wind mill farm

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Imagine Steve being super towards clean energy because of the negative effects of pollutants and how it induces asthma. Especially since now asthma isn't thought as psychosomatic like it was in the 30s and 40s.

Steve is proud to cut the ribbon at the new wind farm, the mills spinning idyllically behind him as cameras flashed.

“Why wind farms, Captain?”

“I was a sick child,” Steve said, letting his voice project over the crowds.  "But nothing was worse than the asthma of late summers, when the city was blanketed in smog from cars and factories.  My mother and I couldn’t afford to leave the city, and so I had to suffer through it.  I don’t want any child to suffer the way I did.

And clean air is one of the ways we can protect the sick, the poor and the old.  We owe them the best earth we can give them, one where they don’t have to sacrifice their health because others don’t care.  Clean energy is not just a matter of economics, but also one of health and human decency.“