wind fallen trees


Howies typography

Design studio Carter Wong Design created a headline font for their client Howies. Carved from a wind-fallen chestnut tree, their typeface was drawn, cut, chiselled, wire-brushed, burnt, inked and printed before being scanned and digitised for use on their website.

I Only Wanted A Few Mushrooms

Untold numbers of eyes watch as I stand before the spine of a whitetail deer, a hypnotic bas relief on the forest floor. I take note of the position of the skull lying just beyond. It seems to look at me. I see a red stain on the snow, as the last of the fur settles out of the still January air, and hear feasting, smacking lips of unknown beasts feeding a hunger months, possibly years, in the making. Ancient elms creak like rusty hinges on the stiffening wind. Freshly fallen trees litter the forest, blocking paths I blazed the previous year. I hear the sermons of the groaning titans, and wonder which one will take me to my end. A mandible lies at my feet. It is full of teeth. The watching eyes are full of teeth. A twig snaps beyond the near undergrowth.

-write for the hell of it