You had been talking for almost an hour, never being able to come to an agreement, and honestly, you were getting tired of it. With a small smirk, you flopped onto the motel bed, spreading yourself out so you took up the whole thing. “We could always do what your parents did.” 

“No.” Dean deadpanned.

“Oh come on!” You grinned. “Little Deanna. Better yet, Samantha! That’s cute.”


“Fine.” You pouted. Then, a sudden idea popping into your head, you sat up and looked Dean straight in the eye. “Charlotte…we can call her Charlie.”

Dean placed his beer bottle down on the table, and smiled sadly, before shrugging and making his way over to you. “Perfect.”

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“Let’s just find this thing and get out of here.” Dean looked behind a worn out red curtain with moth eaten holes all over them. “Damn, they need to hire a maid.”

“Ha-ha.” You teased, lighting a few candles around the room. “Look, let’s split up. It’ll go by quicker.” You suggested, taking one of the flashlights from his duffle.

Dean stepped over and took out the EMF reader. “You’re right. Just be careful, please.” He leaned over and pecked your lips.

“I’ve been doing this for years, Dean.” You smiled cutely and walked out of the room and across the hallway into an office. It was a little office with just a desk and a few rows of books lining the walls. You stood at the books for a minute, scanning the titles to see if you knew any.

“Aren’t you supposed to be looking for something?” The voice appeared out of nowhere. You squealed and turned around, pulling your gun out of your pocket.

There was a man sitting at the desk. You were sure he wasn’t there before, so you aimed your gun right at him. He chuckled when heavy booted feet started to rush across the hallway and Dean showed up in the doorway, stopping for a moment.

“Dad?” He uttered, just low enough for you to make out. “How—“

“Dad?” You kept your gun up, but looked at Dean with a look of confusion. “Dean, your dad is dead.”

“I am.” The man at the desk smiled with glee. “Actually, it’s taken us a while. We thought it would never happen.”

“’We?’” Dean gulped.

With a sly smile, John Winchester was gone. He was replaced by a woman with lovely blonde hair and a motherly smile. She took no notice in you at all, she took a look at Dean and was on her feet, crossing the room to place her hands on either side of Dean’s face.

“My baby boy,” she whispered. You felt chills taking over your back, sliding ever so slowly down until they hit the bottom of your spine.

“Mom?” Dean’s voice cracked. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and opened them again. “Mom, is it really…?”

Mary Winchester beamed at her grown son. You couldn’t believe you were standing there, watching Dean’s dead mother touch him and talk to him. You knew they were dead and that there had to be no remains left. Dean and Sam were sure of that.

“I found a way, Dean.” She managed to show all of her teeth as she grinned, but it was a beautiful smile. “Just for a few minutes. We don’t have much time. Who is this?” Mary took notice of you then and you quickly lowered the gun.

“(Y/N), ma’am. I’m—“ You glanced at Dean to make sure it was okay to tell his ghost mom that you two were, in fact, dating.

“She’s the love of my life.” Dean’s voice cracked again. You wanted to throw your arms around him and tell him it would be okay, but something about the whole situation seemed like this wasn’t okay.

Mary glided toward you. She didn’t reach out for you, only looked you up and down, sizing you up. You felt judged, like you were doing something wrong. You shifted so it seemed like you were standing straight with your chin held high.

“She’s beautiful.” Mary smiled. “Truly, Dean.”

“Thank you,” you two said in unison. A blush crept up your neck and ears.

Mary looked back at her son. You snuck a look at Dean, watching him see his mother like this. It must have been hard on him. “I can’t stay much longer. Your father wants to say something. Dean, watch out for this girl. She’s special.” With a kiss on his cheek and a sweet, caring smile in your direction, Mary vanished.

Dean looked stunned. He took a step back and ran a hand through his hair.

“I realize our last encounter wasn’t pleasant.” John’s voice echoed around the room. “We might never get this chance again and I needed to tell you how glad I am that you’ve grown into this amazing man.” John smiled. “And this girl you have—“

You stepped closer to Dean and wrapped your arms around his torso. John smiled at you two, though you noticed it didn’t quite reach his eyes like Mary’s smile did.

“—don’t mess this one up.” John vanished then, leaving the room too quiet and full of mystery.

Dean sniffed. You reached up and pecked his cheek. “Will you be okay, honey?”

With a nod, Dean wrapped his arms around you. “I can’t believe you just met my parents…”

Son Of A Witch!

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Words: 988

Summary: Dean, Sam and their little sister is hunting a witch. Dean has a hex bag on him and he attacks the reader

Warning: Fighting, reader is injured

*I’m so busy guys, so I quickly wrote that for you guys! Part 3 should come the beginning of this week. I love you all


Your heart was beating fast, it was hurting your head, the blood was boiling of anger but you were also petrified, you always had nightmares about your big brothers dying and every hunt scared you so much. Screams were echoing in the big house of the Anderson’s. They were a little family, a couple with a little girl, she was so adorable and a witch went after the little girl for a heart. Isn’t that terrible? What is wrong with that stupid bitch? Sorry, witch. You ran to the room where the yelling was coming from and suddenly, it became silence and you were worried, what happened?

“ Dean..” You gasped and covered your mouth. They were there, the man soaking into his own blood, his wife was not in the room but the window was broken, you could only think of one thing. The little girl was there, lifeless on the floor with blue lips, red eyes, and her skin so pale, she was strangled. Dean’s back was facing you and you didn’t like how he didn’t answer you.

“ Dean? ” You could barely whisper, your job was supposed to protect them and you will always have this on you, it was your fault you couldn’t protect them. He slowly turned around, holding his favorite machete in his right hand. His green eyes weren’t comforting as usual, they looked at you darkly.. Wait, what’s happening?

“ Don’t be scared little sis’ ” Dean’s voice was lower and something was different, the way he was moving, the way he was speaking, this was Dean’s body but it wasn’t him inside.

“ I’m your big brother, always there for you ” He moved the knife in his hand, slowly making his way to you.

“ Dean, what are you doing? ” Your voice cracked, you knew what was going on. You saw something in Dean’s pocket, Is it a.. Damn it, he has an hex bag in his leather coat.

“ Sam! ” You screamed on top of your lungs, you only hoped somebody would hear you and come rescue you because you admitted to yourself that Dean was stronger than you.

“Do you really think he will come for you?” Dean smirked, feeling you are scared. Well, it was pretty obvious with the face you had on. He ran towards you with the knife in the air and you had no choice to try to protect yourself. You ran towards him, sliding on the floor in the space between Dean’s legs. You stood up quickly and kicked him in the back, making him fall and the knife fell off his hand.

“ That’s good sister, but not enough. You never were..” He stood up and walked to you, punching you in your face. Blood came out of your mouth, this was a strong one. You looked to him before he grabbed you and literally threw you across the room. Your back hit the wall so hard, you knew you would have bruises in the next morning.

“ Stand up princess, aren’t you having fun? ” He walked towards you and kicked you in your stomach. More blood came out, you could feel one of your bone break into you. The sound of your bones gave you chills but the pain was insupportable.

“ I won’t fight you back Dean ” You whispered, covering your stomach with your hands. There was a so much blood around you, you couldn’t believe a human body could have so much.

“ What did you say? ” He got on his knees and pulled your hair so hard, a little scream of pain came out of your mouth.

“ I said that I won’t fight you back Dean ” You looked behind him, seeing Sam. Thank God, you didn’t care if he would beat you up because Sam was there. You looked at Dean, no pity in your eyes.

“ I won’t fight you back ” Tears were rolling down your face, the pain was so strong. Never again you will complain about your periods, oh no!

“ Fight me! ” Dean screamed before punching you harder this time. You were weak and this hit made you pass out. The only thing you remember was Sam running towards you and the rest was only black.

Slowly you opened your eyes, trying to adjust to the darkness. The mattress was fitting you, this was your bed. You made it, Sam made it actually. You wouldn’t be here without him and you were so thankful.

“ Sam? Dean? ” You said as loud as you could but it was almost a whisper.  You tried to lay on the bedhead but you grinned in pain and never mind, it hurt too much. You could hear footsteps coming towards your room and you weren’t scare.

“[Y/N]..” You looked at Dean, walking into your room. He started to cry and ran next to you. He rested his head on your lap. This broke your heart, seeing Dean like that.You smiled, placing your hand on his cheek.

“ Dean, I’m fine ” You hardly swallowed your saliva, moving your hand to his hair.

“ No you’re not! I almost killed you! ” Dean was sobbing next to you. It was the first time you saw Dean crying this much over you. He never actually cried in your memories, you never saw him. For you, he was the big strong brother.

“ Dean, I forgive you ” Your smile never left your lips but every movement were hurting you. It was that stupid hex bag with the stupid spell from that son of a witch!

“ I will protect you forever ” He wiped his tears away.

“ Oh you better, I will kick your ass if you don’t” You both chuckled, comforting the atmosphere.

“ You’re my little sister ” He smiled weakly, kissing your forehead.

Dean looked directly in her eyes.

 He maked her feel awkward but she didnt care about it at all. 

One of the things that she loved about him was his eyes, especially, when he was begging her. 

Then, he suddenly changed his gaze and said with angry voice:

 “Bring me some pie”. 

But she didnt concern about that, the only thing that she could see was his clear, green eyes which were looking in her soul.


Person A (Castiel) is trying desperately to make a cherry stem knot with there mouth and Person B (Dean) can do it very well. Person B pulls A into a deep kiss and it isn’t until the kiss ends that A realizes B made a knot while they were kissing. 

It was a normal day, except it wasn’t. Not for the Winchesters anyway. They had always wanted something like this, but now it was here, they didn’t know what to do with it. A day when nothing happened.

No hunts, No Crowley, No fuss.

“What do you want to do then, Dean?” Sam asked.

“I don’t know.” Dean said.

He wasn’t really concentrating. He was too busy thinking, about something, well someone to be honest. Castiel. Oh his blue eyes and his brown hair. His suit and trench coat. He wanted to spend the day with Castiel so badly, but he didn’t want to pray to him. He knew Castiel always answered, but dean would get embarrassed if he just called him for no real reason.

“Helpful.” Sam said, and put his feet on the table.

Dean thought back to the last time he had seen Cas. Dean was teaching him how to make a cherry stem knot with his mouth. Cas couldn’t do it, and he seemed really mad with that and just, left with a load of cherry’s that Dean had bought.

“DEAN!” Sam shouted.

“Yeah?” He replied.

“What’s up with you today? You don’t seem, well, you’re very, day dream-y.” Sam said.

“Erm, Thanks?” Dean replied.

There was a white flash and a very frustrated looking, trench coat wearing, hella cute angel burst through the door.


“You, you command me?” Dean asked.

Sam giggled a little. Then realised that he needed to shut up. He wanted to see how this panned out.

“YES!” He replied.

“Come here!” Dean said.

He snatched a cherry stem out of Cas’ hand and put in in his mouth. After a few seconds he spat it back into his had and it was in a knot.

“How? I’ve been trying to do that all week.” Cas said.

He put one in his mouth and after about two minutes, of him trying to knot it and Sam laughing, he spat it into his hand, to see a slightly crooked cherry stem.

“I give up!” Cas said.

“Try again Cas. You’ll never learn unless you try.” Dean said.

“But I have tried, and it doesn’t work. It’s you, and all your human-ness.” Cas said and Dean laughed.

“It’s easy.” He said.

“Fine, if it’s so easy, I’ll try again.” He said cockily.

He shoved a cherry stem into his mouth and after a few seconds he started to get annoyed.

“Come here!” Dean said, heart pumping faster that ever.

He brought the smaller boys body towards him and cupped his cheek. He brought there lips closer and closer together, until they weren’t apart.

He had kissed him!

Cas was a little confused, but he kissed back. Dean smiled and Sam looked on shocked, amused and excited!

Dean pulled away.

“What was that about?” Sam asked, making Dean go bright red. He’d forgotten about Sam.

“Yeah, what was that about?” Cas asked.

“Erm, Simple! Open your mouth.” Dean said to Cas.

Cas looked confused, but he followed Deans orders.

On the tip of Cas’ tongue was the cherry stem. Dean picked it up and placed it in Cas’ hand.

“The cherry stem?” Sam asked.

Castiel smiled slightly.

“Oh, Dean!” Cas said.

“What?” Sam asked.

Castiel held the stem up for Sam to see.

Dean had knotted it for him.