So my friend is principle bassoonist in our wind symphony and he was telling about how he doesn’t like being told that he’s always doing things wrong or not enough or this or that because it’s his primary instrument and he is principle after all right, so he calls people like that ‘backseat principle’ as in 'backseat driver’ and I think it’s one of funniest things I’ve ever heard.

Had my first solo in our concert today!

We played Four Scottish Dances by Malcolm Arnold and my bassoon solo was rockin’. I was super nervous because I’ve never had a solo before and I’ve been super stressed today, but it went really well! My new bassoon teacher told me that she got her full scholarship for bassoon performance at Northwestern after playing this piece at the all-state band festival. She played it for me and it was so beautiful, and she told me all about interpretation, and I think I did really well with it tonight ! Here’s to more bassoon solos in the future !



That piece I was bitchin about in April. 


Watching old videos from OU of my girlfriend in her conducting class while she practiced conducting, teaching, and played a little on a violin and cello (both of which are not her main instrument) is really REALLY amazing. I don’t brag often and she will deny so much, but I really do have such a gorgeous, talented girlfriend. Her love for music, the way she lights up when she’s talking about music is just absolutely gorgeous. I love seeing her make a difference to culture and art.