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England: Hampshire/Dorset/Wiltshire - Crawley, Shaftesbury, Chawton, Castle Combe, Lulworth, Winchester, East Meon, Erlestoke, Corfe Castle, Winchester

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5, 6, Grab Your Crucifix

Characters/Pairing: Demon!Dean x Reader, little bit of OMC Glen x Reader

Word Count: 6676 (side-eyes myself)

Warnings: OK, here goes…language, drinking, possessiveness, violence, biting, rough sex, marking/claiming sex, non-con voyeurism, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex (pretend there’s a pill or something of that sort in use)…If I missed something, let me know

A/N: Alright, well, here is my late submission for @roxy-davenport‘s birthday writing challenge. I had the prompts: Demon!Dean, Claiming sex, Nightmare on Elm Street, and the quote “Aren’t you precious?” I had a lot of fun with this one, and went more for the dickish Demon!Dean than evil. Much love and thanks to @kayteonline and @ilsawasanacrobat for the beta work and read-throughs and encouragement! You both rock!!

Hope you enjoy it. Please note the warnings. Feedback and constructive criticism are amazing things, please give them to me.

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Year after year, the reason changed, and at first, you meant it. Bartending was supposed to be temporary. Just something to fill your free nights and get some extra cash in your pocket. Now, though, if you were honest, you kept at it because you really enjoyed it. All of it - the fast pace, the free entertainment, and sometimes the company.

Flirting came with the job. The sex? That was where you had to be careful. You didn’t need any overzealous clingy partners hanging around, so you were fairly cautious and discreet, enjoyed more casual flings as they came and went.

Your current FWB, Glen, sat at the end of the bar, out of the way, but close enough that you could still talk and flirt as you worked.

“Don’t you have anything better to do?” you teased, making up another drink for him.

“Not yet,” he answered with a quick up-down of his eyebrows, making you roll your head back in mock disgust.

“You’re so fucking lame.” You threw a coaster at him and went back to work, flicking off bottle caps and pouring mixers as the bar began to fill. You were scanning the crowd, keeping an eye out for your regulars and anyone looking to flag you down for another drink when you caught sight of him. With that gorgeous face you’d have to struggle to forget, he sat casually at the middle of the bar. He already had a glass in front of him and you wondered how you’d missed him earlier. If you weren’t already warm and flushed from the rush of work, the look he was sending your way would have done it.

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  • Castiel: Dean, Sam, this is Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.
  • Dean: Friends of yours?
  • Cas: They're helping me with this 'Crying Angels' case.
  • Sherlock: 'Weeping Angels', you mean.
  • John: Yes, but we can't do this alone. We'll need the Doctor.
  • Sam: Doctor? Doctor who?
  • *opening credits for SuperWhoLock*

If you fell in love with Dean, you would get tortured and killed by some filthy demons.
If you fell in love with Sherlock, you would get murdered by John.
If you fell in love with the Doctor, some crazy alien would try to destroy you but he would always save you.


Great Britain - Oxford,  Conwy, Lincoln, London/Leadenhall Market, Winchester, Norwich, Gloucester, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Cambridge, London/Royal Arcade, 

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I can build a million castles-
I can wish upon all the lucky stars
Nothing compares to my life with you.

[Sam’s version] [Sam and Dean’s version]



England - Arncliffe, Cambridge,Stokesay Castle,Henley In Arden, York, London, Castle Combe,Winchester, Lizard Point, Eversholt

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when you can't decide to kiss or kill your arch enemy

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Hi! I liked your 7 things about 13x05 post. I get the cross referencing faith &Cas but can you tell me what it is about the church that made you mention it specifically? And more importantly what is the significance of Bison beer?? Is it as obvious as it sounds? Dean is the BI(sexual) SON? (whereas Cas is the regular sun? lol) I mean i feel like i am missing past meta on this topic. I'm new around these parts and an education is required lol Thanks! I look forward to your 13x6 reaction gif XD


I kind of did a post about this – hooray for links! – but it’s really the juxtaposition of those two things more than the First Street Mission sign alone that got my attention. 

That being said, someone else also pointed out that this sign appeared in 11x06 in the scene where human!Metatron is filming a mugging victim’s death when Castiel confronts him.  The man is dying under the sign when Castiel approaches from the side of the frame with the First Street Mission sign in it: 

He heals the victim on site, and then is framed in the shot with the sign over his shoulder, nearer to him than Metatron: 

So there’s a little bit of Wanek-and-director magic going on here with associating this sign with Castiel personally, and possibly his angelic status and/or moral alignment.  

So having the Bison Bud’s Bar sign on one side of the road (i.e. Dean, the bi son, humanity) and the First Street Mission (i.e. Castiel, still an angel) on the other was really striking, especially given that the Impala – the vehicle for the trio – was set between these signs on the road that binds them together.  

They’re set on the same path.  Dean can’t move forward without Cas – that’s textually evident – and there’s a pretty solid argument that The Empty outed Cas’ attachment to Dean specifically with the “who you love” line.  

This place, this time, this moment of reunion is written into the world around them when it happens, and it’s still blowing my mind.


round 32   |  Make Me Choose  |  Soulless!Sam or Demon!Dean

Best Things In Superwholock

- Sherlock and John’s struggle to accept aliens, demons, monsters, time and space travel etc into their relatively normal lives

- Sherlock and Dean seem to get into a fistfight at least once in each book, bonus points if Cas, Sam, and John join in to defend them while the Doctor yells and throws things at them