wind fallen trees


Every Sunday since Hurricane Maria ripped through Puerto Rico, Ada Reyes and her four children have walked half an hour to church. Down a winding road, dodging fallen trees and debris, they walk past cement houses still bearing flood marks, and finally cross the Vivi — a small river in Utuado, a city in the central mountain region.

The Iglesia Cristiana Monte Olivar church is small: one room, with a few rows of chairs all facing two podiums up front. There are about 30 people, all standing when we arrive. Two associate pastors offer a prayer and members pray over each other, some in tears and embracing each other as they pray.

It’s been a hard few weeks in Utuado. Many roads nearby are still too dangerous to drive because of heavy flooding and strewn debris. Schools remain closed. Businesses that are open, including a Walgreen’s and an AutoZone, are powered by generators and have long lines and full parking lots seeding traffic jams.

People here are about to start their third week without electricity or water. Nearly 90 percent of the island is still without power.

‘Here, We Are United’: A Puerto Rico Church Offers Comfort After Hurricane Maria

Photos: Carol Guzy for NPR


Howies typography

Design studio Carter Wong Design created a headline font for their client Howies. Carved from a wind-fallen chestnut tree, their typeface was drawn, cut, chiselled, wire-brushed, burnt, inked and printed before being scanned and digitised for use on their website.

I Only Wanted A Few Mushrooms

Untold numbers of eyes watch as I stand before the spine of a whitetail deer, a hypnotic bas relief on the forest floor. I take note of the position of the skull lying just beyond. It seems to look at me. I see a red stain on the snow, as the last of the fur settles out of the still January air, and hear feasting, smacking lips of unknown beasts feeding a hunger months, possibly years, in the making. Ancient elms creak like rusty hinges on the stiffening wind. Freshly fallen trees litter the forest, blocking paths I blazed the previous year. I hear the sermons of the groaning titans, and wonder which one will take me to my end. A mandible lies at my feet. It is full of teeth. The watching eyes are full of teeth. A twig snaps beyond the near undergrowth.

-write for the hell of it