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He's not even decent! The only reason her saved her I because he's obsessed with her! AND she wouldn't have been shot by his dad if it weren't for Warner! If you actually look into it it's actually his fault she almost died! And I hate the shippers who say "Adam is the safe choice" bitch no, he's the perfect choice!

i can’t even start desribing the perfection of this message

yes to everything

I’m falling into this way too fast I’m currently 7 chapters into the third book and I started the first on on Saturday and I don’t think it’s healthy. But as frustrating as it gets I do already love it. Also I’ll look up TID after this I’m already excited :D

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About your requiem review: I actually hate the ending of all books just like you! I always want to know more about the character's fates. But this time it was different! For the first time in my life I actually liked the ending. See the theme of the story is about freedom. Living your life without it being planned out for you. Not knowing what's going to happen to you next! And that's how Lauren chose to end the book. With freedom, without knowing what's going to happen next!

I feel like a lot of endings still left me wanting more instead of giving closure to the story. 

I understand but still. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. Specially since she ended the story on that day in that way.