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Ever since i started watching sports anime

I adopted like 200 sons? Like, each time a new character comes in, I say, “Hello, son.”

Cheer Up Post #5002

For the anon requesting Studio Ghibli (anime movie company) and the three Chris’s from Marvel (Pratt, Evans & Hemsworth), enjoy!

Marvel Masterpost

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There are diamonds
etched into your skin.
You are radiant
like the sky that birthed you.
You are an asteroid, burning
and you are the sea, roaring.

You are stronger than before.

The Milky Way was designed from your eyes,
the sun from your soul.
You are illuminated, concentrated, tortured.
You are the stars.

You dance within the flames that engulf you.
You seek shelter from a barren, brutal earth that decided to turn against you.

Yet you rise, rise against the tide.
Pushing on and on and on
until the tide follows you, the wind.
You rage on and conquer despite the rising waters.

You- you claim the sky that birthed you.
There are diamonds etched into your skin.
You are radiant.
You are ethereal.

—  Lionfish Writing @lionfishmermaid

Sorry. I couldn’t resist the height joke. But you, Mr. Cheer, are very tall.

Anyway, as I was saying, sometimes a symbol just can’t be so readily interpreted. One of these days though, I’ll understand.

((I cut corners like a madman sometimes, do forgive me.

That aside: The Mod is red-green colour deficient, and thus apologises in advance if the colours on Wind Cheer are off.))

For You, For Me (Fukigen na Mononokean fanfiction)

Title: For You, For Me

Summary: In which Abeno is unprofessionally diagnosed with workaholicism by Ashiya. Happy birthday, Abeno! 6/21.

Notes: I didn’t finish in time… ;-; But happy birthday, Abeno. I hope we get to see you smile again soon. It’s not really a companion to Ashiya’s birthday fic or anything, I just ended up matching the titles out of a lack of any other ideas. AO3 link.

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But I'm A Cheerleader! - Chapter 2 (Aja x Farrah) - Millie

A/N: I’m trying to apply their roles from the cheer challenge to their characters in this, so I apologise if it seems cheesy or anything. Any feedback on this would be much appreciated! Also to all the actual cheerleaders out there, I do apologise if I’m not using the correct terms for everything, I literally don’t know the first thing about it lmao

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THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO SENT ME A HAPPY BIRTHDAY MESSAGE!!! I WOBS YOU ALL!!! [I cheated a little and used the puppets that I made for Chaos and Anarchy in this X3] ENJOY!

And an Anon

Roller Rink: Tom Holland x Black Reader

Requested:  Can you do one where Tom throws you a surprise party at a roller rink for your birthday where he proposes? (I totally had a dream about this I’m just not a good writer)

Love this idea, and will be inspiring the party off of Beyonce’s Blow video.

“Tom, I’m getting a bit freaked out. Where are you taking me?”

“Just enjoy the ride love.” He smiled and patted your knee. “You know I don’t like being blindfolded.” You said as you adjusted the straps around your ears. “Are you sure? I remember I blindfolded you the other night.”

“You know what I mean.” You laughed. You felt his fingers brush your knee as he drove. “I can’t believe it’s your birthday.”

“Me neither, I feel so old.” He laughed. “Well what I have planned for you tonight, you’ll feel like a kid again.”

You giggled and tried to think of all the places he could be taking you. 

“Watch your step.” He said grabbing your hand. He snaked his arm around your waist and led the way. 

You tried to use your other senses but it was dead silent. “Tom it smells like feet-” He removed the blindfold, “SURPRISE!”

You screamed and laughed, literally everyone was there. The skating rink was decked out. “OMG Tom!” You gave him a big hug and a kiss. “I hope it’s not too cheesy.”

“No, it’s perfect.” You smiled and ran over to your friends. 

“Come on Tom.” You took his hand and pulled him out to the floor. He ran into the wall, “Ow, Fuck.”

You laughed and linked arms with him as you two tried to get used to the skates. Your cousin, Happy skated past you two and turned around, “Show off.” He smiled and zoomed off. 

You burs out into laughter when you saw Harry and Sam pushing each other. “Boys stop!” Mrs. Holland yelled over the music. “You got everyone here.”

“It wasn’t hard, everyone loves you.” He said. Jasmine and Anthony rolled past you, “Hey babe” Jazz yelled as she light pushed Ant away from her. “You’re gonna make me fall ya dork.” She yelled at him. 

“Thanks for coming guys!” You said. “No problem. I haven’t been skating in awhile though.” She smiled and laughed as Anthony grabbed the wall. 

At one point Tom disappeared and you skated beside your friends enjoying the music and the rush of the wind. Everyone cheered once the blacklight came on. 

You noticed your lipstick glowing.

 “Take this.” Your friend said. She placed the flashing birthday crown on your head and you two skated around, laughing. 

“Where’s Tommy?” You asked. She shrugged and pulled you around with her. 

You were so happy and thrilled to be with your friends and family. You tried to thank everyone for coming and most importantly you wanted to thank Tom but he was nowhere to be found. 

He was pacing outside of the building trying to muster up the courage to propse. “Hey mate, what are you doing out here?’ HAz asked. 

“I nervous as hell. What if she says no?”

“You’re an actual idiot if you think Y/N is going to say no to you. She loves you man.” He slapped hsi best friend on the shoulder. “There’s no better time to propose to her. Now get in there and do it.”

He walked back in the nosy party and caught you skating around with all of your friends, laughing and having a good time. He smiled and walked up to the J booth, “You ready man?” The DJ asked. Tom nodded and took the mic, “Excuse me.”

The music died down and you gripped the wall and looked at him. “Y/N, could you come here please?”

You smiled and skated your way to him. He grabbed your hand and started his speech. You stared lovingly into his eyes and gasped when he got on one knee. “Y/N, will you do me the honor of being my wife?” He pulled out the velvet black box and revealed a stunning engagement ring. 

Tears fell and you couldn’t stop saying yes.  All around you there were cheers, and people clapping. You and Tom kissed, forgetting everything around you. “I love you so much!” You cried. 

“I love you too.” He squeezed you in a tight embrace. After crying on each other like babies, you wiped his eyes, “Let’s party.”


Hope you liked it anon❤