Guest Mix: Windian Records

During 2011, Windian Records came out with a whole slew of great records, including White Faces’ self -titled LP, a Penetrators reissue, and Mondo Ray’s Hypnotized. They also took some time out to make us a guest mix that’s fueled by some punk fury, overlooked gems from Milwaukee and some disgustingly good guitar riffs. Download it here, and check out our other mixes here.

Trouble - Static Eyes
Milwaukee. Straight forward attack, harsh bashings, recipe for killer.

In the Summer - Hipshakes
This band rules, they have for a long time. If you don’t shake hysterically listening to this, place two fingers on your wrist, check for pulse…

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The Penetrators - Gotta Have Her •

I’ve been spinning this reissue of The Pentrators’ debut out now on Windian Records since it landed in my hands late last week. This single, originally released back in ‘76, might be the grooviest thing in my collection now, but not out of place and in good company with a lot of newer releases holding the same vigor and rowdiness.

“Gotta Have Her” is the hip shaker of the single; a cut you’d better get up on your feet for. This is a killer song with the wild, rule-breaking-rock dreams are made of. It’s like the tame mid-century rock and roll combined with the backwards, seedy punk rock of the late 70s. Short but killer sound.

Flipping this baby over and hearing “Baby, Dontcha Tell Me” seals the deal: I want to go back in time and thrash around a live set from The Penetrators.

Cop this reissue here through Windian Records now.


Our condolences to Travis Jackson’s wife, son, family and friends on such an utterly fucking terrible loss.

We first encountered the gonzoid intentions of Windian Records via their essential 2012 BIZARROS compilation, like, who’s enthusiastically unreasonable enough to put that together?  But Travis Jackson was, and although we never met him, it’s clear he possessed a lovingly outsized rocknroll heart.  Some people care a lot about that and for some, it means the world. 

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Review: The Penetrators - Gotta Have Her 7''

By Mariana Timony

Windian Records has reissued Syracuse, NY’s the Penetrators’ debut single, and it’s a cracker. The heat generated by this baby could only have been made by dudes hailing from a place that’s covered in snow seven months out of the year. Maybe being marooned in upstate New York also accounts for the Penetrators’ throwbacky quality, which is significant for a 1976 recording and even more significant for a 1979 release, like Gotta Have Her originally was. A-side “Gotta Have Her” is a Teenage Shutdown frat rock tune turned up a few decibels. Poppy B-side “Baby, Donchta Tell Me” is a little more modern, but still has that potent mix of innocence, boredom, and audacity that turns kids into punks for life. Windian have reproduced the single down to the last detail, including sleeve and label. You’d be dumb to miss out on this one. Buy it here.


Chinese Burns - Calculator 7" (Windian Records)

Avec ce post, la boucle sera bouclée pour les Chinese Burns. Cette 3ème et dernière sortie en date de la formation venue de Melbourne tient les promesses engagée par leur single Kiss Fist.

Sous des rythmiques certes épileptiques aussi simples et efficaces que celles des Gories, les mecs de Chinese Burns assènent d'incisifs coups de médiators. Mais ne vous inquiétez pas, nul n'entendra vos cris au milieu du bush australien. Au loin on ne percevra que les hurlements nerveux du chanteur des chinese.

Chinese Burns - Calculator 7" (Windian Records)

Jackson Coquille

Steal Your Prayers
  • Steal Your Prayers
  • Chinese Burns
  • Calculator EP

Chinese Burns - Steal Your Prayers 

Been waiting for the opportune moment to share this one with y'all and Monday morning seemed appropriate. This EP from Melbourne’s Chinese Burns punches you in the gut and leaves you curled up on the floor with some major tinnitus. It’s a killer one, maybe enough to get you through that Monday stupor. 

I’m late to the game with this EP which was released on Windian Records last year, but oh does it rip. "Steal Your Prayers" is a fun one, a stop and go jam I’d love to hear played live. And “Calculator’s” part spazzy cut, part punk anthem sits just right. Definitely want to hear more from this Aussi band.

Grab the 7" EP here.

Track: The Penetrators - Teenage Lifestyle

By Joseph Rodriguez

If you’re looking to get schooled on classic punk, look no further than Windian Records (check out their guest mix). They have unearthed some forgotten jams from the likes of The Penetrators, Crushed Butler and Testors. “Teenage Lifestyle”, the 2nd Penetrators 7’’ to be reissued by Windian, was originally released in 1979, but it’s sound could easily fool anyone into believing it was recorded just yesterday.


“Teenage Lifestyle” will be out March 20th. Check out what else is coming soon from Windian here.

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CHINESE BURNS - “Calculator”

Track: The Barreracudas - 7th Time Around

By Paul Blawat

Ah Windian Records, you and your delectable Subscription Series Box Set. I have no money to pay for you. Wait a sec, what’s that over yonder. A stone. A stone with blood in it!* I guess I will be purchasing this little box of big rock. Especially now that I’ve heard The Barreracudas’ A-side contribution to the Series. “7th Time Around” is primo power pop “n” roll. One hot must have.

*Nudge, nudge. Wink, wink.