Imagine Jensen Ackles #2

Imagine Jensen getting competitive on stage.

Ever since you joined the supernatural cast over two years ago the days that really reflected how much you loved your job was the days at conventions or anytime you and your colleges were on stage talking to fans. Today was one of the best as today it was just you are Jensen on stage which meant you could play games with him. 

Jensen: So a few months ago I went with Jared to Comic Con.

Y/n: And left me behind. So I went with the rest of the cast to-

Jensen: See Y/N ditches me as well. 

Y/n: Oh be quiet, you get to see these people more, while I am working on episodes you are not in!

Jensen: *gif* 

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Dating Dean Winchester includes:

~Holding hands (you swinging your arms back and forth) ~piggy back rides ~sharing pie ~him letting you drive baby ~both having Castiel as your bestie ~laying your head on his chest ~Making cheesy jokes together ~annoying Sam together ~listing to rock music while going to a hunt ~him being really protective over you (like overly protective) ~him only having eyes for you ~going to bars together (if some other man hits on you Dean walks right up and threatens him) ~Dean throwing you over his shoulder all the time ~cuddling ~Saying son of a bitch at the same time ~hugs all the time ~Him calling you gorgeous and baby ~Sam being like a brother to you ~Sam also being protective of you ~Bobby being like your father ~Charlie being like a sister ~Dean winking at you from across the room ~If someone looks at you the wrong way Dean will put them in their place ~Dean talking to you about cars Those eyes though

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Part 6 of my To Be A Winchester Series

Pairing: Sam & Dean x Reader (Little Sister), Castiel

Word Count: 2978

Warnings: Language? Kidnapping (Kinda)

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“I understand. Y/N,” You felt his hand on the small of your back. You tried not to squirm as he tucked something in the back of your jeans, covering it back up with your flannel. “I trust that you will do the right thing here.” He sounded just like the others but his eyes said what he truly felt. Worry and regret showed through the blues and greys as he lead you towards his brothers and sister.

You put up something of a fight, struggling against the tight grips of the male and female angel. The third one took Cas by the arm and lead him out of the room as you were transported once again.

“I’m just saying what if- Wait.” Sam stopped and stared at his screen for a moment.

“Wait? Wait for what? Sam, if you don’t have an exact location I will turn this fuckin-“ Sam cut him off.

“Oregon. Cloverdale Oregon.” Sam held his phone up so that Dean could see the little green blip on his screen.  Dean focused on the road and sped up once more.

“We’re on our way, Y/N.”

The angels had taken you to a more fitting place of capture. A bit of a cliché, actually. You were locked up in some cabin that was surrounded by trees. It was colder than Kansas, a lot colder than Kansas, and you silently thanked Cas for the heavy flannel that he had manifested for you. You were at least several states further north, maybe even slightly over the border into Canada.

But that didn’t really give you much to go on.

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How Jared, Jensen, and Misha deal with social media:
  • Misha:How can you mispell the name of the website lol
  • Jensen:How the fuck do I use this thing
  • Person:Hi. How's it going?
  • Me:Jared Padalecki said that the season 11 finale is going to be the saddest finale that supernatural has had so far. This could possibly mean that another major character death is going to happen. Since Dean Winchester is the one trying to find happiness this season and is constantly worrying about Cas, it is alluding that Castiel may die this season. What if, in the season finale, everything is alright and Dean finally musters up the courage to tell Cas how he feels. After all he deserves to be happy. But then in the last 5 minutes, something unexpected happens, and Castiel ends up dying right when he is about to tell him. Right in his arms. And Dean is a wreck whispering to his lifeless vessel saying ' can't be happening...I didn't even get to say I love you.'
  • Person:.....what?