To Learn And To Grow

You’re Not Alone-Chapter 3

Series Summary: You didn’t have the easiest life, after losing your family you escaped everything you knew and went on the run. You were young and alone, until you meet the Winchesters, a long overdue meeting. Now together the three of you will face adventure, horror, romance and suspense. The Winchesters become your lifeline, and you become theirs. But you have no idea what kind of adventures you’re really in for.

Word Count/ 1520

Warnings/ Slight violence, a bit of angst

Chapter Summary/ Now that you’re with the Winchesters you have to know how to fight, guess who teaches you?

A/N/  Okie dokie! We’re getting things moving which is exciting for me. This series and this particular reader character is one I’ve been sitting on since getting into Supernatural a few months ago, but I absolutely adore her and I hope you guys do as well. Remember my tag list is wide open for whoever wants in! Special thanks to Amanda for being my awesome Beta! Love you! @amanda-teaches


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