Imagine...Telling The Winchesters About Your Past

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Request: do you think you could do one where dean (or sam) finds out that the reader has extreme depression and mental problems because her parents were actually demons in disguise and that’s why she became a hunter?

Pairing: Sam x reader

Warnings: implied prior abuse

“You’re quiet tonight,” said Sam, taking a seat beside you on the motel bed. You shifted away from him, finding the floor more interesting to look at. “I know you don’t like demon hunts but you got that kid out. No one got hurt.”

“I don’t want to talk about it Sam,” you said. You saw Dean raise an eyebrow as he plopped down on his bed.

“You’re going to tell one of us about whatever underlying issue you have with demons is someday,” said Dean, throwing back his covers.

“Baby,” said Sam, rubbing his palm into your back, his fingers tickling your neck. “You trust us right?”

“Of course I do,” you said, lifting your head up to see Dean sitting up in his bed.

“I can go drive around in Baby if you feel more comfortable talking to Sam about it,” said Dean, waiting for your cue.

“You’re both my guys,” you said, moving closer to Sam, his large arms pulling you into his lap, long legs wrapping around you, making you safe. “Sam’s kind of guessed this but I get…sad sometimes.”

“Yeah, we uh, we noticed,” said Dean, keeping his voice soft.

“Not sad like you think of sad. It’s more of a permanent state for me and it’s either bad or less bad,” you said, feeling Sam’s head rest on yours. “Like right now, I’m not happy. But it’s not so bad because Sam’s all around me.”

“Okay,” said Sam gently, giving your body a little squeeze that both said he thought nothing was wrong with you but that he’d help in any way he could. 

“I guess, I don’t trust you both the way I want to,” you said, watching Dean tilt his head curiously. “I don’t know how to trust fully like you and Sam. The whole demon thing ties in with that.”

“That’s okay too,” said Sam in your ear, making you remember what happy was in that moment just to have him want you.

“My parents weren’t hunters,” you said. “More like…demons pretending to be my parents. I was a baby when this demon couple found them half-dead after a car accident. They finished them off and popped into their new bodies. They were a little surprised to find out there was a six month old waiting at home.”

“You six month old babies get it rough, don’t you?” teased Dean, looking at Sam who scolded him. “Sorry, keep going.”

“They weren’t what I would call good,” you said, leaning back into Sam. “They screwed me up pretty good and really screwed me up when I found out the truth. They thought they could get some of their humanity back by raising me or something.”

“You got the short end of it,” said Dean, looking at his lap. 

“Y/N,” said Sam quietly. “We’re your family now. Dean and I, our lives were messed up because of demons too. You don’t have to let it keep a hold over you.”

“I want to feel normal, to know what normal feels like,” you said, looking over to Dean who had a sad smile on his face.

“I think we can help with that,” said Sam.

You woke up one morning, months and months later, looking over at a sleeping Sam in bed, hair in his face, snores escaping him.

You smiled.

It’d taken some time for you to learn that normal was a range, not a set thing. Normal people got in funks, got sad, upset and Dean so conveniently pointed out one day, you were hunters. Hunters weren’t normal.

It was strange but that comment helped more than you trying to fit yourself into what you thought the world needed you to be. Sam told you to be yourself, don’t try to make anyone happy, including him.

Without all the pressure you put on yourself, things got easier. You weren’t sure you’d ever fall into that normal you’d imagined for yourself but easier was a start.

A start that had helped lead from your first thoughts in the morning being Sam would leave you any day now to yeah, he was right, you deserved him.

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How Destiel Should Happen

honestly if/when the writers of Supernatural decide that Destiel should be cannon, I don’t think they should make it a big deal. It shouldn’t be this huge revelation to everyone. Dean wouldn’t want it to be that way, that “chick flick” moment. 

It should just gradually happen. In episodes where Cas isn’t actually in them, Dean should mention him more. Like if he just got off the phone and Sam is wondering who it was, Dean should just say “Cas was wondering how things were going.” Or Dean chuckles softly to himself and Sam asks what is so funny, Dean shakes his head and says “i just remembered something Cas said.”

Then it should be phone calls with Cas and Dean revealed, like Dean explaining the job to Cas. Cas giving Dean his opinion. At the end of the phone call Cas should say “just be careful, Dean.” 

Episodes where Cas is involved Dean should be more aware of Cas, where Dean eyes trail Cas so should the camera. They should be constantly brushing against each other and at times completely forget Sam is there. Even in conversation, Cas and Dean should banter back and forth with smiles on their faces as Sam stands in the background, rolling his eyes. 

Then the hand holding should take place, like in an episode where Cas and Dean have to pretend to be in a relationship. Somehow the gesture sticks even outside of the job. No one says anything because it just happens and no one sees it being wrong. 

Finally in an episode where a huge fight is about to go down, Cas and Dean have to be separated for the plan, Cas should turn to Dean and say “please be careful.” Dean would look at Cas carefully and caress is cheek, “always am.” 

And they kiss. A quick simple kiss of pure affection. Nothing too big and no one says much about it. Because everyone knows that’s how it’s suppose be, Cas and Dean are suppose to be like this.  

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“Who I Am Inside” Part 1

Chapter 1


I groaned as I heard my alarm go off and the screen to my phone light up. I reached my hand out to hurry up and grab it, so I could savor the last couple seconds I had left before I had to wake up. Opening my eyes, I caught the sunlight seeping in through the blinds hanging over the window. I slowly rose up in bed and stretched. Today was going to be a great day. For the first time in almost 6 years, I get the house to myself. FOR THE WHOLE DAY! I’m ecstatic, one could say.

I made my way downstairs to see a note on the table from my mom.

“Hope you enjoy your day off today! As well as having the whole house to yourself!
Love you! -Mom”

My mom was off at a hotel with my aunt for the next 24 hours. I insisted to her that she goes since she never gets to take opportunities like this since she works all the time. My mom is the best mother a girl could ask for. She’d do anything for me. My parents got divorced when I was 3. They never got along with each other, even before they were married. Honestly, I think they just got married because my mom found out she was pregnant with me.

He never wanted anything to do with me, so she got full custody of me. 7 years later mom got remarried to another guy. He was the love of her life and they tried so hard to get pregnant. A couple months into my mother’s pregnancy, he got into a car accident with a drunk driver. Mom was so heartbroken after that, she almost lost the baby since her stress levels were through the roof. A few months later, Nevaeh was born. She was something else alright. 6 years old and acted like a full fledged teenager. Nevaeh was born when I turned 13. Since my mom worked night shift, I was Nevaeh’s second mother. I could never go to any parties or anything such of the sorts because of the situation. It sorta sucked for me considering I had just entered 7th grade and that’s when a person makes a reputation for high school.

I was in a group of friends during high school, but after I graduated 7 months ago that all changed. We all went our different ways. I got a job at the public library around the start of my junior year, and was still there today. I was promoted from page to clerk this past summer and got a key. I was thrilled. I loved my job a lot. My co workers, the patrons, and sometimes even the mean old ladies who help out there.

I went to college first semester, but soon it was getting to stressful to handle everything all at once so I decided to take a break this semester and continue next. I never liked school, honestly. Then again, who does? I’m only 19 and figured I had time to sort things out. Make sure what I really wanna do with my life. I couldn’t help but feel like there was something more than just this life. Sometimes, I just wanted to get far away from here and just drive. No center destination just somewhere new. Somewhere I could be free and find myself.

I went into the bathroom and brushed my long h/c hair, and looked into the mirror at my big e/c eyes. I spoke softly to myself:

“Who am I supposed to be? Who am I inside?”

I started humming the lyrics to the song Mulan sings her movie. Since I just watched it previously with Nevaeh.

I was broken out of my little trance when I heard a knock at the front door. Wondering who it could be, since I didn’t expect company. As I opened the door, I saw two men standing there in black suits with a serious look on both of there faces.

“Does Y/n Greene live here?” said the shorter one.

“Who’s asking?” I replied back curiously

“I’m Eric Blonowitz and this is my partner Craig Ramirez. We work for the FBI and we just wanted to ask you a few questions.” He said sternly.

Then they showed me their badges.

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So it begins…

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Poison  (Part 1)

Title: Poison

Pairings: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Language & smut in part 2! This is my first fan fic so sorry if it sucks I’m trying!!!! :P

“Stop bitching and come out with us! We’re on vacation, dammit!” Amelia exclaimed over the phone. You have lost track of how long its been since you have had a day off to go out. Admittedly, you missed those partying days and how carefree you used to be when you were young. It only seemed like it was yesterday you were 18, then in the blink of an eye, you looked at yourself in the mirror and you were 25. You miss those days when you went to the club, danced with random strangers, let your hair down, and didn’t have a care in the world. Times were much simpler when all you had to worry about was who you spent your time with and where you were going that night.
“Fine, fine! I will be ready soon and catch up with you and the girls later.” You hung up the phone and ran to the shower, washed your hair and rummaged through your closet, hoping to find something that you haven’t worn at least 20 times already. You picked out a tight fitted white skirt that presented your long, tan, legs and a crop top that showed off your cleavage. Grabbing your jacket and clutch, you waltzed out the door.

The cool air made you shiver as you got out of your car. You practically darted into the club, letting the warm air hit you as you walked in. The mix of cigarette smoke, loud music, and alcohol surrounded the lounge room of the club as you met up with your friends. After saying your hellos, the girls went to the other room to the dance floor while you stayed behind to get a few drinks in you before you went out to dance with them.
You catch the bartenders attention and order a bourbon on the rocks. Glancing around you notice three men sitting on the couches in the lounge, but one has caught your attention in particular. His bright green eyes were staring intently back at you, giving you a devious little smirk as he scanned your curves. Intrigued by him, you finish your drink and bit your bright red bottom lip and shot him a sexy smile as you gesture your finger for him to come over to you.
Excusing himself from the two other men, he confidently walked over to you and sat next to you.
“What’s your poison, sweetheart?” his voice was deep and sounded like music to your ears.

“I’m a hard liquor kinda girl, how about yourself?” you flirted back. He responded with a little chuckle, “a lady who can hold her liquor, huh? Impressive!” He got the bartenders attention and ordered two cognacs and gave the bartender his card, never breaking his gaze at you. “My name is Dean Winchester, and you are?” he asked. “y/n y/l/n.” you shot him a smile. “Gorgeous name for a gorgeous girl!” For part of the night you two talked about each other and got to know each other, as well as got significantly more drunk as the night progressed. He began to move his seat closer to you to the point where your legs were basically in between his.
“You look beautiful, by the way, you’re outfit really looks nice on you.” He says as his eyes are glued to your cleavage. His hand moves on your leg and his thumb rubs circles around your leg. You notice where he has been staring and decide you play with him a little and see how much you can tease him before he breaks. The truth is you haven’t had a good fuck in a while, and you really wanted him. His stare and touch sent shivers down your spine and made you ache for him. You leaned in forward, pushing your cleavage out a little more and placed your hand on top of his and moved it up to your hip. His eyes widen as you leaned against his ear to whisper, “come dance with me.”


Characters: Sam x reader, Dean

Word Count: 1667

Warnings: Angst(it seems like that’s all I do lately and I’m not sorry about it). Surprise ending!!

Summary: Sam wants to quit Stanford and hunt with Dean, but you say otherwise. A huge fight breaks out between the two of you. Many regretful words are said, but is there really a winner?

Author’s Note: I’m bringing you another good ole Sammy fic! I don’t know why, but I absolutely love this idea. Shoutout to @teenagebandjunkee for this. Love you babe! Anyways, feedback is always appreciated and enjoy! xx

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You were woken up in the middle of the night by hushed voices talking in another room. You crept out of the bed to see who it was.

“Sam, who’s this?” You ask.

He seemed shocked that you were awake, but answered nonetheless. He clears his throat, “This is my brother, Dean. Dean, this is my girlfriend, Y/N.”

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personally, I like the disease. ❞
— Demon!Dean