Summary: Dean is sick and Y/N is stuck on nurse duty. 

Word Count: 574


A groan escaped my lips and I poured some soup into a bowl before rushing into Dean’s bedroom.


“My head hurts.” He pouted and I couldn’t help but smile at how adorable he looked. His hair was tousled and stuck up in every direction. The tip of his nose was red from the cold he had and the fluffy blanket Sam had found was wrapped tightly around him like a cocoon.

“Are you smiling at my pain?” He raised his eyebrow at me.

“Shut up and take your medicine.” I motioned towards the untouched glass of water and two pills that laid on the bedside table. He grumbled but obeyed, eyeing the bowl of soup in my hands the entire time. 

It’s been like this for the past week and it has been complete Hell. Dean is easily the most whiny person I have ever met when he’s sick. If he isn’t complaining about something hurting then he’s complaining about the temperature or an itch on his left foot. Yesterday he made me come into his room just to get him the remote that was only two feet away from him. 

“Why is it so cold?” He mumbled and curled up farther into his blanket.

“Jesus Christ, Dean just eat some soup and you’ll feel better.” I scooted closer to him and held out a spoon full of the chicken soup. 

“Y/N I can feed myself.”

“According to yesterday’s events I’d say you’d need some help.” Yesterday while I was reading a book I heard him yell “SON OF A BITCH!” and rushed into his room thinking something had somehow gotten in, but once I got in there all I saw was a very distressed looking Dean with tomato soup all over his torso.

He puffed out his cheeks but allowed me to put the soup into his mouth. The next few minutes were filled with silence until the bowl was empty and Dean was no longer complaining. I set the bowl on the bedside table and watched as he settled back under the covers.

“Ok well I’m going to go see if I can help Sam with that Wendigo case.” Before I could walk away, however, my wrist was grasped and I was pulled back. 

“Can you stay for a little bit longer?” His brother may be known for the puppy dog eyes but Dean definitely has some powerful ones as well. His bright green eyes seemed to dim and his bottom lip popped out. "Please?“

It wasn’t very often that a Winchester begged, so this came as a complete surprise. I slowly nodded and sat down at the edge of the bed, only intending to stay for a couple of minutes, but was pulled down and into Dean’s chest. Blood rushed to my cheeks and I tried to turn my face away from him but he tucked my head under his chin and sighed. 

"Uh, Dean, what are you doi-”

“Shh.” He shoved me farther into his chest and I was thankful for the darkness of the bedroom. 

“Y/N! I think I found somethi-” Sam came rushing in with a book in his hands. He looked at the two of us with wide eyes and slowly began backing up. “Oh, I have definitely found something.”

Before either me or Dean could say anything, Sam had left the room, leaving the two of us in a flustered heap on the bed.