Supernatural - Angels Falling (8x23) 

‘’Expel all Angels from Heaven, just as God cast out Lucifer.’’

Castiel, My Little Angel ☜♥☞

The Bar Scene

Prompt: While at the bar, you are taken advantage of.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: roofie

Words: 949

A/N: I found this in my Notes earlier on my phone and it really surprised me. I don’t ever remember writing it, but… I guess I did. XD

You stood at the bar, waiting for yours and Dean’s next round of drinks. You had just had a particularly good hunt, no one killed, no one injured, no one arrested, no one possessed - this was call for celebration.

You had been at the bar for about an hour, Sam having decided he would head back home, claiming he was exhausted.

You were too, in all honesty, but when offered the chance to stay and hang out with (your long time crush) Dean, or go back and go to sleep, the decision was obvious.

Dean had excused himself, saying he needed to use the restroom, while you stayed behind to wait for your drinks. You were only standing there for less than a minute when you were approached.

“Hey’a, doll, what’s a pretty little thing doing here all alone?” he asked and you scooted away from the man. He was drunk, obviously, and dangerously close. Luckily he wasn’t quite drunk enough for you to smell the alcohol on his breath, but just drink enough to sway from side to side, words slurring ever so slightly.

You turned away from him, ignoring his question, and that only made him push harder.

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The DrugLord’s Daughter

This is my (Very Late) fic for @teamfreewill-imagine‘s June Writing challenge. 

I chose Police Officer!Sam ~ kind of made him a detective so its a Police!Sam AU

Characters: Sam x Reader, Crowley (Reader’s father), mentions of Dean

Warnings: SMUFF (smut/fluff)… Dom!Sam, Sub!Reader, handcuffs, female receiving oral, teasing

Words: 2876


Thank you to @faith-in-dean for beta-ing, @eyeofdionysus for letting me ramble to her near enough 24/7 and the wonderful folks in the spn fan fic pond Skype chat.

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Lying on your bed you sighed, your father had just come home from his latest business trip and you were waiting for the inevitable blow up when he found out you were dating a cop, and not just any cop, Sam Winchester. Sam was leading a team trying to solve the murder of a man in your dad’s ‘territory’ and the evidence pointed to it being a case of mistaken identity. As you texted Sam the door to your room was knocked before your father walked in, you locked your phone before jumping to your feet to hug him. His arms held you tight as he kissed your head and smiled down to you.

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Imagine meeting TFW for the first time

B/N: Brothers name

L/N: Last name

You rushed into the hospital going right to the counter. “ I’m here for my little brother B/N L/N, “ you say with panic in your voice. “ He is in room 502, down that hallway, take the first right, “ she says pointing down the hallway that leads to your little brother. You nod and start running down the hallway and take the right coming face to face with a door. Suddenly it opens revealing three men. 

“ I’m sorry miss but this section is closed for now, “ the tall one says, all of them pulling out their FBI badges. Your brows furrow in confusion, “ But my brothers in their, “ you say, your heart dropping. “ Sorry, “ the one in the trench coat says. You look at him, your eyes widening. “ Are you wearing those angel wings for the little kids here? “ you ask tilting your head a little. “ You can see my wings? “ he says studying me. You nod confused, “ Why wouldn’t I be able to see your wings? “ you ask looking at the other two. “ Because I’m an angle of the lord and no one, but my soulmate can see my wings, “ he says not taking his eyes off of you. Your jaw drops. “ Well that was forward, “ the one with green eyes says chuckling.

So speaking of losers who held a spark for Kate…it’s high time to introduce her ex-husband, Ashton. I don’t know if I’d played him along with the other families and just not taken pictures or what, but here’s the first time he shows up photographically. Along with his new wife, Melissa Winchester, and her very white house. 

For anyone who's behind, in season 12, Mary will

•find out that the love of her life is dead

•find out her sons are hunters

•find out Sam is missing

•find out that angels are real

•find out that Dean and Sam have become best friends with one

•find out her sons have once let God and Lucifer crash at their place

•find out about the invention of modern technology (I really hope they mention this at least once)

•find out that her once happy sons are now clinically depressed alcoholics because they were forced into a life she never wanted for them

But hey, at least she’ll also find out that Sam got a full ride to Stanford. Let’s just hope no one tells her how John reacted to the news.

Elementary Part 24: The Reichenbach Death

Word Count: 5682

Characters: Eventual Sam x Reader, Dean, Lucifer, Bobby, mentions Cas, Ellen, and Jo

Warnings: Language, Sam being a (loveable) cocky son of a bitch, violence, talks of crime, main character death {Maybe ;) }, all the angst.

Tags: @superwholockbooknerd526, @mrssamfuckingwinchester@faegal04 @fandomgirl120

Y/N= Your Name

Y/L/N= Your Last Name

Y/E/C= Your Eye Color

Y/H/C= Your Hair Color

Summary: Sam and Lucifer meet on the roof of Bart’s, where Lucifer explains that assassins will kill Dean, Bobby, and Ellen and Jo, as well as “have some fun” with you, if Sam doesn’t do exactly as he commands. Before Sam can find a way out of Lucifer’s scheme, the criminal mastermind does the unspeakable. Which flips Sam’s chances of wiggling out of Lucifer’s plan and forces him to give in to the man that many would call the devil.

Sherlock!AU Masterlist

    You gazed up at him as he stopped within a few a few inches of you. “What do you need?” You repeated with a bit more intensity.

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  • Person:Hi. How's it going?
  • Me:Jared Padalecki said that the season 11 finale is going to be the saddest finale that supernatural has had so far. This could possibly mean that another major character death is going to happen. Since Dean Winchester is the one trying to find happiness this season and is constantly worrying about Cas, it is alluding that Castiel may die this season. What if, in the season finale, everything is alright and Dean finally musters up the courage to tell Cas how he feels. After all he deserves to be happy. But then in the last 5 minutes, something unexpected happens, and Castiel ends up dying right when he is about to tell him. Right in his arms. And Dean is a wreck whispering to his lifeless vessel saying ' can't be happening...I didn't even get to say I love you.'
  • Person:.....what?