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Sam Spam #6 - Meeting your parents.

Imagine: After Dean goes to Purgatory, Sam settles down in Texas, working as the maintenance guy at the motel you’re staying at. You start dating and then the moment comes: You decide it’s time for him to meet your parents.

Word count: 894

Warnings: None.

A/N: It was quite hard for me to write this, specially because I’ve never met my boyfriend’s arents (hell, I haven’t even had a decent boyfriend) so I don’ really know how this things go. Anyways, I hope you find it enjoyable somehow.

A few months ago, Sam Winchester knocked on your motel door. He was the guy from maintenance and he was there to fix your air conditioner. His beautiful self got your eye from the very first moment, and soon enough you were together, house hunting for your perfect home.

You knew Sam was the right guy. He made you feel comfortable, safe and happy. He knew every rock song there was and he was never ashamed of singing along to the in the car or in the shower. His muscular body kept you protect at nights, and every morning he’d prepare the best coffee ever. Ever molecule in him was boyfriend material.

Of course, he had his flaws. Some nights he had nightmares, where he’d call someone named Dean, and more than once he acted paranoid when he smelled rotten eggs or when the lights flickered. He also never talked about his past; he could be a serial killer and you wouldn’t know. But either way, you were deeply in love and couldn’t wait for the day you and Sam gave the next step and started a family.

“Sam, hurry up! We have to go!” You called, knocking the bathroom’s door where Sam had locked himself in.

“Just a minute!” He said, and five minutes later he came out, looking amazing. He had shaved, cut his hair a little and he smelled a lot like cologne.

“Woah… Sammy, I mean, you look hot as hell but erm… We’re just going to have dinner with my parents, you didn’t have to do all of this.” You said with a smile, Sam gave you his puppy eyes.

“I know, I know but I just want them to like me. I think they don’t trust me because we’re going too fast with our relationship so I just want to win them.” You gave him a kiss and then the two of you drove to the restaurant you and your parents had agreed on.

“They will love you, I promise.” You assured him while the waitress led you to the table, already occupied by both of your parents. “Mom, Dad… This is Sam, Sam Winchester.” You introduced them. Your mother liked him instantly, but your dad played a little rough.

“So Sam, what do you do for living?” You father asked, Sam gave him a shy smile before answering.

“I work at the Hot Springs motel… I fix things.” He said awkwardly, your father gave him a stern look.

“Maintenance guy…” Your father grumbled and Sam tried not to blush. “What car do you drive?”

“A 67’ Chevy Impala.” Sam answered, your father lifted his eyebrow.

“Nice car… But very old, couldn’t you afford to pay for something more new with your maintenance salary?” You snapped your head to your father, giving him a death glare, while your mom asked him to be nice.

“Actually, that was my brother’s car, he gave it to me before he…” Sam started, you looked back at him. He never told you he had a brother.

“Great! You didn’t even pay for it.” Your dad interrupted. “How do you expect to sustain a family, less to say with MY daughter.” Sam’s eyes darkened, you knew he was losing his patience; it was harder for him to act nice.

“I assure you I can sustain your daughter.” Your boyfriend said with a serious voice tone. Your father rolled his eyes.

“Look kid! I can’t convince her to dump your ass, but I swear if you hurt my little girl I will cut you. Are we clear?” Your father threatened, Sam’s gaze intensified.

“Clear as water.” The Winchester said.

“Um… So Sam, have you travelled?” Your mum asked, trying to change the subject. Sam turned to look at her and smiled.

“Yeah, I’ve actually been all over the country. I’ve seen the Grand Canyon more times than I can count.” The Winchester laughed and so did your mom.

“Unstable.” You father mouthed and your mother punched his side with her elbow.

“And what about your family?” She continued asking.

“Well, my mother died when I was a kid… I grew up with my father; he was a sales man, that’s why we travelled so much. I had an older brother named Dean; we continued the job after my father died.” Sam explained. He looked awfully uncomfortable. You recognized his brother’s name as the one Sam called for during his nightmares.

“And why did you left the sales, kid?” Your father asked, trying to control his voice so it sounded nicer.

“My brother also passed away, a few months ago actually… I didn’t want to be on the road alone so I came here to Texas to start a new life.” Sam said, you could tell he had a knot on his throat.

“And then we met and the rest is history.” You added, smiling tenderly. Your father groaned, his jealousness showing off.

The rest of the night, your father kept being awful with Sam, asking him awkward questions and being mean, until they found a common topic and ended up chatting like two best friends. You were happy that both of your parents accepted him, and soon enough you and Sam moved to a small apartment near the centre of the city, where you lived happily until Dean Winchester himself knocked on your door.

I’m uploading this because I spent so many hours on it, but I poured my heart and soul into this and absolutely hate it. It’s a humbling experience. Excuse the inconsistent quality. I lost my references and tried to finish it off anyway. And then beyond that I just couldn’t look at this thing anymore. Sorry Dean.