Great Britain: Isle of Skye, Crawley, Cambridge, Winchester, Wells, Bath, Gloucester, East Meon, Longnor 

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I was rewatching the Supernatural Comic Con panel and I realized something very touching...

So Jensen was answering a fan’s question…

Everyone around him gets rowdy with their phones… 

He yells at them but turns out the fans were holding glow sticks and waving them, so they decided to take pictures of them, probably to show their wives when they get back but little did they know… 

The fans were actually saying Always Keep Fighting.

Everyone starts clapping, obviously, a very touching moment between the cast and the fans but within seconds everyone is over it probably because of the time schedule…


Always Keep Fighting my friend. We love you.

you wanna know what my problem with supernatural is?

i feel broken and powerless, like energy is suck right out of me and i watch supernatrual

i feel sad, super sad and i watch supernatural

i feel bored and i watch supernatural

i feel lost and i watch supernatural

i feel any kind of bad and i just watch supernatural

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and those little sons of bitches show up and i feel better

i feel lost and i watch supernatural

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and redheads find me

i feel alone

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and angels are watching over me

i don’t understand and i watch supernatural

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and a prophet explains

i don’t know what to do and i watch supernatural

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and demons help me out

It’s home, you know

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it’s where i feel safe

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it’s where my family is

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and if i can say that without having Internet friends it must mean something.

this is home and it’s hard to find something like this. so i’m not letting it go

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Just imagine Sherlock in Supernatural.

Sherlock: Hi

Dean: Hi. I’m Dean and this is my brother Sam and-

Sherlock: he has no soul.

Dean: w-wHAT???




Dean: …btw, this is Sam, and that’s Chuck, a prophet of t-

Sherlock: he’s God

Chuck: oh damn, Sherlock. I knew I gave you too much intelligence! It was a secret, man!


Sherlock: oh, and you love the Winchester guy so stop pretending.

Cas: *blushes* No I don’t. Dean, tell him I don’t

Sherlock: you see. I didn’t say which one.

Sam: there was only 50% chance that-

Sherlock: 33%. There’s Adam too.

Sam: Oh FUCK