wind glitter

If The Raven Cycle tv series doesn’t take a page out of SKAM’s playbook and every time Ronan Lynch exits a car the world goes into slow motion and aggressive bagpipe music plays then honestly….what is the Point™ I ask u

Glitter paths

Ever wondered why the reflection of the sun or moon on water sometimes takes the form of an orb, while at others a magical seeming path seems to be crossing the water towards your good self, as if inviting you to step through into the middlemarches? The answer is wind. When the water is still and quiet, a glowing orb shines back at you. Add the slightest choppiness though, and a glittering path seems to flow towards you over the water. The ripples or waves turn the surface from one large mirror into countless smaller ones that create the effect of the path, reflecting the light as a diamond’s facets towards the watcher’s open eyes. In this photo the full moon is sitting pretty between a couple of icebergs.


Image credit: Dennis Ingemann

House Aesthetics, as Written by House Members

Gryffindor [by Olga]:

Gryffindor is laughing at your jokes and not caring what others think. Gryffindor is falling in love with life every day when you wake up when the sun touches your face. Gryffindor is emptying a water bottle over your head on a hot day and not changing your wet clothes. Gryffindor is always telling the truth even if it hurts. Gryffindor is knowing that brave doesn’t mean not being afraid but doing something despite experiencing fear. Gryffindor is kissing strangers at a party. Gryffindor is blasting music and singing the lyrics wrong. Gryffindor is the strong wind playing with your hair as you’re leaning out of the window. Gryffindor is crying with the rain and screaming with the thunder. Gryffindor is the friend who takes you by the hand when you need them to. Gryffindor is staring at fireworks with wide-opened eyes. Gryffindor is stargazing with that one person and feeling eternity. Gryffindor is the smirk you give someone right before you punch them in the face. Gryffindor is the one person you’ll always remember for being loud and strong yet always there when you needed them. Gryffindor are the memories of your youth that never fade. Gryffindor is the song stuck in your head that you associate with something that happened to you when you heard it for the first time. Gryffindor is slipping into sweatpants and an old t-shirt and not getting out of them for the whole day. Gryffindor is the red and yellow leaves in Fall that rustle beneath your feet. Gryffindor is the river flowing so fast and reckless taking everything with it. Gryffindor is dancing around a fire and singing songs from old days. Gryffindor is staying up all night to talk. Gryffindor is belonging to no one and everyone at the same time. Gryffindor is running so fast that your legs hurt. Gryffindor doing without thinking and living with the consequences.

Slytherin [by Tory]:

Slytherin is hanging an old diploma that belonged to a long-deceased family member you’ve never met in a place of honor in your house. Slytherin is clutching smoke and loving the feeling of it slipping through your fingers. Slytherin is turning off all the lights in your house and letting the last glints of the setting sun peek in through your window. Slytherin is smiling and laughing and never letting on that you secretly want to hit the person you’re talking to over the head. Slytherin is weaving in and out of traffic. Slytherin is the sunlight that ripples down onto the floor below you when you’re submerged in a pool. Slytherin is sometimes lying to others, but never to yourself. Slytherin is playing up the shadows and contrast when you’re editing a picture. Slytherin is dressing up on your days off. Slytherin is expecting the very best from those around you, and yet also turning the other cheek when the ones you love hurt you. Slytherin is missing the school bus and, instead of calling a friend or family member for a ride, walking home instead. Slytherin is falling in love with historical figures. Slytherin is skimming through photo albums by the light of a fire at Christmas time. Slytherin is wanting the freedom to change your mind whenever you want, but not actually doing so. Slytherin is a Venetian mask. Slytherin is a velvet curtain on a stage. Slytherin is an instrumental music track that pulls at your heartstrings. Slytherin is a piece of refreshing mint gum. Slytherin is the pair of eyes that says much more than a mouth ever could. 

Hufflepuff [by Jinxy]:  

Hufflepuff is sweaters with fraying sleeves and fading covers. It’s skipping stones sending up ripples as they sink in a lake. It’s the last dandelion seed clinging to the stem and a half-written letter. Hufflepuff is hair escaping a braid. It’s extra buttons collected in a jar on the bookshelf. Hufflepuff is empty birdhouses and open windows. It’s a garden of sunflowers reaching for the sun. Hufflepuff is the moment of anticipation right before something exciting happens. It’s trumpet music and untied shoelaces. Hufflepuff is old, flowery wallpaper. It’s singing along to a song, but only knowing the words to the chorus. It’s waiting, but not giving up hope. Hufflepuff is the nostalgia of entering a childhood home. It’s thunderstorms. Hufflepuff is forgetting a word mid-sentence. It’s a smile hiding tears, blurred family photographs, and the kitchen in wake of cooking. Hufflepuff is glasses clinking together in toast and friends reuniting after too long apart. It’s a long exhale and the first step into a new adventure.

Ravenclaw [by Abigail]:  

Ravenclaw is the quiet patter of rain at night, leaves falling in fall, finding a geode, converse, hair falling onto the floor after being cut.  Ravenclaw is purple flower petals blowing in the wind, glitter, the smell of hot chocolate in the winter, the sound of water flowing over rocks in the creek, trying new ice cream flavors, stupid puns, new sheet music, the seat heater in the car. Ravenclaw is scribbling with a brand new pen, quiet giggles at a campfire, spinning in a dress, the new book smell, space, lavender, newly painted nails, fluffing a pillow right before bed, making a fresh cup of tea, Ravenclaw is the moment you get something perfect after working hard on it, snowflakes falling on your nose, petting a dog after a long day, a half smile, water dripping on your nose after a shower, a perfectly baked treat. Ravenclaw is catching fireflies once the night has gone completely dark, the wind in your face and hair while walking, dark lipstick, a new pair of heels, curly hair. Ravenclaw is staring up at the stars on a summer night with a friend, the feeling you get after learning something new, crazy socks, perfecting the messy bun. Ravenclaw is standing on the beach as the waves come up and hit your knees, the sound of a clock ticking, the feeling of when you just jump in without thinking. 

Cleansing, Charging, Blessing

Here are some ideas on how to cleanse, charge, and bless!

👏 Clap your hands, 🔔 Ring a bell, 🎶 Play some music, 💐 Bring some plants in, 🏠 Open the windows

📲 Set the object near your charging phone, 🌝🌚 Sun and moonlight, ☔️ Water charging, 🍃 Wave it in the wind, 🌈 Sprinkle colorful glitter on it, 📣 Tell it to “charge!”

😃 Smile, 🎤 Sing about your intent, 📣 Voice your intent

anonymous asked:

could you write Sirius' hogwarst years through boggarts? Like first year, his boggart is being called a Black or something. And second year, when he realizes he has friends that don't care he is a Black, the boggart will have changed to like dead marauders or something.

I could dearie but do you really want it?

First year

“You are a disgrace Sirius” hissed Walburga. “Do you know who’s going to suffer for your incompetence?” she asked.

“You know it: Regulus” she replied the question herself. “Now that the actual Heir of Black house is no longer available, Regulus will take your place. But I didn’t raise him to be an heir, well now I’ll have to”

“Do you remember the things I taught you Sirius, how I taught them?” she said, Sirius flinched.

“Oh so you do, you do remember. I do take pride in being unforgettable” she took her wand out, Sirius took a few steps back without thinking.

“Now that you are gone boy, Regulus will pay for your mistakes. Didn’t think about him when you got yourself sorted into that disgusting blood traitor’s house now, did you?” she continued, Sirius was trembling under his mother’s giant figure.

“You’ll come back to this house Sirius and when you do I’ll make sure you pay for your mistake, I’ll make sure you suffer for disgracing our family name. I will-”


“Mr. Black!” said McGonagall alarmingly after she sent the Boggart where it came from. Sirius was crying uncontrollably. “There there, it was just a Boggart Mr. Black”

“Can you come with me to my office with me, please?”

“Yes, ma’am” said Sirius with a trembling voice, she sounded very calm and more motherly than Walburga ever did.

Second year

“Now that Regulus is a Slytherin, we don’t need you anymore Sirius” said Walburga. “You have those blood traitor friends to look out for you don’t you?”

“What you fail to understand is that your family would have been always there for you. You are a Black, boy. Once they realised that your blood is who you are they will leave you, too” She twirled her wand in her hand.

“Did you really believe that you would live happily ever after with your new friends and forget where you come from?” asked Walburga challengingly. “Did you really think that people would forget that you are a Black deep down?”

“They will never trust you completely Sirius, one small mistake you are bound to make and they are g–”


“Mom made me learn that spell when I was 10″ said James grinning but it faded once he was Sirius’ face. “Mate, I hope you don’t believe a word that woman–”

“That is my mother Jamie”

“I don’t give a damn who she is. I won’t ever leave you, we won’t ever leave. You can take my surname if you want to” assured James.

“Are you asking me to marry you James Potter?!” teased Sirius, suddenly he felt better.

“You git!” replied James with a wide grin on his face. “I was asking you to be my brother but I mean if you want to..”

Third Year

“This hurts so much Pads, why does it hurt so much?” said Remus curled up on the floor. He had his usual full moon scars but this time he looked worse than he usually did.

“Make it stop” begged Remus, his amber eyes burned less than they usually do, he tried to reach to Sirius but he couldn’t.

“Sirius, do something, please. Put me out of my misery” said Remus, the pain apparent in his voice. Sirius wanted to help but the more he moved, the more Remus bleed.

“Sirius–” whispered Remus, using whatever left was in his body to say his name.

“No, no Remus no. I love you no don’t leave–”


“You love me?” said Remus, gaping at Sirius.

“Uh, yes” replied Sirius, his eyes wet with tears that couldn’t escape. “You– you don’t have to say anything, don’t worry”

“You are an idiot” replied Remus as he pulled Sirius into a hug and kissed his forehead. “You really are” he smiled.

Fourth Year

“Why deny who you are Sirius?” said Sirius in the mirror standing in front of Sirius. “Why deny what you are?”

“Just because you are a Gryffindor and have friends that are not Pureblood, did you think you would become one of them?” he continued. It was a different feeling, Sirius saw himself in the mirror but the Sirius in the mirror had a mind of his own.

“Look at me Sirius, look at how different I am because I am your other half of you that knows what you are doing is ridiculous” he said. “You know deep down inside, that family is all you have. I have money, I have reputation and all you have is those three boys. A werewolf, a blood traitor and a miserable boy–”

“Peter is not miserable” shouted Sirius to the mirror.

“You keep telling yourself that. Why do you keep yourself from reaching your full potential Black? All that anger in you that you can release, why keep it to yourself? Why settle with being in a pack, when you can be a leader? Why be regular when you can be a Black?” he kept talking.

“You’ll end up alone, Sirius” he concluded. Sirius never said a word. “Alone as always, outcast as always, a menace to everyone you ever touch–”


“You bloody asshole” Sirius muttered to himself as the glass shattered and became a wind of glitter. 

Fifth Year

after the infamous prank

“Why did I trust you, Sirius?” said Remus coldly. “It took you just a few words to reveal my deepest, darkest secret”. Remus put his hand to his mouth as he did when he was thinking, he then pointed at Sirius, “I will never forgive you, I will never ever look at you the same way I did before” he said.

“You know what the worst part is? I knew this would happen long before it did. Black blood in you, you were born for this. I can’t believe I could be this daft” Remus continued, each word creating a new wound in Sirius’ skin, Sirius wanted to bleed out.

“You ruined my life when I tried so hard to make yours better. I loved you” he said condescendingly. “Don’t look at me so surprised Sirius, I loved you, in the past tense. How could you think I would ever love you again after this?”

Sirius felt his knees give away, he took his head between his hands, he wanted to rip his own skin off.

“Now you cry. Now you know what you did. Now that it’s too late Sirius. Now that I don’t care for you anymore, as you didn’t care for me. Now that–”


“Sirius! Sirius get up!” Remus shouted. “What the fuck are you doing?”

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m-” pleaded Sirius.

“Sirius, it’s alright. It was just a boggart” said Remus, he was trying to get Sirius to walk, the boy wouldn’t budge.

“I don’t deserve this Remus, I don’t deserve you to be good to me”

“I’m a sucker for pain Pads, I keep coming back for more. Now get up” ordered Remus, so Sirius did.

Sixth Year

“You are so selfish Sirius” said Regulus, blood dripping from a gash on his left cheek. “How could you leave me?”

“Look at me. I SAID LOOK AT ME YOU COWARD” yelled Regulus.

Sirius was looking down, he raised his head at the last word. “I’m not a coward” he mumbled he couldn’t even convince himself. Regulus was holding he left arm in front of him, Sirius saw a dark tattoo with a snake twirling around a skull, the Dark Mark.

“Do you understand what you did to me?” asked Regulus, Sirius could hear fear in his voice. “Do you understand if I die at the hands of a Death Eater or an Auror, the blood is on your hands?”

“I never wanted this Siri, I only wanted you to stay with me. A simple request. What did you do? You left me. You selfish son of a bitch, YOU LEFT ME TO ROT” cried Regulus.

A new gash appeared on Regulus’ chest, another one on his leg, another one on his collar bone, he was bleeding severely but he wouldn’t look away from Sirius.

“No, no–” begged Sirius as he reached for his wand.

“R-riddikulus! DAMN IT! I’m sorry Reg, I’m so sorry” his hands were trembling.


Seventh Year

“Did you hear, Sirius Black betrayed the Order” whispered someone Sirius didn’t know. “The Death Eaters ambushed the Order members, there are many dead and wounded”

“Well it was bound to happen, wasn’t it? He’s a Black, after all. Isn’t his family biggest You-Know-Who supporter?” asked another person.

“Traitor” said Lily, her hands the same colour as her hair.

“You betrayed us Sirius” said Peter, he looked scared.

“We saved you, I saved you!” apparently it was James’ blood on Lily’s hands, blood was dripping from James’ stomach.

“I gave you everything I had Sirius, why? Why would you do this?” said Remus, wand pointed at Sirius’ heart.

“I- I would never.. I–” begged Sirius.


“Pads! Pads? SIRIUS!” yelled Peter with a stark white face. “It took me some time to realise that was a Boggart mate, I’m sorry”

“I- I couldn’t do anything. I froze” explained Sirius, avoiding eye contact with Peter.

“Come on, let’s get out of here Pads. You will never betray us, not you, it wouldn’t even cross my mind” said Peter with warmth in his voice as he patted Sirius on the back.

deus ex machina

he is
the only one of my kind,

rotten inside
like i

he, a blue-eyed god
weakened by wind
and daisies

he, the glittering narcissist
who i dream about
over and over again

he broke me apart because he
needed to
he broke me apart so we
could be even

but we already were even
why didn’t he realize
why didn’t he realize

August 1st is an important day to Digimon Adventure. I’d been looking forward to celebrating this day with you all at the Digimon Adventure FES 2015. But I’m sorry for having to cancel my performance; I tried to do all I could to improve my physical condition. However, it isn’t good enough to be on stage. I apologise to everyone who was expecting me to perform.

It’s been 16 years since Digimon Adventure started in 1999. By that time, I would have never imagined that I could be able to see an adult version of Taichi, Agumon and the others. So, I could not help but get exited from the depths of my heart when I heard a sequel was being produced. And I got even more delighted when I knew the song ‘Butter-fly’ would be the main theme once again.

However, along with the emotion I came up to a question: how should I sing a song that was realeased 16 years ago as my debut theme? Should it reflect what I am now or does it have to be a resurgence of me 16 years ago? Tri is the sequel to Digimon Adventure and 'Butter-fly’ is its main theme. I remembered when Digimon Adventure was first aired on TV and 'Butter-fly’ was played for the first time and how happy I was. Then I thought I had to bring that feeling back.

The years passed on, and during the process of going through some obstacles, my voice’s changed. So it won’t be easy to make a complete recognition of the song. I honestly hope this one stays as a sequel to the old theme, from Digimon Adventure to Digimon Adventure Tri.

I’ll do my best to collaborate with the voice actors and the staff to make Tri a piece that keeps getting to people’s hearts, not only Japanese, but from all around the world.

Please, give lots of love to Digimon Adventure Tri.

'I’ll become a happy butterfly, and fly on the glittering wind…

Someday, let’s all meet.’

Wada Kouji

grace mclean lyric sentence starters.

all lyrics from various songs of hers , feel free to change pronouns

where is the white light

i was having multiple near death experiences up until the age of nine ❜
where the fuck is the white light?
where are are all my spirit guides?
❛ they wouldn’t even let me see the light ❜
❛ clearly i’m staying until i finish what i need to do ❜

natural disaster 

❛ any time I get on the subway I’m pretty sure it’s gonna derail ❜
❛ i’m gonna die from a natural disaster ❜
❛ i’d like to go one day on an outing with you ❜
❛ any time I wanna think about him I remember that I promised myself i’d stop frowning ❜
❛ when we were breaking up he broke my favorite tea cup ❜

break up with you

❛ every look mingled love and disappointment ❜
❛ i read about a broken love to avoid thinking of mine ❜
❛ this is what it feels like to break up with you ❜
❛ it’s cold outside and i don’t want to go home ❜
❛ i’ll drink a couple beers and wander alone ❜


❛ my love, though he loved me well, didn’t need me ❜
❛ i plummeted first in to darkness ❜
❛ and i slept without cushioning ❜
❛ my love makes my oceans swell like a moonbeam ❜
❛ haven’t we learned anything
❛ grass is always green if it is treated well ❜


❛ i was rushing toward the edge of the cliff, ready to jump ❜
❛ i tried to drown my sorrows but they learned how to swim ❜
❛ bracing for the crash, but it’s water and i don’t last ❜
❛ i remember how i didn’t want to calm the wind ❜
❛ sunshine was glittering upon my ebb and flow ❜

absolutely nobody

❛ don’t worry baby i won’t fall in love with you ❜
❛ gone tomorrow but i’m here today and isn’t it a lovely one
❛ don’t try to make me behave ❜
❛ i’m just going through a slutty phase, what should it mean to you
❛ gimme more of that candy, gimme more of that ass ❜


❛ don’t stop to look at her ❜
❛ only way to make him stay is to catch him as he leaves ❜
❛ i wanna meet his other women and make them wish they were dead ❜
❛ just gotta get him off of my chest and onto his back ❜
❛ show me his heart and i’ll show him my crossbow ❜

secret song

❛ i have a secret, it’s small enough to whisper it ❜
❛ i’m in love and it feels so good ❜
❛ for the moment there is laughter in my tears ❜
❛ everything is made to be broken ❜
❛ i dream of seeing you again where i’ll make you my man ❜

my friend’s roommate

❛ there’s a boy that lives down the street ❜
❛ he even lets me sit in the comfy chair ❜
❛ it’s alright, feels alright ❜
❛ oh dear i think i hear him calling out my name ❜
❛ i’m in love with my friend’s roommate ❜

haven’t you noticed

❛ haven’t you noticed we are immersed in each other? 
❛ and i just love the things you do unto me ❛
❛ each time you kiss me i sort of die ❜
❛ and i just love the way you see right through me ❜
❛ i realize that i’m not used to somebody else simply being with me ❜

*The Man That Got Away* Newt x reader

◘ irlus asked:

FLUFF ROMANTIC: Reader is a sexy tallented jazz singer. Newt goes to a bar and sees her performing and falls hard for her.

❤SAW THIS AND HAD TO DO IT LIKE RIGHT NOW. The song reader is singing is called The Man That Got Away sung by Judy Garland (listen to it here!)

Queenie skipped in to the bar, dragging Jacob behind her as she found an open table decently close to the stage. Tina smiled, chuckling as Jacob stumbled a bit, struggling to keep up with the blonde’s quick skip. Newt staggered behind and hiding behind his curly hair. He had protested in coming but the gang refused to let him sit alone at home on a Friday night. 

Sliding in to a chair, Newt sighed as the crowded jazz club filled rather quickly. Women in shiny elaborate dresses hung off the arms of handsome tall men, cigars hanging out of their mouths. 

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Nevermore (Reprise)

Chapter I - I Am Damaged 

 He is damaged, far too damaged. Remnant is full of fairytales and legends, but it is just as full of beasts and demons, and his misfortune only marks him out as an outcast. The souls that Salem has taken are lost; they are beyond redemption, as he will soon be.

Team STRQ is shattered. One dead. One lost. One traitor. One damaged. 

By watching the turn of the clock, Qrow can see that there’s not much time left before the same fate repeats itself on the ones he loves.

                                                             ☨ ☨ ☨

He was born to the wind and sky, a bird in flight. Born to the blood of the tribe, spilled across the pavement, and to his sister, one whom darkness knew well. Melded to a team— to Taiyang, the one of sunshine, and Summer, shackled to silver and murdered by a legend. He brought misfortune wherever he planted his roots, abandoned the ones he loved, created a spot of turbulent darkness in a beacon of shining light.

A beacon, one that glowed like a star, erected from nothing. His home, now an empty shell. He remembers the one who stood apart from the crowd, unencumbered by the troubles of everyday life, untouched by humanity’s strife, the spirit of light.

The man who was devoured by fire and burned to nothingness, swallowed up and spat out into shards, consumed by the breath of autumn.

Qrow remembers this: his copper eyes.

He thought he’d never see them again.

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