The summer was drawing to a close, and there was a different sort of feeling in the air. Algy had heard that many people visited fun fairs at this time of year, for a final fling before the holidays ended and they had to return to work or school. It was almost impossible to find a fun fair in the West Highlands, but fortunately Nature stepped in where humans had failed to provide. So Algy had to fly no futher than the nearest birch tree to enjoy a ride as exciting as any in the fairground, although he was sorry that there were no toffee apples to eat afterwards…

Have a fun weekend, everyone, and if your holidays are coming to an end, enjoy those last few days! xoxo

Yea, I was bored…

Probably it`s AU there Fourth Doctor don`t died in Logopolis and travell with Tegan, Adric and somebody else. Romana return to N-Space after she help to all Tharils. They meet again accidentally in windy beautiful place (like Saint Petersburg) and travelled together again and was happy.  

Out of Place

It could be worse.  You could be trying to toboggan in your pajamas at the beach on a windy day in August.

August 27, 2015


8/28/15 Daily report:

  • Got introduced painfully to my QL muscle in my back by the massage therapist.
  • Got adjustment done at the Chiro right after the massage. My back is still a little stiff, but I think it’s in place and will hopefully feel better tomorrow.
  • Fell on my ass on the concrete this afternoon. Thank goodness for built-in padding. If I had to fall, my ass is about the best part of me to fall on.
  • Seriously not worried about this hurricane , errr … tropical storm, ummm … soon-to-be tropical depression (Erika) that seems to have all the local news people in a tizzy. Like, what the actual fuck? Chill out. It’s gonna rain a lot and be windy. The power might go out. Streets will probably flood. Welcome to Florida. What else is new?

whutthefuckbruh asked:

Hello. I was wondering if you had any tips or anything to help someone who is looking to begin deduction?

Deduction is a broad, and if you don’t know where to start, a complicated science. At the most basic level, to deduce is to see a result and work backwards to the elements which created that result. The dog is missing; that is the result. The dog has a liking for hotdogs, broke out of the house on a windy day, and the winds swept right over the carnival before making its way to the dogs original position; those are the elements. This is important to understand; however, the most important thing as a beginner is too surround yourself in a community of deductionists. Someone has a problem, they post that problem in a community, then someone else shares tips and personal experiences with that issue and how to solve it. This is why community is of the utmost importance. Also study the experts and break down how they do what they do. Sherlock Holmes may be able to make extremely complex measurements on your personal life, but he does it through very simple procedures that he has adapted over the course of his life. Simply speaking, he has expert knowledge in the evolution of habits and cognitive psychology (with some chemistry in there too). Having expert knowledge means that you see the world through the perception of the lens procured by the data stored in your mind. An architect and someone who does parkour (a traceur) both look at a house. The architect looks through a lens of parts and how those parts go together, the traceur looks at the house through a lens of how to climb that house as quickly as possible in as many ways as possible. Both are experts on that house, just through different perceptions. Sherlock’s lens are primed with the scientific method. As psychologist Maria Konnikova explains in her book “Mastermind”, Sherlock Holmes thinks through the scientific method. That method is specifically in the order: Understand the question (remember that changing how you ask the question changes the results); Observe the facts (you must be selective, objective, inclusive, and engaged to make sure you take in all of the important data and nothing else); Imagine the possibilities based on those facts (imagination is making your hypothesis, you can have as many as you like but they all have to match up with all of the facts); and finally Deduce (this is where you navigate through all of your possibilities which one is most likely and connect the dots accordingly. I personally prefer to think of the hypothesis stage as a bunch of bubbles representing different events and facts, and I imagine the deduction stage as connecting the correct bubbles together to create the story of what happened). I highly recommend the book “Mastermind” to new or old deductionists. It’s a good basis for thinking and is a good refresher to keep you within the correct mindset. Other than that you’ll have to learn through community and experience. And remember, when in doubt, ask the person you’re deducing if you’re correct, makes life so much easier later on. - M.C.