My World

Prompt: You and Dean tease each other before going to bed for the night, but is that really your reality?

Pairing: Dean x Reader; Jensen x Reader

Warnings: none

Words: 1159

A giggle erupted from your throat as you placed your hands over his cheeks, feeling his stubbled face underneath your fingertips, running your fingers up and down as you expressed how much you loved the stubbled beard version of Dean, a wide smile on your face, only growing wider when he managed to sneak in a kiss.

“Dean Winchester,” you gasped. “I will call the cops on you for stealing kisses from me.” You broke into laughter as he started stealing more kisses, bringing you closer to him as his lips started to wander off your lips and to your cheeks, down your neck and that’s where you drew the line. You placed two fingers under his chin and made him look into your eyes. “Sam is literally sleeping right there.” You gestured to one of the two dirty motel beds where Sam was snoring.

Dean shrugged. “We’re technically alone,” he stated quietly. “If you’re quiet, we can…” He trailed off as he started kissing you again, but you pushed his head up with your whole hand under his chin this time and he sighed. “You’re right. You can never stay quiet.”

“You’re an ass,” you said, pushing him fully away from you as you hopped off the table. “Can’t we just cuddle?” You made your way to the empty bed.

“Fine,” Dean said as he sighed, “but don’t come crying to me in the morning when you’re feeling grumpy for not taking up my offer.” You rolled your eyes as you crawled into the bed, pulling the covers over you and smiling widely as Dean soon joined you, crawling on the other side and allowing you to rest on his chest. He sighed peacefully as he said, “You know what? I do like this.”

“See? Not too bad,” you confirmed as you listened to his rhythmic heartbeat. “And we’re not threatening to wake Sam up and scarring him for life.”

Dean chuckled gruffly. “It’s not my fault we had to get stuck with him.”

“I’m glad we did,” you confessed. “Sometimes, it’s more than just sex, Mr. Winchester.”

“Says you, Mrs. Winchester.”

You smiled at the name. “It’s going to take me awhile to get used to that if I’m being honest with you.”

He shrugged as he moved closer to you. “We just got married a month ago, Y/N, I’m not going to hold it against you. Promise.” He grinned. “After all, you’ve gone twenty plus years with that boring last name of yours.”

“Not boring,” you argued defensively.

“Sure it isn’t,” Dean stated, grinning. “Whatever you say, sweetheart.”

You huffed. “I’ll make you sleep on the floor.”

Dean laughed. “Empty threats are your strong suit,” he challenged and you looked up at him, eyebrows raised.

Sam got out of bed around seven in the morning, yawning as he saw you fast asleep, making his way towards the bathroom. He furrowed his eyebrows when he hit something with his foot, confusion washing over him when whatever he hit made a noise shortly after. He looked down to see Dean on the ground. “Dean? What the hell are you doing on the ground?” Sam asked as he accepted Dean’s hand, helping him to his feet.

Dean looked at him. “If you ever get married, and your wife says she’ll make you sleep on the floor… do not, I repeat, do not challenge her.”

Sam grinned widely. “You must really love her if she can easily make you sleep on the floor.”

Dean sighed as he looked at you, a soft smile toying his lips. “She’s my world, Sammy. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost her.”

Sam slapped his hand on Dean’s shoulder. “I’m going to take a shower and then we’ll get some breakfast before hunting this demon down.”

Dean grunted as Sam went into the bathroom. He walked next to the bed you were sleeping on and slid underneath the covers. The instant he did, you immediately found him and snuggled up to him, resting your hand on his chest along with your head. He wrapped his arms around you and looked at you with a look he doesn’t give a lot of people.

“Dean,” you said, your eyes still closed.

He smiled widely as he started thinking you were talking in your sleep. “Yes?”

“Why aren’t you on the floor?” you questioned and the smile immediately faded as you opened your eyes and looked at him with a smug grin.

“I, well, I, uh…” he stuttered and you laughed.

“I’m just teasing,” you assured before inching up to steal a kiss. “But I assume you learned your lesson, right?”

“Right,” Dean agreed with a single nod. He kissed the top of your head. “Want some breakfast?”

“Where’s Sam?” you asked and he told you, looking down at you to see a wicked glint in your eye, which brought him to confusion. “With Sam’s hair, it usually takes him five, ten minutes to shower.”

“Okay…” He tilted his head. “Why are you timing Sam’s showers?”

You crawled on top of him, your lips in mere inches from his as his hands instantly went to your waist. “Because I can just picture what’s going to happen the next five minutes.” You connected his lips with yours in a deep, heated kiss as his hands wandered downwards. You pulled away from him and, this time, the wicked glint was in his eye.

Before you knew it, he was pulling the covers over the both of you.

A light rap of knuckles coming from the door made him turn towards it as it opened. “Hey, Jensen,” Jared said as he walked into the room, a cup of coffee in each hand. “How’s she doing?”

Jensen shook his head as he looked back at you, his hand falling on top of yours. “Not good,” he confessed bitterly, his eyes glistening with unshed tears. “Doctors don’t know when she’ll wake up, or even if she’ll wake up.” He accepted the cup Jared offered him. “Don’t you ever wonder what people in a situation like Y/N’s is… dreaming about?”

Jared sighed. “I couldn’t imagine.”

Jensen looked down at the cup of coffee as he held it tightly with both hands. “Whoever did this to her is going to pay.”

“It was a hit and run, Jensen, and the cops have no way of knowing who did it,” Jared said softly. “There wasn’t any witnesses or cameras. But they do have reason to believe the drivers were driving under the influence or texting while driving.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Jensen snapped, looking at him. “I just want her back.”

Jared stared at Jensen for a moment before saying, “You must really love if she can make you spend 24/7 in a chair.”

Jensen sighed as he looked at you, a soft smile toying his lips. “She’s my world, Jared. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost her.”

I Confess - Drabble 11

Summary: The reader thought they knew what they wanted, only for them to realize they were wrong.

Prompt: #13 “I told you how I felt already and you made it quite clear you didn’t feel the same.” from @witterprompts

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam x Reader (it’s kind of complicated, just trust me)

Word Count: 2644

Warnings: Angst, just angst. 

A/N: To whomever requested this, I hope you don’t mind that I sort of twisted the request just a tiny bit. But, this is the last drabble for my follower celebration! Thanks to all who participated, you’re the best. I bolded the prompt like usual, italics are what happened earlier in the day, and I hope you enjoy!

Follower Celebration Drabble Masterlist

Slowly you leaned your back against the wooden door, the muted click of its latch signaled your safety. With wide eyes you remained frozen in place. You urged your racing heart to calm, but it felt nearly impossible to take the gulp of air your lungs so desperately needed.

“This can’t be happening,” you muttered. The quiet whisper rung between the four walls of your room. You let gravity guide you down towards the cold hard tile and curled your knees tightly into your chest. The loose strands of (Y/H/C) hair fell to frame your face as you lethargically placed your chin onto your kneecap.

No. This was happening and there was no way that you could prevent the disastrous events that would ensue. You had given away something that you simply did not have to give, and there was a price to pay.  

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Dean Spam, Part 1: “Mine”

Originally posted by hunterchesters

Pairing: Dean Winchester x Reder

Warnings: fluff, reader beating a guy up, a little fight with Dean

Word count: 596

A/N: Hello guys! I know I’ve been away for some time, but now I’m back and I decided to make ‘Spams’ with some of the boys from Supernatural. I will post the imagines daily, and let me know if you want to be tagged in the next ones. Love you so much!

/send me an imagine or ship request here/ 

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I’m uploading this because I spent so many hours on it, but I poured my heart and soul into this and absolutely hate it. It’s a humbling experience. Excuse the inconsistent quality. I lost my references and tried to finish it off anyway. And then beyond that I just couldn’t look at this thing anymore. Sorry Dean.