wind in the poppies


“I’ve become skeptical of the unwritten rule that just because a boy and girl appear in the same feature, a romance must ensue. Rather, I want to portray a slightly different relationship, one where two people mutually inspire each other to live. If I’m able to, then perhaps I’ll be closer to portraying a true expression of love.” -Hayao Miyazaki

The Signs as Miyazaki/Studio Ghibli Films

Aries: Kiki’s Delivery Service

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Taurus: My Neighbor Totoro

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Gemini: Castle In The Sky

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Cancer: From Up on Poppy Hill 

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Leo: Porco Rosso

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Virgo: The Wind Rises

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Libra: Howl’s Moving Castle 

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Scorpio: The Grave of the Fireflies

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Sagittarius: Nausicaä of The Valley of The Wind

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Capricorn: Princess Mononoke 

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Aquarius: Spirited Away

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Pisces: Ponyo

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Movie poster (part 2) master post in chronological order of release


Studio Ghibli (1986 - 2014) (Click images for better quality!)
↳ Ghibli means ‘hot wind blowing through the Sahara Desert’. The name was used for Italian scouting airplanes during World War II. Miyazaki, who loves airplanes (and Italy), named his studio after it.


Ghibli Art 


Lastly, Studio Ghibli’s [potentially] final farewell~ When Marnie Was There (2014).

They say that the brightest spark burns best when circumstances are their worst. (Howl’s Moving Castle)

Just follow your heart and keep smiling. (Kiki’s Delivery Service)

Once you’ve met someone, you never really forget them. (Spirited Away)

Destroy the old and you destroy the memory of the past. (From Up a Poppy Hill)

You cannot change your fate. However, you can rise to meet it. (Princess Mononoke)

Do not fear the winds of adversity. Remember, a kite rises against the wind rather than against with it. (The Wind Rises)

In this world, there’s an invisible, magic circle. There’s an inside and an outside. And I’m outside. –I’ll be just fine from the outside. (When Marnie was There)

“The creation of a single world comes from a huge number of fragments and chaos.”
— Hayao Miyazaki


Studio GhibliStudio Ghibli

(un) studio d’animation animation studio
(un) réalisateur, (une) réalisatrice film director
(un) producteur film producer
(un/une) scénariste screenwriter
(un) animateur, (une) animatrice animator
(un) compositeur, (une) compositrice composer
(un) filmmovie
(un) animeanime
(une) animation animation
Nausicäa de la vallée du vent Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Le Château dans le ciel Castle in the Sky
Le Tombeau des lucioles Grave of the Fireflies
Mon voisin TotoroMy Neighbor Totoro
Kiki la petite sorcière Kiki’s Delivery Service
Souvenirs goutte à goutteOnly Yesterday
Porco Rosso Porco Rosso
Je peux entendre l’océan Ocean Waves; I Can Hear the Sea
Pompoko Pom Poko
Si tu tends l’oreille Whisper of the Heart
Princesse Mononoké Princess Mononoke
Mes voisins les YamadaMy Neighbors the Yamadas
Le Voyage de Chihiro Spirited Away
Le Royaume des chats The Cat Returns
Le Château ambulant Howl’s Moving Castle
Les Contes de Terremer Tales from Earthsea
Ponyo sur la falaise Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea
Arrietty, le petit monde des chapardeursThe Borrower Arrietty
La Colline aux coquelicots From Up on Poppy Hill
Le Vent se lèveThe Wind Rises
(le) Musée Ghibli Ghibli Museum

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sometimes you have to fight for the things that are worth fighting for.

a print i made celebrating (most of) the wonderful heroines from studio ghibli (+nausicaa) films. i love them all so much for everything they’ve taught me and helped me get through over the years and i wanted to do something to put that down on paper. you’ll be able to get this this weekend at san japan, artist alley table b209!


Spirited Away Backgrounds