The highest peak on Earth


Prunella Clough (1919–1999), Photograph album [1920s–1950s], Tate Archive

Black and white photograph of trees bent over by the wind, possibly taken at Cark, Cumberland. (Page 5. This page has been numbered 3 by Clough.)

Black and white photograph of trees bent over by the wind, possibly taken at Cark, Cumberland. (The photograph is stuck to a piece of paper which may have originally been glued to one of the pages in this album, possibly page 9. Originally located between pages 8 and 9.)


October 22, 2016. Balds Knob Trail.

Me and my friend and a bunch of strangers hiked to the top of the mountain at the lodge where they filmed Dirty Dancing. It was snowing when we got there, and at the top of the mountain it was so cold and windy and there was so much snow and it was so amazing. And then we went to a Mexican restaurant and hella bonded

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Njörd is the highest god of the Vanir and is liked to be called the god of the sea which is not fully true. He is rather a god of the wind since he will give seafarers and fishermen the wind to their favor and and rewards them with plenty fish. Njörd possesses many riches and shares them only with those who he thinks are worthy and who earned his favor through honoring him. The god loves the salty smell of the sea and the sound of the seagulls. He was very frequently honored as a patron especially in Scandinavia since many people at the coast are depended on the sea and the food that it provides them. Quite many places at the coast of Norway are named after him.
His home is called Noatun where he built a high hall for himself. His children are Frey and Freyja which he has fathered to the goddess Fjörgyn. It is said that she is also his sister. After the Aesir-Vanir war he was sent to Asgard with his children to remain there as hostages. Eventually he will return to his people in Vanaheim after Ragnarök in the Golden Age.
One day he was married to the giantess Skadi. She sought revenge on the gods for them killing her father. So the gods offered her peace and let her choose a husband by only looking at his naked feet. When she chose Njörd’s feet she mistook them for Balders.Their marriage was short and unhappy; Skadi longed for the mountains and did not stand the sounds of the sea and Njörd grew tired of the mountains. So it comes that both return to their homes.

Once he was also honored for his fertility but his children carried on this feature and are now rather known for it.

8:50 pm

There’s a power outage. I knew it would come when the wind was wailing with a rage through the windows. Candles were lit, flashlights found. I washed my face with a cloth so as not to waste water. I called my grandma earlier just to talk because she gets a little anxious in this weather. She does say it’s great for sleeping though.

I recalled how more people are born nine months after power outages. Thought of you for one full second. That’s all.

8:53 pm
Lights and machines just turned on all at once.

- B. E. Barnes


Dusk, Glacier National Park


Lovely timelapse of moonglint (not sure where it was taken).