12x03 -- The Road Ahead:
  • Mary :Castiel, come here ... sit down. Let's have a chat.
  • Cas:*sits*
  • Mary:There’s no easy way to ask this, so I'm just going to come right out and say it ...
  • Cas:You have no need to censor yourself around me, Mrs. Winchester. You can trust me.
  • Mary:Please, call me Mary.
  • Cas:Okay-- Mary. You can trust me.
  • Mary:K, well ... I just need to know ... are--are you gay for my son?
  • Cas:Oh, Mary ... let me clarify this for you.
  • Mary:Yes, please do.
  • Cas:You see ... I'm an angel. I have no true gender.
  • Mary:... alright?
  • Cas:So, I honestly can't be "gay" for anyone.
  • Mary:Ah, alright well I just thought since-
  • Cas:Your son, on the other hand is all sorts of gay for me.
  • Mary:...
  • Cas:ALL SORTS of gay.

Day 24: Most underrated scene

The scene in the motel room with Shaylene in Girls, Girls, Girls.

Obvious shallow reasons (single layer alert!) aside, I love how many stages Jensen takes Dean through over the course of the scene.

At the beginning, Dean is looking younger and more full of energy than we’ve seen him in a long time:

He’s all turned on, cute and little-boy excited:

Then he goes to confused and disappointed (but still cute) when it turns out Shaylene is a prostitute:

He then immediately becomes wary, his walls going up, when Shaylene starts talking about souls. He also suddenly looks older:

And by the time he knowingly observes that Shaylene doesn’t seem to love her job like she claims, he’s looking downright old and world-weary.

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