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ghibli week: day four - favourite scenery
Skys are clearing up thanks to a high pressure front moving in from the mountains. Mild winds will be blowing in from the west, pushing the clouds out by this evening. There will be a beautiful full moon lighting up the sky so if you’ve been planning something special, tonight might be the night. — Kiki’s Delivery Service


A thing that I like to imagine is Neil and Andrew moving into an apartment on the fifth floor or something (it’s good for cardio, andrew) (shut the fuck up, neil), and they only have one other neighbor on their floor and its a smol 80 year old woman 

- and Andrew and Neil keep to themselves because they’re both anti-human humans (same, bros, so much same)  
- And on their first night there’s a knock on the door, and Andrew and Neil look at each other and are really suspicious because they purposefully didn’t tell any of the foxes that they were moving in together?? because they didn’t want to deal with the looks back and forth and the giggles and the satisfied sighs and the general giddiness of the team
- Andrew doesn’t move so Neil sighs and goes to the door, opens it already braced for confetti to get thrown into his face or for a unified and undoubtedly startling shout of jubilation from the crew
- and he’s v confused when, neck already craned upwards expecting his very tall friends, he has to look down to see his visitor
- It’s a very very old, Andrew-sized woman, with crinkly warm eyes and a face made of 98% wrinkle
- And she’s wearing a yellow cardigan and smiling encouragingly, holding a pan covered in aluminum foil and Neil’s mouth waters immediately because the smell of cheesymeatysaucydelicious lasagna is wafting towards him
- Neil says “hi?” literally as a question because he’s so fucking awkward
- so she introduces herself as Jeong-sook and welcomes them to the apartment. “if you and your cute young man ever need anything don’t be afraid to mosey on over and knock!” and then she leans in conspiratorially and stage whispers with a wink “I take my hearing aids out around 7:30, just so you know” and then thrusts the lasagna into Neil’s hands and cheerily waves goodbye
- Neil stands in the open doorway for a minute, mouth hanging open at the woman’s salacious implication and mentally resigning himself to the fact that now that they’re introduced he won’t be able to slip past her in the hallway without some sort of small talk or genial greeting 
- He’s frozen there, pondering this, for enough time that Andrew comes up behind him and peeks around his shoulder, lifts the corner of the foil to see what it is
- “Grandma seemed nice. What do you think the chances are that she poisoned this?”

- It’s just the two of them so the lasagna lasts for the better part of a week. After its gone, they both open the fridge doors at least once in hopes that a second one will have magically appeared (sorry boys no such luck)
- Eventually, Neil washes the dish and goes to return it. 
- Neil, the babe that he is, doesn’t know that when someone makes you food it’s polite to return their dish filled with food that you’ve made for them
- Andrew raises an eyebrow when Neil comes back from his trip with the red pan still in his hands
- “She told me she wouldn’t take it back unless it had something good in it. She marked pages with her favorites.” He sounds a little dazed as holds up a battered, worn looking dessert cookbook with bright and colorful sticky notes poking out between the pages
- Andrew likes this woman.

- So anyway shortly after moving in Andrew gets a minor injury and has to sit out for six to eight weeks
- Neil is super grateful that this happened after they moved in together because now he can make sure that Andrew is recovering safely and properly
- Andrew spends most of this time at home, reading and playing with the cats and smoking out on the balcony or roof
- Jeong-sook always happens to be out on her own balcony watering her plants or sweeping or some other suspicious activity when he goes out to smoke
- Andrew has an inkling that she’s lonely, and that she sneaks out there when she hears Andrew telling the cats that they have to behave when they go outside
- (does Andrew Minyard talk to his cats? abso-fucking-lutely) 
- Andrew tolerates her chattering and she ignores his silence, continues to ask (unanswered) questions and tell him stories of her kids and grand-kids and late husband 
- This happens almost every single day for the first week and a half
- And then Andrew is just having an all around bad day and he finally snaps.  Neil had left that morning for a week and a half days of flights, press conferences, and friendlies, and Andrew was low-key missing him already. He hadn’t been able to get through the entire hour of physical therapy because the pain had been too excruciating, and then he’d returned home to find that King had thrown up all over the floor. THEN, as he was filling up a bowl with soap and water to CLEAN said throw up, the sink faucet had burst and soaked EVERYTHING.  
- He just wants to sit by himself on his own balcony, at his own house, in his own SILENCE and smoke a fucking cigarette. 
- So he gets out there and the damn thing isn’t even lit yet and Jeong-sook is already going off on one of her variations of how smoking is bad/is going to kill him
- And Andrew is so done. Just so done. He doesn’t care that this woman is in her eighties and could be blown over by a mild wind, he just wants some peace and fucking quiet, so he whips his head over and says something like “grandma if you don’t shut up about it i’m not going to be the only one that this cigarette harms”
- There’s an awful silence and Jeong-sook just stares at him
- and then she’s laughing so hard that she has to grab onto the handrail for support

Long story short, it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship

+ Jeong-sook had realized that she was going to have to break Andrew to get him to open up to her, so the prattling on and prodding him with a million questions had been calculated and purposeful  
+ Andrew is impressed when she tells him this, so when they part ways and he goes back inside he decides to flip through the cookbook she gave Neil a few weeks back 
+ He finds the page with the most stickies, studies it for a minute, then heads out to the farmers market 
+ son of a bitch whips up a Blackberry Cobbler in an hour and a half and presents it to Joeng-sook like he didn’t just consider hauling her over the railing and throwing her five-stories down 
+ from this point on she gets better at knowing when Andrew needs to be left alone and when he wants company
+ And Andrew learns that she isn’t as fragile as she seems
+ (honestly she’s quiet the whippersnapper) 

Andrew still has at least a month left of recovery, and so they spend a lot of time together

• Andrew fixes things around the house for her when they break 
• They watch their soap opera at the same time every day. Neil comes home to surprise Andrew for lunch one day and Andrew is next door, so Neil texts him asking where he is. Andrew says ‘watching soaps with Jeong-sook’ and it’s so outrageous that Neil laughs and thinks its a joke, replies ‘no but rlly?’
Andrew doesn’t respond because he already answered and good things are happening
• She bakes him his favorite desserts and sometimes they’ll even cook together (though they’re both very particular about the kitchen so this occurs only on days when they’re on their best behavior)
• She always asks about that ‘nice young man of yours’ and tries to give Andrew advice on how to woo Neil (honestly, some of it works)
• they gossip about the other tenants together
• Andrew buys her groceries when she’s having particularly painful days, cleans up around her apartment and brings the cats over to keep her company 
• Andrew hounds the landlord almost to the point of stalking until the elevator gets fixed so that she can actually go places now
•He takes her to doctors appointments and she always bribes him into lunch afterwards 
• I’m JUST going to throw it out there that they’re the same height and both have short blonde hair 
• She tells him about her childhood in South Korea, teaches him Korean words and phrases.  She knows he would be too uncomfortable to outright ask (as Andrew refuses to acknowledge any connection to his birth parents and so doesn’t like to show interest in the related culture/heritage), so she never pushes but plays it off like its all for her
• She was a boxer for most of her life, and so they compare fight stories and watch matches together (she yells at the TV a lot)
• There’s some sort of red-carpet team event and Neil is busy, so Andrew takes Jeong-sook instead. She’s so excited that she makes Andrew take her to the mall so that she can buy a new yellow dress-set. Reporters ask Andrew if this is his grandmother, and Andrew, instead of explaining, just says yes. Andrew has an arm looped around her for support and she’s fucking glowing and the photographer snaps a picture of it and it gets posted online and sports reporters and fans alike are amazed that Andrew Minyard Has a Soft Side. Neil prints out two copies and frames them, puts one in the apartment over the fireplace (figHT ME THEY HAVE A FIREPLACE) and gives one to Jeong-sook, who puts it proudly on the table next to her bed
• Her shitty ass children and grand-children never come around, but when they do Andrew makes a point of going over and glaring at them, making sure that they see how well she’s doing without them 
• When he’s finally allowed to play again she goes to all of his home games and watches the rest on TV. He calls her almost everyday while he’s away to make sure she’s not lonely and that she’s doing okay
• Andrew gives her a Minyard jersey that she wears whenever they go out together, because she thinks its funny when people do a double-take or whisper “that’s andrew and aaron” before they actually get a look at her face
• Neil is still a little unsure around her a lot because he doesn’t have that much experience with older ladies and she’s unpredictable, but she becomes a really important part of Andrew’s life and he - in that andrew way of his - tells Neil that moving into this apartment was one of the best decisions they’ve ever made

Wet Dream - Jeremy Gilbert Smut

“I’m not getting in.” I crossed my arms, looking away from a half naked Jeremy. It was almost a half hour past midnight and I would’ve fallen back asleep comfortably in my sweat and pathetic attempt at peace had he not knocked on my door and persuaded me to come downstairs and JUMP A FENCE to swim in the pool. I’m not some kind of saint but who wouldn’t rather be sleeping?

“Come on!” He whispered, his teeth chattering as he smiled widely. “It’s perfect.” He lolled his head back as I rubbed my hands over my face.

I felt the dew on the blades of grass under my feet and the mild wind blowing at me. The sky also wasn’t completely dark somehow. It was a dark shade of navy blue with stars and clouds and the occasional airplane making it’s way through, so far away.

I couldn’t imagine my life without Jeremy now. It felt like he was always there even if he just showed up out of the blue three years prior and forced his way into the best friend gap in my heart.

He understood me and I figured I might as well be his slave forever because he helped me so much and my other friends still believed he was a bad person for almost choking me to death that ONE time.

“Helloooo?” Jeremy said, his arms wading in the water, the moons reflection in the ripples.

“What did you say?” I asked, clearing my throat. I could see the beads of water on his shoulders, some of his hair in his eyes.

“I said please like fifteen times.” He said. I sighed, taking off my shirt.

I would be at work the day after, probably with baggy eyes and more caffeine than usual but there would be something more to have in my diary and our memories.

“Oh-hohoho! Now we’re talking.” Jeremy lowered his face further underwater, his nose barely above the surface.

I swam to him, his hand already extended for me. I kicked my legs to stay afloat as our fingers entwined.

“I was having a dream,” he said. Our eyes met and my breath got caught in my throat. “You were in it, it felt so vivid, I woke up and I had to see you.” He said, his lips so close to the water that he blubbered at times.

“Simply riveting.” I put my hand on his freckled shoulder and he smiled, rolling his eyes.

“You’re such a jerk!” He splashed water in my face, swimming away before I could react. I screamed, wiping my face and paddled closer so I could splash him back.

“Come back here, chump!” I giggled as I tried grabbing onto one of his limbs. I finally caught up to him in the shallow part of the pool and he was laughing at me.

Is he a damn Olympian, or what? I swam next to him, letting my pants become regular breaths. I looked at his face again, a drop of water falling off his nose as he glanced back at me.

“What was your dream about, Jeremy?” I grabbed his hand again. The pads of his fingers were pruned and I laughed.

He started to lean in and I almost gasped. Before I knew it our lips were touching and my mouth fell open as his lips traced mine. My hand traveled up out of the water, holding onto his arm.

He shuffled closer to me, pressing me against the concrete side of the pool, his body molding a great match into mine.

“Jer.” I watched the sky hazily with half lidded eyes as he moved warm kisses down the side of my neck.

“I apologize.” He whispered, his face too near and dear for me to catch a breath. “But my dream was about you… just like this.” He started, his hands reaching behind my back so that he could unclasp my bra. His mouth dipped down as his hands traveled to my ass. My eyes fluttered as he lifted me up so that he could envelope one of my nipples in his mouth, pressing his tongue against me.

My eyes flickered awake when I felt his bulge shift against me. I swallowed.

“Was this in your dream?” I whispered, boldly snaking my hand into his boxers and grabbing his dick. He groaned, pulling his mouth away from me. “Do we dare have sex in this very pool?” I asked.

“I don’t see why not.” He replied, his voice deeper. I grabbed onto the wall as he pulled my bottoms away from me, pulling my legs tickilishly towards him, a big geeky smile on his face.

I struggled with his shorts underwater, frowning at the strings tying it together. “What, did you square knot this or something, boy scout?” I pulled at the strings in frustration.

“Relax, sweetheart.” He stifled a laugh, reaching down to do it himself. “I knew your bird brains would catch up soon.” He joked, naked before me then.

He hid his nose in my neck as he held me carefully against the wall, pushing in me, his hand guiding himself in. My breath stopped and I tried looking in between our warm bodies.

“Perfect.” I muttered, my eyes falling closed as I let out a choked moan. It was perfect, although he was quite sizeable in a way that definitely made the experience a little painful.

He let out sighs as he pulled me toward him easily, eyebrows clenched in concentration. I wrapped my arms around his neck, my pants going straight into his ear.

I almost screamed as he hit a sensitive spot. I grasped his shoulders as he continued stroking the spot barely. I frowned, digging my nails in him as an orgasm built inside me.

I couldn’t breath and every few seconds an exasperated gasp would escape me for forgetting how to intake oxygen. I bucked my legs in the water, trying desperately to get off.

My stomach flared up in a frenzy and I melted, letting go and gushing as I let out a long moan in his ear. He grunted on my shoulder, my heaving chest pressed right against his.

I fell limp in his strong arms, my legs weakly wrapping around him.

“You get brownie points for that one, scout.” I muttered, leaning against his shoulder.

Losing patience

like sands through an hourglass;
it’s being swept up with the new springs mild winds - gentle and steady -
with each minute that slides by.
Disappearing grain by grain,
soon the shoreline will be blown away.
(Time moves faster than we care to admit.)
I don’t know what lies beneath
but the breeze is steady -
and the waves are hungry for something
to crash themselves into;
my beach will soon be barren
I don’t have time to waste anymore.


To Last Forever.

(A/N: not requested.)
~ Y/N = Your name.
~ C/N = [Your] Crush’s name.
~ E/C = Eye color.
~ H/C = Hair color.
~ … = Time skip.

You cannot wait to walk home today. You exit the doors of your large school, and are immediately enveloped in the sun’s welcoming rays. Spring had just begun. The blossoming buds on the trees are perfectly accompanied by the chatter or birds and the faintest breeze.

You usually walk home alone, but the springtime is different. The mild winds and warm weather always lure people out of their homes. Countless people go on walks and enjoy the outdoors during the span of time you’re outside after school, making you feel a little less isolated on your solo walk home.

You look up to behold the bluest sky you had seen in months. A scattered cloud here and there tied the whole scene together. It was perfect, and nothing could make it better. Well, except…


You stop in your tracks.

“Y/N! Wait up!”

There is no way. Did you forget something? Did someone follow you to return your bag? A textbook? Did you drop something?

You turn around.

Your heart flutters. You see C/N, slowing down his pace and coming to a not-so-graceful stop in front of you. He attempts to catch his breath and explain his sudden sprint, but realizes his untidy appearance has you a bit startled.

His H/C hair was ruffled from his quick dash over to you, and the scattered winds didn’t help this impression. His clumsy halt allows a nervous laugh to escape him, and you shyly smile at the sound of it. He looked down, hiding his sudden bit of embarrassed laughter.

“Sorry, I…” he began, but was interrupted by his own shy laughter yet again. You start to laugh a little too. There was no way that he hadn’t caught his breath by now. Why can’t he speak?

He finally looked up. “Sorry to stop you. I was heading your direction, and saw you in the distance. I was about a minute or so of a walk behind you, but you looked lonely and I thought I could come walk with you,” he laughed, “if that’s alright with you.“

His E/C eyes radiated warmth in the sunlight, in a way that captivated you. You almost couldn’t look away. “It’s no problem at all. I’d love to have someone to walk with,” you smiled. God, his laugh was cute.

You and C/N start walking back in your original direction.

Walking in sync, you talk about school, upcoming tests, your personal lives, your mutual friends, and anything else the two of you could think of. You’d shared one or two classes with C/N, and you two became good friends through your shared friend group. Was it always this easy to talk to him?

“The chemistry test was difficult no doubt, but the hardest part was just focusing on the test in such an immature classroom,” you giggled.

You didn’t usually complain to others about your problems, but C/N has been fully attentive to your words ever since you two started talking. You felt like he was truly listening.

“How so?” he asked.

Your words went on and on, no longer organized in a way that he could keep up with. You talked about the pen-clickers and the foot-tappers and everyone who made the class distracting. C/N began to shyly smile. A soft pink blush danced across his face as you went on about these childish pet peeves of yours. You noticed your ramble had caused this, and had to look down in embarrassment.

“Oh no, I rambled a bit, I’m sorry,” you laughed, nervously.

“Not a problem at all,” he smiled. His harmonious laugh helped drown out your worries.

You smile. “…and don’t get me started on the couple in the back who skipped the class period to go make out. To think, they’ve only been dating for a week!”

“Are you serious?”

“I wish I wasn’t!”

You both laugh. In that instance, his beautiful smile warmed you far more than the sun ever could.

C/N’s bright smile dims for a second. His eyes search the ground, and soften.

“Y/N, how… do you feel about that topic?”

You pause, not fully understanding the question.

“You mean… chemistry…?” you ask, jokingly.

“No, not chemistry class. But I chemistry’s a fun way to put it…” he laughs.

“Are you talking about making out?” You laugh, “If you’re only walking with me to make out, I swear…”

“No…” his eyebrows furrow. You can tell he’s asking a genuine question now, so you set aside your joking tone.

“Then wha-”

“Relationships!” he cuts you off.

His sudden outburst startled you. Aware of the unnecessary scene he had made, he hushed his voice.

“Rushed relationships…” C/N chuckled, “how do you feel about them?”

As lighthearted and childlike as it was, the silly little topic of love caught you off guard.

Before you can respond, he begins to speak.

“I hate people who rush into relationships. They can be so easily bribed by initial attraction, and end up ruining such a beautiful opportunity with another person,” he says. His voice gradually becomes more passionate with every thought he voices. Your shared steps on the uneven sidewalk get bigger, then smaller, then bigger, stop completely, then continue. He walks with his eyes glued to the sidewalk, carefully wording every thought of his. He only looks up to see if you’re still there, listening to him. His brows furrow, his mind looks like each fraction of opinion he speaks is either right or wrong to you, and he’s afraid of being wrong.

You stop for a second. He looks at you. His E/C eyes don’t bring warmth this time. He’s observing you, reading you. You want him to feel comfortable talking to you about this. No matter how many times you chimed his thoughts, he wanted more. You saw color, emotion in his eyes, like he wanted something from you then and there. He looked like he was holding back something else he wanted to say.

“C/N?” you ask.

He looks at you for only a few more seconds, smiles, then shakes his head.

“I’m sorry,” C/N smiled, gazing down, “I wanted to say something else, but I don’t want to rush.”

You feel yourself begin to blush a little. You never knew he could speak so passionately about something, as he had just done. Luckily, he starts walking again, not noticing your tinted cheeks. You shyly follow two steps behind.

You eventually stop at a park.

“I’m sorry, this is where I’ll be leaving. I have practice in an hour,” he says.

The world stops for a second. You’re sad the conversation has to end here. You can tell he’s sad too. His bright, sunshine eyes clouded over, losing the warmth they radiated only seconds ago. You could see his eyes searching, longing for something else, unsatisfied with how you two had to part.

“C/N… can I ask you something before we go?” you say, not only to break the silence, but because you’re desperate to hear his voice and his laugh one last time in this perfect moment.

“Yes?” he smiles, looking up and meeting your gaze once again.

You look down and laugh at the though of your silly question. “What do people rush in relationships that make them so bad?”

He smiles, and an overwhelming laugh that sings sweeter that the springtime birds fills the air like music to your ears.

“Well Y/N, you see…” he says, hesitating for a moment, carefully planning out his next words.

Suddenly, you feel a warm hand against yours. You jump a little, and look up to see C/N’s hand warmly interlocked with yours.

“They go straight into hand holding. More importantly, any kind of physical interaction. It’s unnecessary! Wouldn’t you agree?“

His face grows a bit red, realizing that he may have scared you, but your uncontrollable laugh makes his sudden blush even worse. You eventually control your sudden outburst.

“Right!” you chime. “Just like…”

You take his hand, which was still entwined with yours, and wrap his arm around you.

“…when lovers our age start cuddling in the movies? On the first date?”

He’s nervous now, you can tell. But so are you. You can tell the word “lovers” flustered him a little, but that just makes this little game even more fun.

“True, true,” he laughs, “but what about…”

He quickly pulls you over to a large tree next to the sidewalk. He now holds both of your hands and pins you against the tree.

“…those couples that kiss, anywhere, and-”

“-everywhere,” you both say.

He’s now inches away from your face. You’re both looking into each other’s eyes, daring one another to actually make the move in the heat of the moment. Though it’s the most tempting thing you’ve ever faced, it was also the cheesiest, and you both know it. You both stumble over your own feet and break out into an uncontrollable laugh.

Still holding hands, you both trip over a large root sticking out of the ground from the tree. The fall wasn’t painful at all, and the two of you start to laugh even harder.

The grass is soft. A beautiful green. The park’s lawn had not been mowed yet, so it felt like mother nature’s softest blanket had graced itself upon the moment and wrapped the two of you in pure joy.

As you tried to control your laughter, you realized you couldn’t hear his voice anymore. You turned your head to find his eyes exploring yours. He was looking at you again. In a way he hadn’t before.

The silence was pure. It was nice, not like before. The two of you just laying there under the shade of the tree. It was magic.

You lie there in silence, the two of you looking up and the bright blue sky and the warm green leaves. You listened to people playing in the park, and to nature’s beautiful evening lullaby. You listened to the peaceful world around you, until C/N finally spoke.

“Relationships are nice. Real ones, not rushed ones. Maybe some people can feel initial attraction to someone, a chemical rush whenever they hold hands with their partner, whenever they exchange a kiss, a hug, a smile, anything,” he spoke, “but if you rush these interactions, not waiting for time to build their meaning and their value, it’s not real. People hold hands without holding meaning, people hug without embracing, people kiss without doing it like it’s the last time they’ll ever see their lover again.”

He isn’t flustered when he says the word “lover” there. You almost giggle, but you know it isn’t right. His words are soft, and the spring breeze plays with his H/C hair. His smile is warm.

“People love without loving… and to love, is to want something to last forever.”

His words hit you hard. You looked over at him, finding him staring up at the lone blossomed flower on the tree branch above you. He’s thinking, pondering.

He turns his body to face you. You to face him in response. You didn’t expect you two to be so close, but you are. C/N looks into your E/C eyes.

“You know, this like the cliche movie thing where the two characters get really close and stare into one another’s eyes…”

You laugh, pushing yourself away from the ground to stand up again.

“Hey, Y/N, maybe I should catch up and walk with you more often,” he says, sitting upright after laying in the warm grass for so long.

You turn around and smile at him.

“I would love that.”

He gives a shy smile and starts walking into the park. You turn back onto your path, beaming. The birds serenade your path back to your humble home, the breeze carries all of your bad thoughts away, and you recall every last detail of your encounter.

Your mind raced with questions. Your heart wanted to run back and seal your paradisiac evening with the one thing you didn’t dare do, but craved as you were entranced on the sidewalk in the silence, as you were pinned to the tree, as the two of you layed in the warm sunshine together,

but you silenced those thoughts,

because you weren’t going to rush such a beautiful thing. You wanted it to last forever, so you treasured that time you just had, and excitedly waited for the next.

And so did C/N.

Hello!♡ this is my very first imagine! I hope you enjoyed it! It was so much fun to write, and if you like my writing, feel free to send me a request or an idea, and hopefully I can make it into a beautiful story! I do advice and other things related to crushes (or not related to crushes) as well, so check out my lovely little blog, and have a lovely little day!♡


We lost our power today! The neighbor’s tree fell and ripped the power lines down. Perfectly healthy looking tree too, with mild wind today. I was out feeding the quail when I saw the tree just fall down. The property owner came and told me he called a few times about this tree because the base of it was always wet and soft, so today was the day it fell. 

So during repair, the ferrets got a couple hours of play time on this nice cool day. Lyric and Avy are in the Spring Shabbies, but Pagan is still not shedding! 

home ; p. chanyeol

» soulmate au  

» home is where he found himself. 

The mild spring wind blew softly at a wednesday. Faint laughters and murmurs covered the whole street area, with cars buzzing in the background. The street Lily 05; it’s name – was unusually crowded unlike any other days at a week. People accompanied with their own partners; ranging from best friends to lovers and some few small families. Along with company, smiles were all etched at their bright faces. 

You felt envious of their environment. The youthful laughters shared with their own loved; the mellow hums of lovers and the thoughtful words of relatives to one another. Unlike their reality, yours was in another way; depressing to say the least. You again, wondered how the weather still haven’t matched your emotionally unstable situation. 

One  look at lovers and you might break down. 

You could just imagine the worst dreadful scenario already. People would surround you in a sparse manner, pondering in shock why a sad looking youth was crying; others would say otherwise; a ballistic nuthead. 

As each baby step you took, the taste of great bitterness starts to envelope you. How come strangers get to have surprisingly better love life than you? Weren’t soulmates existed to render someone a lovely company; a person to spend their eternities with their designated one? How come your ancestors never once told you that just because you’ve found your significant other doesn’t mean that they would not lose interest in you? You never knew the reason to why soulmates existed. It took about a millennia for people to understand the concept of soulmates; your greatest ancestors, what difference would it make if soulmates did not exist?

 Promptly shaking your head to take the deep thoughts away, you placed your coat away before padding to the living room. Only to notice right away that it was dead empty, as per usual. The cold silence that had you sighing for the thousandth time, this wasn’t even foreign anymore.

 The amount of encounters you had of fhis situation makes you wonder; does my own soulmate even care for me? 

As much as how in denial you kept yourself hidden in, the truth would always reveal itself. You just gave yourself a choice; and that is to never acknowledge the truth. This twisted fairy tale seems too unreal for you and you once wondered - is this even real? if I wake up will I find my soulmate sleeping soundly beside me? And act like him spending time with another person never happened? 

You were a fool enough to let this happen. 

Feigning innocence whenever he would leave meaningless kisses and whispers of sweet nothings on your skin. How long do you bother on staying like this, child? You promised yourself – if you ever were to suddenly stop everything, you will never muster up and find the mercy within you to forgive him. 

 “H-hey..” The softest touch he renders on your shoulder, it was the faint and felt like the cold ocean air. Had you jumping up from your spot, surprised with his sudden appearance. But for some reason, you felt something dreadful was to happen at this moment – his lowered gaze and lips being chewed, he showed the first signs of shame and guilt. 

You forced a smile on your face, and you knew it irked him off. “Yeol.” The sweet tone that laced on your voice slightly made him more douse in regret; what had happen in him? he had this beautiful being in front of him (a beautiful being that acted oblivious to all of his mistakes) yet he had been going off with someone. In response, he mirrored your smile and sat himself beside you. 

You didn’t know wether to hug him or to stay put; so you took it upon yourself to chose to stay put and rather, wait for him to say something. 

“I missed you.” Chanyeol’s fear crawled up on his skin, as his gaze fixated itself on your unpredictable expressions. The smile on your face slightly faltered. 

He missed you. Because he haven’t been spending time with you even though you two lived together in the same house. He missed you. Because the person he was messing with was only for sexual needs; love wasn’t needed. He missed you because that person wasn’t showering him love like you; 

he missed you because that person wasn’t a fool enough to put their heart on a platter for him. 

He shifted uncomfortably under the thick silence. Then he swallowed his anxiousness for the nth time, eyes trained on your face. Then there he sat, watching with full attention – saw the smallest tear that fell from your eye. 

Upon the ache you endured throughout your eternity spent with him, how come this one was the most beautiful pain you felt? You couldn’t decipher the next events because everything was deafened by your cries and blinded by your tears that continuously streamed from your eyes. Oh, how you wished to do everything just to cover this pain, even just for a brief moment. 

Oh how you wished you were like those bright strangers with their soulmates, happy and content with their own significant other. 

 “I know, Chanyeol, I know what you’re hiding.” Even amidst the relentless hiccups and cries that escaped your mouth, he still understood. He abruptly stood up and weaved a hand to his locks, tugging roughly while he began pacing in front of you. 

The wrath began. 

Regrets filled in him – no, it was more than regret. He wished he didn’t existed, he wished he wasn’t stupid enough to cause a deep cut in your soulmate life. He kneeled in front of you, grabbing your hands in a frantic manner as choked excuses left his mouth. His gaze desperately searched contact with your own, but with his unfortunate luck, you did everything but keep contact with him. Hands pushed his away, gaze lowered at your lap, your cries subdued with his soothings. 

 “L-look at me p-please! I’m sorry! I-I’m so s-sorry – fuck.” He teared up, hands shaking as he cupped your face and directly faced it in his direction, muffles of cries escaping his lips. You know what they say — regret happens in the end. 

The house was enveloped in cold air, thick tension and cries. Your neighbors probably started to wonder why they’re hearing cries next door. 

 “Explain.” All it took him to go silent was a short sharp response, he instantly stood up, taking you with him before he took it upon to envelope you in a hug without permission. 

You stayed limp under his touch, hands position on your sides, eyes all puffy and red. 

 “You wouldn’t believe all the bullshit that will come out of my mouth even if I explain, I know you will still keep the wandering doubts in your head, but I want you to hear one last phrase that I know you won’t believe — I’m sorry. I’m sorry I lost interest, I’m the most pathetic person existing as of now and I don’t deserve a precious flower like you but I’m really sorry. I’m sorry I cheated on you. I’m sorry I made you feel like dirt, a used dirt that is constantly stepped on. I’m sorry this house doesn’t feel like home anymore.” His grip got tighter on your skin, as more warm tears fell on your skin. 

Regrets. Shame. Guilt. 

The only things that Chanyeol felt. 

No words could describe his hatred of how he had played you, how he just realized he made you feel upset about everything. 

 “But please know that no matter what happens..” He hiccuped, hands up to cup your doused cheeks. “You will always be my home, and I will always return to my home no matter what.”

Little Butterfly

Member: WonHo // MONSTA X

Genre: Greek God!au, Romance, Fluff

A/N: Just a short little drabble based on an aesthetic that @kawaii-hedgehog showed me ;’)

Words: 323

She was like a butterfly as he grasped her in his arms. A small, vulnerable, but pretty butterfly whom he wanted to hold forever. A butterfly who warmed his hands and chest where she touched him. A woman so ethereal that no gods could compare to her.

Only the shine of her eyes put the rest of the world to shame, and he felt in power to hold such a little, human girl as his lover. His priority. His world. The world that he clutched in his own, powerful hands.

She brushed her lips over his cheek then, and he realized he had begun to cry as his eyes roamed her body clothed in white silk, the dress flowing down to her knees and billowing in the mild afternoon wind as they stood in one of the windowless rooms of his palace.

Atop her silky hair was placed a crown of flowers, brightening her innocent aura. He wished to one day replace it by one of his heirlooms, a tiara with a softest shade of pink one could ever dream of. He wanted her to be with him for the rest of his eternity.

“Why are you crying?” her soft voice had enquired then, her exquisite eyes now portraying curiosity and concern, the little hands roaming his back now on his shoulders as she tip-toed to see closer to his face.

“You’re so beautiful…” he muttered, and with a quick sweep his lips were atop hers, lulling her into a whole another realm of love and passion where he surrounded her, his entire physical form around hers, and the god inside of him, embracing the two, increasing the passion and soon the kiss turned more heated, he wanted more, so much more, but at the same time he didn’t want anything but what he already had, and so he stopped. Kissed her nose. Then smiled.

She was beautiful to the point of tears.

Contended Love (Part 2) | Thomas

From: The Maze Runner
Pairing: Thomas x reader
Word count: 5,202 (i got carried away… sorry!)
Warnings: slight angst

Part 1 

A/N: This took a while, actually. I was suffering of a minor writer’s block: it’s not like I didn’t have ideas, I just didn’t have the will in me to sit down and write. But here it is! Feedback is appreciated and hope you like it! Enjoy, cuties! x 

“(Y/N), come on. Wake up, sweetheart,” Newt’s voice said as he gently shook my right shoulder, trying to awaken me from my deep sleep. I ever so slowly opened my tired eyes and saw the blond lad sitting at the side of my hammock smiling at me. “Deep sleeper much, huh?” he teased.

“You have no idea,” I replied in my usual husky morning voice, causing a small chuckle to leave his slim nude lips. 

“Well, did you sleep okay? ‘Cause I was looking forward to doing something with you today,” he smiled. 

“Really? Like what?” I asked surprised with a slight frown on my face as I lifted myself with my arms, getting into a sitting position.

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Tea - Jungkook

title ; Tea

pairing ; Jungkook x OC

genre ; cute-tea love

word count ; SATISFYINGLY 900 WORDS

a/n ; after decades of failing the only subject i love and being on a writer’s block, i am back with yet another boring scenario

the afternoon was white and the weather was rather temperate. the windows were wide open and the sheer curtains were blown by the mild wind. she was in the living room, sitting in nothing more than a thin shirt two sizes larger with a pair of boxer shorts on the velvet cream sofa. with her legs folded firmly against her chest and her arms toyed with her own hair, she hummed sweetly to the tune of her new favourite song. palette.

“peppermint,” he remarked in a soft tone barely above a whisper, passing the heavy transparent mug to her cold hands. the heat from the tea warmed her, and she smiled tenderly as her humming came to a slow pause. her ivory fingers wrapped the glass and pulled it closer to her philtrum, sniffing the strong distinctive in pure bliss.

she looked up to him, eyes following every movement he made as he elongated his body on the couch, contracting the already limited surface area.

he groused to himself as he had to force himself back up, just because he left his tea on the coffee table. “you know i could just get that for you instead of you grumbling yourself up,” she laughed. he scratched the nape of his neck with no feeling of itch, simply trying to hide the slight stupidity his brain decided to make.

“anyways..” he queried. “how do you stand drinking berry tea?”

he attempted what seems like his second sip of the pinkish-red coloured brew, squinting in sourness as the acid acted up to his taste buds. “seriously,” he whined, shaking off the intense flavour.

“why didn’t you take green tea instead?” she asked, her hands travelling up to his parted hair and brushing a few strains back into place.

she drank her peppermint tea in small mouthfuls and placed her mug on the coffee table. she took his glass and placed it parallel to where hers was. staring at his eyes waiting for an answer that seemed to never come, her eyes darted directly at his tinted lips. “come on,” he mouthed. “kiss me.”

she laughed and grabbed him on both sides of his face. her nails digging into his hair, continuing with her fingers rubbing his ears. Her lips longed the taste of his. her tongue voraciously wanted to savour him.

he dominantly pushed her and sprawled her against the sofa, fitting himself perfectly in between her legs and arms. the kiss didn’t broke, instead got deeper. got hungrier. and got even more vigorous. his teeth pulled her bottom lip, earning himself a pleasing cry.

their tongues overlapped each other’s and the warm feeling of love spread across the room. it wasn’t the taste of the tea they drank that appealed, but it was the feeling of comfort and tender care of one another. the feeling of wrapping his fingers around her waist, the feeling of her running and clutching her fingers in the forest of his hair. It was those feelings that made it seem like home.

“though i must say, peppermint and berry don’t really go as well as i expected it would be,” he laughed.

her eyes curved as her lips formed a smile. it was the nicest thing to see in a breezy afternoon. the love of her life smiling above her after a long needed kiss. maybe.. that is what heaven is capable of.

he grabbed her by the waist and shuffled his movements so he was lying on the sofa with her lying flat on him. “you asked me something, didn’t you?” he reassured in the form of a question. his fingers traced loving shapes on her spine, where her light shirt exposed her skin.

“why didn’t you take green tea?”

“because..” he paused. “there was only one sachet left.”

she moved her head so she faced him fully. Her chin rested on his moving chest, a flustered look plastered on her face. “and so?”

“so?” he nervously tittered. “i knew how much you love green tea. Do you think i would actually drink the last sachet while i know it’s reserved just for you?”


“the one you’re drinking now is the last. i had a small internal fight with myself thinking if you preferred peppermint or green tea more today, but i just end up picking the sachet with my eyes closed.”

“and the natural ones?”

“i truthfully have no clue how you can drink those without adding sugar or creamer.”

“exactly my thoughts when you drink coffee,” she mumbled and snuggled into the crook of his neck. her nose brushed softly against his sensitive skin, her lips planting surprising pecks on it.

“well at least i put brown sugar in them. you’re inhuman.”

“there’s a tub of honey in the fridge for a reason, jeon jungkook.”


“strawberry is better.”

“then why didn’t you drink that one instead of the berry one if you knew that one is better?”

“well..” he simpered. “we need to go and restock your cabinet of tea. we’re only left with a sachet of green tea, a couple of berry ones and like..” he paused and his fingers counted in the air before adding, “and two or three natural ones.”

all she could do is laugh softly. grabbing his hand and toying with his fingers, she picked up the song she hummed to where she left off. palette.

Fictober 5-Sentence Challenge: Day 9, Autumn

Fandom:  Hakuouki

[Note: blatant SaiChi and a huge thanks to @nalufever and @eliz1369 for reminding me that it’s okay to write about my personal OTP now and then]


The leaves skittered along the ground in dry, scratchy swirls of muted autumn colours; the bright red and golden yellow and glowing orange that shone so vividly on the branches was always dimmed by death and dust.  Saitō shook his head inwardly for such fanciful thoughts.  Not one to delude himself, he knew that his perceptions reflected anxiety—a fear for the future that he had never before experienced in such a… personal… way.

He glanced sideways at the girl beside him, whose deep brown eyes were wide with happy excitement and the sheer enjoyment of the moment, from the bright colours overhead and the crunch of leaves underfoot to the beloved warmth of his hand around hers, strong, lean fingers keeping her protectively close.  What worried him most, he wondered: the unabashed pride in her eyes when she turned toward him—as she did now, aware of his regard—or the way that she was absolutely certain that he could protect her and their unborn children from much greater winds than the mild autumn breeze that touched them now?

With many thanks also to @maeko28 for allowing me to use this beautiful art for my fics from time-to-time.  This is a smaller, cropped version.

So,,,, remember last year, when I was spewing headcanons for a barisi camp counselor AU? I have a snippet that I really wanted to share. What’s under the read-more was supposed to be the last chapter of a multi-chapter fic I was thinking of doing at the time, but I decided that borders on overload for me, so I was thinking of just posting the cute snippets I wrote instead. 

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Cold waves that lap against a warm but slowly cooling coast line. The sand is wet but it is made of stone and a few meager feet away from the shore is beach grass ahead, and away from stinking seaweed that has been dumped like an abandoned child on a rock in Sparta. The wind is mild and tickles the sand and waves like the whiskers of an animal against a mortal’s cheek. The moon is bright overhead and the lone figure sitting on the shore pretends to sleep.

BTS Forgetting To Pick You Up And Finding You Crying

Jin: “Ready, set…… GO!” Hobi shouted out as Jin and Tae began to shove as many dumplings into their mouth as they could. It was a spur of the moment decision to see who could eat the most. There was no time limit and they had bought an endless amount of dumplings to keep them occupied. Jin looked over to see Tae slowing down as he had to take small breaths between bites. Smirking to himself, Jin grabbed another dumpling, dipped it into the sweet and sour sauce and popped it into his mouth. “You’re fucked, Tae”, Jin gurgled out with a smug voice as he shoved more dumplings in. Jungkook walked into the dorm room to see the fiasco of the two boys, watching for a few moments Jungkook went to undress. “Jin hyung, didn’t you need to leave a few hours ago?” Feeling the mush of pork and kimchi roll to a stop in his mouth, Jin felt a hard lump go down his throat as he swallowed in fear. He had completely forgotten to pick up his Jagi from the train station. She had chosen one farther out to save money and Jin had whole heartedly promised to pick her up in time. Knowing he was already extremely late, Jin kept his head down when he picked his girlfriend up as she dried her tears on her sweater.

Suga: Suga’s pen flew across the room bouncing off the wall with speed that only came out when Suga was extremely frustrated. He had spent the past two and a half hours trying to write new raps for the comeback. Opening his notebook to the stanzas he left the day before, Suga blankly sat around doodling with his head too full to properly think but also too empty to think of new ideas. Groaning in frustration, Suga rubbed his hands through his hair roughly hoping the burn would create a stream of words to come out. Leaning back in his chair, Suga let his gaze wander across the studio room to land on the clock mounted over the door. It took about a second before Suga was flying through the doorway down into the parked car he had haphazardly parked earlier.  It wasn’t a long drive to his girlfriend’s work place, but it didn’t really matter when Suga drove up to her crying into one of her coworkers’ shoulders. Cursing at himself, Suga shut off the ignition and walked towards his Jagiya in shame.

J-Hope: This was the last fucking straw. Hobi knew that being an idol was going to be difficult with the constant hate from the public and harshness of the managers but when he saw Jungkook get slapped the second time that month; Hobi fucking lost it. It took both Jimin and V to grab hold of him before he made any stupid choices. Of course it wasn’t okay that they got mistreated like this all the time, but if even one of them try to talk back to the higher ups it would come back in tenfold for them. Practicing any dance he could think of to keep his mind off what just happened, it took about five hours before the last dart of rage ebbed out of Hobi’s body. Unfortunately, it was replaced with the feeling of stupidity and humility as Hobi remembered that he had to pick his girlfriend up from a camping trip with some of her friends. They had agreed on a drop off point where they left their cars and such, but he had dropped her off as well. It took about an hour to finally get to his Jagi, finding her sitting under a tree with only a small lantern to give her light, Hobi simply took her tears and sadness as more reasons to blame himself.   

Rap Monster: Namjoon chug the rest of his beer before aiming the can for the appropriate recycling bin. Watching the can soar across the street, Namjoon huffed out in annoyance when the can ricocheted and landed on the ground. Although his aim wasn’t the best, Namjoon was still able to beat Jimin and Tae by having the Golden Maknae on his team for Ski Ball. The boys had decided to use their free day at an arcade where they could just forget about the stress of managers and late night practices. Pulling out his phone to send his girlfriend a picture of Jin and Hobi playing the pepero game with a cheese stick, Namjoon’s finger stopped right before he pressed send. Putting his weight on his heels, Namjoon leaned back in frustration as he realized he had forgotten to pick up his girlfriend from her class trip she was getting back from. He tried to think of ways to be forgiven as he drove to where his girlfriend would be, but he knew in the end he had fucked up as a boyfriend. Finding his Jagiya sitting underneath a tree sleeping with only her jacket as a blanket, Namjoon picked her up and walked towards the car feeling even guiltier.

Jimin: Jimin let out a sigh of pleasure as he felt the sun rays caress his chilled skin from the ocean’s winds. He had been given a day of freedom and not thinking twice about it, Jimin called up his brother for a few hours of chilling by the sea. It was a beautiful day with only mild winds that kept you just chilled enough so you wouldn’t become too hot. Jimin and his brother spent the most of it talking about anything they could think of while they walked across the sand or as they waited in line for ramyun. The best moment for Jimin was probably getting to watch the sunset with his brother. It was only when his brother asked how his girlfriend was doing that he fully realized where he should had been two hours ago. Apologizing quickly to his brother, Jimin raced towards his Jagi’s workplace as fast as he could. He would curse at himself when he reached over for his phone only to figure out that he must have left it with his brother. Running throughout the huge complex that his Jagi worked out, Jimin repeatedly worked on how he was going to make up for being late and finding his girlfriend crying on a bench.  

V: “Oh my go- FUCK!” Taehyung shouted out into the empty dance studio as he missed his cue again in the point part of the dance. All of the other boys, even fucking Namjoon for Christ’s sake, had learned to hit the move on the beat. But for some damn reason, Tae was either too slow or went in so fast he would skid across the floor and stumble. Completely giving up trying to learn the move tonight, Tae grabbed his skateboard to destress his wound up nerves. An hour of feeling the wind slice across his biceps and wick off the sweat on the back of his neck did wonders for his mind. Seeing the sun started to go down, Tae decided he need to get back now if he wanted to pick his girlfriend up from school on time. Popping his board up to angle it in the opposite direction, Tae felt the fumble of the back right wheel breaking off its handle. Looking down to see there was no way in hell for Tae to fix the skateboard right then, and being a dumbass and leaving his phone and wallet at the studio, Tae begin to sprint back to the company building. Even in his best shape, it took Tae about half an hour to make it back and another two hours in traffic to finally make it to his Jagiya’s school. Tae would let out a weak sorry as he pulled up to wear his girlfriend was sitting on a metal bench. Unlocking the doors for her to get in, Tae knew he was the shittiest boyfriend in existence. 

Jungkook:  “Jagi, I’m sorry I had no choice!” Jungkook pleaded as his girlfriend shook her head as tears streamed down her face. He had just been about to leave to pick up his girlfriend from her ballet rehearsals when one of the more less desired managers forced Jungkook to stay and study for his exams. He usually knew how to hold his temper, but five minutes of arguing with the manager and the slip of the phrase “fuck you”, Jungkook received a blow across the face. Having to endure a two hour study session where all Jungkook could do was see his girlfriend’s disappointed face was tearing his insides out. Running out of there the millisecond it was over, Jungkook drove as fast as he could to his Jagi. The night ended with Jungkook forgiven by his girlfriend but feeling like a completely asshole.   

- Admin Jade


It was midday, with gloomy grey clouds hovering high in the sky. The soles of your shoes tapped against the cold concrete of the rain-soaked pavement as you made your way to your hotel, your mobile phone in hand. You were here on a visit to see some friends of yours, and you had taken the time to venture your surroundings by yourself; it was a much better plan than staying inside your room all day while you waited for your friends to get off work.

Thankfully, the rain that had been falling for the majority of the morning had lessened its vicious onslaught by 12 o’clock, and had instead transitioned to cold air and mild winds with small showers here and there. Luckily, you had so far evaded getting drenched in rainwater…

With that being said, that didn’t mean you were any less likely to stand in puddles. 

Hissing as you did precisely that, you scowled lightly to yourself. That’s exactly what you got for being too caught up in your thoughts. As you took a step back, you glared at the muddy water as though it was personally responsible for all evil in the world; and by your current judgement, it was. 

Your irritation, however, was washed away immediately upon hearing the sound of laughter. 

It was smooth and deep, and completely unalike to anything you had heard before. The pureness of it made something in your chest do extravagant flips and cartwheels, making you feel slightly unsettled.

A part of you wanted to wince. It was partly because you were aware that this magnificent sound was aimed at you, but also because you had just stepped into the puddle again from your momentary surprise.

You gritted your teeth as you lifted your foot from the water. Lovely laughter be damned, now you really wanted to incinerate that mocking miniature pool. 

If you didn’t know any better, you would be thoroughly convinced that it was out to get you.

“Excuse me, Ma’am/Sir,” a soothing voice materialised behind you, sounding friendly and calm, “while it is unfortunate we couldn’t meet under better circumstances and I am in a particularly dire rush, I believe you dropped this.”

Blinking, you turned toward the voice, and felt your entire body freeze up.

In front of you stood a man with dark, unruly hair and an impressively obnoxious tan coat. His left hand was shoved unceremoniously inside of his pocket, whereas in his right he held a set of silver keys - more importantly, your silver keys.

You could tell by his posture that he was in a hurry to be somewhere else, but when you finally observed his face, you could see that he was smiling. His cheeks were partially flushed from the chilly air, but you also detected faint hints of sweat clinging to his forehead.

Did he have to run to catch up to you? Or was he already running when he saw you drop your keys? You hadn’t even heard him! 

Nevertheless, this man didn’t have to help you out. In fact, he had just saved you a lot of trouble, and for that, you were grateful.

“O-oh.” You bit the inside of your cheek, forcing yourself to remain coherent. “Uh, thank you…” Gingerly, you plucked the keys from his hand, unsure of what else you could possibly say or do.

At this point, you were aware that you were staring rather rudely at the man, but you couldn’t bring yourself to care. He just had such a… stare-able face, you could hardly blame yourself for doing so.

Neither could he, it seemed. It appeared he was facing the same dilemma as yourself.

His hazel eyes were sharp and keen as they traced your features so slowly it seemed as though he was taking a mental picture for later inspection. He took his time, like he was taking care to remember every detail he saw. “Dazai Osamu. It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss/Mr…?”

Smiling more openly, you adjusted the grip you had on your phone and keys. Maybe today wouldn’t be as bad as you thought it would be.

“[Y/N]. [Y/L/N] [Y/N].” 

Want to request an imagine?

It would be a betrayal of my character to write an emotional piece and not accompany it with an equally heartbreaking song to listen to simultaneously. I should apologise to the person who requested the fic - @jamesbuckyfuckingbarnes – because I made one slight change to your request. You’ll notice what it is, and I am apologizing again (this time to everyone) for the feels. Nonetheless, enjoy!

Prompt:  Have you heard of the colour soul mate au? where everyone sees black and white until they meet there soul mate and everything goes to colour and when the person dies it goes back to black and white? i was wondering if i could have a bucky x reader based on this and maybe the reader “dies” and bucky is confused as to why his vision is still coloured and then they get reunited :3


Bucky couldn’t breathe. The air was thick with dust and heat and his lungs burned consequently but that was not why he felt like he might choke. The rubble under his feet made standing on his shaky legs even harder and he stumbled backwards, fighting back tears as slowly the colour began to bleed from the world.

The sky was melting – blue becoming grey – and the world around him seemed to fade too. The red and browns of the buildings were becoming grey and darker grey. Everything was grey and black and white and more grey. Never had a colour been so terrifying.

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if i were a month, i’d be: january

if i were a day of the week, i’d be: saturday

if i were a planet, i’d be: saturn

if i were a sea animal, i’d be: a stingray

if i were a god/goddess, i’d be: athena

if i were a piece of furniture, i’d be: a loveseat

if I were a gemstone, i’d be: garnet

if i were a flower, i’d be: popey

if i were a kind of weather, i’d be: partly cloudy with mild winds

if i were a color, i’d be: burgundy

if i were an emotion, i’d be: happiness

if i were a fruit, i’d be: watermelon

if i were a sound, i’d be: a child laughing

if i were an element, i’d be: air

if i were a place, i’d be: athens

if i were a mythological creature, i’d be: mermaid

if i were a taste, i’d be: sweet

if i were a scent, i’d be: jasmine

if i were an object, i’d be: a book

if i were a body part, i’d be: the atlas bone

if i were a song, i’d be: oh no! by marina and the diamonds

if i were a pair of shoes, i’d be: black canvas vans

❝ He hit me and it felt like a k i s s ❞

🇫🇷 | 🇲🇨 | @ofromance

The clicking of heels against mahogany floors echoed through the palace’s halls. Fast-paced and swift, sharp though not precise; any of the palace’s inhabitants or workers could know who these hasty steps belonged to.

They were accompanied by incoherent yet angry muttering and the occasional whine. Anxious as ever, angry and afraid, Mademoiselle Angélique Rochelle, Nation of the Principality of Monaco was stepping her way through the corridors and hallways warily, shakily, like a caged lioness begging for release. She paced, biting her finely manicured nails nervously, chipping the pretty red nail polish off it. She usually would never ruin her nails in such a manner, but hell if she wasn’t allowed to let herself go, then she should be damned.

She had just come out of a meeting with Prince Rainier and things didn’t seem to go well at all.

Monté-Carlo used to be such a lovely place to live in. The entire country of Monaco was simply composed of a city that looked out to the Mediterranean Sea, blessed by pleasant weather all year round, sunshine and heat in the summers and soft, mild winds in the winter. The Pearl of the French Riviera, many would say, as the city’s prestige would surpass Nice or Cannes or even Menton. Monaco had become a playground for french and italian aristocrats throughout the years, not that Angélique truly disliked it. It brought in money, and money was all that mattered. She brought in many budding companies with her nonexistent taxes and all the money she won with that was money she didn’t pay to France. It was a good life.

Monté-Carlo was a pretty little coastal city, picturesque even, though it remained stuck in its pre-War glory and was in terrible need of being urbanised… However, at this point, it was to be done with money that the monégasques did not have.

Not only was that an issue, but the french government had been threatening to take action should taxes not be paid to them soon enough. Mlle. Rochelle, as well as her government and her people, thoroughly refused. They refused though they tried their best to negotiate, to worm their way around the problem… But the French, and especially Président De Gaulle, had been strict on one point; they needed this money, and their needs were more important than a petty little principality’s wants.

Those horrid thoughts kept bouncing off the walls of Angélique’s mind, swirling around poisonously, over and over as she almost felt physically sick thinking about what would happen.

She still refused. She was too prideful to let herself go like that. She didn’t owe France anything. Francis himself was an opportunistic bastard and he simply pounced on this occasion, feigning to need money to steal hers… She wouldn’t accept it.
She was angry and anxious, though she would stand her ground. Nothing would stop her from being herself. Nothing would stop her from being the Rocher, strong and bold, always standing tall against the waves of adversity.

A swift ‘Mademoiselle!’ interrupted the short woman in her train of thought. One of the palace’s workers had approached her, bowing his head respectfully as the Nation turned around to acknowledge him.

“… Yes?”

“You have a visitor, Mademoiselle.” he announced.

“A visitor? For me and not for the Prince?” she asked curiously.

The palace worker gulped and gave a positive response to her inquiry to which she simply nodded and took in a deep breath.

“Very… Very well.”

She exhaled deeply, wondering who it could be for a brief moment as she walked down the corridors and arrived at the grand marble stairway that led to the courtyard. She walked down, straightening her pretty rosy-coloured dress before she noticed the navy blue Renault Floride parked there. She couldn’t believe it. She didn’t want to believe it. Of all people who could have visited her… It had to be him.