wind spill

i’m sorry for all the blood i left on your lips / for loving you into ruin.
i have the urge to shut down
disappear from the surface of my skin
to only leave an empty shell
carried away by the wind
—  t.m.

the birds aren’t singing today,
there is something in the wind
that beckons everything else to be silent

if you listen close enough to her howling
it won’t sound like anguish as much as it sounds like
a warning about what freedom really is:

be careful of the open sky,
even something that feels endless can trap you
into being something you weren’t meant for

how else does a soft breeze turn into a storm?
the sky rages until the wind too,
must rage back in self defense

—  what the wind is saying today || O.L.
She was darkness and he was darkness and there had never been anything before this time, only darkness and his lips upon her. She tried to speak and his mouth was over hers again. Suddenly she had a wild thrill such as she had never known; joy, fear, madness, excitement, surrender to arms that were too strong, lips too bruising, fate that moved too fast.
I am pouring out
my heart for you.
I am there for you
when no one else
dares to be.
I held your trembling face
in my hands
as tears abandoned your
glistening eyes,
desperately seeking shelter
in the warmth of my love.
The times have moulded us
into beings the mirror can
no longer recognize.
Our laughs still echo
with the voices of
our ancestors
in the swift winds
of the past.
Dear friend,
our times have ended
but my heart still breathes
a little more deeply
every time I hear
your name.
—  I didn’t forget you
roses and revolution

Smoke still sits on the battlefield
But I hear music in the air
Or is that the ringing in my ears
Maybe I’m to shell shocked to care
I’ve lost my bearings, I’m not sure where
To go, or turn, or stop, or stare

Looks like rubble around me

I told myself I’d never be weak enough to fight
Yet here I am, sprawled out in a meadow
Stained with surprise and subtle sorrow
Not a mark on me but
Bewilderment slips out of me like blood
Dazed and confused as to exactly what happened

Something tells me this isn’t the end

Somewhere a lone sentinel stands
Seeking my heart with shaking hands
Is this really a good time, I ask

Where were you last night
When I took a mortal moment to close my eyes
And woke to swords instead of sunlight

My heart and head
Are growing colder
You might be worse for the wear but
I’m no soldier

Open ears, broken ribs
Softened souls and battle hymns
That’s how the distant song begins


The leaves

are falling

ever so delicately

letting the wind

guide its way

to wherever it is

they must go.

Along the way

the leaves separate

from each other

as they begin to follow

their own paths.

Maybe they’d eventually

encounter one another

or even wind up

on the same ground,

but no matter what,

no matter how far they stray,

they will have always

fallen from the same tree.

—  One with the wind // S.T.

The wind blew in again
Cinnamon crisp with a tinge of regret;
Another day, another mile
Farther from what she knew.
The breeze played at her cheeks
Biting and caressing in turns,
An old lover come to start anew.
She sighed, drawing the tempest into her lungs
Holding it where she could taste the what ifs and could have beens
With lingering notes of wonder to color the aftertaste of someday
Clinging to her lips, silently waiting for affirmation.
She exhaled and with it mountains were moved
As she evacuated the remains of yesterday
And held her breath as she waited quietly
For tomorrow to call to her loneliness.

© Courtney Turley 2017

to whoever reads this!!!
breathe in. breathe out. you’ve made it this far. that means that every day that seemed impossible to get through, was manageable and you trooped through it. so keep going. the sun is still shinning, the wind is still blowing, your heart is still beating. pups and kitties are still out there! so keep going. breathe again. you’ve got this!!!

Old Friends

To the young girl with corn rows who watched me as a baby
So my parents could fix up a home
To the one with blonde curls who spun me in circles
The first ‘older sister’ I’d known
To the boy from church who played in the dirt
And made sure all our games were outside
To the nice teacher’s aid who helped me with Latin
Who’s name I could never get right
To the one who was fast, as competitive as I was
Whose friendship pushed me to be better
To the one who could laugh and could cry for a show
But still have the sweetest character
To the one I would race when I was eleven
Despite him being five years older
To the one from the pool with braces and glasses
Who left since her dad was a soldier
To the one with a voice and opportunities
Rising to the stage and the screen
To the one full of himself, cute but annoying
Though perhaps unknowingly
To the one who appreciated my sweet disposition
And still does, saying I won’t change
To the one who could run and could sing and could dance
And would get everyone to engage
To the one with bright eyes and bubbly expressions
Who will always be there to support me
To the one with a soul and heart made of gold
Who fell in love with my musical musing
To the one who taught me so much about life
And helped me grow in understanding
To the one who was stubborn and fiery and firm
Yet elegant and tactful and crafty

To the ones who played parts, some big and some small
In the blurred amalgam of my past
While most I’ve not heard from in many years
A few old ones, have proven to last