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Springjack Pasture

Still working on the cards but life has been rough lately! However, I am keeping up as best as I can. Working on Divine Justice as we speak but gotta wait for it to dry since I’ve got the base coat on it.

I’m quite happy how it turned out but the picture was sort of zoomed, out… Sorry :P

If you have any questions, feel free just to ask! 

I give you Amth Etvala

She’s a fantroll as you have guessed

More or less based off of the troll I attempted to create from a generator

She aspires to be a doctor of sorts but spends more time killing trolls to dissecting them for information before giving them to her lucus.
She loves blood and sharp objects.  Often getting cut or hurting herself due to her partial blindness.
Scar on her eye is from her trying to take out her eye to put in someone else’s in. It failed though, causing blindness in that eye
She’s sarcastic and gets frustrated easily . Don’t know much more about her personality yet

She’ll be writing with doouble o’s and all lEttERs found in thE woRD RED will bE capitalizED. May incooRpooRatE mEDical puns oor daRkER humooR too hER pERsoonality but wE’ll sEE

Still figuring out her symbol (hardest part for me)
And I think I’m going to draw her younger looking