So 7x14 happened. It did. And at that moment, as a fandom, we felt like we were personally shot by the events that occurred in that episode and thought, “Wow…..How in the world can I ship Emison now when Emily is going to be forced with Alison when she wants Paige????

But two weeks have came and went, we’ve walked the valleys of green grasses, felt the wind in our hair, stayed away from the toxic fumes of PLL, and all came to our sense and said, “This is how Emily operates. She feels like Alison is unavailable so she runs to Paige as a rebound. She’s only showing sudden interest because she wants Paige in her back pocket since things with Ali aren’t looking well.” 

While Emily’s wild habit of needing to hop from one girl to the other whenever she gets one inch of feels without taking time to think (IE: Sabrina to Alison to Paige within episodes of each other), that’s a whole ‘nother conversation. The real deal here is that our assumptions towards Emily’s reasoning for her actions is merely just a theory and will continue to be on until 7x15 airs.

But……I just wanna say this……..Paige is obviously leaving this episode but it’s how she leaves that’s going to make or break this whole thing for me, personally. If Emily cries or has any expression of regret that she has to let Paige go AKA making her seem trapped with Alison because of this baby -ESPECIALLY when this is supposed to be a big episode for Emison- they’ve officially ruined everything for me going forward until the series ends. It doesn’t matter how many Emison scenes we get, how much they try to make them cute, the fact is if they make Paige seem like “the one who got away” THEN move on to make Emison happen, the rotten taste in my mouth will make me bitter forever

It is a warm but windy day in autumn. Leaves are blowing every which way, dancing in the streets as clouds chase each other across the sky.
In the midst of the quiet moment you’d taken to admire the gorgeous weather, Cody texted you, completely out of the blue. “Wanna take a walk? I’m picking you up.”
And when you step out the door, there he is. Smiling at you, the wind caressing his hair. “Hope you’ve got a couple of hours." 

Portrait of Cody Christian - windy day mood

Big thanks to @cohdychristian for her help with the text!

Prints available in my shop.

The wind whipped her black hair around, assaulting her face and eyes. Her voice was barely distinguishable over the raging weather around her.
“It’s sad. It really is sad. How many people fall in love with me.” The person across from her was blurry, from tears or rain, it wasn’t clear. They were all the same anyway, their love all just ran together, no matter who it was.
“They all think I’m so sweet and so funny. They fail to see me. Whoever you are, don’t get any closer. Let the water carry you away, it’s safer where you are. For I will hurt you just as I hurt everyone else. I’ll be convinced of a galaxy within you and I’ll break you apart trying to find it. And when I realize you’re nothing more than a mere person, I’ll leave you with the mess.” Her sad laugh tinkled throughout the air. Her words crackled like lightning and they could all hear her holding back her sobs.
“Please, I’m begging you, don’t fall in love. Stay away from me.”
—  Alexandra Joan Alexander
The Signs Aesthetics

Aries: Black knee ripped pants, Paint on skin, Headphones, Road trips, Man buns

Taurus: Colored hair, Flower dresses, Septum piercings, Yellow convers, Mountains, Books

Gemini: Jean jackets, Crystals, Nose rings, Concerts, vinyls, Neon Lights, Wind

Cancer: Messy hair, Stargazing, Night swimming, Nude highlighters, White rooms

Leo: High ponytails, Lip gloss, Furr coats, High heels, Rings, Gold, Queen Bee

Virgo: Floral couches, Colored lipstick, Guitars, Trees, Bare footed, Sunshine

Libra: Sweet tea, Adidas, Straightened hair, Pools, Ladybugs, Dad hats, Sand

Scorpio: Red lipstick, Black clothing, Ice cubes, Mirrors, Acrylic nails, Midnight texts

Sagittarius: Boyfriend jeans, Tennis, Art, Cartilage piercing, Sugar, Flannels

Capricorn: Snow, Rain clouds, White roses, Polaroid photos, Coffee, Morning fog

Aquarius: Blue skys, Necklaces, Lakes, French doors, Gardens, House plants, Afternoon naps

Pisces: Aquariums, Lavender, Koi fish, Cracks in sidewalks, Creeks, Mason jars

I Lost…

Aries: Time trying to make something beautiful out of nothing beautiful

Taurus: Shits to give when I realized the amount of effort you gave to me was less than zero

Gemini: The smile on my face I thought was permanently there

Cancer: Myself, trying to drown myself in you, trying to make you happy, but all in vein

Leo: The way I should act around you by overthinking and losing my identity in the process

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See Yeh Break

Harry X Reader: Smut

In which you become well acquainted with Harry’s thigh.

Request? Yes:

riding harrys leg on a balacony overlooking the aegean on a sunny july day


Author’s note: The beginning turned all mushy? Idk what that’s about (Yes I do. It’s because I’m fucking whipped for mushy Harry.) but if the transition seems sudden, whooops. :)

This vacation is an absolute blessing. A week away from the madness and noise of fans and paps and meetings. From the moment the two of you arrived to your private little getaway on the coast, Harry’s been warm and relaxed, and you couldn’t ask for anything more than that.

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Wind Enchantment for Divination

A spell to enchant an object or piece of jewelry to help give the caster energy for divination and aid.

Originally posted by merryharbinger

You Will Need:

💨 Piece of jewelry or an object
💨 Windy Day
💨 Outdoor space where you can work


💨 Prepare yourself for the spell however you see fit

💨 With your object in hand go outside to the space you are going to be working in, if you can face into the wind

💨 Grasp your object to your chest and feel the wind in your hair and blow against you. Feel its energy merging with yours. Visualize this however you desire, this spell is heavily visualization.

💨 Hold out your object into the the wind. Visualize both your energy and that of the winds, swirling about the object, like a cyclone. Visualize this whirlwind being absorbed into the object

💨 At this point I often imagine almost like an eye appearing during this process, for this spell to help give you energy for divination work.

💨 Once you feel satisfied with the amount of energy placed into your object, thank the wind for its help however you feel is fit.

💨 Wear/hold the object whenever you are using divination, especially if its going to be a large session. 

💨 Cleanse object when needed and may occasionally need to be charged with the wind, though not too often.

“I made her a promise.” The wind ruffled Cassian’s hair as he squinted at the sky. “And when it mattered, I didn’t keep it.”
I still dreamed of him trying to crawl toward her, reaching for her even in the semi-unconscious state the pain and blood loss had thrown him into. As Rhysand had once done for me during those last moments with Amarantha.
Perhaps only a few wing beats separated us from the broad landing veranda, but I asked, “Why do you bother, Cassian?”
His hazel eyes shuttered as we smoothly landed. And I thought he wouldn’t answer, especially not as we heard the others already in the dining room beyond the veranda, especially not when Rhys gracefully landed beside us and strode in ahead with a wink.
But Cassian said quietly as we headed for the dining room, “Because I can’t stay away.”

Mirror For The Sun - Part 10: Los Angeles (End)

Masterlist  -  Series Masterlist  -  Part 9 

Summary: (Bucky POV) Nat tricks you into leading a road trip with Bucky, Sam and Steve. Her plot is partly to get the boys to travel for fun for once but mostly to get you and Bucky together. You and Bucky, who seemingly despise each other.

Warnings: swearing

Word Count: 5226 I’m excessively wordy. Deal with it.

Author’s Note: Here we go! This is the last part! It is longer than it probably needs to be, and there are some parts I don’t love, but hopefully you like it. :)

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Laying on the couch in that massive hotel suite with her stretched and exhausted body half on top of mine, all I can think about is how warm and soft she feels like this. I can feel everywhere that our skin meets like I’m glued to her smooth warmth, her cheek pressed flat against my chest, eyes closed, her fingertips lightly tracing over my neck and shoulders, occasionally sending a shiver running across my entire body. I don’t want to move or think, I just want it to be quiet like this, swirling lazy circles over her back like this. This is how it should have been days ago, this is how close I want her all the time.

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Halla! So, as time comes and goes, I’m here with another masterpost of some of my favorite Evak fanfics for you guys. As you can see, I’m trying to be a bit more creative and make these posts look at least somewhat more appealing, so I hope you like this little header I made (even though I suck at Photoshop).

As always, the list is divided into oneshots and chaptered fics.
My personal favorites are tagged with a “ ★ ”.
Completed chaptered fics are tagged with a “ ✓ ”

Without further ado, all the fanfics can be found under the cut. Enjoy!

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