winchester magnum

➥ Vocabulary Tips - Nouns Part 1


  • pain - distress, burning, sting, smarting, colic, agony, soreness, growing pains, aching, torment, hurting, torture, throb, burn, suffering, ache.
  • pleasure - pleasance, enjoyment, comfort, delectation, delight.
  • hunger -  starvation, hungriness, famishment, lack of food, malnutrition, famine.
  • thirst - thirstiness, dryness, dehydration.
  • cold - frigidness, coolness, iciness, cool, frostiness, coldness, chilliness, nip, gelidity, frigidity, low temperature, chill.
  • heat - warmness, torridity, hotness, high temperature, calefaction, fieriness, white heat, warmth, incalescence, hot weather, warm weather.
  • tiredness - fatigue, weariness, exhaustion, burnout, enervation, inertia, sleepiness, drowsiness, somnolence.
  • excitement -  exhilaration, elation, animation, enthusiasm, eagerness, anticipation, feverishness.
  • hurry - rush, haste, flurry, hustle and bustle, commotion, race, precipitateness, abruptness, speed, suddenness, precipitance, hurriedness, hastiness, precipitation, swiftness, fastness.
  • slowness - delay, lag, holdup, slowdown, slowing, modification, deceleration.

「 scenario

  • place - point, area, zone, spot, location, position, region, locale.
  • house - dwelling, habitation, home, farmhouse, mansion, duplex, porch, chalet, loft, cottage, building, residence, edifice, bungalow.
  • garden - yard, terrace, patio, grounds.
  • street - boulevard, road, thoroughfare, alley, alleyway, avenue.
  • forest - wood(s), trees, bush, plantation, jungle.
  • hospital - infirmary, medical center, health center, clinic, sanatorium, field hospital, health facility, hospital ward, medical building.
  • office - bureau, cabinet, agency.
  • restaurant - tearoom, canteen, cafeteria, coffee shop, coffee bar, bistro, lunchroom, teashop, diner, steakhouse, coffeehouse, cafe, pub.


  • car - carriage, vehicle, automobile, machine.
  • motorcycle - bike, motorbike.
  • cup - glass, chalice, mug, 
  • drink - liquid, content, net, alcohol, coffee, tea, juice, water, soda, beer, wine, champagne, vodka, milk, chocolate.
  • clothing - knitwear, sleepwear, garment, garb, dress, wearable, outerwear, accouterment, nightwear, nightclothes, uniform, attire, raiment, apparel, clothes.
  • knob - door handle, door knob, pommel, handle.
  • gun - weapon, armament, pistol, shotgun, rifle, automatic.
  • footwear - shoe, heel, sneaker, tennis, sandal, boot, flipper.

「human body

  • head - face, temple, forehead, eye, pupil, iris, bridge of the nose, nose, nostril, cheek, lip, gum, tongue, tooth, mouth, chin, jaw.
  • torso - chest, abdomen, breast, shoulder.
  • neck - throat, Adam’s apple, nape, back of his/her/your/its neck.
  • arm - wrist, forearm, elbow, upper arm, armpit.
  • hand - thumb, index finger, middle finger, ring finger, little finger, palm.
  • back - shoulder blades, lower back, hip, waist, butt.
  • leg - thigh, knee, calf, ankle.
  • foot - achilles tendon, toes, heel, sole.


  • revolvers - 44 magnum, 45 long colt, 357 magnum, 38 special, 41 magnum.
  • pistols - 30 carbine, 45 winchester magnum, 45 acp, 22 long rifle, 9x19mm parabellum.
  • assault rifles - Adaptive Combat Rifle, ADS amphibious rifle, AEK-971, AK-47, AMD-65, M4 carbine.
  • knives - dagger, poniard, broadsword, stiletto, rapier, saber, katana, axe, switchblade.

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iAi Automag IV

Seldom seen handgun since the company was very short lived. iAi was formerly AMT, known famously for their Hardballer Longslide 1911. Their Automag pistols were offered in many different calibers and sizes, the one in the photos being chambered in .45 Winchester Magnum. It has a very crude, almost unfinished appearance on the slide. For the most part they tend to be more collector pieces since they are considered somewhat unreliable. (GRH)

AMT Automag IV

A large magnum caliber semi-auto pistol from the same company famous for their Hardball Longslide, a 1911 variant. The Automag IV was one of the few pistols chambered in .45 Winchester Magnum, a caliber most notably associated with the LAR Grizzly. Both the Grizzly and Automag are no longer in production and are generally relegated to as collector’s items. (GRH)

DTA SRS-A1 Covert

A bullpup bolt-action rifle made by Desert Tactical Arms. Available in 8 different calibers, ranging from .260 Remington, .308 Winchester, .300 Win Mag, .338 Norma, .338 Lapua Magnum, 6.5 Creedmoor, 7mm Winchester Short Magnum and 6.5x47 Lapua. The chassis has a steep price tag of $3,000+ but it does not include the barrel, bolt or magazine. Those have to be bought separately from Desert Tactical Arms.


LAR Grizzly

The Mark V was the last generation model of what is essentially a beefed up 1911. Although a majority of the Grizzly pistols are chambered in .45 Winchester Magnum, they were available in .45 ACP, 10mm, .44 Magnum and 50 AE. The latter being the most expensive of the caliber options due to their general rarity. On average a LAR Grizzly Mark V in 50 AE will almost always hit the $2,000+ price range. (GRH)