Imagine helping Dean take care of Sammy

“Dean. If I-” Sam began, his voice low and raspy from the sickness that had taken over his body and turned him into someone neither of you recognized.

“Don’t Sammy. Don’t talk like that.”Dean barked, trying to cover up the tears thrashing at the brim of his eyes.

“Dean. We have to. I don’t want to anymore than you do. But-” Sammy tried, but a wave of coughs interrupted. It was so terrible, you tried to stay strong for dean. He needed you the most now and couldn’t see you cry. Which was why you batted the tear away from your eye and watched deans reaction.                He did care though. Tears fell down his cheeks as he watched his little brother die right in front of him. 

Just to Get High (Part One)

Just to Get High (Part One)

Welcome my lovelies, to my new mini-series, once again just a reminder it carries on from the rest. I probably should do some stand alones, maybe some Sam ones. But I am enjoying this. It did not go at all in the direction I planned, so the storyline I was expecting to write didn’t happen, it took a different direction in part two of the five, which has left me thinking I should not let my characters do the writing. HAHA. Let me know what you think.



I was awake by 5am, unable to settle. I ended up going for an extremely early run, attempting to shake the uneasy feeling that had overcome me. I ran through the wooded area, it was still dark outside. This fact alone wasn’t helping the situation, I was jumpy, nervous and agitated. I rounded through the trees and headed back to the bunker, by the time I got back in it was about 6:30am and the run was just starting to rise.

I walked down the steps, heading straight into the kitchen. I grabbed a glass of juice,
‘You’re up early.’ A voice behind me observed, I turned smiling at my boyfriend of 6 months. ‘I woke up and you weren’t there.’ He mumbled, coming over and wrapping his arms around my waist.
‘Sorry, couldn’t sleep.’ I kissed his lips. Dean smiled at me, mischief sparking in his eyes.
‘You could have woken me.’ He offered, I shook my head.
‘You get little sleep as it is, I am not going to wake you when you are finally asleep soundly.’
‘You know I don’t care about that. If you’re having issues I’d rather be there.’ He muttered, kissing my hair.
‘Don’t get too close,’ I laughed ‘I’m all sweaty.’
‘I could join you for a shower?’ his hands moving down towards my bum, grabbing it. I contemplated it, a morning session would be good. However, at the moment I was too distracted. Dean moved in, kissing my jaw and neck, I pulled back.
‘I think I might just go shower, alone. Sorry baby.’ I muttered walking into my room.

While Dean and I shared his room, my gear that I wasn’t using regularly was still in here. I jumped through my shower, letting the heat relax my body. Afterwards, I pulled on my hunting clothes. I considered climbing into a pair of track pants and a hoodie and curling up until I relaxed, but I felt that my anxiety might ease if I was prepared for anything.

I laid on my bed, putting in my earphones, cranking Avril Lavigne. The blonde Canadian singer was my escape, followed closely by Nickelback. While I listened to a huge range of music, everything from Tim Mcgraw and Reba McEntire to AC/DC and Metallica, Avril’s music always helped. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the music, the vocals. Picturing my fingers running over the piano or the guitar. It’s been a long time since I had played her music, the last time was at a small pub in LA.

I was so caught up in my music that I didn’t hear Dean enter the room, he put his hand on my arm, I wasn’t expecting it and with my high anxiety I counter attacked his action, ripping his arm off, twisting it, I went to jump up into a defensive stance.
‘WOAH! Hey Y/N!’ Dean yelled at me.
‘Crap, Dean’ I took a few deep breaths, ‘I am so sorry. I wasn’t expecting it.’ I could feel tears in my eyes.
‘It’s ok. What’s going on?’
‘Is your arm ok?’ I asked ignoring his question.
‘It’s fine, what’s going on?’ He repeated, sitting on my bed, pulling me down next to him.
‘Nothing. I am just unsettled, a bit freaked out. That’s all.’ He looked at me puzzled and concerned.
‘I think it’s just a matter of too much in too short a time. Not enough time to zone out and feel normal.’ I looked at him sighing. He knew what I was referring too. We had been extremely busy these past few months, it’s been case after case. When we get back to the bunker, we have one or two days and we are off again. He nodded,
‘Are you sleeping well?’ he asked quietly.
‘Define well?’ I asked with a small laughed, he had his answer. There had been little sleep the past few weeks.
‘Want me to call Cas? Maybe he can help.’ I shook my head,
‘No it’s fine. This too shall pass.’ I said softly, he rubbed my knuckles with his thumb. ‘I just need to distract myself.’ I rolled my head, causing my neck to crack. ‘Until I can figure out what is causing it anyway.’ I added, Dean looked puzzled.
‘It’s not the first time, it won’t be the last that I feel like this.’ I explained ‘It is usually when I miss something in a case, or there is something happening and I am not picking up on it. My sub-conscious is in overdrive and I apparently am not listening.’ I smiled
‘Yeah, you are stubborn like that.’ Dean winked at me. I stuck my tongue out at him. ‘So, what do you do to feel normal?’ he asked, curiosity showing on his face.
‘Music.’ I replied simply. ‘Dance, sing, play, listen the whole lot.’ Dean smiled at me, I knew he was thinking of Vegas.
‘Guitar.’ He replied, I nodded. ‘You are welcome to use mine.’
‘Thanks.’ I replied, I had thought of it, but felt bad it was one of the few possessions he had. ‘I had thought of buying one at some point.’ I said quietly.
‘What’s stopped you?’ he asked. ‘I doubt it’s money.’ I was lucky to have worked before becoming a hunter. My parents also had money before they passed away, so I had a nice inheritance to fall back on. Knowing my career choice, and the fact that I wasn’t going to earn an income from it I had invested the lot. It gave a decent regular income. Once I worked out I was going to stick around I gave the boys access to my accounts. Help reduce some felonies in their lives. Although they still hustle occasionally for fun, we mostly rely on my money.
‘Time.’ I sighed, laying back onto the bed. Dean laid back with me, rolling onto his side, he played with my hair. I just closed my eyes and laid there.

I knew that it wasn’t so much how many cases we had dealt with recently. It wasn’t new for me, in fact it wasn’t the worst amount we have had. I put my headphones back in, turning on my iPod, Avril’s- Give You What You Like filled my ears, and I closed my eyes again. Dean stayed next to me, I could feel him watching me so I blocked it out. I always felt self-conscious when he did that. He was one who would sit and stare for hours, studying me. He told me once, it was so he would never forget. He wanted to memorise every part of me. It was rather ominous and unsettling, but I got what he was saying. Time for a hunter is short, either of us could go at any point. You make the most of the time you have, the stolen moments, enjoy the peaceful times. File everything for you don’t forget a single detail.

I find it amusing, what we share is deep, to the point some would call it soul mates. We could read each other like an open book. We knew what the other needed, space, food, time, sleep. It came naturally. My heart fluttered when he was near, and when I thought of him. But it had moved beyond the sexual tension, it is something that it hard to describe, I could for part of our relationship but the rest is beyond words. And yet we still have never said the ‘L’ word. Love we feel it, we show it, we experience it, and we don’t say it. I don’t know why. I guess it makes it final then. The relationship is solid, unending. A commitment that is hard to break. It puts that added stress on each other, if something was to happen and one of us lost the other. It would be unbearable.

Killing Demons on Supernatural
  • Season 1: “Okay there is this one demon on a plane and he is impossible to kill so we are going to have to exorcise it which is near impossible.”
  • Season 9: *Oprah’s Voice* “You get a stab, you get a stab, and you get a stab, you’re all being stabbed!”