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Imagine watching the Super Bowl with Sam and Dean

same ‘verse as last year

“Who are we rooting for this year?” Dean asked, handing you a beer as he sat down next to you, throwing his arm around your shoulder.

Sam followed behind, putting the snacks down on the table before sitting beside his brother.

You looked at Sam, silently communicating before you both agreed.


Dean looked at you, repeating his words from last year. “Want to make a bet?”

“Same stakes as last time?” you clarified. “Massage for massage?”

Dean nodded, and Sam cleared his throat.

Dean turned to his brother, raising his eyebrows.

“Got a problem, Sammy?”

“Falcons win, I get a dog,” he clarified. “Those were the rules last year.”

“Yeah, that’s the deal, Dean,” you agreed.

There was a pause, you and Sam practically holding your breath in anticipation.

“Sure,” Dean agreed. “Falcons win, Sam gets a dog, Y/N gets a massage.”

You both nodded in agreement before Dean continued.

“But if Patriots win, Y/N gives me the massage, and Sam gives us the bunker to ourselves for a whole weekend.”

“Deal,” you nodded instantly, not bothering to wait for Sam to confirm.


Yes yes you heard right, after seeing Supernatural all over tumblr for the past 3 years i gave in and started watching it and i was basically hooked after the first episode. I am on season 10 now and I LOVE IT, I fucking hate you guys for dragging me into this…But on the bright side i understand all the references i see on tumblr about supernatural now!


I was going to ask you guys if you guys would want me to write images about Supernatural???. I wont be doing One Direction Anymore. Anything i have up will stay the way it is but i wont write anything else. Anyways, let me guys know what you guys think..

Angel Kisses

Pairing: Dean x Castiel (Destiel)

Summary: Cas had always loved Dean’s freckles, and he’s seemed to make a habit out of counting them in his free time. But the problem: Dean can never sit still for too long. What happens when this habit is mixed with a little bit of alcohol, a huge lack of personal space, and years of unspoken feelings?

A/N: And what happens when you can’t get your brain to function? You write Destiel, that’s what. I got this inspiration from Misha (that’s right he came up with this headcanon of Cas counting Dean’s freckles) and when a friend of mine said her freckles were just angel kisses. Hope you like! 

Warnings: Sam shipping Destiel hardcore! That’s about it.

Dean was never still. Ever.

Not when he was driving, not when he was eating, not when he was cleaning his guns. It was like the guy simply couldn’t sit still. He was always on the move, always tilting his head in another direction. And it annoyed Castiel to no end.

But it only annoyed him because ever since he and the hunter had met, he’d developed a sweet sort of fascination for the freckles that dotted Dean’s face. They were everywhere: on his nose, just below his eyes, on his cheeks; there were even some above his eyebrow. And Cas couldn’t imagine why, but to him they were Dean’s most captivating feature. And now they were nearly the only thing he looked at when he stared at Dean.

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Remember…..  part 6 

You can read part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, part 4 here & part 5 here

You were in a cemetery looking around. You lost Dean and Sam the moment you heard something and made a wrong turn. You tried to call him but you had no reception.  

“Y/n” You heard someone scream. “Y/n” You tried to hear were the voice came from and started walking towards the voice. “Y/n” You followed as good as possible till you saw you were now standing in the middle of the cemetery. It was a round center with a altar on the middle. You walked to the middle and you saw some runes written on the papers. There were candles around the papers. In the candles were signs crafted. You were going to pick one up when everything gone black.

Your whole body hurt. You hands were tight up above you head. Your feet we barely touching the ground and your head was killing you. You opened your eyes and in front of you saw a blank wall with a wooden door. You looked to you head when you saw Dean and Sam hanging in the same position as you. There weren’t awake yet. The rest of the room was just blanc. The three of you were hanging in the middle of the room. “SAM. DEAN”  you screamed “WAKE UP”  they both respond by moving their arms. Dean was the first to open his eyes.

“Shit.” he looks towards you. “y/n are you okay?” he says towards you.

“i’m good, you?”

“i’m good too.” he looks towards Sam  “Sam wake up.”

“ooh my head” Sam says. He looks around the room. “were screwed guys.” he says rapidly.

The door in front us opens and 3 woman walk in. They were full clothed with a white mantel. They didn’t say anything. Each woman were staying in front of one person. They stayed there in front of us without saying anything.

“what do you want from us?” Dean ask angry. Nobody answers “let us go.”

At that moment a man walks into the room.  He had a snake around his neck. The man looks towards us. He then walks towards us. He stood in front of us one for one. He looks at us from head to toe. He orders the woman to take a step back. He stops in the middle of the room and just starts laughing.

“what are you laughing at?” Dean asks

“at you. It was so easy to trick you guys. I was expecting more from all 3 of you.” the man says. He walks to front of you. “i expected more from you y/n.” you look at him confused.

A door slammed in another room.

“ooh my guest arrived. I will be right back.” the man says walking away.

The 3 woman walked out with the man. Leaving us alone again. Dean starts pulling on the chains holding his hands above his head.

“why are they holding us in here? This is not good” Sam says.

“you think” Dean reacts angry.

Your body was hurting so much every movement you tried to make was like you were ripping something from your body.

“y/n your bleeding” Dean says towards you.

You look towards him and he has horror in his eyes. You looked down and you saw a wound in your belly and it was bleeding pretty bad.

“i’m not feeling so good.” you said

“y/n you have to stay awake.” Sam says

“HEY SHE’S BLEEDING TO DEATH!” they both scream.

The door opens in a few seconds. You towards it and you saw Klaus running towards you with a remarkable speed. His eyes were yellow and there were veins poping up under his eyes. He grabs the chains above your head and pulls it down. The chains come free from the ceiling. He takes you into his arms. You see another man unchain Dean and Sam. You look towards Klaus again. You look straight into his eyes and his face starts to chance. It becomes normal. He had now dark blue/green eyes, he had this little smile on his lips and you couldn’t help by also smiling at him.

“You’re safe.” he says and you close your eyes. You felt save.

Surprises in Small Packages

Dean x Pregnant!Reader

Imagine being pregnant and trying to find a way to tell Dean, your boyfriend.

Warnings: light language

Word count: 674  

Read Part Two Here

Walking out of the bathroom you couldn’t even believe it. Pregnant. How the hell could you be pregnant? Well, it’s obvious how it happened but you were sure Dean had used protection. How was this going to work out? Both of you were hunters, Sam too. No way in hell you were leaving Cas alone with the baby, you’d come back to the bunker and it’d more than likely be burned down or destroyed. Good thing you had nine months to figure out what the plan was. Dean. Shit. You had to tell him. Maybe you could just say you gained weight and then when it’s time act just as surprised? How was he going to react? He wouldn’t leave you, no way. But would he? Your head was throbbing from stress. You began doing calculations, trying to see how far along you were. Couldn’t be more than a month at the most. Well, you were going to keep it a secret for as long as possible because once he knew, you already knew he wouldn’t even let you carry a piece of paper because of how overprotective he is.

Two Months: You hadn’t started to show yet, so a normal everyday life was lived. Except no more beer was consumed, and precautions had to be made while hunting. Always being stressed about Cas being able to possibly tell you were eating for two always bounced around constantly in your head.

Three Months: Luckily you hadn’t had morning sickness not once, which helped hide the fact a little human was growing inside of your stomach. Still not much of a weight gain, but you figured that Dean was suspicious that you wouldn’t have sex. But you never really did anyways so it wasn’t a problem. Sure your stomach had puffed out in the slightest bit, so you just didn’t wear anything too tight.

Four Months: Now you started to worry. Slowly but very surely you’d gained weight and it was becoming more and more noticeable. So much to the point that you only wore baggy shirts, wouldn’t hug anybody, and refused to let Dean sleep with his arms around you in anyway. Finally you decided it was a good time to tell him.

“Babe, we need to talk,” you were covered up in his flannel, hiding your body underneath it’s soft surface.

“Sure, what’s going on,” he seemed concerned. It was probably right to be.

“Yeah, is everything okay? The past few months you’ve been acting pretty damn weird,” of course Sam had to chime in, nosey MooseMan.

“Well, I’ve been-uh, going through a lot of changes. And I don’t want you to freak out because I swear I’ve been going to a doctor on a regular basis as much as I hate them,” Cas had walked in on your little speech. Both the brothers face grew pale in concern. Slowly you took off your boyfriend’s flannel, exposing your belly in a tight tank top.

Nobody knew how to react. For a minute you were sure Sam and Dean had a heart attack. But no. They were just really slow Winchester brothers.

“I-I don’t understand,” Sam looked over at Dean as he spoke in confusion.

“Yeah I’m lost Y/N,” you couldn’t help but roll your eyes. Walking over to Cas as you did. You just looked at him, hoping for once the clueless angel would catch on to what you were saying. If he was going to scan your body now would be the freaking time.   

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“Seventeen”  Dean Winchester x Reader


Word Count: 2,155

Dean Winchester x Reader

Request: Could you please do a dean x reader song fic (song: seventeen from the heathers musical) and it’s really angsty and stuff while it’s taking place when they are both seventeen?

Warnings: Language, like pure angst to be honest

a/n: I’ve never done a song fic before, hope you like this!!

Originally posted by all-you-need-is-spn


Fine, we’re damaged
Really damaged
But that does not make us wise
We’re not special, we’re not different
We don’t choose who lives or dies

Dean Winchester. The man of your dreams.

You two have known each other your entire lives. You’re Bobby’s daughter, which meant being forced to spend a shit ton of time together. Whenever your parents would be out on hunts, you would be stuck with Sam and Dean. The troublesome trio, they called you guys.

You and Dean got together when you were both fifteen, only two years ago. He was hesitant at first, but hell, so were you. You both had reputations to uphold. Dean was the player, a guy who fucked guys just to not call them back the next day. You were the innocent “little” girl, you’d never even kissed a boy before Dean.

But on the inside, you were the same. You’re both inexplicitly damaged from your childhoods, the way you grew up. You grew up a hunter’s life. You got to see people saved, but you also got to see so many people die. The ones you couldn’t save. Between that, constantly moving high schools, and both of your mom’s dying, you were damaged. The both of you. And that bonded you guys more than anything. More than the forced hangouts, or your dads being best friends. You’re both the same on the inside.

Let’s be normal, see bad movies
Sneak a beer and watch tv
We’ll bake brownies or go bowling
Don’t you want a life with me?
Can we be seventeen?
That’s all I want to do
If you could let me in
I could be good with you

“Dean, I’m absolutely tired of this life. I want to do something, something normal. Just this once.” You frowned. You were sitting next to Dean on the couch, watching some utterly boring film on the TV.

“Babe, you know we can’t. We’re not normal.” Dean looked at you sympathetically. He knew that you had wanted out of this life. Personality wise, you were a lot like Sam.

You didn’t mind hunting, but you just wished you could be normal for once. For one day, you just wanted to be able to go into high school and not feel the odd one out. You wanted to be able to go hang out with friends, go get drunk underneath the bleachers, go on dates with Dean like a normal couple… But you couldn’t.

“Well, fuck that. Just one day, Dean. I’m not asking for an entire life.” You voice had started to raise.

This was an argument you’d had with Dean numerous times. He didn’t want out, not even for one day. He was too damn focused on pleasing his dad and doing exactly what he says. You? You couldn’t have care less what your dad told you to do. You’re your own person. Dean just didn’t understand that.

“One day is going to turn into you wanting that forever. I’m not fucking around with that. I don’t want either of us to have a glimpse into the normal life. Neither of us will want to come back to this if we do.” Dean raised his voice back, almost at a yelling level.

“Maybe not wanting to come back to this is a good thing, Dean.” You whispered, and his face dropped.

“I cannot believe you just said that.” Dean shook his head.

“I’m just so goddamn tired of this, Dean! It doesn’t have to be this way! I want to be able to go out with friends and see movies or go to the mall. I’ve never even gone to a movie theater, or a mall, Dean. It’s not fucking fair.”

“We have this same fight over and over again. I’m done.” Dean got up off the couch, walking away from you.

“Are you breaking up with me?” Tears had started to form in your eyes. You loved him, there was no question about it. People say that you can’t be in love at seventeen, but you knew it was possible. Dean was the living, breathing proof.

“No, babe. I love you. But I’m done with this same fucking argument all the time. We’re never going to be normal. It’s never going to happen. And if you don’t start realizing that…” He trails off.

Dean doesn’t finish his sentence. He just shakes his head and walks out the door, leaving you alone in your house. You don’t dare let the tears fall- you’re stronger than that. Or you want to be.

People hurt us
Or they vanish
And you’re right that really blows
But we let go, take a deep breath
Then go buy some summer clothes

“He fucking left. He didn’t even tell us this time, Y/N. Just woke up in the middle of the damn night and he was gone. No note, no nothing.” Dean had showed up on your front doorstep, Sam standing to his right. They were both holding backpacks (presumably filled with clothing) and his car parked in the driveway.

“Oh my god. Come inside.” You opened the door for them both. It was late at night, and your dad was out at a bar probably getting drunk like he did most nights. His reputation of being the town drunk rung true to name.

Sam immediately went upstairs, setting his stuff down in your room. Dean had just put his stuff down the by door, pissed off. On the outside he looked calm, but you knew him. You could tell he was upset.

“He normally leaves notes, or wakes me up whenever he has to leave. Hell, he normally takes us with him, or drops us off here. But he just fucking left. Nothing.” Dean rubs his forehead. “I had absolutely no explanation for Sammy.”

Dean was right to be mad, and you didn’t protest it. You didn’t agree with what John did.

“Just take a deep breath, okay?” You had walked over to him, putting your arm on his shoulder. You’ve found in the past that you touching him, not even in the sexual sense, was the best way to calm him down. Almost immediately, his body relaxed and he pulled you into a hug. “Obviously you’re welcome to stay here. I’ll find an explanation to tell my dad.”

“Thanks.” Dean kissed your forehead. “I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

You watched him as he went upstairs, going to find Sam.

You wished that it didn’t have to be like that. You wanted more than anything for Sam and Dean to not have to experience this, especially Dean. Whenever his dad pulled shit like that, Dean not only had to deal with the feeling of his dad leaving them, but he was forced into the role of a father figure for Sam.

Your own daddy issues were no small aspect of your life, either. If your dad wasn’t out hunting, he was at a bar drinking his feelings away. Being numb to the world, including his own daughter. You were completely and entirely alone, except for Dean.

The one reoccurring and prominent question you asked yourself everyday- “Why can’t we just be normal?”

We’ll go camping, play some poker
And we’ll eat some chilli fries
Maybe prom night
Maybe dancing
Don’t stop looking in my eyes (your eyes)

This was it. Prom night. The night you’d been looking forward to for the longest time- the one night Dean had agreed to do something normal and fun, even if it wasn’t to his liking. You had told him that you were going to go with or without him. You were determined to have at least one good high school experience before you were fully thrusted into the world of hunting. Dean’s mind wandered, and his jealously overcame him, and he agreed to go to the prom with you.

You had a dress picked out and everything- which, much to your dismay, your dad wouldn’t give you money to buy. You had to get a job to pay for it, and after a month, you had accumulated the money for a dress. You quit shortly afterwards.

You had on your dress and your heels, your makeup and hair all done. For once in your life, you felt beautiful. You had no doubt that this was going to be the best night of your life, and it only made it better that your Dean was going to be there with you. In a suit no less. You had always thought he’d look good in a suit.

It was nearing seven, almost time for Dean to pick you up. Your nerves were growing, and you just wished you had your mom with you at that moment.

Seven came and passed, Dean still hadn’t showed up. You were worried, thinking something had happened, so you had picked up the phone to call him.

“Dean?” You said when the other line picked up, making sure it wasn’t John or Sam answering.

“Oh my god, babe, I forgot to call.” Dean groaned. “A hunt came up last minute. I’m so so fucking sorry.”

You hung up immediately, tears forming in your eyes. This time, you let them fall. How could you have been so stupid to think that you could have one normal night with Dean?

You ran up to your room, tearing your dress off of you. Dean was right. You never were going to have a normal relationship. You were a Singer. He was a Winchester. It wasn’t in your blood.

Yeah we’re damaged,
Badly damaged
But your love’s too good to lose
Hold me tighter
Even closer
I’ll stay if I’m what you choose
Can we be seventeen?
If I am what you choose
If we still have the right
Because you’re the one I choose

You had ignored Dean for weeks. At first, it was just not picking up his phone calls. Then, when Dean realized you weren’t going to answer, he showed up at your house. You didn’t let him in.

Finally, you had decided he enough of the silent treatment. You took your dad’s car and drove to his house. He wasn’t home yet, so you waited for him on his front porch. The look on his face when he saw you was one of pure love. You wish you had gotten a picture of it.

“God, Y/N, I’m so sorry.” Dean hugged you tighter than ever. “Are we okay?”

“We need to talk.” Is simply what you had told him. He nodded, and you two walked into his house.

“Are you breaking up with me?” His voice hitched a little bit, worry seeping into his voice.

“I just…” You started. “I need reassurance. I can’t keep doing this. All the fights, all the nights I have spent crying. You not showing up to what I considered to be the most important night of my life.” You sent him a glare on that last one.

“That was out of my control.”

“No, Dean, it wasn’t. You know very damn well you didn’t have to go.” You yell, and the look on his face proves that you were right.

“I’m sorry…”

“I just wanted to be a normal seventeen year old for one night, Dean. One fucking night. And you found the first excuse to dip out. I’m over it. If you want me to stay, you’re going to have to choose. It’s either me or it’s your big fucking desire to please your dad. Because I’m tired of this. I know you, I know you don’t want this life either. No matter how hard you try and deny it, I can see right through you. You just for some reason have this dire need to make your dad happy.”

“Are you really asking me to choose?” His voice comes out hurt. “Baby, don’t do this to me… I can’t do that.”

“Dean, I chose you. I choose you every single time, over everything. Even before we were together. I love you so much, but I can’t do this. Not if you’re going to be like this. I can’t. We want different things.” Your eyes start to water. For once, you realized that this might be it. You might actually lose Dean. The thought of that scares you to death.

And when Dean just stared at you in silence, you got your answer. You let a tear fall down your cheek. Dean himself was crying, too, at this point. You’d never seen Dean cry before.

“Bye, Dean.”

Inner Beauty

Dean x Angel!Reader

Word Count: 2,195

Warnings: Other than feeling a little insecure there really isn’t any I can think of.

Request: Reader is a fallen angel much like Cas and she’s helped the brothers quite a few times. Anyway the boys are hunting a witch and she puts a spell on Dean since he’s a player so that he can see inner beauty instead of just the outer stuff and then when the boys get back to the bunker, the reader looks the exact same to Dean except now he can see her wings and sees that when she’s around him her wings are curled around him. Thanks!!

A/N: Okay so this one was kind of a challenge, but a really fun and interesting challenge since it was my first time at doing an Angel!Reader I hope you peeps like it and I really super duper hope it’s what you wanted! ;) 

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You shouldn’t (deanXreader)

words: 1209
warnings: super fluff, swearing

summary: You wake Dean up for a relax day with him. He knows you love him, he just refuses to accept it. Finally getting fed up you confront him and tell him why its okay to be loved etc. He agrees and the two of you sleep (actually sleep zzz) in his bed with cute lil fluff and sexual innuendoes courtesy of Dean.
a/n: i just really wanted to write my own original fic today, without basing it off a request. I’m sorry, I promise I will eventually get to all of my impending requests it’s just nice to write a fluffy fic from my own mind for once :)))))

Your name: submit What is this?

“Good morning Dean,” you said loudly, pushing up against him.

A muffled groan fell from Dean’s lips and he rolled over, facing away from you. You shook him lightly and laughed.

“Come on Dean, don’t be rude. I made coffee. Sam’s on a hunt and we have things to do,” you said, trying to get him up.

“Why,” he groaned.
“Because,” you drawled and wrapped you arms around him, crawling into bed with him. He rolled over and looked at you, raising an eyebrow.

“I love you Dean,” you said teasingly and batting your eyelashes.

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After finishing talking with the sheriff outside, you returned to the weight room, stopping mid-step at the sight inside.

“Dean!” you laughed, clapping a hand over your mouth. “What the hell?”

“Is he doing something stupid again?” Sam asked, not looking up from his phone.

“Yes,” you said, taking a few steps closer. 

“What? Come on. I used to bench this no sweat back in high school,” Dean said from under the bar, flashing you a grin. You crossed your arms and narrowed your eyes at him.

“Didn’t realize you had equipment like this back then,” you said. “Thought you’d have been lifting rocks and calling it gym, old man.”

“How dare you,” Dean said, eliciting another laugh from you. 

“Alright, well we’re all very impressed–”

“I’m not,” Sam said, still focused on his phone.

“But you need to put that down before you hurt yourself,” you continued.

“Nah, I got this,” Dean said, his playful grin returning as he gave you a wink. He puffed out a few breaths before grunting into the lift, trying to push the bar overhead, but it barely moved an inch before his eyes widened, his entire demeanor changing in an instant.

“You ok?” you asked.

“Son of a bitch,” he managed to get out. “Yeah–uh, I definitely pulled something. Little help.”


QuoteText (Dean x Reader)

Imagine being Dean’s girlfriend but having a rough patch in your relationship…and later hearing something you wish you hadn’t.

Word count: 649 (this one is short but I plan for the next to be longer)

Warnings: light language

A/N: So since I finally got 100 followers (happy dance), I’ve decided to do this new thing I’m calling “QuoteText”. It’s where I find quotes or poems, song lyrics (etc.), and form them into my writing. This isn’t just going to be a Dean x Reader, I’m going to switch it up day by day. I’ll be posting one everyday, a new story each time. This imagine, however, is going to have a few parts to it (I’ve got a lot I wanna do with it), but I’m not going to post them back to back. I’ll also be doing Harley, Joker, Sam, Cas- pretty much anything to do with spn or Harley and Joker. The quotes are in italics!! I’ll have more inserted next time!

Your P.O.V

 Two years. Two whole year with Dean Winchester’s and your relationship was in the same place it started in. Still. Sam, who happened to be your personal diary and best friend, told you to give it some time. Not to do anything crazy.

  “I’ve been with him for two years, he won’t open up to me. I’m not even sure he loves me,”

  “He loves you Y/N,” yet you had a hard time believing the words he was saying.

 “Really? I wouldn’t know, he hasn’t told me,” you were fed up with being just, there.

 A relationship, it was all you wanted. Apparently Dean wasn’t capable of that. You loved him, more than anything. The three of you had known each other for six or so years after all, around the time Sam was soulless. Lately all Dean did was ignore you. And by lately, it was more like the past two months. Enough was enough. A relationship didn’t just have sex, you had to be open with the other person. And two damn years of “dating”, you’d think this wouldn’t be a problem. But Dean was Dean, and you would never stop loving him. You all were on a hunt in Mississippi, a werewolf had brought the three of you there. Sam and yourself were waiting by Baby while Dean payed for gas.

  “I’m going to talk to him,” a lump formed in your throat.

  “What? Now?” Sam didn’t want an argument, but that was all the two of you did anymore.

  “Yes, now. I’m not going to spend the hunt avoiding each other,” just as you finished, he strolled out of the gas station. “Dean, can we talk?”

  “Can’t it wait?” an irritated look formed on his face, a part of him knew what this conversation would be about.

  “No,” you crossed your arms, if he wanted to have an attitude, you would to.

  “Fine, what about?”  

  “Us,” another eye roll from your boyfriend, if that’s what he was. “What are we exactly?”

  “Don’t do this,” now his face grew softer as he spoke.


  “Because Y/N, you’re not going to be happy no matter what I say if it’s honest,” your heart dropped, silently you hoped he wouldn’t say what you were terrified to hear.

  “What do you mean?” the lump in your throat grew even bigger.

  “We-,” he made a motion between the two of you, “we aren’t working. Whatever this is-it’s not working,” he wasn’t mad, you weren’t either, but you felt your heart breaking.

  No words. No words could come out of your shaking mind. So you did what you told yourself you’d do, grab your shit and go.

  “Y/N, what are you doing?” Sam’s face grew still, he was walking towards you.

  “She’s leaving,” Dean’s head was hanging low, every fiber of your body knew he was without looking.

  “I can’t stay. I lo-,” suppressing the three words that didn’t mean a thing to him. “I just can’t stay,”

Sam’s P.O.V

  They hugged each other, but continued talking. Old love catching flame again, it was as if time stood still. Neither one of them wanting to leave. I watched from distance. The way she looked at him, and the way he looked at her. Then they said their final goodbye’s. I watched her leave, and him go the other way. But then I saw her turn around to look back at him, but he didn’t look back. She left a piece of her heart in that goodbye. And he took it with him.

  “Why didn’t you tell her,” I was shocked he let her walk away.

  “Tell her what? How much I love her and need her?” he slid into the driver’s seat, and I the passenger.

  “Yes, Dean. Why didn’t you tell her the truth?” I knew he loved her, he’d told me.

  “Because Sam, no good comes to anybody that loves us. I had to-”

  “Break her heart,” still in disbelief as I finished my brothers sentence, I watched in the side mirror as she climbed into a truck and drive away in the opposite direction.

Imagine watching the Super Bowl with Sam and Dean

Sam walked in, placing a big plate of nachos on the coffee in on the table before sitting down beside you, sandwiching you between the brother.

“Who are you betting on?” Dean asked, “Panthers or Broncos?”

“Panthers,” you and Sam replied in unison, high-fiving once you did.

Dean raised an eyebrow, “Want to make a bet?”

“I’m listening.”

“If Broncos win, you give me a massage,” he told you, “If it’s Panthers, I’ll give you one.”

“What about me?” Sam asked.

“You don’t have to do anything if Broncos win. If Panthers do… I’ll get you a dog.”

“Deal,” you and Sam agreed, instantly.

Sealed Deal

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 1,515

Warnings: So much angst, language, demon deal

Summary: Part 2 to “What am I Supposed to Do?!” Listen…just…don’t hate me too much okay? ;)

Part 1 

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Sam had gone to pick up your drinks from the barista and you watched as he started back towards you with two full mugs in hand. Suddenly he was intercepted by a girl you had noticed when you came in. Now her mouth was agape and her eyes were round and wide.

“Oh. My. Gosh.” Her face cracked into a smile that was a little bit unsettling–not that she seemed dangerous. She just seemed…overly-intent on Sam. “You’re Sam Winchester.”

“What?” Sam looked perplexed. “Who are–do I know you?” he asked, his voice low.

You could practically see the hearts and stars floating around her head and appearing in her eyes as she looked at him. She let out a small excited noise. “It’s me! Becky! I contacted you about the fan club. Chuck gave me you–”

Now you watched in amusement as Sam’s jaw clenched. “Oh, right. Chuck gave you my info… and apparently somehow a picture of me… Well, it was nice to meet you Becky but I–” Sam was trying to extract himself and maneuver around her. She didn’t seem to take the hint.

“I have fantasized about this moment for so long,” she said. You bit your bottom lip to keep from laughing.

Sam only nodded and smiled awkwardly and a little abashedly. “Yeah. It was  nice to meet you…” he said, trying to escape yet again. 

“Let me buy you coffee! Coffee and a muffin! And lunch!” she squealed. “Please!”

He gave you a desperate look but you only leaned on your hand and grinned back at him in amusement and wiggled your eyebrows. “Uhh… Becky, right? Becky, that’s really kind of you but I’m, uhh–” he gestured with the two drinks in his hand. “I’m kind of already having coffee with someone,” he said, tilting his head in your direction.

Becky spun around and caught sight of you, leaning your elbow on the table and with a smile curving your lips. Her face was blank and you felt like she was looking you up and down. You laughed and waved at her. “Oh.” She spun back around to look at Sam. “Well, if you change your mind, I’ll just be right over here,” she said, batting her eyelashes at him, the doe-eyed smile returning to her face.

“Erm… okay…” Sam said, finally extracting himself from her with a murmured ‘bye’. “Gee, thanks for the help there, Y/N.”

You laughed. “I figured you could handle the 90 lb girl…”

“No, you were just enjoying me being uncomfortable too much.”

“Maybe a little,” you said, sipping your coffee. “And don’t look now, but your super fan is still staring.”

Fledgling Love. Part 3.

“Dean, it’s been nearly a week. We need to find out how to turn them back.” Dean sighed running a hand over his face. The boys were sat in the library, whilst the fledglings were running around. 

“I know Sam. We’ve been through nearly every book in here.” Dean replied, lifting his feet up as Lucifer ran beneath them. “I think we need to go visit Bobby.” Sam nodded.

“Fledglings come on, we’re going on a trip.” they flooded over to the boys.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *

An hour later, after packing the essentials, and chasing Gabriel around the bunker, they set off in the Impala. It wasn’t a long drive to Bobby’s house, and the fledglings were preoccupied with annoying each other. Y/N and Castiel, were the quietest, they made hardly any sound, apart from the soft giggling now and then. Y/N had of course insisted, that Dean bring the pencils and paper. Which resulted in Y/N and Castiel drawing in the car. The others, were climbing all over each other. 

As they pulled up outside of Bobby’s house, the boys climbed out of the door, opening the door for the others.

“Alright, follow your Uncle Sam.” Dean muttered, Sam sent him a look, but continued on, three of the five following behind him. Dean leant down and popped his head inside the door, to see both Castiel and Y/N asleep in their seats. Their pencils back in the carrier bag, he had given them. He sighed before, lifting them out and gently knocking the door closed with his leg, he followed in his brother’s footsteps and walked up to the door, standing beside the others. Sam tapped his fist against the wooden door, as they awaited a reply. Soon, sure enough, the door opened to see Bobby standing in it’s place, a gun in hand. His hard look softened ever so slightly, as he saw the boys but then his features held a look of confusion. 

“What is this?” he questioned, his eyes dancing between the seven of them. 

“Can we come in so we can explain?” Dean asked, a few seconds passed before he nodded and stepped aside, allowing them to pass by. The boys walked in and Sam instructed the three boys to sit on the couch, as Dean gently placed the sleeping angels near the arm of the couch, careful not to wake them. 

“Okay, what happened?” Bobby asked, as he sat with the brothers.

“Well, nearly a week ago, we were sitting in the bunker, and there was a knock at the door,” Sam began. “We answered, and there was a cardboard box with the five inside, who we soon came to realise, were the angels.” Bobby’s eyes widened.

“As in-” he started, but was cut off by Dean.

“As in, Balthazar, Lucifer, Gabriel, Castiel and Y/N.” 

“Wait, who’s Y/N?” Bobby asked, as his eyes glanced between the boys. 

“Gabriel’s twin.” Sam added. “We’ve been trying to find a way to turn them back, but so far, we’ve found,”

“Nothing.” Dean concluded bluntly. 

“We were wondering if you could maybe help us.” Sam asked with pleading eyes. A few moments later, Bobby nodded. Dean was about to respond, when Dean felt a gentle tug on his trouser leg. He looked down to see Y/N standing with her arms out, in a silent request to be lifted up. He smiled, and lifted her small body onto his lap, the little pink bunny tightly in her grasp. 

“Y/N, this is Bobby, he’s a friend of ours.” Y/N gave a nod, and smiled waving her tiny hand tiredly. Bobby returned the smile. She then lifted the bunny, and held him out with both hands. 

“Squishy!” she chanted, and Dean rolled his eyes. Bobby chuckled slightly. She turned her head slightly to Sam, who she had gradually grown accustomed to. “Can I have your chocolate bar?” his eyebrows knitted together. 

“What chocolate bar?”

“The one in your coat pocket, and the one you said Deany couldn’t have.” his eyes widened slightly, at her sudden amount of knowledge, before he handed the bar to her. She smiled at him and he nodded. “Thanks Sammy.” she muttered, unwrapping the bar and breaking it into two halves and handing one to Dean, who smirked at his brother triumphantly. Sam rolled his eyes and turned back to Bobby, who was watching the three with amused eyes. 

“What books have you been through?” Bobby asked, Sam sighed sadly. 

“Every one in the bunker, and I even made a few trips to the library.” Bobby took a deep breath before standing and walking to the almost empty bookshelf, grabbing the small stack of books he had. 

“What about these?” he placed the books in front of the boys and scattered them out, so the titles were viewable. 

“We’ve read those two,” Sam muttered removing the two books from the five. “Not these ones.” he added, Bobby nodded, placing the two books back on the shelf. 

“Well that’s all I have boys, if there’s nothing in there, then I can’t really help you.” Bobby replied, sounding defeated. Castiel wandered in and stood by Dean and Y/N, Y/N glanced down at him, and he smiled, before smiling at Bobby.

“Hello Bobby.” he nodded. Bobby, instantly recognising him, smiled in return. Sam grabbed one of the books and sighed.

“Let’s get down to business.”

Daddy's Devil

Dean x Reader

Imagine being Lucifer’s daughter ad being taken by the Winchesters, but it’s not an average kidnapping.

Warnings: Language and something else

Word count: 579

   “You guys can’t just fucking keep me here. I’ve got shit to do, people to see,” you were stuck in some secret room, where exactly? You had no idea.

   “Oh and by ‘people to see’ you must mean kill,” Dean the douchebag, your dad was right. Winchesters were slippery snake little bastards. He smiled at his response, thinking he was clever.

   “You’re smile makes me want to kill myself,” instantly his smile was gone. “I heard about how you like to have certain fun activities with girls, and maybe boys?” you glanced at the angel Castiel. “I mean who could blame people for falling into bed with you. You’re hotter than the bottom of my laptop,”

   “She’s just like her annoying narcissistic dad,” Sam rolled his eyes, looking at you.

   “What can I say? I was made in Hell by Satan,” regardless of the fact that you had some magical handcuff things attached to your wrists, that you weren’t quite sure what they were, you were still the same smartass as always.

   “Don’t tell me you’re jealous that you can’t be a real girl,” as much as you hated to admit it, Dean was kind of like you.

   “I’m not jealous. I just fucking hate you,” all three of the boy’s looks turned sour. “I’m a flawless radiant creature and I’ll never falter under your hate,” a cute innocent smile appeared on your face.

   “Stop talking, God just stop talking,” now the oldest Winchester was holding his head in annoyance.

   “Hey! Watch your tone! That’s my grandpa you’re talking about,” a short giggle came from you’re still smiling lips. “If you want me to shut up-then make me,” your smile turned into a sick twisted smirk. You watched as Dean and the others turned and left. “Awe damn, looks like I bored you to death. Don’t leave! I need something to do!” to your surprise, Dean shut the “doors” and turned around. Now it was just the two of you.

   “I couldn’t care less what you want from any of us. You’re going to tell me where we can find Lucifer. He must’ve found a new vessel by now. It’s been weeks since his Vince Vicente thing,” he was mad, oh how you loved watching how the lack of information got under his skin.

   “Couldn’t care less about your teenage drama problems with Daddy Dearest,” now you were peering up into his eyes as he walked closer to you.

   “Well aren’t you just an adorable bundle of joy,” he touched your head, grabbing the side of your hair and pulling it as he did so.

   “Don’t fucking touch me you cunt,” trying your best to pull away, you spat the words at him. That’s when you noticed it. He had a thing for you. You peered into his eyes , looking at how he got a rise out of watching you fight him off. “Oh Dean, don’t tell me you’ve got a thing for lil’ old me,” his face turned cold. “You’re so sweet you just might give me diabetes,” instantly he presse his lips harshly against yours, having your hand tied up it was hard to return the favor. Pulling back reluctantly and gasping for air as you kept your hands in his perfect hair you spoke softly. “Don’t you need me to lead you back to my Daddy tonight?”

   “Not tonight,” he began to uncuff you, and you let him willingly. “Tonight-we’re gonna fuck shit up,” who would’ve thought Dean Winchester had a kink for the devils daughter?

Mission Im-pie-ssable

Author: super-who-writersblock

Original Imagine Link: Imagine Dean catching you eat his pie.

Warnings: None! Just some Dean fluff that I wrote as a blog title drabble that happened to fit this imagine perfectly! :)

Word Count: 602


You crept down the stairs, stepping on the edges so as not to make a sound. Silently, you snuck across the wooden floor, careful not to step on any of the obstacles illuminated by the faint moonlight. You had promised yourself you wouldn’t do this. You wanted to be good.

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Imagine taking the Impala & getting it painted hot pink.

Original imagine by the-super-in-supernatural. Written by Castielle. Team Free Will. The idea is that the angel!Reader and Dean have been going on a prank war for some time and you have come up with the perfect idea.

Your name: submit What is this?

Oh God. Dean was so going to kill you when he found out. But it was more than worth it.

“Y/N!” came a scream from the bunker garage. 

There we go.

Castiel’s eyebrows shot up. 

“What did you do now?” Sam asked, his voice amused.

You shrugged. “Nothing much. Just painted the Impala hot pink, that’s all.”

Sam threw back his head and laughed. “Now that is definitely the way to get Dean back for his prank on you!”

You grinned. “I better go change it back. I think I can hear Dean hyperventilating from here.”

Sam chuckled. “I better go with you and calm him down before he kills you…. literally.”

Imagine Sam Telling You That You’re Beautiful

You’d been standing in front of the mirror for over half an hour now, poking and prodding at your body with distaste. Too much fat here. You thought, poking at the skin on your stomach. You turned to the side, straining your neck to move your gaze to your backside. Not enough there. You turned again so that you were facing yourself head-on, dragging your eyes across your body with a heavy sigh. You were standing in nothing but your bra and underwear, stripped after a hunt. “I wish for once I could be happy with my body.” You whispered, fanning your hair out over your shoulders. Your chest felt like it weighed a ton, and it seemed to only get heavier the longer you stared at yourself. “You’re so beautiful.” 

You jumped, turning to see Sam standing in the doorway. “Sam! What the hell are you-”

“Please tell me you know how beautiful you are.” He interrupted, walking towards you slowly and pulling your hands away from your body, which had wrapped around your middle self-consciously. “Breathtaking.” He whispered. planting a kiss on your forehead.

“Sam, please.” You warned, beginning to get irritated. You didn’t want his fake sympathy, or his comforting lies. You tried to pull your arms away, but his hands only tightened around your wrists.

“No, Y/N listen to me.” He said, his voice cracking and pulling your eyes to his. He tugged you lightly, guiding you towards the bed. His knees hit the edge of the mattress and he sat, pulling you onto his lap. You kneeled, resting your knees on either side of his waist and not taking your eyes off of his, tears pricking the corners. He placed a kiss on your neck, resting his hands on your hips. 

“You’re beautiful here.” He mumbled into your neck, starting to rub small circles into your waist. “And here.” He whispered, lazily running his lips down to your collar bone. He continued down your body, in between your breasts and down to your stomach before moving back up, kissing warmth into your body and lightening the weight on your heart a bit. He finally placed his lips atop yours, his hands moving to cup your face. You were breathless when he pulled away, resting your forehead against his as tears stung your eyes.

“You’re beautiful everywhere, and I love you so much.” He mumbled against your lips, his tone successfully dragging a tear down your cheek. “And I’ll keep reminding you until you believe me.” He said, wiping your tear away with his calloused thumb.