windchiming replied to your post “i am so, SO disappointed that i cant find any consensual loki gangbang fic. like, that would be THE IDEAL scenario for loki. all these people focussing solely on him and paying loads of attention to him? he’d be in heaven.”

Aaaaaactually, I found this fic before. /twiddles thumbs quietly. Though I would love to see your take on this kind of fic, Lise. :3 coyandsundryad .tumblr .com/ post/29037769734/thorki-pwp-nws

hmmm I am pleased. but now I need more this was so short /cries

EE: if i’d known you were curious, i would’ve dug out the albums! john’s baby pictures are organized into several large volumes, which i store at an undisclosed location. he doesn’t seem to like it much when i take them out to show guests, but i’m sure he’s just embarrassed about what a well-behaved sweet potato he was as a baby.

EE: as it is, let’s see if i can pick out a good one from the collection i keep in my wallet…

EE: ah! this one is one of my favorites!

EE: the little scamp wobbled a bit out of frame at the last moment, but as you can see, he just loved playing with my hats.

EE: we really liked to play peekaboo, too. i’d put a hat on him and it’d flop right down, and it was lights out! where was daddy?

EE: and i would whip the hat off, and every time he just laughed and laughed, fit to burst!

EE: if i left the hat on too long, he’d flop over and go to sleep, just like a parakeet.

EE: i wonder if that still works…? 

EB: dad, please! oh my god! they do not need to see this! no! not the wallet pictures!

EE: john, your friends asked to see some baby pictures, how could i refuse? i was just telling them how we played peekaboo with my hats

EB: daaaaaaaad!! XO

EB: no more stories! just– no! 

GG: don’t worry john, i’ll go next!

GG: but, um, sorry, i don’t really have many baby pictures or stories or whatever. :(

GG: bec is pretty much the smartest dog, but i guess he didn’t really think to take any pictures? and grandpa was never really into photography….

GG: usually if he wanted to remember something, he’d stuff it and mount it on the wall……..

GG: i don’t remember much from being a baby, but i do remember that i spent most of my time with bec!!

GG: we’d explore all over the island together! which, in retrospect, was probably a reeeeeally dangerous thing to let a baby do, but i know i was always safest when i was with bec.

GG: hehe, he probably let me crawl around so much on purpose, so i’d go to sleep faster!

GG: maybe it’s dumb, since i can’t really remember it, but i think i was a happy baby!! 

BB: okay prepare yourselves for a baby blitzkrieg alright

BB: let me tell you baby dave wasnt some egbertian stroll through the park oh no this infant was the iron man competition in the middle of the carpathian mountains during a typhoon

BB: he had a personal vendetta against furniture and was determined to smash it into splinters using only the softest parts of his stupid fucking skull

BB: any consumption of food was preceded by a mandatory redecorating of the apartment in a fine layer of mashed veggie particulate matter

BB: even at a young age he showed massive talent for being a massive pain in my ass and getting away with it scott free because what was i gonna do he was just a wiggly throw pillow wearing a loaded diaper you cant fight back against that you just have to roll over like a bitch and hope they dont pop awake as soon as you fall asleep and wake the whole building with their otherworldly devilscreeches

BB: god when he was teething the thing he liked best was the neck of an ice cold beer to gum on

BB: hold on i have pics

BB: gonna send em in to corona and live off the royalties

TG: thats pretty much the best picture thats ever been taken of me

TG: shit look at the way the light plays on my fat rolls

TG: glorious

LL: I believe Rose is left?

LL: Well, in contrast, Rose was an extremely quiet and withdrawn baby. She rarely had any troubles that didn’t resolve themselves. She was well-behaved, dignified, and mature, even as an infant.

LL: And also extremely portly.

LL: I accurately documented most of Rose’s holidays as a baby. Halloween, I believe, was her favorite.

LL: I certainly enjoyed picking out her costumes. I think the most successful one was the year that she went as a genius female scientist with impeccable taste in fashion and avant garde house design. 

LL: You can see that, despite the layers fleece and the nice, soft, tailor-made cloth wig, she was in fact quite rotund.

LL: And although she has now bloomed into a slender and developing young woman, Rose will always be mummy’s little butterball. 

TT: Mother, what a heartwarming statement.

TT: Might I beg the favor of a copy of this tenderly preserved photograph, so that I may have it enlarged by several magnitudes and installed in a gilt frame?

LL: Of course, darling. Allow me to pay for it.

windchiming replied to your postRandom thing I think about sometimes oops. You…

People… actually got mad at John over that? When that update happened, a lot of people on my timeline were all gushy and happy and called John a sweetie. (But then again, I follow quite a few DaveJohn shippers so that may be why, haha.)

We must be following very different people then. And I don’t know if it’s necessarily the DaveJohn shippers since people I follow ship it too as far as I know? It was kind of like they were disappointed that he wasn’t being nicer about it or something, like when JohnVriska shippers got up in arms about John talking about her like she was nothing (which again I think was speaking too quick because then as soon as he saw a troll he asked if she was Vriska, so obviously he didn’t actually forget her name)

Who knows. But that’s interesting that we saw such different responses!

Diamond, Pearl,
Rare Aphrodite!
Shimmering bead of sunlight,
I call to you!

When the sea first bore you to the shore,
When you were lifted out of the waves by singing attendants,
That is when you first captured my heart.

Your laughter- like the clear tone of a windchime giggling in the breeze,
Your laughter- oh it broke me, it made me fall unto my knees!
The magnificence of your being has taken away !y very breathe
And replaced it with a sigh of contentment.

Loving Theos, I praise your fine form and figure,
The face and body which belongs to every race and none all at once.
No curl is misplaced, freckle unspoken, or skin blemished.
Each part of you is intense and heart wrenching,
Even your voice is pleasure inducing.

Favoured by all,
No immortal can help but bend their heads to you.
For you are truly artful,
And incredibly dazzling among every scene.

Praise be to you,
The demeanour you hold,
And the love which you bring.



“Hymn to Aphrodite”

things you do not know about tumblr user sunspeared until you live with her

1. all of her joints crackle like when you first pour milk into cereal

2. literally never wears pants. even when it is fuckstupid degrees outside and in danger of her pussoir freezing solid and clattering like windchimes when she walks

3. will make you do yoga

4. acts like it’s weird to eat out of a measuring cup

5. doesn’t like rosemary, considers sage a “white people spice”

6. can, while standing, lift her leg up and rest her ankle on your shoulder, and will do it for absolutely no reason, and it is terrifying, since when can grown people do that

7. has warm feet like? all the time?

8. bathes with teabags

9. you think you know how much she likes puns but you don’t. you don’t know. she has a stance and a facial expression specifically for telling an awful pun

I Hope You Make It To The Day

by LayALioness

She used to dream about a boy filled with stars, when she was younger. Just a child, no older than eight. He would come and spend time in her dream world with her, teaching her to skip rocks that glowed in the dark and didn’t obey gravity the way they would in real life. He told her stories about ancient kings and princesses, and a woman with hair made of snakes. His voice never sounded quite right, though—he spoke with windchimes in his mouth.

Clarke hadn’t even thought about the dream boy in years, not until now.

Words: 8733, Chapters: 1/3, Language: English

Read it on AO3 at

how i think children see me: cool aunty that will bail you out of jail, personality = ‪‎goals. will give u good advice and awesome shit

how children actually see me: weird, hunched wretch of a woman who will probably have creepy windchimes on her house. smells like cardboard boxes

GA: I Dont Believe It Would Be Fair To Make Assumptions About Those Who Share My Sign Nor Realistic To Think That I Ever Could Begin To 

GA: I Still Find It Baffling That So Many Of You Could Have The Same Sign 

GA: Such A Thing Is Unheard Of In Troll Culture But I Suppose You All Seem To Get Along Well Enough With The Way Things Are 

GA: Once I Get Past The Strangeness Of The Thought I Suppose I Feel A Sort Of Fondness For You 

She was the type of girl who wanted nothing more than a good time, even if she didn’t think of the consequences. Her hair and eyes were the color the ocean reflected in bottle green glass, and her laughter tinkled like windchimes in a hurricane, chaotic and beautiful and God, I never want to hear the end of that song.
—  about my daughter - latinx-poet

Moon Celestial Wind Chimes Deck Porch Metal Ready To Hang

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Approx. 10-3/8"W x 3-7/8"D x 25"H
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