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Blindwolf’s Awakening: Pt. X - Wind Fish’s Egg/Conculsion

Well, this will be my last post in this series, guys. Thank you very much to those of you who liked it, reblogged, or gave it a chance. And a huge thank you to those of you who actually read this shit. Let’s get to it, shall we?

Upon playing all the Instruments of the Sirens, our hero watches as the Wind Fish’s Egg cracks open a Link-sized hole. Inside, there’s…really nothing, just a couple small rooms. No complicated puzzles, no insane trash mobs waiting to eat your face. With knowledge from the Koholint Library, you find out how to navigate these empty halls and finally make your way to another hole in the floor, which Link dives into butt first.

Here, you meet the primary Nightmare, who tells you that the Nightmares invaded the Wind Fish’s dreams and would be in control of this island if it weren’t for Link’s cheeky meddling. And then, of course, he attacks you.

As many final bosses in Zelda games, there are plenty of phases this black shadow takes you through. The first blob-like form I had to have hit with my sword about 40 times before I concluded he wasn’t going to die if I kept doing this. I finally found use in the Magic Powder, and moved on to the next phase.

I was mortified to meet my former nemesis, MOLDORM. YES, A FUCKING MOLDORM PHASE. WHYYYYYYY?

But I made him quickly eat shit.

There was also a Ganon-like phase that I appreciated, drawing inspiration from the Ganon in A Link to the Past. He, like ALLTP Ganon, also shot bats at you and tried to kill you with his spinny spear.

But the most interesting phase of all for me was the last one, where the shadow forms into a giant eyeball with two swingy arms. I found it interesting because for the first time, it was most effective for Link to abandon his sword all together and use a combination of the Bow, the only weapon effective against the eyeball, and the Roc’s Feather to avoid the swinging arms. Definitely non-traditional, overall pretty cool.

And that. was. IT. Link ascends some stairs where the Owl tells you that he is a guardian of the Wind Fish’s dream (some guardian, amirite?) and now the Wind Fish will awaken. The Wind Fish, a rather flamboyant fellow, urges Link to awaken with him.

Link plays the Ballad of the Wind Fish one last time as the island slowly fades out of existence, and we are left only with an abandoned Link, floating on the remains of his capsized ship in the middle of the ocean, peacefully waking up from a dream…a dream he realizes was very real as the Wind Fish soars above him, taking off into the distance.

So that’s it! And I have to say…I’m glad it’s over. Link’s Awakening offered a very singular Zelda episode, far away from what we all know and expect from a typical adventure in the Kingdom of Hyrule. The game introduced a few new and dynamic items and item combinations, or maybe it just felt that way due to the lack of passive items, forcing you to “combine” items that would otherwise just be a passive part of Link. The dungeons were fairly lackluster for me, and although I was definitely challenged, I was often bored with the lack of creativity and ridiculously easy bosses. The map was an absolute mess, and navigating that mess was not so fun. The story was alright, but I found no sense of an emotional connection at the end of this game, as is very typical for me when I finish any Zelda game. I cared little about any of the characters, and I was left with a lot of questions as to how the plot actually…worked (why was Link the only one who woke up after the Wind Fish awoke? Why didn’t he cease to exist as well? How did he even become a part of the Wind Fish’s dream in the first place?). The music was…okay? But I was far more impressed and stoked on the music in A Link to the Past, a game made years before this one and for an inferior gaming system. The replay value for me is pretty low. If I were to revisit a Zelda game, this would most likely be my last choice. That all being said, it’s a fucking Zelda game, so it was great and I enjoyed playing it. It’s simply hard not to compare, but I’m glad I played through Mario’s…sorry, Link’s Awakening nonetheless.

Thanks again for reading, keep your eyes out for info about my next playthrough, Oracle of Ages where I will be podcasting with a good friend, @jump-n-shootman as he simultaneously plays through Oracle of Seasons!

- blindwolf