Hello, everyone! Alcor (GUI designer) here.

NaNoRenO is quickly approaching, and we can barely believe that it’s been a year since we began working on Lads in Distress! Several members of the team (myself included) will be working on other games this March, and we’ll definitely have more news about that soon. (See under the cut for more information if you’re interested!)

Before I dive into my NaNo projects, I wanted to present our new logo and some previews of the updated GUI. The logo is a much cleaner version of the one we posted 4 months ago. We had feedback that some aspects of the old GUI were unclear, so I hope the new GUI is more user-friendly. What do you think?

(Please note that the GUI previews are mockups and not programmed, and may be slightly different in the actual game!)

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Will be made after i finish the reaper and 76 ones. these will be 2.5 inches big for $14 (less maybe depending on were) and will have a pretty dangle of some sort like a windchime. Made of acrylic and will be see through on the gray parts like glass….yus :D Pre-orders eventually :P

i need that acceptance video asap cause i want to have it on repeat to revel at the fact that liam spent all of it saying how much one direction love each other and that’s who they are and how they love their fans and not say shit about satan cowell and ben windchime fullwell

If her laugh doesn’t sound like summer chimes in the wind, let her hang around on someone else’s porch. There are so few moments and such little time to enjoy another persons soul, so, if you can’t appreciate her music, let her be free in different wind, on different shorelines, different beaches.
Let her sway side to side on another someone’s doorsteps. Let another scoop her up and place her gently away,enjoying the site of her twirl and dance in the winds down the rain, beneath all the Galaxy and night lit sky. If you can’t see yourself sitting on your rocking chair smiling at her simplistic beauty at 82 years old, let her sing that sweet chime song to someone else,
And you can listen to how lonely quiet can be.
—  If You Aren’t In Love With The Way She Laughs, Let Someone Make Her Laugh (coloringtheworldwithwords)
Cleansing Idea

Hang up windchimes inside your room next to a window.  When you are ready to help give your room a bit of a refresher, open the window and allow the fresh air to come in and move the wind chimes.  Anoint the wind chimes with moon water or charge them in moonlight for an extra boost in positive energy!