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I was just an only child of the universe

And then I found you

You are the sun and I am just the planets

Spinning around you

I know this whole damn city thinks it needs you

But not as much as I do

I’m here at the beginning of the end

Oh, the end of infinity with you

You’re just the last of the real ones

- The last of the real ones, Fall Out Boy 

Brightest Star

(Supernatural drabble Sam and Dean)

~warning sadness cuteness mentions of death and cussing ~

It’s been several months since Cas’s death. Sam found out something that he tried to tell Dean. About Cas but, every time he tried Dean got distant. It was late at night Sam was outside near the bunker looking at the stars. Staring at the brightest one.

“Cas I know since your death you’ve been watching us. I just wish Dean would listen. Wish he could feel you and maybe he could tell you how he feels about you I know you can hear us.” He sighs and stares at the star so bright so beautiful.

Dean came stumbling out of the bunker about half drunk. He stood by Sam and he too looked up. Dean scratched his head then looked at his little brother.

“Sammy what the hell you doing out here? I mean just staring at the stars, I tried asking Chuck to bring Cas back but i got no answer.” Dean sighed as he closed his eyes.

“ No I’ve been talking to Cas I have been for awhile. He watches over us always. Dean try talking to him he can hear you and if you listen you can hear him too.” Sam said quietly looking at Dean.

“Sammy this is so crazy just so you know. I’m gonna play along though I mean what do I have to lose. I already lost my everything. So what star is it Sammy?” Asked Dean as he still stared at the stars.

Sam points up at a star that was shining really bright. It put all the other stars to shame. It was so beautiful Dean was apeachless for a moment.

“That must be the star.” Dean whispered halfway to himself.

Sam nodded quietly still looking up “talk to him Dean it’ll help.” Sam said rubbing his back.

Dean took a deep breath cleared his throat. He let his mind wonder back to some fun times him and Cas shared. No matter how bad things bad got Cas always seemed to make him happy. “Cas if you can hear me man. Answer me one damn question. Why’d the fuck did you do it? Why did you fucking leave me. You were the one who liked calling people assbutts. Well damn it Cas you must be the biggest assbutt I know.” Dean stopped for a moment to choke back some tears he didn’t want to cry in front of Sammy. “Cas I miss you man I really miss you.” Dean said this next part really low in hopes Sam couldn’t hear. “Cas it may be a little too late for me to say this but, I was never good of letting my feelings out. Cas i love you I mean I really love you. Just wish I could have told you when you were alive but i didn’t know how.“Dean tried but he couldn’t stop the tears from pouring out. Sam hearing every word Dean said just held his brother close. As Dean cried in to his brother he felt a warm feeling shoot through body. Dean heard Cas’s voice inside his head. “I love you too Dean I’ll be watching over you guys. I’ll try my best to come back to you. I promise I’ll come back to you Dean.” Cas’s voice was calm and soothing. Dean smiled he knew in his heart Cas would return. It would be hard waiting for that day to come. But at least now he knows he has a guardian angel watching over him. When Cas returns Dean is get him in a bear hug and never let him go. ———–the end ————————————— Since I have over 200 followers submit me gif of sam dean Cas or Crowley what you want it about and I’ll write you a drabble. @sofreddie @mishasaurus @mishacrazyworld @pie-not-cake-you-assbutt @adages-of-team-free-will @wayward-oneshots @waywardmoeyy @seenashwrite @just-another-busy-fangirl @supernatural-jackles @not-natural-moose-and-squirrel

Notice how when Cas gets up, Dean is the first one he looks at and their gazes linger on each other. The relief and love that passed between them in those moments. And how their hands just hold on to each other a few seconds longer than Cas and Sam’s. Then Deans hand on Cas’ s back as if he was reassuring himself Cas is truly okay.