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We all know Jensen has the voice of an angel but rarely gives us the gift of hearing it; so I’ve got the best videos together. None of the clips are mine.


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Soul Mate - Part 2

Character(s): Dean Winchester

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,664


   “You’re frickin’ gorgeous, do you know that?” Dean presses hot kisses to your ear as he loops his arms around your waist.

   “It’s not like I hear it every day or anything.” Turning your head, you catch his head with your own.

   “Mhm. Every day isn’t nearly enough.”

   “I don’t see how you could do it any more.”

   “How about every hour? Every minute? Every second? Hell, I should be saying with every breath I take.” He bends his neck around yours so he can kiss your collarbone.

   “You’re such a flirt.”

   “But it’s working.”

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Thanks For Saving Me

Characters: Dean x Reader

Wordcount: 1.544

Warnings: Swearing, anger

Summary: Reader with abusing father gets beaten up at school, but then Sam and Dean show up and they take her to the bunker to take care of her.

A/N: This is for the anon who asked for a DeanxReader. I really hope you like it. And please please let me know what you think, I’m pretty new to this whole thing and I need feedback haha. If you like it I could do a part two where there’s much more fluff. I have some ideas for the story to continue. Thanks for reading!


Head hanging, you walked quickly through the corridors. A few elbows accidentally poked your already painful ribs.

Your father got you pretty hard last night. He kicked you a few times in the stomach because you asked him for money for new clothes. ‘Why do you need clothes, you’re wearing clothes right now, right?’ He had yelled.

Your mother died when she gave birth to you. That’s the reason your father hated you so much, he blamed you. And he let you know all the time. You understood, he lost the love of his life, but it became harder and harder to forgive him for his actions.

The reason you didn’t walk away or ask for help was the fact that you were scared, you were terrified of him. He constantly threatened you, that he would find you and he would make you regret everything if you decided to walk away. You had no money, no friends or family to go to and you didn’t dare tell anyone about the way your father treated you.

Sometimes you thought, ‘Fuck it, what do I have to lose?’, but you didn’t have the guts to leave.

“Hey loser! Did you dig your clothes out of the trash can?” Said Curt, one of your classmates. The laughing rang hard in your ears. You fastened your step but Curt sped up behind you. He gripped your shoulder and pushed you down. You fell with a scream on the cold floor. “I asked you something” Some of my other classmates snickered. You tried to get up but he kicked your arms away. “You stink, (Y/N)”

All you felt was pain, kicking, punching, blood mixed with tears dripped down your face. You made yourself as small as possible as you tried to protect yourself. Suddenly, the kicking and punching stopped. Your vision already began to blur when you tried to open your eyes. You saw a man in a sleek suit beat the crap out of.. Curt? You could only see a fist on a bloodied face.

A taller man in suit came running and tried to get him off him, ‘Dean, stop! It’s just a kid!’ You made eye-contact with the punching man, whose eyes were furious, they softened and changed to worried ones as they slid over your bloodied face. He came over to you but when you tried to get up, everything went black.

You heard the sound of traffic as you woke up.

“You don’t understand, Sammy,” You heard a deep voice say, “This ain’t a normal girl.” Wait, was he talking about you?  

“I just think you’re a little overreacting, you can’t just kidnap her!”, you heard a second voice say.

“Ssh, I’m gonna give her back!”

“Please don’t” You heard yourself say as you opened your eyes.

Wait, did you really say that? You didn’t even know these guys.

“You’re awake”, said the guy who punched the hell out of Curt.

When you didn’t say anything he continued “I am Dean, this is my brother Sam” he motioned to the taller guy.

“I am (Y/N)” You said in a little voice.

You gasped in pain when you tried to get up a little more. You definitely had a bruised rib, if it wasn’t broken. And your head hurt like hell, but that wasn’t really new for you, seeing that your father took care of that most of the time.

‘We’re almost there and then we’re going to patch you up’. You heard worry in Dean’s voice. Why was he so concerned about you? And where were they taking you? Strangely enough, you didn’t really care. You never wanted to go back to that stupid school again. You had enough of all the bullying.

Anger boiled up inside you. And that dick of a father, you hated him! How could he treat you like that? Now these boys took care of you. He could die for all you cared. Suddenly you felt so fucking angry. You punched the side of the car. It didn’t felt as satisfying you thought it would be, so you punched again, and again.

All the emotions for the past years came out. You screamed and you smashed your head against the window. You felt a rain of pain wash over you but it felt good.

You felt strands of hair leaving your head as you pulled your hair.

You didn’t see or hear anything except yourself, you were in this black bubble full of pain and pent-up emotion. Suddenly a pair of strong arms grabbed your wrists “Sshh, (Y/N), it’s allright, you’re with us now.” Your screaming faded and you felt yourself come back to yourself.


Dean cleaned your head from the dried blood as you sat on the counter top. You looked around the bunker, clearly impressed. Dean smiled at you.

What is it with this girl? Why does she seem so special to him?

“Allright, let me see your rib” Dean said when he was done cleaning up your head.

You blushed at his demand, but still took your shirt off.

His eyes hardened when he saw your skin, black and blue, multiple times beaten up by your father. The pain was overwhelming, but in his company, it all felt soothed. When he felt your rib, a shiver ran down your spine. You swallowed hard, damn, he smelled good.

You both looked up and you stared right into those perfect forest green eyes, he in your, slightly red, (Y/E/C) ones. They had one thing in common, they both showed a glimpse of your broken, and sad, souls.

Dean cleared his throat “It’s not broken, only badly bruised.”

You nodded and put your shirt back on.

“(Y/N), those aren’t only bruises from today” he watched you intently.

You looked at the ground.

“How many times do you get beaten up?”

You looked the other way, a tear escaped your eye. “(Y/N), look at me” he took your chin in his hand.

Again, you felt yourself drowned in his eyes. “M-my… er…”

“What?” his eyes flashed from one eye to the other.

You pulled his hand away, “My father,” you said darkly.


That night Dean led you to the spare room, he gave you a jogging pants and an old sweater of his. It was really big and the sleeves were too long but you didn’t  care. The smell of him made you feel safe.

During dinner, hamburgers and fries, Sam and Dean told you who they were and what they did.

“Ghosts are real?” you exclaimed, “And you guys kill all that kind of stuff?”  

“Yup” said Sam.

You stared in mid-air for a moment, then took another bite of your hamburger, “Okay”

“Wait, that’s it? ‘okay’?” Dean looked at you in disbelief.

You wiped a little sauce out of the corner of your mouth. Sam looked rather amused. You exchanged a few glances.

“It all seems pretty logical to me.” you said, grinning at Sam after seeing Dean’s face.

But after a while Dean couldn’t keep himself from smiling too. This is our girl, he thought.

“Goodnight (Y/N)”

“Goodnight” you replied.

But it wasn’t what you say, a ‘good’ night. During night, your demons came out of their hiding places, you couldn’t sleep at all. You kept twisting around and you kept thinking about your father, did he care that you were gone? What would Sam and Dean do with you? would they send you back to your father? You shivered at that thought. But why wouldn’t they? Why would they help you, this little hopeless pile of shit, it wasn’t like they owed you.

At last, you fell into a restless sleep. Which didn’t last long.

You woke up in screams, tears and sweat. You still felt it in your body, heart beating like a maniac, blood pumping through your veins and that awful, biting feeling in your stomach.

You heard loud and fast footsteps in the corridor and your door slammed open. There was Dean, wearing only boxershorts and a black t-shirt, looking hot as hell. When he saw your wide and scared eyes, he immediately understood and came over to sit at your bedside. He took your hand in his and softly drew circles with his thumb.

“When we were little, I used to sing Sam to sleep when he had had a nightmare” he said after a while.

It looked like he was contemplating something. Finally he sang with a soft and unbelievable pure voice “Oh, summertime’s coming”  He paused and looked at you, you gave him a small nod.

“And the trees are sweetly blooming, where the wild mountain thyme, grows around the blooming heather, would you go, lassie go”

You knew this song, and how he sang it, was very calming. You felt your body relax again. When he didn’t sing anymore, you decided to go for it.

“And we’ll all go together” you sang with a clear voice. His eyes widened and you could’ve sworn you saw them sparkle. He clearly hadn’t expected that you would actually sing.

“Where the wild mountain thyme” you continued “grows around the blooming heather”

“Would you go, lassie go” Dean finished.