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Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club is Mikoto's younger brother and comes to visit him xD (Last name Suoh....blond hair (based off your kinda headcanon for mikoto xD) kiddies...eHHHHH?)

When I got this ask my initial reaction was totally ‘OMG it all makes sense now’ XD So maybe Mikoto’s like the rebel of the family, he didn’t want to go into any kind of business venture and just wanted to do his own thing (and by ‘his own thing’ he meant 'sleep all day and not do anything of value as often as possible’). His father decided to let Mikoto do as he wanted and so sent Mikoto off to Shizume on his own so he could become his own person and all that, they eventually lost contact when Mikoto started up Homra with Totsuka and Kusanagi. His dad still totally knows where he is though and Tamaki has been wanting to see his long-lost big brother for some time so one day when his father gives him information as to where Mikoto’s staying Tamaki heads off to meet him.

I can imagine most of Homra just being like what the fuck upon seeing this blond princely guy walk into the bar and immediately go running over to Mikoto and calling him 'big brother,’ I can just see Tamaki being totally into the brotherly affection thing and being so pleased to see Mikoto since it’s been so long. Meanwhile most of Homra is just like 'big brother? Mikoto-san?’ Then Tamaki starts wondering about Mikoto’s dyed hair and color contacts and Mikoto’s pretty much ready to just drag him out of the bar because no we’re not talking about that while Totsuka sits in the corner giggling and probably filming the whole thing. Anna comes downstairs to see what the commotion is and Tamaki totally turns on the charm with her, asking who the lovely princess is, except it backfires in this case because now most of the Homra guys want to beat him up for hitting on their princess and he tries quickly to explain that he’s just being kind to the lady, Mikoto sighs and is like leave him alone, he’s a harmless idiot. (Also imagine Tamaki going back to Ouran and deciding that the host club’s next theme will be 'English-style bar,’ having a whole facade made up that resembles Bar Homra and he dresses up like Mikoto while most of the others dress up like Kusanagi and some of the other Homra guys, it is a total hit and he sends Mikoto a thank you card with a picture for giving him the idea. Mikoto just shakes his head in confusion and gives the picture to Anna, who thinks it’s cute.)

It is a warm but windy day in autumn. Leaves are blowing every which way, dancing in the streets as clouds chase each other across the sky.
In the midst of the quiet moment you’d taken to admire the gorgeous weather, Cody texted you, completely out of the blue. “Wanna take a walk? I’m picking you up.”
And when you step out the door, there he is. Smiling at you, the wind caressing his hair. “Hope you’ve got a couple of hours." 

Portrait of Cody Christian - windy day mood

Big thanks to @cohdychristian for her help with the text!

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