wind fantasy

I’ve updated my Link tag urself to reflect changes to the timeline.

Tag urself I’m cutie.


                    !♥!  !Casual Luna is here!  !♥!  

I thought I’d change it up a bit and try something out for Luna!
Big thanks to @sailor-mochi for helping me out with her outfit choices here—-
        I was kinda stumped on what to put her in this time,
        but we managed to come up with something together! 

       ~~~She’s totally beating Noctis and Prompto at Kings Knight  ♥  
      ~~~ After doing Prompto and NoctisThis is definitely a companion piece to them ♥

La Belle et la Bete

“…La Belle et la Bête
Quelle tragédie
Elle est comme le jour
Il est comme la nuit
Il est amoureux
Elle ne se soucie pas
Vont-ils mourir tout seule?
On verra…”

2 hour speedpaint, this next series of black/white ones will be of Weiss Schnee. It’s been a while since I’ve done this so I’ll see how well my storytelling is via pictures with no words is again.


Hi guys! I said I would open up commissions for my custom wind-up minion and I finally got off my butt and put this post together! In addition to that, I’m also hosting a giveaway for those who are also interested in snagging one of these chibis!

All you have to do to enter is reblog this post, like it, or follow me! Each one will count as a separate entry! \o/ One lucky person will be picked by RNG and be contacted by me to have their character modeled and animated in 3D!

But for those who don’t want to leave it up to chance, I will also be opening up 4 slots (for 3D or just an illustration) that you can grab!! Pricing and information can be found:  ~💖 HERE! 💖~

Thank you and good luck!