Here’s to the life they never had, the roadtrip spoken of but never truly taken- all the festivals missed, breweries bypassed. 

Here’s to the white picket fences, the ones they only saw from the outside.

Here’s to an apple-pie life, a concept only, the thing Sam and Dean saved for others.

Here’s to Baby, a veteran of the roads, the family car turned family home.

Here’s to the boys who never knew normal, who choose to drive down crazy street with their eyes wide open. 

Here’s to the life they lived.

Here’s to the 48 hour days, the dug up graves

Here’s to the blood and sweat and tears, the effort expended and lives preserved.

Here’s to the sacrifices made, the years lost, the opportunities not taken.

Here’s to two brothers who saved the world, who stood together against the darkness

Here’s to the family that never gave up, who gave fate the finger and carved their own path

Here’s to the men who died for each other and who refused to face life on the road alone

Here’s to the Winchesters-

Here’s to the men that saved the world- 

The men the world will never know.


Run Aground, gen, T, 6000 words. It’s February on the Maine coast. John’s away. Sam’s perpetually sulking, and Dean doesn’t know how to fix it. Oh, and there might just be a case in town.

‘Truth told, it makes Dean a little uneasy. Sometimes when they’re driving he looks across the car, sees Sam crammed awkward and uncomfortable into his seat, and wonders how much longer it is likely to be before his brother outgrows the Impala altogether.' 

AO3 link here

I achieved a lot of things I was proud of with my fic this year (including the most wonderful comment I’ve ever received on this exact story where I originally posted it at SPN Summergen) and I feel like this little piece, published in the summer, deserves an end of year promo. Slash always gets more readers but I loved exploring the boys’ pre-season dynamics and I enjoyed the chance to write a new setting as well.