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“What the hell is this?”  Dean asked, holding up the small container of pills you had thought you’d hidden well enough in your duffle bag.

“Nothing!”  You rushed to say as you basically launched out of your chair and towards your older brother.  He held his arm up higher, out of your reach, as he studied the container before his eyes widened slightly.  “Give it back, Dean.”

“It’s birth control, isn’t it?”  He asked, handing the pills over to Sam who examined the pill container as well.

“Do we….. do we have to have the talk?”  Sam asked, looking up at you like a moose caught in headlights.  You snatched the birth control out of his hands and shoved it back into your bag, zipping it closed hurriedly.

“No, we don’t.  That’s what the birth control is for.  So nothing happens.”

“So…. this never happened then.”  Dean said, rubbing at the back of his neck as he glanced over at Sam.


Tune Up

Characters:  Dean X Reader

Summary:  Dean discovers that you know how to tune your car, it’s a major turn on for him.  

Word Count:  2224

Warnings:  SMUT, swearing, fingering, oral (female receiving), penetration, unprotected sex (it’s a fic, wrap it up at home, folks)

This is my contribution to the SMUT APOCALYSE.  

Tags:  @spnfanficpond  If you’d like to check out my stories, see the masterlist in my bio.  Would love feedback.  Thanks all!

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“(Y/N), you in here?” Dean’s voice echoed through the bunker’s cavernous garage.

“Yeah, over here!” you called back.

The tread of Dean’s footfalls against the concrete floor grew steadily louder as he approached your car. His boots appeared in your line of sight, next to the front tire, followed by his face as he bent over to look under the car.

“(Y/N), what are you doing under there?” Dean questioned, his jade eyes lit with amusement.

“It’s called an oil change, genius,” you replied, giving the oil filter one last twist with the wrench, securing it into place.  After inserting the drain plug, you grabbed the drain pan full of used oil and tugged it along as you shimmied out from under the car.

“Obviously it’s an oil change,” Dean chuckled.  “I mean, why are you changing the oil?  You could have just asked me if you needed help.”

“Does it look like I need help?” you countered, your voice dripping with sarcasm.  “You think just ‘cause I’m a girl I can’t work on cars?”

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Winchester Sister- Smallest of the Four: Part 1

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Request: Can you do one where it’s not just the reader and the brothers but you have an older sister too?Thank you!
Title: Smallest of the Four
Parings: Sam x reader!sister, Dean x reader!sister, older sister Winchester x reader!sister
Words: 850
Summary: reader is the youngest of the four Winchesters and is sometimes put under a lot of pressure by her older sister and two older brothers.

(A/N this is one of my favorite requests I’ve gotten. I would have never even thought of this. I’m making it into a little miniseries (maybe like two to three parts) just because I’m so in love with this request, and also there is a lot of dialogue in this one so)
You are on a hunt in South Dakota with your three older siblings Kelly, Dean, and Sam. It has never been easy for you, being the youngest; you are constantly left out, they won’t let you on many hunts, and unfortunately you are treated like a child.
“(Y/N) wake up, Kelly got breakfast.” Sam says, shaking you awake. You take a deep breath in and sit up in the motel bed you and Dean share. Sam smiles and walks back to your other siblings who are already stuffing their faces with food.
“Slow down, if you eat any faster you’ll choke.”  Your oldest sibling, Kelly, says to Dean whose cheeks are full of food.
“Shut it woman, you can’t tell me what to do.”
“The hell I can’t. I think I remember being the oldest, which means I have more authority over you.” Kelly says with a smug grin.
“Yeah one year older, big whoop.” Dean says, twirling his finger in the air. Dean notices that you’re wake and reaches for something in the takeout bag.
“Catch!” He says and throws something in aluminum foil at you. It flies across the room, hitting you in the face. “Oops, sorry. It’s a breakfast burrito. Eat up.”
You rub your stinging face as you unwrap the aluminum and begin to eat. Sam sits beside you on the bed, drinking a smoothie. Your sister coughs and gets everyone’s attention.
“So, (Y/N), we have all been talking and we think that you’re ready to go on this hunt with us.”
“Really?” You say, a smile appearing on your face. You haven’t been on but about ten hunts in your seventeen years of life and just the thought of you being out there with your family excites you.
“Yes,” Sam says, his tone turning serious, “but you have to do exactly what you’re told, no funny business.”
“Yeah of course!” You say quickly.
“Alright, get up and get dressed. The sooner we gank these ghosts, the better.” Kelly says and you head to the bathroom to shower.
Dean looks at his older sister once he hears the shower running, “You really think (Y/N) is ready for this?”
“Relax Dean, she’ll be fine. It’s a salt and burn, one of the easiest things out there.” Kelly replies, putting her shoes on.
“I just don’t want her getting hurt.” Dean whispers.
“And she won’t. Dean I swear if you and Sam won’t stop babying her, she will be good as dead.” Kelly says sternly, a tone of voice that has always reminded her younger siblings of their father.
“We don’t baby her,” Sam starts but Kelly cuts in.
“Yes you do! I tell you to teach her how to clean a gun and I come back five minutes later and you two are doing it for her. She needs to learn how to fend for herself… without her two big brothers there to coddle her along the way.” Kelly says curtly before walking outside and driving away in the impala.
You come out a few minutes later oblivious to the argument that has just occurred. “Where’s Kelly?”
“She, uh, she went to get more salt, we’re getting kind of low.” Sam pipes up, glancing at his brother. Dean nods and goes to his duffle, pulling out shotgun shells and salt.
“(Y/N), it’s time you learn how to make the shells for the shotgun.” Dean says as he lays out all the items on the table in the motel kitchen. You nod and sit next to him while he explains every step as he demonstrates for you. “Okay now you try.”
You take a shell and pour out the powder in it, just like Dean showed you. You then pressed in the salt and tried closing it, but of course it bursts open and salt flies everywhere. “Damn it.”
“Watch your mouth,” Dean says instinctively, “but hey, it’s okay you’ll get better.”
Your face starts to heat up with embarrassment; here you are, related to three of the best hunters in the world, and you can’t even put damn salt in a shotgun shell. You stand up from the table and lie next to Sam in the bed, who was checking up on lore on his laptop. You hear the impala pull back in and a few seconds later Kelly stood at the door.
“Why the hell are y’all laying around in here, get your asses in the car.”
Sam pats your back as he stands up and you follow after him. You two slide into the backseat as Dean and Kelly ride up front. Sam stretches his legs uncomfortably; his legs dig into the back of the passenger seat from him being so tall. “God, Kelly, can you please sit in the back for once. I can barely move back here.”
“Quit being such a pansy, we’re almost there anyways.” Kelly retorts, not turning back to look at her youngest brother. Sam rolls his eyes and grunts. Finally Dean pulls up to an older looking house where four people have died in in the past seven months.

She likes Rock´n Roll.

This is another request that came in a while ago. If your request are not written immediately, don´t give up on them because maybe I just need some more time to write them down. :)

Request:  could i get one where the reader hides the fact that she can play guitar really well, and is jamming when she thinks that the guys aren’t in the bunker. dean walks in as she’s playing highway to hell? he’s super impressed by it, and asks why she hid it? you do awesome work, by the way.

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: None

Length: 871 Words

{Imagine Dean surprising you while you´re playing Highway to Hell on your guitar.}

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It was one of those rare occasions where you were totally alone in the bunker.
You totally loved the guys, but you needed some alone time once in a while. Mostly because it was the only time you felt free to engage in your only true hobby: Playing guitar.
You had the guitar which your Dad had given you ten years ago, stuffed at the back of your closet, waiting for you to take it out whenever you were alone.
Before you started playing it, you stroked over the black wood you had carved your initials in when you were a little kid.
Back than your dad had been furious and you had been scared, but now it just seemed funny and like a nice memory.
Besides the fact that you spent most of your days hunting, on the road, or stuck in the library, you were really good at playing by now, mostly due to the fact that your Dad had taught you on daily basis when you were a kid.
The decision on what to play always was hard. There were so many beautiful songs out there that you loved.
For the last weeks you had specialized on songs that Dean would have liked.
Maybe it was because your crush on him was growing these days, or maybe just because he had good taste in music.
Who knows?
Before you even realized it, you were playing Highway to Hell, one of your all time favorites.
You sang along to the lyrics and soon you were so deep into the song you were forgetting everything around you and your surroundings started to disappear.
This time was probably the best you had ever played and you closed your eyes for the last minute or so, just concentrating on what you were doing, and boy did it feel good.
When you played the last chord and opened your eyes again, Dean was standing in your door frame, looking at you in awe and then started to slow-clap: “Wow, (Y/N), that was amazing.”
You blushed a deep shade of red and put the guitar behind you on your bed:
“Dean, you´re home soon.”
He nodded and entered the room completely: “I didn´t know you could play guitar. How comes that I don´t know something so amazing about you?”
The way he was phrasing it made you blush even more: “Well, I guess it never came up.”
He came over and sat down beside you, grabbing the guitar again, visualizing it: “This looks old. Like really old.”
You smiled: “It is. My Dad gave it to me right before he died. It´s the only thing I got left of him. He taught me how to play when I was a kid.”
Dean nodded and stroked over the wood, just like you had done only ten minutes ago: “So tell me, why did you really didn´t tell me?”
You shrugged and looked at your hands: “I guess it felt like once I became a hunter and started my new life here with you and Sam, I should have left behind everything from my past.
But I just couldn´t leave the guitar. And it felt like I could keep a bit of my Dad if I kept this. I just didn´t want you to think I was weak.”
Suddenly Dean´s arm was around your shoulders and he lifted up your chin with his fingers: “You´re not weak sweetheart. You´re human. And hell, I wish I would have learned something like this from my dad. All he taught me was how to use a “45.”
For a moment he looked sad, then he smiled and handed you the guitar: “Play something else for me. What songs do you know?”
You shyly took the guitar: “Basically everything out of your music collection.”
He raised and eyebrow: “What?”
A blush crept up your skin again: “Well, I kinda like your taste of music and so I learned a few of the songs when you guys were out.”
The smile on his face was so big it could have been the happiest you ever saw him: “Play She likes Rock´n Roll. Can you do that?”

You smiled an positioned the guitar: “Of course I can.”
You started playing and the whole time he looked at you in awe, totally consumed by your voice and your fingers playing the guitar.
When you were finished you put the instrument down and he just continued staring at you.
Finally he said: “Damn, this is the hottest thing I ever seen. And I´ve seen a lot of things. And I don´t know about you, but I really wanna kiss you right now.”
Suddenly your heart was beating really fast and you grinned before leaning in to him and pressing a kiss on his lips.
His hand went to the back of your head and you held on to his flannel shirt.

When the kiss was over you smiled: “You know I only learned all those songs because I thought that it would impress you.”
He chuckled: “I figured. Well, I tell you what. It totally worked.”
He squeezed you tight and you smiled: “I guess I have to play for you more often then.”

I Can’t Help It

Anonymous said: Dad!deanxdaughter reader

I came up with this! In case it wasn’t what you were thinking of, I’m also writing another dad!Dean fic with no romance, that’ll come after I finish the dad!Sam request.

You can request here. Guidelines are here.

Summary: Dean’s daughter, the reader, falls in love with Castiel.

Pairing: Reader x Cas

Pairing(platonic): Dad!Dean x Reader

Reader gender/sex: Female

Word count: 1517

Warnings: almost forced into sex, basically just a lot of fluff, let me know if you think of anything else.

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The Last Letter

Prompt: Castiel runs into a little trouble. Meanwhile, Arthur starts feeling sudden pain and Gabriel doesn’t know what to do about it or how it’s even happening.

Pairing: Gabriel x Reader (finally, am I right?)

Warnings: some serious fluff it’s not even funny, it’s a warning

Words: 7206

A/N: This is probably the longest I’ve ever written, but once I started I just couldn’t stop writing it. Anyway, I am very confident in this final installment of A Dozen Letters and I am so certain that you’ll all be very happy of how it ends… hopefully. Enjoy. (IT’S SUCH A FLUFFY ENDING!)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6

“Are you… Are you crying?”

“Y/N Winchester doesn’t cry.”

“Knock it off.”

“Y/N… Y/N, you’re embarrassing yourself.”

“Winchesters don’t cry.”

“Stop crying.”

“Y/N, nobody’s coming, stop crying.”

“Stop crying.”

“Stop crying.”

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You’ve Got a Friend In Me

Red Haired Savior Part II

Masterlist (For this specific series.)

Pairing: (eventual) Punk!Dean x Reader

Warning(s): Swearing, Underage use of tobacco(?)

Author’s Note: Oh, look. A development in our story! ;)

Dean’s P.O.V.

I found myself not being able to quit thinking about that girl - (Y/N) - all day. I was slightly freaked out with myself considering this never happened. I had never in my life been so intrigued by a person that I didn’t stop thinking about them unless they were a certain little brother of mine or my mother.

The school day went by slowly and it was only my lunch period when I ran into her again. She was sitting at one of the picnic tables with a group of girls that I recognized from the old bar hangout from the other night. I kinda hated them for letting (Y/N) get so drunk, but then again, who was I to have an opinion, really? Either way, (Y/N) was sitting there with her friends, her lunch tray in front of her, and her (Y/H/C) hair pulled up in a ponytail. She had little to no makeup on, but it suited her, and her (Y/E/C) eyes sparkled. I caught myself staring and started towards my usual spot behind a tree that was out of limits of the rest of the school.

I sat down behind the tree, out of sight from the rest of the student body and without thinking about it, I pulled out a pack of cigarettes.

“Those are bad for your lungs, ya know?” A shy, familiar voice startled me out of my thoughts. I looked up, even though I knew who it was. Why she followed me, I didn’t know, but I couldn’t deny that I was sorta glad she did.

I let out an annoyed huff. “Really? I thought that every anti-smoking lecture, assembly, and article was just a hoax.” I said, sarcasm leaking into each and every word.

(Y/N) laughed, and, oh, it was beautiful.

“Yeah, well, as long as you’re self aware of what you’re doing to your lungs, I guess.”

I didn’t answer, but instead lighted the cigarette before taking a drag of it and blowing it out. (Y/N) didn’t say anything for a little while, just sat with me in silence.

“I just wanted to say thank you.” She finally said, breaking the silence. I raised an eyebrow.

“Still for the other night,” she clarified with a small, humorless chuckle, “Jeremy is a frickin’ douche and has been tryin’ to get me to go out with him for months. All my friends think he is just God’s gift to womankind, but I can’t stand him. So thank you. For getting him out of my hair while I was drunk off my ass.”

I couldn’t help but let out a chuckle at that. (Y/N) glanced my way and raised an eyebrow, but I just shrugged it off, rolling my tongue over my lip ring. A nervous habit.

“No problem.”

We both went silent again. I continued to smoke my cigarette, stealing glances at (Y/N) every now and then. She was sitting cross-legged, the wind blowing her hair from her ponytail towards the front of her face. I was still staring when she turned back towards me, a soft smile on her face.

“I’m (Y/N). I don’t think I ever told you…” She said, trailing off towards the end, a silent invite to tell her my own name.


“Well, it’s nice to meet you, Dean. Thanks for everything. I should probably get back to my friends; they aren’t very observant, but they start to notice I’m gone after about ten minutes.”

I scoffed, and I swear I saw the hint of an annoyed smirk that was aimed towards her friends. That pulled a smirk to my lips.

“I’ll see you around.” She said before giving me a small wave and walking away. I couldn’t help but feel that she wanted to be something that I didn’t really have… a friend

He comes first

Word- about 1300
Summary- After being apart for over 4 years Sam and the Reader reconnect.
Request- #19 “You walked away. Not me.”
Request by- @crazyfangirl345 __________________________

“y/n; you froze when you heard his voice, it was a voice you hadn’t heard in  years. Slowly you turned around you knew exactly who was standing there before you laid eyes on him, and as soon as you did you instantly flashed back to that day.


“Sam I have to leave, I can’t stay here with you and Dean for any longer.” You say trying to hid the hurt in your voice. “What are you saying y/n you can’t just take off and leave after all these years.” He said his puppy eyes coming out and starring into your e/c ones. “Yes Sam I can, and I have to. Trust me this is for the best. Please tell Dean that I’ll miss him. And Sam-” you paused this was the hardest thing you’d ever done, leaving Sam like this no explanation. “ you need to know this really is for the best, and no matter what happens I will always love you.” You paused again thinking of  how much you loved each other. “Goodbye Sammy.“  Were your final words to him as you closed the door to the bunker, and let the first of many tears fall.


"Sam I-” you stuttered to find words “I missed you.” Was all you could get out and boy was it the truth. “Where the hell did you go, how could you just leave me like that.” He exclaimed you had imagine this moment everyday for 4 years, you knew how it would go. “Sam I wish I could have-” but he cut you off  “Oh cut the crap y/n don’t give me this ‘I wish’ bullshit, you could have stayed, or at least told me why you were leaving. You have no right to miss me y/n. You walked away. Not me. I deserve to know why, because for 4 years I’ve thought it was my fault, I thought I did something to hurt you.” He finished, this is never what you wanted you never wanted Sam to blame himself for you leaving. “Why
y/n, please just tell me why?” He was practically begging. You knew now that it was time to come clean to Sam, he needed to know.

“We should sit down.” You say leading Sam to a nearby bench. “Y/N what’s going on?” Sam questioned now with more concern to his tone. “Sam I was raised a hunter, just like you and Dean so you of all people know that’s no way to grow up, and it doesn’t give you much as far as a good childhood.” You paused and he just nodded so you knew he was following. “So when I was young, before we even met I promised myself I would never put any child through that- and I” you took a minute to compose your thoughts. “I had to keep that promise.” You say than give him a minute to processes. “y/n what are you saying.” He finally spoke a small hit of weakness to his voice. “I’m saying you have a son Sam, and I just couldn’t raise him a hunter. I couldn’t put my kid through the things I-or the things we went through growing up. I just couldn’t.” When you finished tears began to fall, but you had a little more to say.

“I’m so sorry Sammy, I wanted to call, I really did everyday I would look at my phone ready to hit the call button, but when I see him, I look at him and saw a happy kid living a good life, a life we didn’t get to have. I just couldn’t allow myself to bring him into this mess. I’m so so sorry.” You said and more tears fell. “y/n I-I have a son a happy, healthy son. Thank you.” Sam smiled brightly, he wasn’t mad at all. “You’re not angry?” You say almost shocked. “No, not at all y/n you took care of
my- well our son I could never ask for anything more, or could I thank you enough. He can be a kid, a normal non-hunter kid thanks to you…I just um one thing?” He asked like it was a question, at this point you didn’t think anything he asked for would be too much. “Anything” you say. “Can I met him?” He asks almost shyly “of course you can met him Sam, he’s your son. come on I was on my way to get him right now.” You say than head off to pick up your little boy.

As you pulled up to the daycare to get the little boy Sam had one more question for you. “Uh y/n one more quick little thing.” He said “and what might that be?” You ask. “What’s his name?” Sam asked feeling a little odd not knowing, you chuckled a little not knowing how you forgot. “His names Robert, but sometimes I call him Bobby.” You say smiling, and so did Sam. “Thank you y/n so much, I always knew you’d be a great mom and I’m sure you’ve been everything Robert needs and more.” Sam said smiling again. “Thank you Sam that means a lot, it hasn’t really been easy not a lot of people out here are that supportive for single moms. So it’s really been all me these last few years, but that’s not important lets go get our son.” You say pointing at his classroom door.

“Mommy!” He called when he saw you standing in the door way. Due to running into Sam you were the last parent to show up. “Hey buddy” you say smiling back at him and getting down to his level to help him with his coat. Sam was grinning ear-to-ear at the sight in front off him. Once you were out of the classroom and back outside Robert asked the question you knew was coming. “Mommy who’s that?” He said pointing up at Sam who towered over Bobby’s small figure, which is the one thing he got from you. Besides his size Robert was almost a spitting image of Sam. “Robert it’s not nice to point.” You say trying to teach a lesson “I’m sorry, but who is it?” He asks again his short attention span not being able to handle it.

“Robert this is Sam, Sam is your daddy.” You say calmly not knowing how he’ll respond. You never really talked much about his dad, every once in a while he would ask a question about why he didn’t have a dad and you would tell him that his dad had a job that wasn’t good for kids, and maybe one day when he was older they would get to see him. You also had a picture of Sam on your bed side table but Bobby was rarely in your room and at four years old you knew he didn’t pay attention to pictures in the house. But when you told him he did something no one expected, he ran from your hands and grabbed onto Sam’s leg giving him  a hug. “Daddy!” He yelled he was just as happy as when he saw you.

That’s when you knew, you knew you had to have Sam back in your life. It wasn’t going to be easy, but you and Sam were both hunters kids and you turned out all right, you were sure with Sam's  help Bobby  would be just fine. And you and Sam would be happy and together once again.

Red Haired Savior Masterlist

[ Will be updated as new parts are posted. ]


Didn’t Get a Name

You’ve Got a Friend In Me