winchesters in asgard

Me: I shall protect you my small cinnabun
Character: I’m twice your size, I could bench press five of you while you can hardly carry anything over twenty pounds, you cry over small animals, and earlier you got scared when you closed the door too loudly
Me: shhh small one, you are safe now


“Let us go you.. you weird human-looking weird alien!” Dean hissed at the man in front of you.

You kept quiet, trying hard to remember why he looked so familiar. You could have sworn that you’ve seen him before. The way he walked and talked… everything reminded you of someone you knew.

“Oh you humans… Always trying to fight the real reason you were born. Man was made to be ruled and in the end you will all kneel in front of me.”

The man was walking up and down, looking way more nervous than he wanted to.

“What do you even want from us?” you asked quietly, looking up at him.

“Oh, darlin'” he smiled at you. “Nothing from you two, that’s for sure. But the Avengers have to stop attacking my army if they want you two to live. Remember, nobody fights against big Loki.”

That’s when you realized it. All memories came floating back as a tsunami, leaving you overwhelmed with them.

“L-Loki? Loki of Asgard?” you asked with a shaky voice. Dean furrowed your eyebrows at you, but you ignored him.

“Yes.” Loki answered simply. “Wait… How did you know? I didn’t tell you my na…”

Loki’s eyes widened and he froze for a moment. There were you, just as he had you stored in his brains.

“Y/N?” he breathed out, not believing his eyes. It couldn’t be you. He was told that you died in a battle.

“What are you doing, Loki?” you asked, your eyes softening.

“Y/N. You’re alive?” he simply ignored your question and slowly started to approach you.

“Hey, hey, hey…” Dean jumped in. “Stay away from her!”

“Stay out of this, Dean.” you mumbled as Loki pulled you into a tight hug.

“Oh god I thought you were dead.” he told you, holding you even closer.

You closed your eyes, breathing in his sent and missing the hurt look on Dean’s face.


Masked Desires

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Title: Masked Desires

Author: Elyshakate

Word count: 1589

Warnings: possible smut


“Hooray! So I’m a big Cass girl and dean girl. But I thought it would be really cute if the reader had to go on a hunt at a masquerade ball and Cass had to go and smut ensues after wards?” @notsotypicalasiangirl

Smut coming in part two, hope you like it!

@crowleys-poppet-queen-of-asgard, @winchester-writes, @deans-colette, @abaddonwithyall, @bovaria

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Author: i-am-of-asgard-mewling-quim

Original Imagine Link: written for request

Warnings: A few cuss words, but baby its Supernatural


You opened your eyes and looked at the clock on the bedside table. It read “5:50” you groaned into your pillow, but then your head snapped up to look at the date. The date read (Your birthdate) you smiled. But then you remembered that you had a hunt. A sigh escaped your lips before you fell asleep again.

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Blind Date

TITLE: Blind Date

CHAPTER NO: Chapter One

AUTHOR: Cat Winchester

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine being blinded in an accident while helping S.H.I.E.L.D., you live in the Tower with everyone but dread the way they treat you like a helpless child. When Loki arrives on Midgard to carry out the rest of his sentence he becomes curious with your condition and how you manage to read and such. Over the months the two of you grow closer than the others thought possible. You come to love him without ever seeing him. Imagine Loki pleading with Thor…



Chapter One

Loki was bored, and a bored Loki is never a good thing.

Usually confined to the 35th floor, Loki had discovered a way out a week ago and now that the Avengers, his keepers, were gone, some sort of mission on the other side of this rock, Loki was able to come and go as he pleased.

As he went floor to floor, examining the building, he was surprised to find someone left behind, working in a glass fronted laboratory-cum-office. She didn’t notice him and having been mostly alone for the four weeks he’d been here, Loki felt the need to be interact with someone; even if they just ended up trading insults, it was better than nothing.

The doors whooshed open almost silently and the woman looked up.

“Who’s there?” she asked.

Loki froze in place, wondering why her eyes focused near him rather than on him.

“Tony, if this is your idea of a joke, I’m not above-hiding prawns in your Iron Man suit again.”

Loki kept perfectly still and after a few moments of listening intently, she evidently decided nothing was there and turned away.

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