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Request: Uh, open requests! Maybe a DeanxReader, where Bobby, the readers father died because of Dean , and the reader just can’t forgive dean and she doesn’t trust him anymore, but it ends with Dean winning her back? Just some Fluff and angst, maybe?

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,800ish

Warnings: language

A/N: Gah, I remember when I didn’t do any angst. How times have changed…

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Castiel looked taken aback, offended that you hadn’t shown him any respect. “I’m an angel of the lord” he said, as if it was supposed to mean something.

“Your point?” You asked, just wanting to leave this stupid room you were being held in. The only reason Castiel was there was because he had to make sure you didn’t leave before your siblings came. “My point, is that you I could smite you with the touch of my finger so show me some respect” the angel threatened.

Laughter filled the room when you saw how serious Cas was trying to be. He would never smite you just to shut you up, he wouldn’t risk losing a Winchester. “Why are you laughing?” He asked, clearly confused.

“You would never smite me, you need me. Even if you did, I wouldn’t care, I’d much rather be back in heaven than in this… cage.” You said, scanning the room for the millionth time to find a way out.

“I- we don’t need you, I have your brothers and that should be enough” Cas said quietly.

“Then kill me” you growled. Castiel looked at you and then the ground, ignoring your request.

“That’s what I thought.”


HELL YA ITS MY BIRTHDAY!! For my birthday I wanted to shout some people out who have been super supportive! I have had long chats with some of you and some of you have reposted and liked so much of my things, that you needed to be shouted out! Some of you just sent me a complement on a fic and it made my day, and some of you put me in a reading recommendation list! Holy crap that was amazing! Thank you for making me feel so loved and supported, don’t think I could have gotten to where I am with out you! I LOVE YOU GUYS!! 😘😘 if any of you don’t follow them, make sure you do! That are fantastic people! @nickiwinchester97@super100012@jensen-jarpad@winchesters-favorite-girl@fromheaven2he11@thewinsisterchronicles@rosie-winchester@miss-katie-winchester THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!! ❤️❤️

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Imagine...Meeting A Different Dean

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Request: Hi, reader and dean are together. She gets sent to an AU and meets the other dean (the complete opposite of her Dean) and they get attacked. Her dean comes to the rescue and they have kinky fun when they get back to their universe please and thanks

Pairing: Dean x reader

Warnings: smut

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Dear Castiel,

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Every moment you’ve been here…

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Every laughable moment…

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Every melting moment…

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Every adorable moment…

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Has taken hold of everyone here.

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Even though we’ve lost you so many times…

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You always found a way back…

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We never thought…

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You would go out…

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Like this…

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But still we count the days for your return…

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Even if they never come…

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Because we know in our hearts…

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You will always find a way home


I placed the burger on the ground gently,

and I remembered


These used to make you very happy.


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