wind waker unplugged


I will always love this.




This is amazing.

totallytogekiss  asked:

what's your favorite Zelda song(s)? I've found that Zelda and Fire Emblem soundtracks make great study music!! just find a song you like and play the extended version on YouTube. my personal favorites are the Wind Waker Credits, On the Great Sea (😉), Gerudo Desert from 3DS, Dragon Roost Island and TP Sacred Grove!

MM - Song of Healing - kinda an obvious one but it’s just so good. it honestly does make me feel oddly better a lot of the time

LTTP - The Dark World - I love the original but the Brawl Remix is so good  

LA - Ending Theme (in all it’s bleep bloopy glory)
“come link, let us awaken… together!” - it makes me feel everything and i love it. by the time the music swells and the camera pans up into the sky i am a mess of emotions.

SS - Ballad of the Goddesss - all versions of this are fantastic; the instrumental game version, the one with zelda singing, the 25th anniversary one, the cover in ALBW. oh its so good, it feels like a perfect combination of the nostalgic and the new and i think it sums up everything i like about SS

  1. this gets me so hyped for adventure geeze
  2. this just makes me wanna cry
  3. also s/o to this cover

WW - Farewell Hyrule King - Its a perfect summary of the feelings of that scene, a great piano piece and i love the little hints of LTTP in it so much

WW - Wind Waker Unplugged by FreddeGredde - which is a wonderfully done medly and ugh, 1:43 gets me every time.

TP - Orchestra - by 50 seconds in i will be tearing up, by the flourish at 1:20 i am dead

TP - Midna’s Theme - perfect theme for a perfect character

ST - Title Screen - generally i dont think zelda games have very good title screens but ugh, i love this sooooo much.

I love how well the music fits whats going on, especially how it starts as soon as they exit the tunnel, the change as soon as zelda and link’s eyes meet and the fade into the ‘press start’ at the end. its so good. i honestly got so excited to go on another adventure the first time i saw this opening. i wish it was longer and i want an orchestral version.

s/o to tal tal heights, molgera battle, tarm ruins, AoL title theme, ganon’s theme and a load others too