Dean: Ughhhh I have enough problems in my life already, why can’t math just solve its own problems

Sam: and what might those problems be?

Dean: Oh you have no idea Sammy

Sam: Would it be the problem in your pants everytime you see Cas?




Dean: Bitch

So I know not everyone is always pleased with what the writers do sometimes, but can I just give them a huge THANK YOU for giving Jack to Sam and Dean?? 

It’s been in the back of my mind for so long that if they just had a child to love and care for, their outlooks on life could really be uplifted. I’ve truly believed forever that they would make the best dads as long as the kid somehow fit into their lifestyle. But of course I thought that was just the stuff of fanfic and would never happen because how could it without being corny and/or unrealistic? 

Then somehow the writers come up with Jack–Jack, whose presence was actually 100% relevant to the storyline and who grew organically and realistically as a part of their family, who is somehow old enough to struggle with dark thoughts and heavy responsibilities and to need Sam and Dean through them, but is still somehow also young and inexperienced enough to be an innocent child in their eyes too, who they can mold and guide and help turn into a wise hero just like them….Jack, who is partly human but also has a natural connection with the supernatural, who is a completely unique creature and therefore could never really belong anywhere except at the bunker with these experts on the supernatural….Jack, who looks at Sam and Dean like the magnificent heroes they are, who craves Dean’s attention and approval and Sam’s affection and pride because he respects them so very much, who would rather stab himself to death than harm Sam, who openly says he loves them without any ulterior motive or hesitation behind it, who was upset by Michael’s mere suggestion that Dean doesn’t love him in return….

Okay I’m going to shut up now because ya’ll get the picture, but seriously I couldn’t have come up with a better child for Sam and Dean if I’d tried so just dAMN THANK YOU SO MUCH SPN WRITERS FOR MAKING JACK KLINE SAM AND DEANS’ BOY.

(And don’t even get me started on how good he is for Castiel too.)

Sometimes it feels like all is lost.

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Like it can’t get much worse.

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And that any joy in life is gone.

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All things have become meaningless.

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But suddenly, I realize that’s not true.

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Because even in the darkness, there is always a light.

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There’s still family.

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There’s still love.

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You are not alone.

Mary: Guys, any good responses for getting stabbed with a knife?

Jack: Rude.

Dean: That’s fair.

Sam: Not again.

Castiel: Are you going to want this back?

Winchester Family

Saving Cas is the way to Dean’s heart.

He’ll befriend and protect a vampire, even from his own brother.

He’ll thank the King of Hell and mourn his death like a dearly departed friend.

He’ll make you family, a part of the team.