Spn season 14 speculation

A) I’m on board with Theories that Michael is now possessing a Werewolf leader. That is a *different* way of infusing his grace into monsters-when they are turned…

B) What are the odds that the “trap” Michael has set is that he has infected Dean with archangel lycanthropy? And that Dean will be even STRONGER at it due to his Michael-swordness and resideual archangel grace?

I mean what better way to populate the planet with his own new creatures than to set a Dean Winchester time bomb in a nest of hunters- Dean turns, no one WANTS to kill him, he turns them all, and then SUPER *HUNTER* werewolves pour out of the bunker to help Michael turn the world…

Alternatively…that AU portal from Wayward sisters is still open and Dark Kaia is still running around out there…what do you wanna bet THOSE issues will come into play?

“Growing Up a Winchester”  Sam/Dean x Sister Reader

Word Count: 3,867

Sam and Dean Winchester x Sister Reader, some Castiel x Reader

Summary: While on a long road trip to a hunt, you reminisce about your memories growing up with your brothers, from the best ones, to the worst, to the most awkward.

Warnings: Mentions of death, language, angst, light smut between Cas and the reader

Flashbacks are in italics.

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You’re sitting in the backseat of the impala, looking out the window at the scenery. Dean, of course, is driving, and Sam is sitting on the passenger side, sleeping. You have a hard time sleeping in the car, so on long car trips like this, you have a hard time. Thankfully, Dean is usually always awake as well, and serves as your entertainment.

Growing up as the youngest Winchester sibling was not always fun and games, especially being a teenage girl. As much as your brothers love you, they know absolutely nothing about teenage girls. You more often than not felt like you were raising yourself, but you wouldn’t have it any other way. Your brothers are your rock, and you would never leave them.

You can barely remember the first time you’d met Dean. Your dad, John, had gotten your mother pregnant and throughout the first four years of your life, he was very in and out of your life. He’d only show up at your house once a year, normally on your birthday. He’d call on holidays, but you were too young to hold a conversation. A little after your fourth birthday, your mother had passed away from cancer. You had nothing and no one else, and your dad John came to your rescue.

“Hey, kiddo.” John had told you, picking you up from the hospital. He looked tired, the bags underneath his eyes more prominent than you had ever seen them.

“Hi.” You say quietly. You didn’t really know what was going on. All you knew was that your mommy was in a better place and you were going to live with your dad. You remember being nervous, because to you, your dad was like a stranger. You knew nothing about him.

“Do you have your stuff? You’re comin’ to stay with me and your brother, Dean. Dean’s excited to meet you, you know.”

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You’re Not Dad

A/N: Not that anyone cares I’ve been hella busy and haven’t had time to literally write anything and I still really don’t, but I’m going to anyways bc I have some inspiration. Enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated(:

Characters: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Warnings: swearing, angst, overprotective Dean, mention of death, yelling, very close relationship b/w Dean and reader? let me know if I missed anything

Tagging: @winchesters-favorite-girl because I think she might be interested and I really love and look up to her as a writer. I hope you don’t mind.

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You loved your brothers more than anything in the world. I mean, you were practically raised by them. John was never around, your mom was just some quick fuck that John had on a hunt. As soon as demons got word that John Winchester knocked up some chick and he had another child, they came and killed your mother when you were only a few months old. Thankfully, your mom got John on the phone as they were trying to get in and he was in town so he saved you. Not your mom though. Dean had been 16 at the time, Sam was 12. You were by far the baby of the family and Sam and Dean made it their mission to protect you from everything. And when I say everything, I mean literally everything. You were never even supposed to have been born. But nevertheless, here you were seventeen years later, alive and kicking, living in the bunker with Sam and Dean, the two best brothers in the entire world.

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He Can’t Hurt You.

Summary- Reader is starting to hallucinate Lucifer, (basically like Sam) she keeps it a secret but her brothers find out.

Warnings- Swearing(I think idk).

A/N- It’s just something I thought of when I was watching reruns of SPN, I’m honestly really chuffed with it:)

Slowly opening your eyes you tensed up, somebody was in your room, you slowly reached your hand under your pillow and grasped the gun you had lying under it.

“I know you’re awake, Y/N” the voice spoke, “and a gun? Really? You think a gun would work on little old me? How adorable” he mocked. Rolling your eyes, you sat up and faced him with furrowed eyebrows, “who are you?” You asked quietly, he looked at you with fake hurt as he placed his hand over his heart, “you mean, Sammy hasn’t told you about me? I’m hurt” he spoke, then his eyes turned red causing you to shuffle back slightly.

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Winchesters in Riverdale (Part One)

After a hunt gone wrong, Y/N Winchester, the 17 year old half-sister of Sam and Dean Winchester, her older brothers, and Castiel are transported to Riverdale, a town in a different universe. While Sam, Dean, and Castiel attempt to find a way back home, Y/N struggles to fit in in the community of Riverdale. In a universe with no monsters to worry about, there’s so many questions that need answering.

Can she ever try to be normal after hunting for all of her life? Who’s the good-looking, mystical teen with the beanie who’s always at that diner? And will anyone discover that secret she’s been hiding for the last year and a half?

Riverdale gif by @stefan-salvatores



“Why’s everyone staring at us?” Sam asked as the four of you walked through the town of Riverdale.

You looked around and saw that people indeed were staring at you guys. You looked down at your outfit of a black tank top, plaid jacket, and jeans which were ripped a bit at the knees.

Dean scoffed.

“They’re staring at us? We should be staring at them. They look like a modern version of the fifties.” he said.

You snorted.

“Dean.” Castiel chastised.

“What?” Dean asked. “They do.”

You smiled and shook your head, continuing your walk.

“Hey,” Sam said stopping.

The rest of you stopped, turning to him as he nodded to something behind you. You faced forward again, seeing a small diner with sign above it.

““Pop’s,”” he said. “Guess that’s where we’re eating.”

You shrugged.

“I’ve had worse.” you said as the four of you walked the short distance to the diner in silence.

“Alright,” Dean said as everyone stopped outside the diner.

“Sam, Cas, and I’ll go to that gas station next door and ask anyone if there’s a motel close by. Y/N, you go in the diner and find us a booth.”

You nodded.

“Yeah, sure,” you said. “See you in a few.”

The boys went in the opposite direction as you walked up the stairs to Pop’s. The bell jingled as you opened the front door and you breathed in the familiar scent of a diner. You walked over the counter to where a man was cleaning the tabletop off.

“Can I help you?” he asked, looking up.

You looked up at the man across the counter, presumably Pop.

“Uh, yeah, can I have four waters to start, please?”

Pop nodded.

“Thanks.” you muttered as Pop got started on your order. You took a seat in a booth closest to the door, unaware of the four people across the diner who had been watching you the entire time.

“Well, I for one am excited for the game,” Veronica began. “Because…”

As the Lodge girl trailed off, Jughead, Archie, and Betty looked at her.

“Ronnie?” Archie asked.

“Who’s she?” Veronica asked, ignoring the ginger’s question.

The three of them followed her gaze to the girl ordering something from Pop Tate at the counter.


Jughead was taken aback by you. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was something about you that just struck him. As you sat down in your booth, Jughead’s mind raced.

Was it the way you dressed? Or maybe—

“I’ve never seen her before,” Betty said, snapping Jughead out of his thoughts. “But she can’t be new. No one transfers schools in the middle of the school year.”

“Should we invite her to sit with us?” Archie asked as he turned back to Veronica.

“Yeah, sure,” Ronnie said. “She looks— oh hello.”

At Veronica’s purr, everyone turned back to what she was looking at. Sam, Dean, and Castiel all entered Pop’s. The three men caught sight of you in your booth and sat down next to you and across from you. As the four of you began to talk, the teens tried to hear what you were saying but to no avail.

“So there’s a motel about a quarter mile ahead. Called the Moon Motel. Only one in town.” Dean said as he and Castiel sat across from you.

You nodded as Sam sat down next to you.

“Okay,” you said. “I ordered us all waters to start. Didn’t get you food though. Wasn’t sure what you were in the mood for.”

Dean cleared his throat as he picked up a menu and started reading it.

“Pie,” he proclaimed. “Cherry pie.”

You smirked.

Pie. You loved it. But it had made you sick as a dog when you had gotten—

The smile disappeared from your face and you quickly shook your head, removing that thought from your head. You wouldn’t think about that today.

“You okay?” Sam asked, looking at you.

You looked up and realized your brothers and the angel were looking at you.

“Uh, y-yeah,” you stammered, running a hand through your hair. “Just wondering what we’re gonna wear for the next few days. I mean, no offense, Dean, but you smell.”

Sam bit back a smile at your remark while Dean glared at you.

“I can get us some fake credit cards.” Cas cut in.

You rose your eyebrows at him.

“In this place?” you asked.

“I can try.” the angel replied.

You sighed as you sat back in your chair, picking your menu up.

“Alright.” you answered as the four of you entered a comfortable silence.

The teens watched you and the three others curiously.

“Who are they?” Betty asked quietly.

Veronica shrugged.

“I don’t know,” she said as she took a sip of her milkshake. “But I like the one that’s sitting next to the one in that trench coat.” she said slyly.

Archie groaned and Jughead’s face twisted up as if he had tasted something sour.

“That’s gross, Ronnie.” Betty said.

Veronica shrugged and the four of them resumed looking at the strangers across the room only to freeze when they saw you were looking straight back at them.

“Why don’t you take a picture?” you snapped loudly. “It’ll last longer.”

The men in your booth turned to look at the Core Four who quickly looked away, not wanting to face their wrath as well.

“Damn.” Jughead muttered.

Guess you didn’t like to play around.

Sam looked back at you after your outburst with an impressed expression on his face.

“I’m just hungry, okay?” you mumbled, looking back down at your menu.

Dean chuckled.

“That’s my girl.” he said.

You gave a small smile before the silence enveloped your booth again. You glanced up again only to see the raven-haired teenager from the booth you had yelled at looking at you curiously. The other teens had their heads down, evidently scarred by your scolding. 

But not him. 

You debated yelling at him again before deciding you were too hungry to get into a fight at this time. You sighed, eyes going back to your menu.

What even was this place?


A/N: Send me feedback! Hope you guys are enjoying it so far!


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As much as you wanted your brothers to stay with you in the Bunker you told them to go. Those victims and to be victims needed Hunters to take the case before anything got worse. These people were dying. You were fine…weren’t you?

Sam and Dean knew you struggled with mental health issues, which is why they were reluctant to leave you, but you promised them you’d be fine. How could you be fine? 

Your breathing was deep and heavy as you reached for your phone. It didn’t take long for him to pick up: “Y/N?” Sam’s worried voice was supposed to fill you with relief, but instantly guilt washed over. “Hey Sweetheart, you okay?” He spoke much more quickly this time.
“Yeah I’m fine…uh…” You tried to think of a reason to call that would convince him you were telling the truth. “I knew we shouldn’t have left you…” He sighed.

“Sammy everything’s fine.”

“Then why are you calling me? Bug, it’s okay to not be okay. I’m proud of you for calling.” His soft loving voice made you well up with tears.
“I just feel so empty.” You whispered, tears trickling down your cheeks.

“Hey shh, it’s okay. You’re gonna be okay I promise.”

You nodded even though he couldn’t see you. “I miss you.” You sobbed, trying your best to hold it in, but ultimately failing.
“I miss you too, love. Dean can handle the case on his own I’m coming back, okay?”
“Are you sure? I’m not worth it, Sammy. There are people’s lives at stake-”
“Don’t put yourself down like that Y/N. You’re just as important and I’m not gonna let you suffer. I’m coming home….Love you, sis.”
“Love you too Sammy, hug De for me?”
“Of course.”


You didn’t want to wake him but this was important. Creeping down the hallway, your body visibly shaking from crying, you made your way to your brothers room.
You quietly closed the door behind you, your feet padding on the ground as you made your way over to him. He was asleep.

“D-Dean?” You managed, your lip trembling.
Immediately he was awake -Hunters instincts. After his initial panic, he calmed down. But not for long as he noticed your state.

“Y/N?” He got up from his bed and rushed toward your sobbing figure.

“Sweetheart what’s wrong?” He knelt down so he was eye level with you. His gentle hand tucked away a strand of hair behind your ear, his hand lightly resting on your cheek before he held his arms out for you. You collapsed into him, his arms enveloped you in a hug as he held you close.

“Shhh, it’s okay. I’ve got you.” He cooed, his arm stroking your hair as you sobbed into his chest.
He knew you struggled with depression, he knew you didn’t need to talk about it sometimes but just a shoulder to cry on. Dean was there for you whatever the need.

He gently led you to his bed where you sat next to him, still clutching on to him for dear life.
He continued to hold you, breathing with you, reassuring you through the occasional whisper and kissing your forehead.
You stayed there for quite some time, even when your sobs died down to sniffles then to nothing.
You remained, your head resting on his chest, the fabric of his flannel shirt a comfort of its own.

“I’m sorry.” You finally said, looking up at him with sad eyes.
“No you don’t have to be sorry, sweet.” He assured you, rubbing your back “Not ever. I’m proud of you, so so proud of you.”
You nodded against him, not wanting to get up from his comfort.

“If you want to talk about anything, me and Sam are always here. Always.”
“Thank you.” You managed a weak smile.
“Come on, you can sleep with me tonight.” He let you go to shuffle up so there was room for you to crawl on. You did, curling back up against him and closing your sore eyes
He wrapped his arms round you protectively, reassuring you he was there. Your soar eyes drooped shut as he held you close and lulled you into a deep sleep.

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Going ahead with my request XD Okay, I have an ideia. Can you do one with that the reader!sister is feeling down and depressive, and Sam notice that and try to cheer her up. (Fluff, pleaase, like I’ve told you lol)
I thought I might as well do both Sam and Dean Idk I guess this blogs been too Sam-centric recently and as much as we love our Moose Squirell deserves some love haha, Hope you liked it! x

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Was I a good Sister?

Characters - Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, John Winchester

Warning - Swearing, angst, character death

“Y/n! SHOOT NOW” I heard my father voice yell at me so I took my aim at the werewolf heart and tried to fire but I then realised that my gun was jammed! “oh no” I whispered

I saw the werewolf advance towards my elder brother and it threw him across , I watched in shock when his body slammed into the tree, the werewolf turned towards me but my gun was still jammed, I tried to shoot him but it wasn’t working just when then I heard a loud bang from behind me and I saw the werewolf fall to the ground, I turned around and saw my other elder brother Sam.

My father suddenly appeared in my view and ran towards Dean, me and Sam followed him, we dropped on our knees around where Dean lay unconscious. I tried to caress his forehead to inspect the damage when my father shoved my hand away.

“Don’t you dare touch him! ”,he snarled.

He then looked at Dean and tried to find if he had any serious injury on him. I looked at Sam but he was too focused on Dean. I then felt my cheek burn severely and loud resounding slap could be heard across the forest. I realised then that my father had hit me and he had me so hard that I was lying on the ground. I definitely had a bruise now.

“Dad, what the hell was that!? ” I heard Sam shout but my dad just glared at him and then at me, he shook his head in anger dropped down so he could swing dean’s arm around his shoulder.

Sam who was staring at his father in shock and anger immediately pushed his feelings aside and grabbed the other arm. They carried Dean this to the impala with me trailing behind him.

“y/n/n, go sit in the backseat and then we will lay him down” I nodded slowly and did as Sam said, the entire time I could feel my dad’s eye on me.

The ride to the isolated cabin was extremely quiet, I kept caressing Dean’s forehead and his hair and I kept on whispering “ I am sorry, I am so sorry ” and the tears trailed down my face.

Sam’s POV

I heard my little sister sniffling in the backseat and comforting my elder brother while saying sorry. It literally broke my heart to see her so upset. All I wanted to do was hug her tightly and tell her everything was going to be okay but if I say something now I know my father will be even more furious, I still cannot believe that he had hit her.

We reach the cabin and take Dean inside, we inspect him and wonder if any serious injury has taken place but he was just knocked out , I look over at my little sister and see that she was standing at door with an expression of fear plastered over her face. I smile at her but she doesn’t smile back.

After tending to Dean my father walks out of the room but not before he take Y/n’s arm in vicious grip, I spare my brother one look and walk out of the door.

Y/n’s POv

“what the hell were you doing?!
“I.. ”
“You could have gotten your brother killed you irresponsible idiot, why can’t you do anything properly?! ”
“Dad just listen to her”
“You stay out of this Sam, it does not concern you, we could have lost Dean because of her, you are the reason that your brother is in there….. Hurt”
“But dad.. ”
“JUST SHUT UP! I can’t even bare to look at you, my son is hurt because of you, you are an ungrateful, irresponsible and disgusting sister and I can’t even call you my daughter ”

That was it. This sentence did it for me, I was in pain ,not the physical kind the other one the one where your heart feels heavy and it hurts, I looked at my father with tears in my eyes but I would not let them drop.

“what the hell is wrong with you dad, why can’t you just listen to her, who says that to their own child?!”

My dad didn’t answer my brother he just walked out the door, Sam then removed his attention from John and then kneeled down so he could be of my height, he kept both his hands on my shoulders and looked me straight in the eye.

“hey, listen to me sweetie don’t you dare even for a moment think that you are not a good sister, you are the most amazing, beautiful kind girl in the whole world and me and Dean love you so so so so much! ”

I looked him in the eye but I did not have the strength to reply so I just went back to the room where Dean was sleeping.

Sam’s POV

I watched my little sister walk back in the room, I was so shocked to hear my father say such horrible things to a 13 year old girl.
I went in the room and saw that she was covering Dean up with a blanket she then sat at the edge of the pushed his hair back and kissed him on the forehead.

My heart melted right there, how could my father say such horrible things to someone as sweet as her, I just couldn’t resist so I walked up behind her and put my arms around,she turn around and put her arms around my waist and her face towards me, I hugged her for a while but then I felt her shoulders shake I looked down and saw that she was sobbing her little heart out so I kneeled down again so I could be of her level and then hugged her tightly.

“I am sorry, I am so sorry”, she said this while hiccuping in between her sobs.

“I can’t lose you or Dean, I love you too much, I am sorry ” I knew I couldn’t say anything to comfort her so I picked her up and carried to my bed, we are used to sharing beds so I lay her down and I lay down beside her I put my arm around her and gently stroke her back soon she is fast asleep.

Y/n’s POV
I wake up the next morning to see that my Sam was sleeping beside me softly snoring , I looked on the other side and saw that Dean was also sleeping, so I got up and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. When I came back I saw that Dean was starting to wake up.

“Hey Dean, can you wake up? ”, he groaned but slowly opened his eyes
“hey, how are you feeling? ”
“Ummm…. Extremely sore”
“well you were thrown into a tree so that is to be expected I guess”

“Wait, what the hell happened? Are you okay? ”

“Yea bro, Everyone is good, you were the only one who was hurt”

I grabbed his medicine from the side table and then got him a glass of water.

“Here you go”
“Thanks sweetheart, you know you always take such good care of us”

My smile wavered a bit as I remembered last night’s events but I didn’t let the sadness or the immense guilt I was feeling come to my face. I then took both his hands pulled him in a sitting position.

“you can use the shower and have a good long bath”
“Thanks sweetie ” he said looking at me but then his smile turned into a frown and his hand went to touch my cheek.
“Did the werewolf get you or something? ”
“No why? ”
“You have bruise on your face”
I immediately felt extremely tense but then I just brushed it off and then walked to the living room. I saw John sitting over there with a pen and newspaper he looked towards me and said
“We are going on a hunt tonight.”
“What? What about Dean”
“Your will brother will not go obviously ”
“Dean is not going to agree to that ”
“Just be ready, there were not ONE but TWO werewolf but because of you we could not kill it last night so I suggest do as I ask”.

Later that night.
Dean had thrown a bitch fit and was here saying he was fine and will not be left at home. I had persuaded Sam to not tell Dean anything now, but we could do it after the hunt. I had rechecked my guns atleast 10 times to make sure it wasn’t jammed.

We walked through the jungle looking for the wolf, but it had seemed like hours had passes but we still had no clue where it was.

I still don’t know how I saw but I did, the werewolf was standing behind Dean, it had raised its claw to strike at my brother but I pushed my brother put of the way and felt it claws go deep in my stomach.

Dean’s PoV

I saw in astonishment as my little sister pushed me out of the way and the werewolf impaled her in stomach. I raised my gun and shot him straight in the heart, the werewolf fell down with a thud.

I looked down at my little sister who was bleeding from the stomach profusely, I picked her up and put her head in my lap, I then felt Sam and Dad running towards us.

“De it hurts a lot ” she cried
“Shhhh sweetheart, don’t worry everything is going to be okay you are going to live and we are going to talk about cutting Sammy’s hair in sleep and well pranking people and making them annoyed”

My sister shook her head and coughed and I saw the blood trickle out of her mouth so I wiped it away with my thumb
“ I am not going to make it, I know it” she croaked
“No y/n/n don’t you dare say that ”, Sam said in a crying voice “ you our baby sister we need to here, I love you so much”
“You heard Sam sweetheart, you can’t go we need you here:

But she ignored us and then asked in a croaked voice
“Was I a good sister? ”
And then both me and Sam just broke, both of us had tears running down our check so we each grabbed her hand I said

“oh yes sweetie, you are amazing sister and I love you so so so much” I then looked at my dad who was standing with an emotionless expression. Y/n looked at all of us “ I love you. ALL OF you I am going to miss you and I am glad I saved you dean”

Saying this my baby sister took her last breaths and then her head just fell sideways, he beautiful eyes were now not looking at anything.
So I put an arm around Sam and pulled him close and cradled my baby sister in my other arm. Oh god I will never see her smile, never kiss her while she was sleeping, never see her taking care of us, never take care of her she is just gone.

My father then came next to us and said “I am sorry baby girl please come back”

And at that time all we wanted was our little baby sister to come back but I knew she wouldn’t listen because she can’t, thinking about this we cried and screamed at the sky above us.

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When She Came Back

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Pairing: Dean x Sister!Reader

Summary: At the end of season 11, it’s not Mary who’s brought back, but the Winchester’s six year old sister.

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: Nothing I can think of, little angsty maybe

A/N: This is the first part of a series I have in mind. It’s my first one, so I’m super excited and please let me know if you would want to read more parts of this.

Beta’d by the wonderful @nickiwinchester97 . Y’all are lucky she puts up with me and my shitty writing because you don’t know what crap you’d get to see if it wasn’t for her.

Originally posted by justjensenanddean

Suddenly, it was cold again. Too cold actually, but it would have been just right if you’d been wearing anything else than your pajamas. Disoriented, you sat up and shivered as another breeze got the better of you.

“Mom?” you shouted, looking around and trying to remember what happened. Everything that came to your mind was an all-consuming heat, a pain you’d never felt before. “Dad?”

You got up, a little light headed but otherwise okay. You knew you’d get in trouble with your parents when they saw how dirty your pajamas were, but you wiped your hands on them anyway.

Instead of getting a response, you saw a figure emerging from the shadows. With every step he came closer you were more convinced that this wasn’t your father, but a tall and muscular stranger, coming towards you in the middle of the night.  

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You’re No Brother Of Mine.

Yeah. Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. Sorry. Anon requested- Hey! I was wondering if you could write an imagine with this scenario, when Dean went to hell Sam went nuts ofc so he dropped their little sister (15/16 yo) in Bobby’s place and when Dean gets back he is pissed w Sam for what he did to you. You are also pissed and very upset w him, so one day he asks you what’s the matter and you explode and tell him how painful it was to be left by him and everything. I know it’s very specific but I would rlly aprecciate if you do it, can you also put fluffy?

Warnings- swearing, mentions of depression, also Sam’s kinda a dick for the first couple of paragraphs but he was high on the demon blood so that explains it.

A/N- I’ve kind of been stuck in a slump for the past week, so writing has been difficult for me but i’m feeling a bit better so i’m ready to write again!


Four months, it had been four months since Dean died, four months since Sam left you. You still didn’t understand why he left, at first you didn’t mind, you knew he needed his space after all he did witness his brother getting torn to shreds by a Hell hound. 

After a week of you staying at Bobby’s you became curious, you had rung and texted Sam numerous times but he never answered, your phone would always go to voice mail or it would just ring non-stop. After a month of silence you decided to try and track him, you tried to keep it a secret from Bobby, he thought you and Sam talked everyday, that’s what you told him. 

Bobby being Bobby knew that the words you were spouting were utter nonsense, but he decided to leave it, trusting that you’d eventually tell him what was going on.

You did tell him, two months later when you had found Sam, but he just pushed you aside like you were a stranger. So to say Bobby was pissed would be the biggest understatement of the century, when you came crashing through the door at two in the morning, with tears flowing carelessly down your face he sat you down on the couch and made you explain every detail to him, from the missed phone calls, the ghost texts, you told him how you had tracked him to a motel a couple hours away and that when you knocked on the motel door, he didn’t give you a second glance, he rolled his eyes slightly but let you in. 


You walked in, the atmosphere was already tense. Leaning slightly on the table you looked around the room, your eyes stopped at a woman who was sat on the couch with her feet up, she gave you a quick smile before turning her head back to the TV. 

Sam cleared his throat, you quickly snapped your head up to meet his gaze, you gave him a small smile but quickly dropped it when he didn’t return it. 

“What’re you doing here Y/N?” He asked, his arms crossed and standing tall, you narrowed your eyes and looked at him as if to say ‘you’re kidding right?’ standing up you tried to make yourself look taller, which is extremely difficult when you’re stood next to somebody who’s height was that of a Moose.

“Do you really have to ask that?” You retorted, “Sam, I haven’t seen or heard from you for three months. Three months without a single text, or call! I thought you were dead but it turns out you ditched me for some chick” you spat, you quickly turned around and faced her “no offence, I’m sure you’re a lovely person, I’m just really angry right now” you added before turning back around to face your brother who looked just as pissed off as you did, “all I needed was one text, one word to know you were okay! I understand that you miss your brother, hell I miss him too but I’m not about to loose another one” you ranted, tears stung your eyes but stubbornly refused to fall.

“Y/N, there was a reason I didn’t return your calls, there’s a reason I didn’t reply to your texts, there’s a reason I haven’t talked to you, it’s because I don’t want to. Yes, you’re my sister and I love you but I don’t need you, you coming out here was just a waste of time. So leave.” He spoke with carelessness in his voice, he really didn’t care. You stared at him in disbelief before chuckling humorlessly, you swallowed the lump in your throat, stood up and walked towards the door, walking out you turned around to face your brother, the one who you could talk to about anything. Your big brother who always vowed to protect you, your hero. 

“You know, if Dean was here he’d have kicked your ass by now. Screw you, Sam Winchester. You’re no brother of mine.” You croaked out, a couple tears escaped but you had slammed the door so he couldn’t see. Your chest felt heavy and your throat tightened, you slid into the van you had borrowed from Bobby and drove, your eyes blurry from the tears, your hands were shaking from rage. 


So here you were now, it had been a month since the incident with Sam and you were dreary and depressed, the most you had done was go to the store to pick up supplies for Bobby, apart from that you’d just mope around the house, you barely slept, rarely ate. You were a mess of emotions and poor Bobby, he tried everything he could to lift your spirits but nothing worked. Whenever he’d ask what was wrong he’d get the same monotone response “I miss my brothers”. 

You were asleep when Dean decided to show up, resurrected from the dead, you failed to wake up when he pounded on the front door, you failed to wake up when Bobby gripped him to test if he was a shifter, you even failed to wake up when he was sat by the side of your bed stroking your hair lightly, a small frown written across his face. He took in you appearance, your skin was paler than usual, your face had sunken slightly due to the lack of food and you had dark bags under your eyes, clearly indicating the lack of sleep. 

He turned his head to Bobby who was stood in the doorway, “what happened to her Bobby?” He asked quietly, not wanting to wake you. Bobby sighed and shook his head “Sam happened, he left her here about a week after you died. She managed to track him down but he didn’t want her there, he broke the poor kids heart” he spoke sadly, frowning when he remembered the night you came back from Sam’s.

Dean turned back to you, he was pissed. Sam was suppose to protect you, not leave you. 

Both eyes turned to you when they heard your groan slightly, you stirred and slowly opened your eyes. You froze when your eyes landed on the figure sat on your bed, you quickly reached for your knife and tackled him but was quickly pulled back by Bobby, “Y/N, calm down, it’s him, it’s really Dean” he reassured pulling the knife out of your hand, you turned to face your brother who had sat himself back up, he gave you a small grin, “hey, lil sis” he breathed, all you could do was stare at him. His hair was dishevelled, he looked exhausted, you looked into his eyes, the ones which would always bring you a sense of calming. You failed to notice that Bobby left the room, your were too distracted. 

Slowly you reached a hand out and poked his arm before quickly retreating back, he chuckled softly “yeah, I know it’s weird” he admitted, you lent forward again pinching his cheek slightly, he grabbed your hand and pulled it away from his face. It really was him, your brother was alive. You flung your arms around his neck, burying your head in the crook of his neck. Dean wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close, “I missed you so much, Dean” you murmured, he smiled and hugged your tighter, “I missed you too, kiddo.”


“Dean, I’m not going in there” you refused, crossing your arms. Dean and Bobby found Sam and had forced you to come along with them, and by force you, Dean carried you to the car.

Dean groaned before kneeling down, placing a hand on your knee “listen, I know that Sam is the last person you want to see right now, but you can’t avoid him forever. Besides, you don’t wanna miss me kick his ass do you?” He replied with with a small grin, you rolled your eyes but a grin escaped your lips, stepping out of the car you followed Dean and Bobby to the motel.

“Okay, it should be this room..” Dean trailed off slightly before knocking on the door, the door opened revealing the same girl from before, you shook your head as memories of that night resurfaced, your thoughts were interrupted when she spoke.

“So, where is it?” She asked, you rolled your eyes and scoffed in annoyance, Dean looked at Bobby confused “where’s what?” He asked, you lent against the wall watching the conversation play out in front of you. 

You were pulled out of your trance by a familiar voice cutting through the air, “Who are you?!” Sam boomed, you looked up and saw him holding Dean against the wall with a knife to his throat. You quickly ran forward and grabbed the knife from Sam’s hand, “Sam, it’s really him, Bobby’s done all the testing. It’s him” you said calmly, you were still incredibly pissed at him for what he did but you’d rather him not kill your brother who just came back from the dead.

Sam looked at you, then looked back at Dean and then pulled him into a bone crushing hug, you smiled lightly at the two boys in front of you, “look, I should probably go..” The woman trailed off, she was now fully dressed and stood by the door, Sam turned to her “yeah. Yeah, that’s probably a good idea. Sorry” he replied back awkwardly, there was an awkward silence for a couple of seconds before she spoke again “so call me” she requested, Sam cleared his throat and looked at her, “yeah, yeah sure thing Kathy” he chuckled awkwardly before turning back to Dean, “it’s Kristy” she said sounding disappointed, you narrowed your eyes in suspicion, something was going on. 

You followed ‘Kristy’ out of the room quickly catching up to her in the lobby, you grabbed her arm so she was facing you, “why is my brother acting like he doesn’t know you?” You asked, she raised her eyebrows, faking confusion,

“I have no idea what you’re taking about” she shrugged, you rolled your eyes and ran you hand over your face “you were with Sam that night when we argued, I’m not dumb so stop undermining me” you sighed, the girl looked at you with sympathy in her eyes, “I think you already have an idea of who I am..” She trailed off, you cocked your head the the side slightly confused, the girl rolled her eyes and then they flashed black. Your eyes widened as you stumbled back “Ruby?!” You yelled, she shushed you and dragged you outside, you didn’t hate her, in fact you two got on quite well, at first you despised her but she proved herself when she saved you from two demons who has cornered you in an alleyway.

You were sat on the wall outside the motel, it was silent for a while before Ruby spoke up, “Sam regrets what he said that night, you know” she said looking over at you, you rolled your eyes and shook your head, “I’m serious, as soon as he saw that van drive away he broke down, he was a mess for days after that..” She trailed off and sighed when she saw your weren’t buying it, you stood up and walked towards the entrance of the motel, you didn’t want to hear what she had to say, you wanted your brother to explain why he did what he did, to you.

Storming into the room you cut off the conversation, “Sam, can I talk to you?” You asked, he nodded his head but you looked at Dean who got the signal that you wanted to talk to him alone, “me and Bobby will be in the car, please, try not to kill each other” he spoke, you rolled your eyes and nodded your head, the two left the room and closed the door behind them.

“So, I was talking to Ruby..” You started saying, Sam’s eyes widened as he stared at you, “yeah, she told me who she was” you continued, Sam ran his hands over his face and sat on the edge of the bed. He looked up at you leaning against the wall on the face side of the room away from him, he sighed and shook his head, “Y/N, I’m sorry for what I said that night, okay? I didn’t mean any of it-” you cut him off abruptly with a loud laugh, you started pacing the room slowly, “didn’t mean any of it? It sure sounded like you meant it!” You yelled, Sam stood up “I did it to protect you!” He yelled back, you stared at him in disbelief “you abandoned me, to protect me?” You asked, “what a load of shit.” You spat.

Sam’s eyes widened, “don’t talk to me like that” he demanded causing you to laugh, “no, I’m done taking orders from you! You left me Sam, I’m aloud to be angry!” You argued, “for months I thought you were dead, then when I actually do find you, you decide to be a complete dick!” You fumed, Sam tried to cut in but you cut him off “what you said hurt me, Sam. We’re suppose to be a family and when I needed you the most you just shut me out and pretended I didn’t exist. I understand you needed your space and I was fine with that, I needed my space but telling me to leave? Saying that you didn’t need me? That was a dick move to make, it made me feel so freaking worthless, I thought that I had done something wrong, and not matter what Bobby would say to try and make me feel better it still wouldn’t work because the only family I had left didn’t want me anymore.” you concluded.

Sam felt a pain in his chest, he never wanted to be the one responsible for making you feel this way, his eyes scanned over you taking in your appearance, the bags under your eyes, he noticed that your clothes were unusually baggy showing that you hadn’t been eating properly. He rubbed a hand over his face. Stepping forward slightly he spoke, “Y/N, I’m sorry I caused all of this, I only said what I said to protect you. Me and Ruby, we’ve been looking for Lilith and I didn’t want you caught in the crossfire. I’m so, so sorry” he confessed, you refused to meet his gaze and kept your eyes fixated on the floor, you didn’t want him to see the tears that were threatening to spill over.

He placed a hand on your shoulder but you shrugged it off, “Y/N, look at me” he said softly, you shook your head accidentally allowing a tear to spill out and land on the wooden floor. Sam knelt down and lifted placed a finger under your chin lifting your head to look at him, you adverted your eyes causing more tears to spill out, “Y/N, please look at me” he begged, his voice cracking slightly, you slowly looked into his hazel eyes that always switched colour in different lighting only to find them filled with tears himself, the guilt eating away at him for making you cry. 

“Y/N/N, you have every right to hate me right now, you have every right to be mad. I shouldn’t have left you. You’re my little sister and I let you down, I failed to protect you and I caused you so much pain, I’m so sorry” he apologised, a few tears escaped his eyes causing more tears to escape yours, you flung your arms over his neck and cried into his shoulder, all of the emotion you had been refusing to let show for the past four months overflowed, Sam said nothing as he held you close, rubbing circles onto your back, he sat down on the floor and pulled you into his lap as you cried, his chin resting atop of your head, “please don’t leave me again” you sniffled out, Sam’s heart broke as he tightened his grip around you, “I’m not leaving, I promise” he spoke placing a kiss on your head. 

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This Is War (Part 2 of Runaway Ballerina)

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader, Castiel x sister!reader 

Warnings: Fluff, fluff and fluff

Summary: Chaos and war within the bunker between siblings.

Part 1

For those of who wanted a part 2 here you go!!! Hope you guys don’t mind that I tagged you in Part 2.  @sandlee44 @supdarling @queenpammy13 @evyiione @radstudenttravelerblr @straightasdeanwinchester @violinmyhead @xfanqirlinq @cozyjaws @meeshw777 @sassyspn67 @winchesters-favorite-girl @i-is-small-winchester @dauntless-dean @moose-and-sqruille-lover @galifreyanotaku @skeletoresinthebasement @babygoatsaf

Originally posted by green-circles

It’s late at night around 3:15 am and Cas is sitting in the bunker library reading some lure on witches to try and help Y/N get back to normal. He suddenly hears a chair next to him scrape the wood floors. He slowly looks to his right to see a tiny Y/N sitting on her calves with her dark brown hair all over the place with one of Dean t-shirts as pajamas, her eyes red and puffy.

“What’s wrong? Why are you not sleeping?” He ask.

“I has a bad dream. I don’t wanna sleep no more.”

“Why don’t you go to Sam or Dean’s room?”

“I don’t wanna wake them up, I usually went to my daddy’s bed bu-but he’s not here.” She says looking down. Cas face softens hearing this from her. “Castill” she says. Cas chuckles hearing her butcher his name. “Castiel.” He corrects. “Case.. cast…Castie.” She says frowning and Cas sits there smiling. “Can you take me for a drive?” She ask. “A drive?”

“When I can’t sleep my daddy takes me on a ride.”

“Well I don’t have a car.”

“We can take baby.”

“I don’t think Dean would like it if I took his car that he considers as an infant.”

“Well, Dean told me you’re baby in a trench coat and that you have wings like a fairy. So can you fly me someplace?” Cas frowns at this remembering the day at the diner. “I’m don’t think that’s a good idea Y/N.”

“Please Castie!” She begs. “I don’t wanna see anymore monsters in my dreams.” She whimpers. He looks down at her pouty face and sighs. “Only for a few minutes.” He gives in. She gasp reaching up for him. He picks her up and zaps them to a field. Cas sets her on his lap and they both look up at the stars. “How many stars do you think there are?” Cas ask pointing up.

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Being Sam and Dean’s little sister would include...
  • A new definition to the term: overprotective.
  • Sibling banter.
  • Learning to drive in the Impala (With a lot of convincing on Sam’s part).
  • Weekly training sessions.
  • Dean holding back when you’re sparring.
  • Dean not holding back when you kick his ass.
  • Being a better shot than your brothers and them not wanting to talk about it. They deny it every time.
  • Sam always helping you with schoolwork.
  • Both of them having a cow when you don’t make curfew.
  • Research is your punishment.
  • Playing Rock, Paper, Scissors to see who has to sleep on the crappy motel room couch (Usually Dean).
  • Being on the receiving end of Sam Winchester Bitch Stares.
  • Nerding out with Sam.
  • Trying to introduce more modern music to Dean.
  • Eye rolls from Dean. 
  • You and your brothers still using the “super secret” handshake that you made up as a kid.
  • “We’re just trying to protect you.”
  • Being left behind on hunts.
  • Following them anyway. After all, you are the better shot.
  • Saving their sorry asses.
  • Dean yelling at you for following them.
  • Stitching one another up.
  • Your fights always end in a hug because they just can’t fathom the thought of losing you.
  • Pet Names (Such as: Short-Stuff, Kiddo, Sweetheart, and Pain in the Ass)
  • Pretending to be asleep so they carry you.
  • “Jerk!” “Bitch!” “You’re both dicks. Now shut up!”
  • Brothers who are also your best friends.
  • Knowing that there are two people in the world who you can always trust and who would do absolutely anything for you.
  • You would do absolutely anything for them.
Winchesters in Riverdale (Part Two)

After a hunt gone wrong, Y/N Winchester, the 17 year old half-sister of Sam and Dean Winchester, her older brothers, and Castiel are transported to Riverdale, a town in a different universe. While Sam, Dean, and Castiel attempt to find a way back home, Y/N struggles to fit in in community of Riverdale. In a universe with no monsters to worry about, there’s so many questions that need answering.

Can she ever try to be normal after hunting for all of her life? Who’s the good-looking, mystical teen with the beanie who’s always at that diner? And will anyone discover that secret she’s been hiding for the last year and a half?


Part One


“What do you mean I have to go to school?” you asked in disbelief as Dean dumped a bunch of school supplies on your motel bed along with a black backpack.

He sighed and sat down in the long chair across the room.

“People’ll get suspicious if there’s a random teen hanging around us during school hours. So unless you wanna be holed up in the motel for God knows how long, you’re going to school.”

You were about to protest when Sam cut you off.

“It’s just for a little bit, Y/N,” he said in an attempt to placate you. “Until we find a way to get outta here.”

You sighed defeatedly.

“Fine.” you said quietly as you sat back against the headboard of the bed, crossing your arms.

Everyone was silent for a moment before Dean spoke again.

“Oh, and you’re with the sophomores. All the junior classes were full.” he said.

Your mouth dropped open.

“Are you serious?!” you exclaimed.

“We signed you up for a mythology class though! You like mythology. That class has kids from all different grades in it.” Sam said.

You glared at him.

“Fine. Just—fine. Whatever.” you mumbled.

Dean rose his eyebrows at your tone.

“You know, I don’t know what’s going on with you. You’ve had a lot more chutzpah since you came back.”

“Dean.” Sam warned.

You looked down. You didn’t want to talk about this now.

“No, I’m serious, Sam,” Dean continued. “She disappears without a trace and then magically returns after a year. Now, she says it was because she had to take a break after Kevin—“

“Dean!” Sam exclaimed again and you winced at the mention of your dead boyfriend.

Dean was quiet as he watched you fiddling with your jacket sleeve, trying not to cry.

“I—Y/N, I’m sorry.” Dean sighed.

“It’s fine.” you said quietly.

“I just—we were just worried. You know that. We didn’t hear from you for a year. We thought you might’ve been dead. You just… left.”

You nodded slowly.

“No, I know.” you mumbled.

Everyone was silent again.

“Well, um, I’m gonna get some dinner for us,” Dean said as he got up. “Does, uh, anyone have any preferences?”

Everyone shook their head.

“Right,” he said. “Cas, come with me?”

Castiel nodded but not before walking over to you, handing you notebooks you didn’t even know he had in his hand. You looked up at him.

“I, uh, got you these in different colors. I didn’t know which one was your favorite.” he said.

You smiled softly.

“Thank you, Cas. I appreciate it.”

Castiel nodded before he walked out of the motel with Dean, leaving you with just Sam.

It was silent before Sam spoke again.

“Do you want to talk about it?” he asked quietly.

You froze and looked up at him.


Your brother looked at you with his puppy dog eyes.

“You’re always thinking about the same thing.  Ever since you came back. I can see it in your eyes. After everything I’ve gone through, I wish I would’ve accepted some help from—”

“Please stop.” you pleaded.

Sam looked at you.

“Y/N?” he asked gently.

You swallowed the lump in your throat.

“Why are you and Dean so adamant on finding out where I was?” you asked, anger tinting your voice.

“Because Y/N, we can see it’s eating at you. You want to tell someone what happened.” he said softly.

You got up, glaring at your brother.

“No, I don’t! I want you guys to leave me alone! Okay?! That was the deal. I come back and you guys ask no questions. So stop interrogating me!” you nearly yelled.

Sam looked down, hurt, and you felt tears well up in your eyes, guilt filling you. You knew he was only trying to help.

“I-I’m going out. I’ll be back later. Tell Dean I’m at that diner or something. I don’t care.” you said as you walked towards the door.

“Wait, Y/N.” Sam began as he got up.

“Sam,” you warned, looking back at your brother.

He stopped, looking at you with concern.

“Don’t.” you said and with that you stepped out of the motel, closing the door behind you.

The warm spring air from earlier had cooled down, making you pull your jacket closer to you. The sun was starting to set, giving off a beautiful orange glare. As you walked down the street from the motel, kicking at rocks, you remembered the last day you had seen Kevin.

“Hey guys.” Kevin said as he stepped out from behind Chuck.

Your and your brothers eyes widened.

“Kevin?” you whispered.

He beamed.


You let out a breathless laugh and rushed over to him, throwing your arms around him. He hugged you back tightly and it was then you realized he wasn’t cold like a ghost, but he was… warm? You pulled away from his, holding what you thought was your long dead boyfriend by the shoulders.

“H-How are you—”

“You never got a chance to say goodbye, did you?” Chuck said from next to you.

You shook your head.

“No.” you whispered.

Chuck smiled at you.

“Well, now you do. I’m giving you one last day together. 24 hours starting now. Then he goes to Heaven. I’ll see you later.” he said and with that, disappeared.

You turned back to Kevin who was beaming at you.

“So… what do you want to do?” he asked.

You tried to keep your tears at bay as you walked down the street, shoving your hands in your pockets. Yes, you and Kevin dated. You met him when you were thirteen and started dating him a little after you had turned fourteen. You had tried to keep it a secret from Sam, Dean, and Castiel but they found out within a couple months. Sam was worried (when was he not?) for the both of you, Castiel was indifferent to the situation, and Dean had tried to break you apart, claiming you weren’t allowed to date anyone until you were married.

“But I’m never getting married, Dean!”


You cracked a smile as you remembered your eldest brother’s reaction to your relationship. Despite his disgust towards you guys kissing and all, you managed to catch him smirking at the two of you holding hands at one point (though he vehemently denied it and then sent you to do research for two weeks.)

However, your smile faded as you remembered the day, that horrible day when you found Kevin on the ground in the bunker with his eyes burned out. Dean was apologizing to you over and over again but you didn’t even hear him. You were in such a shock, you couldn’t cry. You could barely even breathe. It was the worst day of your life.

You shook your head again, trying to rid yourself of the memories. You thought you could move on from Kevin’s death after Chuck had granted you one day with him. But it only spiraled out of control from there.


A/N: Before I wrote this fic, I actually did write a Kevin x OC story, but never posted it. I’m kinda combining it with this one, and I like how it’s turning out so far! Hope you guys are liking it too!


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The Accident

Hi everybody!! So this is not at all good but I really wanted to write something like this

Characters-Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Sister Reader

Warnings- Swearing, angst,

You walked slowly behind your brothers as they opened the motel door, you had just come back from a guresome hunt, there was supposed to be only one wendigo but it turned out there were three so in short things didn’t go according to plan and all you had to do a lot of things in an impromptu way. The only problem was that one of the wendigo had dug it’s claws in your left leg and your right arm was coloured in red and black bruises, if one is being honest everything in your body was hurting. And this was the very reason why your elder brother Dean was pissed as hell.

As soon as you entered the room, Dean dropped his duffel bag on the ground and turned towards you. He looked at you with such anger and resentment in his eyes that if looks could kill you would not only be dead but Dean would personally drop you at the gates of heaven or hell.

“Sit”, he commanded in a gruff voice and you instantly went and sat at the edge of the bed. “Sam get the first aid so I can clean this up”.Sam immediately went to get the first aid without a word, everyone knew when Dean was angry all we have to do is back off.

“I need to clean your leg first ,sit further back on the bed so I can clean the leg”, so you shifted till you back was touching the headboard and your legs were carefully spawrled out in front of you.

Dean carefully rolled up your jeans while you pressed your lips together to stop from hissing in pain, Sam kept the first aid near Dean and sat beside you so he could hold your hand. You smiled faintly at Sam which he returned and sequezed your hand.

Dean first cleaned the cut and then he poured the alcohol on the wound, you let out a small cry of pain at which Sam gently soothed you. “Shhhh it’s okay y/n, it’s okay”

When Dean had finished his procedure, Sam got off the bed first so he could help you sit in a more comfortable position.

“Stop coddling her Sam”, Dean said in a harsh tone

“Dean she is hurt”, Sam tried to reason with your elder brother.

“I know, which brings me to a very intersesting question; what in the world were you thinking?”

The air in the room turned very still, and you nervously swallowed the harshness away in your throat. You hated when Dean got angry with you, you loved him more than anyone else in the world except Sam and you hated when you dissapointed him.

So you gathered your courage and very calmly spoke,“I know you are angry Dean but I didn’t mean to get hurt, everything happened so fast and all of us had to make the best of a bad or in this case really bad situation”

“Are you making excuses? Do you see me and Sam with such injuries?

You shook your head because you could not merely his eyes.

“That’s right we don’t have such injuries because we are smart, well trained hunters and not dumb like you, today you come to motel kipping on your leg, tomorrow me and Sam will be carrying your dead body here”

“Dean! What the hell are yo-”

“Sam, let me deal with this, you baby her too much when will she grow, when will she learn when will she start acting like a fucking mature adult?! ”

You bit your lips hard trying not let the tears which had filled your eyes drop on your cheek but unfortunately, no matter how hard you tried you couldn’t keep them inside and they spilled on your cheeks.

“Oh great, now she is crying”, Dean said while clapping his hands and mocking you in every way.

Sam was about to go to comfort her but Dean stopped him.

“Sam when will she learn? When will she start acting like a responsible adult ?

“That is the point Dean! She is barely fourteen she is not an adult!! ”

“Well she is not a kid either! She hast learn. When will she stop being a burden?! ”

And that was it for you, you ran out of the motel room and started running down the empty main road, you couldn’t believe it that the man who you had placed on the highest pedestal considered you a burden, you loved him so much and he didn’t even love you back.

“Y/N! STOP!” you heard Dean’s voice behind you but you didn’t stop.

“Y/n please, just listen” So you turned around and saw Dean a little farther away on the sidewalk, with Sam right behind him.

“WHAT DO YOU WANT?! ” you had just screamed that when suddenly out of nowhere a car came and collided again you and you only felt immense pain and then black.

Dean’s POV

My eyes widened when I saw the car hit my baby sister. None of us had seen it coming.

“Y/N !!!!” Me and Sam yelled together and ran to where our baby sister lay on the ground.

Anger boiled in me when I saw what condition she was in, for one second I thought that she was dead.

“Dean, she is breathing……. barely, Call the ambulance ” Sam said in a broken voice as he cradled my baby sister in his arm whispering words of comfort.

I quickly called the ambulance and gave them the details of the place, I checked on the driver of the car and saw that he was unconscious but had no physical injuries.

I went and knelt down next to Sam, so I could see my baby girl.

“ Sweetheart, don’t worry nothing will happen to you, I am right here okay so don’t be scared me and Sam we are not going anywhere”


I turned my attention back to my sister, I grabbed her hands and peppered them with kisses and started mumbling “I am sorry, I am so so sorry, I love you” no then started sobbing hysterically and felt Sam’s hand rub my back up and down in comfort as we waited for the ambulance.

To be continued

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Title: Conflicted II

Summary: Y/N has been playing the Winchester’s sister on the show since season 1, so Jensen and Jared feel like her actual brothers. Lately, Y/N has been acting weird, and the boys find out why the hard way.

Pairing: Jensen x cast!reader, Jared x cast!reader, platonic relationships!!

Warning: mentions of physical & domestic abuse.

A/N: overwhelmed with the responses I got from part one! hope you equally enjoy part two!!

Part one

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You woke up to an empty bed and a throbbing body. Kent left around 4 in the morning to catch a flight back to New York because he had some important business meeting with his dad later in the day.

Your entire body hurt as you got ready for work. But the pain wasn’t as bad as it looked…and it looked horrifying. Your stomach was painted in purple-blue bruises and your face was slowly getting there, looking greenish-yellow for now. Kent was really upset with you last night because you embarrassed him in front of your friends. Although the punishment was extreme, you understood why he did what he did. You deserved it, you thought.

Unfortunately, you had to speed to set before anyone else got there so Marissa had extra time to cover up your face with makeup before anyone saw. You would feel so embarrassed if someone noticed. That you were a failure in your own relationship.

You busted through the makeup trailer, counting your lucky stars that Marissa was the only one there, setting up early like she always did. When she saw you her mouth dropped, and then she frowned knowingly. She always hand an inkling that something was extremely wrong in your relationship with Kent.

“Please,” you pleaded. “No questions. Just fix this. Please.” You were desperate to look normal again and try to restore the life you once loved. A fun life on set, and a stable and blessed relationship with your coworkers. Especially Jensen.

Marissa nodded and motioned towards the seat for you to take. She covered your face with foundation and concealer, tryin her best to make the makeup look as natural as possible since your character doesn’t wear makeup at all. Every time she blotted your face with the beauty blender, you involuntarily winced. Your skin was still tender, making tears prick at your eyes.

“I’m sorry,” she said. She put everything away and sighed as she did a once over. “Are you sure you don’t want to…”

“Yeah,” you cut her off. You definitely didn’t want to talk about it. “Thank you.”

You decided to spend the next hour before your scene getting breakfast and walking off the pain in your abdomen. Today was going to be a long day. The show was reaching its deadline for things to be turned into the network, meaning late nights and a lot of moving around.

You were sitting in your trailer staring at a picture of you and Kent back from when you first started dating when someone knocked on the door and let themselves in. You placed the picture frame back in its place and turned to find Jared waiting for you.

“They need you on set.” He said.

You nodded, not sure what else to say. You waited for him to notice your face or say something about your fight with Jensen, but his lips stayed pressed in a thin line. This wasn’t right. This felt awkward and there was never awkwardness between you. Maybe this was all your fault, you thought.

You followed Jared to set that posed as a motel room. Jensen was already there, reviewing his lines with a crew member while the man who played the siren stood off to the side.

The director waved you over as you entered the set, “Okay, Y/N. This is what’s going to happen. Dean has been brainwashed into loving the siren. Then the siren is gonna infect Sam. The siren will tell them that whoever kills you first can be with him together. You’re doing the fight scene you rehearsed last week.”

“Okay.” Great, you thought, a fight scene.

The director asked, “Do you still have a concussion? Will you be okay to do this?”

You nodded, “I’ll be fine.”

“Concussion?” Jared asked, looking at you puzzled.

You shrugged. “Fell a couple weeks ago. No big deal.”

Both Jared and Jensen were giving you weird looks, but didn’t question it further, fortunately for you.

“Alright,” the director walked back to his chair. “Boys go easy on her. Everyone get into positions!” I walked over to my mark and took a deep breath to try and calm my nerves. “And action!”

The scene started out well. You acted pissed at the siren for putting you in the position you were in and Jensen was really working the look of hatred towards you which made you sad that he didn’t even have to try that hard to look at you like that.

Sam walked in and Dean attacked him like the siren told him to, then the siren walked over and spit his saliva venom into Sam’s mouth. Now they were both turned.

“Sam, Dean…” you said slowly, acting like you were worried. “Snap out of it. Okay? It’s me. It’s your little sister.”

“I’ve got an idea boys,” the siren walked over to Sam and Dean with an evil smirk on his face. “Whoever kills Y/N first gets to be with me forever. She seems like a fighter so we’ll make it a fair match. Dean, you try first.”

Jensen approached you with looks that could kill. His piercing green eyes got goosebumps to raise on your skin and your heart to pound in your throat. You were actually scared.

“Dean..” you tried acting through it. “It’s me.”

Jensen slammed you against the wall like you practiced last week. You tried your best to fight off the tears and continue with your lines and moves. You kicked him in the stomach like you were taught and he fumbled back. Your anxiety was so high you thought you were gonna vomit on the spot.

“You never really belonged here…with us,” Jensen’s character was saying to yours. “Your nothing but useless baggage.” He clenched his hands into fists, and when you caught sight of it that’s when you officially broke character.


“You know how embarrassing that was for me? You do not tell me to ‘hold on’!” Kent’s fist made contact with your cheek with a heavy slam. You fell to the floor from the force and tried cowering away in fear.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It was an acccident.” You begged for mercy, holding your arms out for weak protection. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”

“You selfish bitch!” Kent rammed his foot into your abdomen. You could see the rage in his eyes. There was no humanity in them, no love or sympathy. He stooped down to your level and held your head back by your hair so that you were face to face. “I own you, remember? Next time I won’t let you offf that easy.” He stood back up and gave one last blow to your stomach. You squealed in pain as he sauntered off to the fridge like nothing just happened.

Not only were you in too much pain to move, but you were too terrified to move even if you wanted to.


“Jensen stop,” you said, barely above a whisper.

However, Jensen continued to stalk towards you, thinking you just made a mistake and meaning to call him Dean, but since no one called “cut” he figured the editors would just edit that part out, so he continued on with the scene.

Jensen’s fist sped towards you face, missing you like you practiced, but you fell backwards, terrified of what was happening. You landed on your side and covered your face with your hands like the wimp you thought you were. Now everyone was watching because this wasn’t the badass character you played on the show.

“Stop please, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” You whispered, flashing back to last night, and thinking you were gonna look up and find Kent staring down at you.

“Cut!” The director called.

The bells and movement around you brought you back to reality. You slowly glanced up and were horrified at what you saw. No one really moved from their spot…because they were all too stunned by the giant bruise that was now visible because of your shirt that had risen up on your stomach from when you fell.

You speedily pulled your tank top down and looked around you to find Jensen, Jared, and the director staring at you. The rest just looked confused as to why you broke character like that. They didn’t get a good look at your stomach.


Jensen no longer looked at you like he hated you but like he was confused and concerned. But it didn’t take a genius to put the pieces together of how you got those bruises, not with how well he knew you.

Feeling embarrassed and ashamed, you sprinted off set, tears pooling down your cheeks at the realization of what just happened. You were overwhelmed with guilt and shame and self-hatred. You couldn’t believe that your closest friends just saw that part of you, and that they now know. You felt disgusted with yourself. Your skin was itching with anxiety and the overwhelming need to vomit.

You slammed the door to your trailer closed behind you and broke down on the floor, crying so hard you couldn’t even stand up straight. You caught sight of the picture frame of you and Kent smiling lovingly at one another. You were filled with so much hatred and rage that you took the frame and smashed it into the wall, glass shattering around you.

Meanwhile back on set, Jensen and Jared followed you. Neither of them could believe what happened - realization hitting them like a brick. All Jared could think about was getting to you and making sure you were alright. Whereas Jensen could only think about bashing Kent’s face in with a hammer. He knew he never liked the guy for a reason and was beating himself up about it because he wasn’t there for you when you needed him most. Instead, he blew up on you over his daughter’s disappointment. After seeing your injury, he connected the dots as to what was going on in your life as to why you couldn’t make it to the party and why you’ve been distant. And he felt horrible for making you feel guilty about it.

Jensen and Jared walked straight into your trailer without hesitation. The sight they found broke their heart. You were crouched in fetal position on your sofa by the window, bawling your eyes out. You didn’t want them to see you like this, so your turned your back to them and told them to go away.

Obviously, like you knew would happen, they ignored you and went into big brother mode as if they were still in character. They each took a seat at your side and rubbed your back comfortingly.

“It’s okay, sweetheart,” Jensen pulled you into his chest and kissed the top of your head. Jared busied himself by making you a cup of hot chocolate, your favorite. “You’re safe now. Nothings going to hurt you ever again. I promise.”

“I - I’m sorry.” You painted. You were crying so hard, you felt a headache coming on.

“Don’t.” Jensen said. “You have nothing to be sorry for. None of this is your fault. Okay? I’m sorry for being such a dick. I should have known something was wrong when you started acting differently. Instead I took it to heart and blew up in your face. I’m sorry.”

Jared walked over and placed your steaming hot cup of cocoa on the counter. He rubbed your knee comfortingly and asked softly, “When the director mentioned your concussion…”

You squeezed your eyes tight with embarrassment. That was Kent’s fault too. “I’m sorry.” You whispered again. You knew it wasn’t an excuse but Jensen deserved to know. “That’s why I couldn’t come to JJ’s party.” You looked at him. “I had to stay overnight at the hospital.”

Jensen was surprised, and felt even more guilty than before. “It-it’s okay. I’m sorry, I-I didn’t know.”

Jared went to get a wet washcloth and asked softly, “Do you mind if I clear up the makeup on your face?”

You probably looked scary as hell right now. You could feel the mascara dripping below your eyes, making you look like some ugly raccoon.

You nodded and looked up at the ceiling as Jared wiped carefully under your eyes. You forgot about the massive bruise on your cheek until his hand ran over it and you winced back.

The men stopped and stared at your now exposed cheek. Not only were they surprised to see you even more injured than they thought, but now they were just getting pissed off.

“I’m gonna kill him,” Jensen said more to himself and even moved so he could get out of the trailer and find the son of a bitch who did this to someone he considers to be his little sister.

“J.” Jared grabbed his wrist and stopped him. He nodded back to you, who now looked a little frightened to see this side of Jensen. You knew it was just your PTSD but you couldn’t help but feel a little afraid of Jensen’s attitude.

“He’s not here,” you said weakly. “Flew back to New York this morning.”

Jensen saw this and sighed, moving back over to you. “Listen to me.” He said gruffly. He placed his hand gently under your jaw so you would look at him, but also in a comforting manner. You felt bad that you flinched at first, but you felt safe less than a second later when you looked into his eyes. This was your big brother. “Jared and I are going to help you get safe. That man is never going to lay a hand on you ever again, we’ll make sure of it. I love you and I’m sorry for everything I said. I’m not mad. I promise. All I care about is you.”

“And you can stay with me for however long you like,” Jared suggested. He knew Kent had a key to your house.

“Thank you,” You whispered. You were still surprised and overwhelmed with what just happened, but you were grateful for the support system you got. “I’m sorry for being bitchy recently.”

Jensen and Jared laughed light heartedly. “Yeah, me too.” Jensen said.

“How about next week, Jensen and I go with you to get your stuff from Kent’s place in New York. We’ll help you change all your locks and destroy all of his stuff.” Jared said.

You smiled at the idea, and even felt liberated at the thought of being separated from Kent forever. You quickly felt your life changing back to normal. You didn’t realize how badly you missed it, not noticing it was gone in the first place. Kent manipulated you for so long, you didn’t even realize how deep your problems were with him. He didn’t love you. He was actually a monster.

Maybe in the end, them finding out wasn’t so bad after all.


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First Day of School

Characters: Dean Winchester x little sister!reader

Words: 1500

Tags: @evyiione@fabulouslycassie, @daughters-and-winsisters, @darkestgrungeuniverse, @samanddeanshotsis, @winchesters-favorite-girl

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Your name: submit What is this?

You and Dean stood outside of the classroom, your hand in Dean’s much larger one. Other kids and their parents poured into the room which walls were dressed in drawings and colorful posters of the alphabet. It was the start of the school year, and unsurprisingly it was also the first day of a new school for the both of you.

”You ready?” Dean asked as he looked down at you, and his green eyes was met by your round ones.

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Warnings: None
Characters: Sam & Dean Winchester, sister Winchester reader, Gabriel, Castiel, Balthazar, Rowena, Crowley, Lucifer
Reader’s Age: 5-6 years old
Word count: 1040

Y/N: Your Name
Y/N/N: Your Nickname

A/N: My frens helped with all the ideas so if it seems all over the place that’s because I tried to fit all their ideas into one imagine. (And I didn’t even get them all) But basically everyone is friends in this world! Happy Easter and enjoy!

Waking up with a yawn you stretched as your eyes fluttered open. You looked around your room and saw pastel colors like pink, purple, yellow, and green covering the walls and furniture. You hopped out of bed and trotted over to a small, pink basket with some fake Easter grass covering the bottom of it.

“Easter…” you whispered to yourself. You grabbed the basket and scanned your room, searching for Easter eggs.

Your eyes finally landed on a small blue egg sitting on your bed frame. You ran over, grabbed the egg and set it in your basket.

You opened your door and peeked outside. Streamers decorated the halls. With a smile and a skip in your step, you headed towards the kitchen, picking up a few eggs here and there along the way.

Once you arrived in the kitchen you looked to the table to see a bunch of food. From ham to carrot cake to even butter shaped like a small lamb. Looking around the room you spotted a few Easter eggs.

Picking up what you assume to be the last egg in the kitchen you were startled by a voice that spoke from the corner. “Enjoying the hunt?” You turned around and saw Gabriel finishing a cookie.

“Yeah! I has so many eggs!” You raised your basket to show Gabriel.

“The Easter Bunny was pretty busy,” Gabriel commented. You smiled, grabbed a mini doughnut and headed out of the kitchen.

You padded down the hall into the War Room. You turned the corner to see the one and only, Lucifer. Of course, you didn’t know he was Satan, you only knew him as Luci. He had his feet propped up on the map table and a pair of pink bunny ears on his head.

“Welcome!” he greeted. “Have you found all the eggs yet?”

“Not yet. I have lots of rooms to go,” you responded as you searched the room. Luci unwrapped a piece of candy and plopped it in his mouth.

You made your way into the library where you saw Sam and Dean towards the back by the giant telescope. Sam was sitting down and Dean was leaning against the wall with his arms crossed. They both had small smiles as they watched you run around the room looking for eggs.

Once you were done looking for eggs you skipped over to your brothers and showed them your basket. “Lookie! I gots lots of eggs!”

“Wow, you’ve been busy,” Sam replied, giving you a soft tap on your shoulder.

“Where are your eggs?” you asked, looking back and forth between your brothers.

“We don’t have any eggs,” Sam responded.

“Oh…” you looked down at your eggs. “Here!” you handed an egg to Sam, then one to Dean. Sam and Dean both smiled.

“Thanks, Y/N/N,” Dean chuckled and ruffled your hair.  

“Happy Easter!” a new voice spoke. You all turned your attention to the man standing in the library, Balthazar. “This is for you,” Balthazar handed you a bottle of wine.

Your eyebrows furrowed together as you stared at the wine. As soon as it was in your hands, it was snatched away, you turned around and saw Sam holding the wine with a disapproving face.

“What are you doing? That’s hers,” Balthazar pointed to you.

“She’s five,” Sam argued.

“And when she’s whatever age that bottle of wine better still be here for her.” Balthazar made his point clear.

Balthazar turned around to see Luci standing behind him trying to put bunny ears on him. “What are you doing?” Balthazar backed away.

“You need to get in the Easter spirit,” Luci continued to try and put bunny ears on Balthazar.

“Stop that,” Balthazar pushed Luci’s hand away, earning a giggle from you.

You took two eggs out of your basket and walked over to the angels. You put one in Luci’s hand and the other in Balthazar’s. They both smiled at you and Luci opened his egg.

“Did you forget about me?” Gabriel entered the room. You laughed and grabbed an egg then ran over to Gabe. You handed Gabe the egg and ran back over to your brothers.

“My, oh, my, doesn’t this place look beautiful!” a Scottish voice made its presence known. You turned around and saw Rowena admiring the decorations and Crowley was standing next to her.

“Oh! Dear, what are you still doing in your pajamas? Come, let’s get you in something different.” Rowena held out her hand. You grabbed two eggs and handed one to Crowley who gladly accepted the egg with a small head nod and handed the other to Rowena. You and Rowena then headed to your room.

Rowena dressed you in a pretty, yellow sundress. She curled your hair before taking strands from the front and pinning them back.

You two made your way back into the kitchen where everyone was gathered around the table that was covered with food. You walked over and sat next to Sam; Rowena sat on your other side.

“I feel like we’re missing someone…” Dean commented before sitting down.

“I believe that would be me,” Castiel spoke from behind you. You turned around and jumped out of your seat.

“What are you holding, Cas?” Sam noticed Castiel holding something inside his trench coat.

“A present for Y/N,” Castiel took his hands out of his coat to reveal a small, adorable, fuzzy bunny. You gasped and ran over to him. “Now remember, bunnies are a lot of work, you have to take care of it.”

“Cas, I thought we talked about this. Don’t get her a gift that requires work!” Dean stood up.

“Can we keep it?” you took the bunny from Cas and stared at your brothers with big puppy dog eyes.

“C'mon, Dean. You won’t let her have a dog, you’re allergic to cats, let her at least keep the bunny.” Sam tried to convince his brother.

Dean thought for a moment, staring down at your pleading face; he was already a goner. “Fine,” Dean huffed and threw his arms up, clearly upset he lost this battle.

“YAY!” you cheered and snuggled the rabbit in your arms.

“To Easter,” Crowley raised a glass.

“To Easter!” Everyone said simultaneously, raising their glasses.  

I hope y’all like this one and I’m open for tips on improving!

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Winchester’s Don’t Take Orders

Pairing: Dean x sister!reader, Sam x sister!reader

Summary: After a tough hunt, an argument ensues

Word Count: 1.7k

Warnings: A little angst, light swearing, otherwise justsome fluff I guess

A/N: Thanks to @nickiwinchester97 for helping me and sending me to bed. I don’t know what I’d do without her.

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You were finally back at the motel. The hunt had been exhausting and more difficult than expected, and even though you’d been successful, you and your brothers were in a bad mood. 

“Guys, I’m starving.” Sam announced while Dean let himself fall face front into one of the beds.

“Me too” you replied, extending your hand towards Dean for the car keys. “I can get some Burgers and stuff at the diner down the road.”

Instead of handing you the keys, Dean grumbled and stood up again. “There’s no way I’ll let you drive baby. I can go and get food.”

“What?” you asked a little bit confused. You’d driven the Impala before, Dean had taught you and you’ve also got your driver’s license. Something about his tone was provoking you.

“What’s wrong with you? So you don’t even trust me enough to let me drive the damn car?”

“Yeah, I don’t. Why should I? On the hunt you didn’t even stay back when I asked you too. How the hell am I supposed to trust you then?”

You crossed your arms in front of your chest. Anger started to float through you and you tried to let it cover up the pain you felt at Dean’s words.

“Of course I didn’t stay back when that thing was coming at you from behind. Should I just have let you die?”

“No, goddammit! You should’ve done what I said. We had everything under control, Sam would have gotten it. But thanks to you, it didn’t work out, and now he’s hurt!”

Dean gesticulated towards his younger brother who was sitting at the small table, carefully stitching up a cut on his left arm.

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