a few moments; trying to get a hold of yourself, you stood up on shaky legs. 

You shivered and finally regretted making your choice to make last nights trip in just a light jacket. You pulled the thin jacket closer to your body and started walking in the direction where you assumed the cabin was. Rustling in the trees ahead of you startled you. After a moment a dog ran out from between the bushes and tackled you to the ground. He didn’t hit you hard, but you had trouble keeping your own against the hound due to the lack of energy. 

“He found something!” You heard a voice shout before several people appeared from the spot the dog had just leapt out of. Their jackets labeled them as officers. “(y/n), (y/n) (y/l/n)?” One asked. You nodded as he pulled the dog away from you. “Where’s Josh?” You asked weakly. “Is he okay?” You asked with the little energy you had. “Let’s get you somewhere warm and I’ll answer your questions, I promise.” A female officer said as she removed her jacket and wrapped it around your shoulders. 

You were too weak to argue, you must’ve passed out because when you awoke again you were in a hospital bed, your head bandaged up. “(y/n)?” You looked around trying to focus on your surroundings. “Josh?” You asked as your eyes landed on him. 

You saw him smile, and as cheesy as it was you felt better seeing him. “I’m so sorry.” He said as he walked closer to you, as he did little details started popping out. The biggest one being his hospital attire. “Josh, what happened to you? Did you get hurt?” You asked.

“No. I’m sick (y/n), they have a psych ward here but they said it’d be fine for me to come and visit you.” He said placing one hand over yours. “I thought they had the mandatory forty-eight hour watching period?” You asked confused. His eyes widened. “You’ve been out for four days (y/n), you’re lucky there was nothing wrong with your breathing or the doctors would’ve shoved a tube down your throat.” He said, his eyes never left yours. 

“Is everyone else okay?” You asked concerned. “Yeah.” He nodded. “Mike visits you everyday at seven, says he’s your step-brother so the nurses have to let him in. If the cops hadn’t shown up after we blew up the cabin Mike and I would have gone to look for you.” He said as he pulled up a chair next to your bed. 

“The cabin blew up?!” You asked shocked. He shrugged. “Yeah, but that doesn’t matter, not really anyways. I mean my dad’s pissed, but it’s not like I can tell him the truth. Not without sounding crazier than I already am.” Josh said as he hung his head. “Hey,” You said gently as you picked up his head so that the two of you made eye contact again. “You’re gonna get better okay? Remember no matter what happens I’m on your side. I still love you.” You said as you leaned forward and placed your lips on his. 

“Ahem.” The two of you broke apart as Mike walked in with flowers. “I’m glad you’re feeling better but can the two of you not do that in front of me, it makes me feel awkward.” He said as he switched out the old flowers on the side table for the new ones he just brought. He handed you a teddy bear. “That’s from Jess. So, how are you feeling? You scared us.” He said. as he sat on the bed next to you. Josh’s hand was on yours, and it felt nice–reassuring. “Well I’m feeling better, but until the doctor tells me anything I’m just as clueless as the two of you.” You said intertwining your fingers with Josh’s. 

“So are the two of you together now?” Mike asked looking at your hands. You looked at Josh unsure, did he want you. “Yes.” He said firmly, it brought a smile to your lips. “Miss. (y/l/n), glad to see you awake, boys, do you mind giving us a moment alone, I need to run a few tests.” The doctor said as he ushered the boys out of the room. “I still love you too.” Josh whispered as he placed a kiss on your cheek before leaving. 

“You’re a very lucky girl Miss. (y/l/n), you have a lot of people who care about you.”

Did you guys really think I was that mean?! I mean I know I’m evil, but I’m not that evil! Seriously I mean I promised you guys a happy ending! Anyways, tell me what you think about the ending! 


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Warning: This chapter shows Josh’s mental break down as well as a dead body and cursing, but hey if a dead body and a break down don’t bother you I doubt the cursing will.

You, Sam and Mike stopped in front of the underground lake, you let out a sigh knowing what was going to have to happen next. So far you’d been chased by several wendigos, watched some others trapped behind bars, and escaped an explosion, and now you were about to enter a body of freezing water and risk, not only being pulled under by something, but getting hypothermia to get to Josh. 

“Well come on, it’s not like it’s getting any warmer.” you said before you slid down into the ice cold water. “aha.” you let out a small hiss as you adjusted to the sudden drop in temperature. “How the water (y/n).” Mike teased. “Just get your ass in here before I pull you in.” You said glaring up at him and Sam. 

He chuckled and slipped into the water after you. It was shallow–thankfully–and it wasn’t that far across but that didn’t make the experience any more enjoyable. When you got to the other side you quickly climbed out, hoping that being out of the water would make you warmer–wrong…dead wrong, the second you climbed out you wanted nothing more than to jump back in. The cold air bit at you through the wet clothes. 

‘keep going, you need to get to Josh.’ you thought to yourself as you forced yourself to keep walking. “So, how do you think he’s doing?” Sam asked from behind you. “I don’t know, I haven’t seen him since he drugged me.” You said trying to avoid thinking about him being anything other than fine. 

“I don’t know (y/n), he seemed pretty far gone when I left him in the shed.” Mike said not at all helping. You took several deep breaths trying to calm yourself, you didn’t want to imagine Josh going through one of his breakdowns on his own.  “(y/n)?” Sam asked wondering if you’d heard. “Yeah.” you said, your tone made it clear that you didn’t want to talk about it and she stayed silent. 

It was creepy in the mines, the silence put you on edge. Your footsteps were a constant echo and the sound of Mike and Sam talking to one another eased the situation a bit, but every now and then you’d hear a wendigo screech and it raised the hairs on the back of your neck. 

It wasn’t long before you found yourself slipping into another freezing cold body of water. You didn’t even bother complaining this time. The water went higher than the previous pool had, you found yourself submerged to your chest and you felt the cold sting at your exposed skin. ‘should’ve brought a jacket.’ you thought as you waddled through the water. Behind you you heard Sam and Mike hissing and complaining about it, normally you would’ve laughed and teased them about it, but at the moment you found it was easier to block everything out–it made swimming through the freezing lake simpler. As you reached the end of the pool it became more shallow making it easier for you to pull yourself out. 

You grabbed a hold of Sam’s arm and helped her out of the water. “Thanks.” She said. “No problem.” Ahead of you stood a massive metal door, before you could get to it Sam grabbed a hold of the handles and gave a hard tug. 

The doors flew open, water flooded out of the room and out floated a head on the current, it’s body was missing and you shouted. “Son of a bitch!” The head–or rather remnants of–landed at your feet and out of instinct you kicked it away. “Kick ball anyone?” you asked darkly. “That’s not funny, (y/n).” Mike said you rolled your eyes and walked passed him and Sam into the room the head had just come out of. “Oh relax, it’s a joke, don’t loose your head over it.” You said with a smirk as you passed him. He rolled his eyes but didn’t bother scolding you. 

“Well, looks like we found his other half.” You said as you noticed the body hanging from the ceiling. “Oh god, I’m gonna be sick.” Mike said turning around and fighting the urge to vomit. “No, no, no.” Sam repeated. You were grateful that you’d chosen to shut down when you did–it made viewing this easier–you didn’t react as much as your partners did. 

“Wait, wait I think I see something.” Mike said as he stared out between the wooden planks. “Josh?” He asked aloud. Your head snapped in his direction and you peeked between the panels. 

Josh was standing quiet a bit of ways away you felt a weight come off your shoulders–he was fine, relatively speaking. “Come on.” Mike said as he pushed past the wooden door, you wasted no time in following him. Mike stuck his arm out in front of you, trying to see what was happening with Josh before you got involved. 

“Josh? Buddy?”

“I don’t take orders from you! No! You can’t tell me what to do! Okay…okay…I trust you, I trust you.” It almost broke you seeing how far gone he was, you tried reaching past Mike to get to Josh but Sam caught your arm–she knew what you were trying to do.

“Josh!” Mike shouted as he slapped Josh. “What the fuck dude?” You shouted as you shoved Mike away from Josh. “What?” Mike asked taken aback by your sudden assault. “You don’t slap someone who’s going though a hallucination.” You scolded. “We needed to bring him out of it.” He said. 

“Yeah well there’s better ways, you should’ve let me handle it.” You said before you turned around to face Josh. “(y/n)?” He asked. “Yeah, yeah, it’s me.” You gently placed a hand on his cheek. “Josh are you okay? Are you hearing any voices other than mine?” You asked, you felt relieved when he shook his head. “No, no they’re gone.”

“Okay, okay that’s good, we’re gonna get you out of here alright?” You said, you smiled for what felt like the first time in a long time. “D-don’t hit me, please.” He said his voice trembling. 

“Don’t worry, don’t worry baby, he’s not going to hit you. I won’t let him hurt you.” You said as you gently wrapped your arms around him. You tried to control yourself, to keep yourself from holding him in a death grip. He didn’t. His arms were wrapped around you in what could only be described as a vice grip. 

“You’re okay.” He said as he focused on controlling his breathing. “We should get out of here.” Mike said as the two of you broke apart. “Josh, baby do you have the key to the cable car?” You asked. He nodded and pulled the silver key out from one of his pockets. You handed it to Sam, who quickly pocketed it. “Alright come on, let’s get out of here.” You said grabbing a hold of Josh’s hand. 

Everytime I hear this song I think of Jared and Jensen. It’s my headcanon that Jensen was smitten with Jared from the beginning. I can see them hanging out & drinking. I can see Jared giving Jensen a goofy grin over his shoulder( just like in the song.) I can see Jensen realizing that he loves Jared and not saying anything but maybe carrying that crush and secretly trying to woo him. (Like with the picnic by the water during the filming of windigo) then later talking about taking the kids to school and bringing him coffee in bed. I just see this as being Jensen’s love song to Jared. I wish I knew someone that could make videos cause this would be the perfect song. *dreamy sigh*

RWBY Volume 4 finale

     Okay guys! Lets see what the finale has brought us!

-Skeletor the windigo horseman was taken down my the new team


-New awesome music

-Remains of team Juniper are all live

-Ren and Nora are alive

-Yang’s going to Mistral



-Mystery person talking to the headmaster of Mistral next to a tea set

-Oscar is going to Mistral

-I smell a team RWBY reunion

-Weiss is now a stowaway 

-Cinder now has anxiety about killing Ruby


-ReNora holding hand moment

-Ruby’s gnarly monologue 

-Oscar wants his cane back

-Blake vs White Fang 2017

-Amazing credit music

-TaiYang getting sad/nostalgic over STRQ

-Mistral may or may not be the Earth Kingdom from ATLA