MOD: So here I am. Finally! Back with a lil something for askwindcheer 

For no reason really XD. Just for the fact that he’s best big bro. He’s a suuuuper nice buddy. And I always thought of Wind’s and Kaon’s relationship to be a big/lil brother type,hehe.

Someone probably mentioned pretty girls and poor Cheer is trying his best to hold the lil casanova tornado. X3

Love Dennet and his gentle giant <3


WOOOOOOOOOO!!! I"M FEEL'N GOOD!! It is now official! i now need to do some kind of random picture lotto thingy. I LOVE ALL OF YOU!!! and now i wish to change the name of this blog! i wish to call it “The Likable guy!” sounds cheese, but i like it. if anyone wants to suggest something go right ahead. and don’t worry about me, i tend to faint when over exited!(not really, fall for dramatic effect!) and yes, my real name is Joey. i was too lazy to make up one for my ask so i decided to use mine. 




Divebomb and askwindcheer comparing wing size because the floof found me :c dangit Burn.

Anyways, from this (I don’t think it really counts though) I’m thinking I’m going to start fanart friday, and every friday I’m going to draw a character from a blog that I admire or just love the design/idea of :3c since I really enjoy drawing for other people~ dunno how diligent I will be but I wanna try!


So here is some of them~ vuv I completely forgot Senbons CM half the time cause I was sketching these out at work sobb *flips table* Ill be doing the rest later vuv also, most of these are totally ooc for Senbon; its just something for me to practice and help pass the time while the story arc between her and Lookalike are going on. AFTER thats done, Ill be answering asks c:


Devil: hank you for complimenting my adorable baby sister’s mane. It is quite lovely, isn’t it? Now, as for controlling that riled up mane of yours…she does not handle that. She simply makes pieces and hats to make your mane look more fashionable. I, however, do indeed handle messy manes such as yours. This special oil that I am about to put into your mane not only controls it for the time it is in, but every morning, as you apply it, it enriches your hair with needed vitamins, making it more controllable as time goes on. Give it about two weeks, use five pumps for every half foot of mane and it shall work in no time.

(omg this was so fun~ Im glad I got to use Devil for something~~)