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what is the correct way to fall? as in how should you handle it in a way to avoid injuries?

The very first thing I teach my beginners (be prepared I teach 5 year olds mostly) is Hands on Heads, and shoulders, now knees, bend really really low, hands away from the ice, and fall to the side. 

The key points are hands off the ice and fall to the side and these apply when ever you fall. When you feel yourself falling and you know you can’t save it your best bet is to lean to the side, this way you avoid falling backwards and potentially hitting your head, or falling forwards and winding yourself/splitting your chin on the ice. What is probably more important then that even is to avoid putting your hands down to break your fall.

Story time: last year I sustained permanent damage to the soft tissue of my right wrist because I put my hand behind me while I was falling. I have a reason,. I was teaching a student crossovers and skating backwards crossovers and holding them while they tried them forwards ones. I noticed a kid fall behind me and in making sure I avoided them I threw myself off balance and I had a choice of throwing my hand behind me  make sure my leg didn’t swing up, or not risk a wrist injury and send my toepick into my students face/chest. You can guess what I chose. I was in a brace for three months and then on and off for a while after that. It’s never going to be normal again according to my physiotherapist and the doctor yay me!!

tl;dr Don’t put your hand down when you fall and try and fall sideways as much as you can.

Those are the ways to stay mostly injury free, or as injury free as figure skating can be!!

Good luck and stay safe!!!

Oh and a footnote here are two hilarious falls from Olympic figure skater Patrick Chan (otherwise known as his love affair with the boards) by @eggplantgifs

And two of Daisuke Takahashi, 2010 worlds champion and two time four continents champion (or the art of falling on your end pose) also by @eggplantgifs

//cherry// is blouses not quite tucked into skirts; pink lipstick; cursive writing on bathroom stalls; losing the lids for pens; lavender scented linen

//sylvia// is shrinking your jeans in the bathtub; not getting the eyeliner quite right; juice dripping from ripe peaches; curly hair after the rain; dark living rooms

//kathy// is sun and rain at the same time; rings on tables from cups of hot coffee; wearing flowers as jewellery; sunhats being carried away by the wind; split ends

//sandy// is the soft skin on your lower arm; music at dusk; pale blue; perfectly clear skies at night; wildflowers

//evie// is pulling the covers over your head; braiding your friend’s hair; playground swings at night; stealing your mother’s perfume; humming made-up tunes

Par-delà les Grands Bois: Chapitre 1 (Verbes)

bredouiller: to mumble, stutter, mutter

chuchoter: to whisper

ciller: to blink

clopiner: to limp

dégager: to clear, extract, emit

s’égarer: to get lost

entortiller: to wind, twist

fendre: to split, chop, cleave

fondre: to melt, dissolve

frissonner: to shiver

gigoter: to fidget, wriggle

grommeler: to mumble, mutter

hocher: to nod

jauger: to gauge, measure

marmonner: to mumble, mutter

plier: to bend, curve, fold

poursuivre: to pursue

renicher: sniff

sangloter: to sob, cry, weep

tirer: to pull

Yeah, okay.  But how about this instead...

How about Bucky and Sam on a road trip and Sam starts noticing Bucky’s getting tired so he offers to drive before Bucky has to ask.

How about Sam coming back from an early morning run and Bucky already has a bottle of water waiting to hand him as he passes through their living room.

How about Sam grabbing a snack on a lazy afternoon and when he gets back to Bucky winds up splitting his in half without a word because he doesn’t want to go back but delights in the way Bucky’s eyes lit up when he saw what Sam had.

How about Bucky swearing “This is the last damn time, Wilson.” every time he gets up from the bed to grab Sam’s ringing phone (because the bed is warm and Sam doesn’t want to move an inch) even though they both know it’s a dirty rotten lie. 

How about Bucky loving Sam so damn much, he learns where the lines are very very early so he never crosses them when they’re having fun sassing each other and basically would do anything for Sam.

How about Sam being so gone on Bucky so fast that he low-key worries about it until the day he and Bucky are arguing and laughing over something stupid and Bucky’s got that big, beautiful fucking grin of his that make his eyes light up when he says “Sometimes I really hate you.” 

To which Sam responds immediately, “Only because you love me so much.”  And he worries at first, if Bucky’s going to respond at all after he goes quiet, right up until Bucky is kissing him senseless. 

“You know, for once in your life Sam, I think you’re right.”

Proud Queen of the Earthly Gods,
Supreme among the Celestial Gods.
Loud Thundering Storm, you pour your rain over all the land and people.
You make the heavens tremble, and the earth quake.
Great Priestess, who can soothe your troubled heart?

You flash like lightning over the highlands;
You throw your firebrands across the earth.
Your deafening command, whistling like the South Wind,
Splits apart great mountains.
You trample the disobedient like a wild bull;
Heaven and earth tremble.
Holy Priestess, who can soothe your troubled heart?

Your frightful cry descending from the heavens devours its victims.
Your quivering hand causes the midday heat to hover over the sea.
Your nighttime stalking through the sky chills the land with its dark breeze.
Holy Inanna, the riverbanks overflow with the flood-waves of your heart…

On the seventh day, when the Crescent Moon reaches its fullness,
You bathe and sprinkle your face with holy water.
You cover your body with the long robes of queenship.
You fasten Combat and Battle to your side;
You tie them into your girdle and let them rest.

Sumerian Hymn to Inanna

Got a haircut todayy :V
I grew my hair really long so I could cut off all my dead hair from my perm last year. I let my stylist do whatever she thought would look best. Laughs I haven’t had bangs since high school 😅

I also got a yummy drink called Crimson Peach B)

An assorted basket of Tad Strange headcanons because why not, everyone’s doing it:

  • His thoughts on every political issue are “let’s just all have a good time”
  • His lunch every day is a thermos of chicken noodle soup, a BLT with turkey bacon on whole wheat bread, and a red delicious apple
  • He’s Japanese-American and “Tad” is short for Tadashi
  • He is a middle child with an older brother who achieved less than expected and a younger sister who achieved more than expected
  • His first choice for bottled water is Deer Park, Poland Spring is second, and Dasani is third
  • He loves making the PowerPoint presentations, makes sure to use each type of slide transition at least once, and every stock photo or piece of clipart he’s ever used has had a large visible watermark on it
  • He enjoys every procedural. Every single one. Yes, even that spin-off.
  • Although currently single, he will meet his future husband at a social buffet-style brunch between their respective firms, over the last plain bagel which they wind up splitting